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Detailed Solo Guide -Lvl. 19-75


This guide is aimed toward allowing fellow black mages to solo some (or all) of their levels, reducing party frustrations and exp limitations.

While I realize that there are a few threads about BLM solo here, I couldn't find one that went into detail about each camp and level. "Deatharu's Mini Guide for Easy SOLO BlackMage!" was the closest thing that I saw (and was the main resource I used to find some of my camps). I know a guide like this would have been extremely helpful to me when I solo'd my BLM, so that's why I'm writing this.

As a side note, this guide may apply to jobs other than BLM. If you can get it to work (BLU comes to mind), then by all means do so!

The Basics

In case you are unfamiliar with the way these strategies work, I'll give a brief breakdown:

  1. Find a BST or SMN mob with his pet out.
  2. When you are behind him (or slightly to the side and behind), blast your highest nuke at his pet.
  3. As long as the mob doesn't see his pet, he won't come after you, only the pet will. Run a short distance away to minimize the chance of the mob seeing his pet if he moves before you kill it.
  4. Simply finish off the pet with another spell or two, find a safe place, and rest.
  5. Rinse and repeat for some great EXP and chain 3-4 most of the time.

This is the basic way to go about killing, although you will have to tweak your spell casts depending on which mobs you fight, and at what levels. For example, once you hit 50 or 51, often times you will be able to 1-shot pets with Freeze.
Most of the time you will get just as much, if not more, EXP per hour than the average party. Manaburns are an exception.

A few comments about the guide's contents before beginning:

  • This guide starts at level 19 because I could not find any worthwhile enemies to solo before then. You can try killing worms in Konschtat Highlands and Korroloka Tunnel for decent EXP, or Gigas's Leeches in Qufim Island if you're hell-bent on soloing all the way to 75. If you're not, keep in mind that lower levels have very small EXP requirements, so it shouldn't be too hard to get to 19 in a party before starting this guide.
  • I will be heavily focusing on being able to sub NIN. If your NIN isn't at least level 12 (with Utsusemi: Ichi), then this guide may not be for you. However, NIN is not necessarily the only feasible sub job for these strategies, but it worked out the best for me, which is why I'll be relying on it throughout the guide. Once you get to a higher level you may want to consider subbing RDM for Gravity, Blink, and Stoneskin, or other jobs for whatever reason you deem necessary. From 51 to about 60, /NIN is no longer the best option because of the way you can kill pets.
  • The camps listed may not necessarily have the corresponding BST-type mob in the exact area. Often times you will find that there is another beastman mob there instead. If this is the case, get a higher level job, or a friend, to come kill them and wait for the BST to spawn in its place. This is much better than wandering deeper into a dungeon to find a camp that may or may not be as good.
  • Most of the time I will list levels that show you should stay at a camp until decent challenges start popping up. Feel free to go to the next camp a level or two ahead of time if you want to, but be wary of resists. At higher levels it is much safer to skip few levels because of the wide assortment of +INT and +Skill gear available.
  • You will die. Many times. Set your Home Point nearby or get a Reraise item or two.



Up to Level 51

Focus on +INT, +Magic Attack Bonus/Elemental Magic, +HP/Defense/VIT, +MP, and -Spell Interruption *in that order*! +HMP is in a group of its own because all you need to do is use an equip macro for it while you rest, so you can get as much as you want without worrying about gimping your spells.

  • More INT means less resists and more damage. Enemy resists are some of the main things that will get you killed if you're not careful.
    • There are numerous items which boost INT in this level range, you can use sites such as FFXIAH to find gear that fits your budget/level.
  • Magic Attack Bonus causes elemental magic spells to do more damage. More damage = good.
  • More Elemental Magic means less resists / more consistent damage.
  • HP/Defense/VIT comes into play when the enemy hits you. Utsusemi: Ichi helps with most of the blows, but an enemy resisting a spell will cause you to have to cast more, and casting more = getting hit more. Galka BLMs will probably have no trouble with this one. Spell interruption reduction can be very helpful. Dual wielding Hermit's Wand and equipping a Silver Obi+1 will give you a whopping 58% reduction in spell interruption.

