Start NPC Luto Mewrilah - Upper Jeuno (G-8)
Items Needed KeyItemGlimmering Mica(with a pickaxe)
KeyItemLunascent Log(with a hatchet)
KeyItemMistroot(with a sickle)
Repeatable No
Reward Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow.
(Increases max Adventuring Fellow Bond from 70 to 90).
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  • It is suggested to start from Giddeus because of the long walk.
  • This part of the quest can easily be done using only one charge of your Signal or Tactics Pearl. Just make sure that before you start you have access to Teleport-Mea and Teleport-Holla, and be sure not to get on a chocobo while your fellow NPC is summoned. Alternatively, judicious use of Home Points and Survival Guides (stay out of areas your NPC cannot be summoned) will work too. Also don't use a warp scroll until this portion is done.
  • You will not need multiple hatchets, sickles, or pickaxes as they do not break when mining the key items.
  • If you attempt to mine with DRG's Quest active you will obtain the Wyvern Egg first.
  • Your fellow NPC does not need to be in range, as long as he/she is summoned, you will get the key item, although if he/she is nearby he/she will also perform the animation of using the item.
  • After obtaining the items you no longer need your fellow NPC active for the remainder of the quest.
  • You may receive this cutscene directly after visiting the Neptune's Spire, but you would still have to collect the key items in order to advance the quest.
  • Go to the small lake in the upper left corner of J-7 (near Fei'Yin) and click the "Mirror Pond" for a cutscene.
  • There are 2 "Mirror Pond"s. You want the northern one located at (J-7), not the one located at (G-10).

Game Description

Luto Mewrilah (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)
Palometa still lies in cursed slumber. You must find a way to save her!
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