• ToastTheKnowing
    • Rawhide Gloves
    • Fiendish Tome (4)
    • Ancient Salt
    • Bale Seal: Legs
    • Orange Kuchen +1
    • Hunter's Cotton
    • Ice Arrowheads
    • Fragmentation Sphere
    • Frazzle II
    • Moat Carp
    • Pursuer's Beret
    • Earth Cluster
    • Invigorating Cape
    • Fang Arrowheads
    • Fortune Wing
    • Warrior Die
    • Sulla Belt
    • Coeurl Leather Missive
    • Four-leaf Korrigan Bud
    • Olzhiryan Cactus
    • Tortilla Buena
    • Dyer's Woad
    • Avenger's Die
    • Firesand
    • Tiger Leather
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  • Csakid


    November 9, 2018 by Csakid

    Well, this game isn't quite as fun as it used to be, go figure. I'm currently working on Coalition Assignments for Csakid, Killtacular and Talkus. Once I'm finished with all the missions, and obtain my Idris and Epeolatry, I may end up quitting...

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Because why not

    Frayed Sack (A1)
    Frayed Sack (M1)
    Frayed Pouch (B)
    Frayed Pouch (G)
    Frayed Sack (M1)
    Boulder Box
    Frayed Pouch (G)
    Frayed Sack (H1)
    Frayed Sack (D)
    Pluton Case
    Pluton Case
    Frayed Sack (M2)
    Cotton Coin Purse
    Frayed Sack (A1)
    Frayed Sack (Fer)
    Frayed Sack (M1)
    Frayed Sack (A1)
    Frayed Sack (Mel)
    Pluton Box
    Frayed Sack (Pul)
    Boulder Case
    Heavy Metal Pouch
    Heavy Metal Pouch
    Frayed Pouch (G)
    Frayed Pouch (D)

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Yellow Curry Bun +1
    Bronze Key
    Berry Snow Cone
    Wild Rabbit Tail
    Fiendish Tome: Chapter 10
    Fountain Ring
    Ice Spirit
    Dried Date
    Lacquer Tree Log
    R Chocotrain: END
    Meat Jerky
    Sleep Bolt Quiver
    Rem's Tale Chapter 7
    Blazing Peppers
    Argute Gown -1
    Venom Dust
    Black Sole
    Increscent Shade
    Assassin's Armlets -1
    Voidhead: SAM
    Obliteration Palimpsest

    Void Grass
    Toolbag (Maki)
    Red Oven Mitt
    Cursed Mail
    Yomi's Diagram
    Orange Juice
    Valorous Mask
    Avatar Blood
    Beitetsu Parcel

    Dwarf Remora
    Marinara Slice +1
    High-Quality Wivre Hide
    Davoi Chest Key
    Apkallu Egg
    Dried Date
    Dhalmel Stew
    Mohbwa Grass
    Yellow Tarutaru Standing Screen

    Paragon Thief Card
    Rice Vinegar
    Rubber Soles
    Chamrosh's Beak
    Moonlight Coral
    Snobby Letter
    Cursed Hat
    Goblin Stir-Fry
    Ebur Pigment

    Gysahl Greens…

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Neptunal Abjuration: Feet
    Bronze Rose
    Willow Strongbox
    Mhaura Garlic
    Alizarin Yggrete Shard V
    Headshard: COR
    Dryadic Abjuration: Body
    Euvhi Organ
    Valorous Image
    Troll Pauldron
    Charis Seal: Feet
    Ether +1
    Celaeno's Cloth
    Rawhide Gloves
    Sleep Arrowheads
    Glossy Bugard Leather

    Black Pearl
    Singed Buffalo
    Toad Oil
    Iga Seal: Hands
    Apple Pie
    Orichalcum Sheet
    White Jar

    Spirit Orichalcum
    Shogun Rice Ball
    Phlox Yggzi Bead V
    Eastern Pottery
    Qutrub Bandage

    High-Quality Eft Skin
    Rabbit Pie
    Cursed Soup
    Galka Mochi
    Aeroga II
    Fire Anima

    Carbon Fiber
    Ice Cluster
    Beetle Quiver
    Gysahl Slop
    Amigo Cactus
    Dried Bonito

    Red Viola Pot
    Amemet Skin
    Balance Jewel
    Pso'Xja Chest Key
    Thunder II

    Orobon Cheekmeat
    Snarled Fragment
    Yellow Noble's Bed
    Glossy Buga…

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Lacquer Tree Lumber
    Broken Halcyon Rod
    Blind Bolt Quiver
    Colibri Beak
    Bag of Seeds
    Green Chip
    Wind Card
    Aluminum Ingot
    Miraculous Cape
    Odious Horn
    Tough Dhalmel Leather
    Acuex Poison
    Coeurl Whisker
    Voyage Stone
    Karakul Cloth