(Whether or not there is a cap to -spell interruption, I do not know, so it's probably better off going with +INT wands. Not to mention you're trying to focus on not getting hit at ALL, so only get spell interruption reduction when necessary.)

  • MP is also important, but should not be made priority. Due to the low HP of the enemies, you will almost never completely run out of MP during a fight. In fact, even on multiple resists, I always had quite a bit of MP left. Focus on increasing your maximum MP when you can't get INT, or HP/Defense/VIT.
  • HMP is very important because you will be casting your most powerful single-target spells each fight, and they take up a decent amount of MP. It's good to be able to have at least the MP you had before the fight took place, before the next fight happens. It should be noted that you only need this gear while you're resting, so save it for an equip macro.
  • At level 24 you will be able to use Reraise Earrings. While they do cost a penny or two, they can save you hours of work.

Definitely consider them. An alternative would be to purchase a Scroll of Instant Reraise with conquest points, use it immediately, purchase another, then go out on a leveling spree. Remember that you cannot change jobs after you use it, or your reraise effect will wear off.

After Level 51

Focus on +Magic Attack Bonus, +INT/Elemental Magic, +MP, *in that order* +HMP is still just as (if not more) important than at previous levels. The order should always be Elemental Magic/INT (i.e. Magic Accuracy) > Magic Attack Bonus > > MP. For example, nuking for 400, 420, 410 from three spells without MAB is better than getting resisted for 500/2=250, 550/2=225, and 600/2=300 in MAB gear. Only start stacking MAB once you are sure you aren't getting a lot of resistance. Equip macros ftw.

  • Defense and -Spell Interruption are no longer needed because most of the time you will be 1-shotting pets. Getting your MP back as quickly as possible is important so that you can keep chains going.


Here's a brief list of some types of food that may work out well for you:

  • Pies: They give extra INT and MP, especially good for Galkas and Elvaans.
  • Cookies: Add to HMP. Also, Cinna-Cookies give you the Vermin Killer job trait, which could come in handy when fighting Bees. and Leeches
  • Sweet Rice Cakes: these give INT, MP, HMP, +Evasion and more. They are usually very cheap at the AH, 3-5K per stack
  • Cherry Muffin and its high quality counterpart are a great choice as well. I've noticed many black mages around 67+ using marron glace, which isn't a bad choice, but the cherry muffins are stackable, also boost MP based on percentage, and give an intelligence boost that the Marron Glace does not.
  • Cream Puff: Gives INT+7...which is the largest INT boost of any realistic food. Readily available, stacks to 12, last 30 min. As a lolgalkablm I love these. --Brewtus 03:28, 3 July 2008 (UTC)
  • Crimson Jelly is yet another nice food for higher lv BLMs. 6 INT, 2 hMP, 12% MP (Cap: 85@708 base MP), and lasts for three hours. It's also a bit expensive, so I recommend using it if you're going to solo for 3+ hours. --VaguStae 10:29, 23 October 2008 (UTC)

If there are any other useful types of food, let me know and I'll post it here. However, 90% of the time I didn't even use food and it worked out just fine.

Sub Jobs

Until you get to level 24, nearly any sub will do. I found /BLU to be the most helpful because of Metallic Body, Cocoon, and Pollen.
/WHM will work fine as well, but /BLU is probably your best bet.
I can't see any other sub being better than /NIN. Absolutely nothing beats Utsusemi: Ichi, Tonko: Ichi, and Dual Wielding Yew Wand +1 (not even extra MP). Keep in mind that a /WHM sub will not give you more INT than a /NIN sub. /RDM is a different story.
Consider switching to /WHM or /RDM for the extra MP, as well as Stoneskin and Blink. /NIN is not required due to the fact that you can 1-shot pets. /SCH Work on certain camps, and it's the best subjob for MP conservation, namely the Qiquirn camps are very good for /SCH (usually larger Chains are posible) if you don't mind the lack of Stoneskin/Blink. I have been experimenting with /SMN at this level and INT varies with /RDM sometimes the same sometimes higher but with this, Auto-Refresh and a large MP boost while one-shotting pets this is fantastic, can also use Garuda for Blink if you feel the need.
At this point it is no longer possible to 1-shot pets unless you have exceptional gear (HQ staves, Sorcerer's Ring, etc.) so consider /NIN again.

