Blink (Status Effect).png Blink is a beneficial status effect that provides shadowy simulacra to absorb enemy attacks until it wears off or is removed. Benefiting characters gain a number of shadow images that absorb normal attacks, most spells, and some monster abilities. Actions directed at a player with Blink may either hit the player himself or be absorbed by an image. Once an image absorbs an attack, it is spent. The effect wears off when all images are consumed.

Unlike the Copy Image status (provided by the Utsusemi line of spells), Blink shadows only have an approximate 50% chance to take effect and absorb an attack, making it less reliable for protection. Blink cannot coexist with Copy Image, and casting any Utsusemi spell when a Blink effect is active will remove the Blink status and replace it with Copy Image.

How to remove the effect

  • Knocking away images with attacks, spells, and abilities will remove the images.
  • Most AoE attack spells will remove all shadows in addition to dealing normal damage.
  • If it is not itself blocked by a shadow image, Dispel may remove the entire effect at once, eliminating all associated images. Otherwise, it will consume one image as with other single-target magic attacks.

How the effect is inflicted/gained


Blood Pacts


Automaton Attachments

Monster Abilities