    Dragon Bone
    Savory Shank
    Iron Ore
    Phantasmal Abjuration: Hands
    Exorcismal Oak Lumber
    Attestation of Celerity

    Sticky Rice
    Gysahl Greens
    Lasaia Pendant
    Welkin Crown
    Bass Chum
    Yain: Ichi

    Ashura Necklace
    Foreboding Abjuration: Feet
    Torshoshard: MNK
    Cursed Gloves
    Instant Reraise
    Karakul Skin
    Yellow Curry

    Dhalmel Saliva
    Rem's Tale Chapter 1
    Abyss Gauntlets -1
    Boyahda Moss
    Shocking Whisker
    Orange Juice

    Coral Crest Key
    Bastore Sweeper
    Antican Robe
    Prelate Key
    Deed of Sensibility
    Echo Drops
    Stonega II

    Aptant: Haelan
    Narasimha Leather
    Prism …

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Rabbit Hide
    Voidfoot: DRK
    Dingir Ring
    Scimitar Cactus
    Yagudo Bead Necklace

    Dried Date
    Leisure Table
    Instant Warp
    Adaman Scales
    High-Quality Xzomit Organ
    Vivio Crab Shell
    Coffee Table

    Rogue's Silver
    Voidleg: DNC
    Brown Doeskin
    Cehuetzi Pelt
    Ahriman Tears
    White Lobster

    Imperial Silver Piece
    White Memosphere
    Handshard: BRD
    Pet Food Epsilon
    Broken Glass Fiber Rod
    Wyvern Skin
    Armor Box

    Flame Holder
    Elshimo Frog
    Daimonic Casing
    Miso Soup +1
    Niqmaddu Ring
    Malevolent Memory

    Leather Pot
    Yellow Globe
    Beaming Score
    Red Grass Thread
    Aluminum Ore
    Black Chocobo Fletchings
    Ferine Seal: Head

    Absorbent Moss
    Imperial Cermet
    Sheep Leather
    Beech Lumber
    Hippogryph Feather
    Sleep Arrowheads
    Headshard: RNG

    Scorpion Arrowheads
    Maliyakaleya Orb
    Black Curry Bun
    Dragon Bone

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Roast Mushroom
    Beetle Shell
    Holy Bolt Heads
    Rarab Meatball
    Blind Bolt Quiver
    Toolbag (Ryuno)
    Salted Hare
    Mired Trophy
    Card of Voyage
    Angel Skin
    Ranger Die
    Psycloth Vest
    Gunpowder Swathe
    Electrum Ingot
    Nibiru Knife
    Malevolent Memory
    Imp Sentry's Horn
    Kerygma Belt
    Dragon Steak
    Ice Anima
    Smithing Kit 65
    Copper Ingot
    Dullahan Armor
    Green Round Table
    Stinger Bullet Pouch
    Goblin Weel
    Aoidos' Seal: Feet
    Aero III
    Gray Chip
    Twill Damask
    Queen of Cups (Card)
    Fish Mithkabob
    Rubber Harness
    Leaftip Stone +2
    Goblin Stir-Fry
    Three of Cups (Card)
    Lugworm Belt
    Mahjlaef's Staff
    Melon Pie
    Cactus Arm
    Recollection of Guilt
    Chasmic Stinger
    Fiendish Tome: Chapter 27
    Attestation of Vigor
    Warrior's Calligae -1
    Frostbloom Tincture
    Dark Card
    Copper Frog

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Ancient Beast Horn
    Leaforb Stone +2
    Torsoshard: RUN
    Charred Salisbury Steak
    Cursed Slacks
    Aoidos' Seal: Legs
    Deed of Moderation
    Valor Minuet II
    Bard's Cuffs -1
    Red Gravel
    Imperial Coffee
    Cleanly Snapped Rod
    Celestial Goad

    Resister II
    Bonecraft Kit 15
    Pluton Case
    Earth Threnody
    3-Drawer Almirah
    Fusion Bolt Quiver

    Red Grass Thread
    Tomato Juice
    Achiyalabopa Quiver
    Four of Cups (Card)
    Toolbag (Hira)
    Imperial Coffee

    Aptant: Aecus
    Paragon White Mage Card
    Vanadium Ore
    Bloody Bolt Quiver
    Broken Yew Rod
    Green Chip
    Holly Log

    Melee Gloves -1
    Carmine Desk
    Copper Frog
    Armor Box
    Shamash Robe
    Instant Warp
    Griffon Hide

    Bone Quiver
    Royal Squire's Bunk
    Shining Cloth
    Chestnut Lumber
    Resonance Ring
    Zaffre Yggrete Shard III


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  • Gantusa

    Dark Knight

    March 29, 2018 by Gantusa
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