Start NPC Koru-Moru - Windurst Walls (E-7)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 3
Items Needed Burnite Shell
Title Granted Fossilized Sea Farer
Repeatable No
Reward Great Club
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Star Struck Nothing Matters



  • Change areas after completing Star Struck to be able to activate this quest.
    • If the Summoner artifact quest Class Reunion is active, you will not be able to receive this quest until completing it first.
  • Koru-Moru asks you to go to the Maze of Shakhrami and examine the rock you find there.
  • Optional: You may speak with Tokaka (of the Fishermen's Guild) for a lead. She will tell you to ask Yoran-Oran about it.
  • From the Maze of Shakhrami entrance, head to G-6 and take the rightward passage north. You will briefly wind up on another map; follow the path back around to the south to re-enter the first map at H-6. Head due east down a one-way passage, then turn south and hug the right wall to enter a passage at J-7. This will take you back to the second map; head southwest. You will find the Fossil Rock in a dead end at F-8. When you examine it, an Ichorous Ire will appear.
  • Kill the Ichorous Ire and bring the Burnite Shell back to Koru-Moru.

Game Description

Koru-Moru (Manor, Windurst Walls)
Koru-Moru now wants you to bring him a mysterious item called a "Burnite Shell"...whatever that is.