Not agree with that point, /nin is good at low lev, but not after. Like you can see in following camps, this sub is useless (or situational)... /rdm is better to protect you (Stoneskin, Blink, Phalanx, Fast Cast, cures and Gravity which is your best friend).
Other important point : you have an enfeebling skill, don't forget it. you MUST have a macro which equip all gear with enfeebling magic skill (and magic accuracy). More you have, more you are safe. -- Gael77 12:50, 11 september 2008 (GMT +2)

Miscellaneous Hints and Tips

  • Before moving onto the next camp area, try to get at least one full buffer's worth of EXP. Enemies in the next areas are higher level, and therefore may resist more, which could mean death. Also, due to the odd locations of some of these enemies, you may not know the surroundings very well. A buffer can help alleviate much of the pain of getting to know a new area.
  • If your Elemental Magic skill isn't capped every level (i.e. if you don't have DRK or RDM leveled), then you will want to cap it before moving on to the next camp. Resists = death. This is especially true before level 51.
  • A lot of camps have outposts nearby, which can be used to set your Home Point and travel to. To avoid unnecessary trips, for the camps which you choose to set your Home Point at, simply use a higher level job to teleport to the outpost from your home country, then use the outpost to teleport back to your home country, and then use your BLM to Warp to the outpost (which = your HP).
  • Elemental Seal + Sleep(ga) + Logging off will probably save your butt countless times. Try to do this whenever you can't handle an enemy in other ways. Remember to recast Utsusemi after sleeping the enemy, and move a decent distance away from the enemy before logging off. ALWAYS use Elemental Seal if it's up. Without it, not only can the enemy resist sleep, but usually they will not be slept nearly as long even if it does go through. I've been killed when there was literally one second left on the log off timer.
  • Before Ancient Magic, fights go something like Nuke1, run away, Nuke2, Sleep, Utsusemi, run away, Drain, Nuke.
    • Fighting elementals, more like Nuke1, run away, wait for elemental to show up on /NIN radar, run some more until Nuke1 ready again, Nuke1, Sleep, Aspir, Utsusemi, run away, Drain, Nuke.
      • If Dark Elemental, use Bind instead of Sleep and don't bother with Aspir/Drain.
    • Try to choose your finishing nuke based on the mob's remaining HP in order to save MP.
    • The day, weather and mob elemental weakness make a significant difference in resist rates.
  • You can start running when your cast meter gets to about 65%, to give yourself more of a lead on the mob.

Exp and Camps

NOTE: All of the camps listed here are from personal experience. I used every one of them at every level on my BLM. If you know of any other good camps at any given level, send me a message or post here, and I'll add it in. Be sure to include any relevant information, such as the surrounding territory, the enemies who inhabit it, etc.

Levels 19-29

19-22 - Lower Delkfutt's Tower

Prey: Gigas's Bat (Giant Sentry)
HP of Prey: 150-160~
Notes: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Qufim Island outpost to save time after you die.
Camp Location(s):There are four camps that I found that are easy to get to.
Camp #1:
The first is straight ahead upon entering the tower. At the first intersection, go forward, and you will come to a room shaped like a donut, with several gigas and bats wandering around in it.

  • Extremely easy to get to.
  • May be workable if the Giant Sentry is close to the room's entrance.
  • Very close to the zone, so it should be pretty easy to zone if you get aggro'd or get a link.


  • Very dangerous camp, as the bats and other gigas tend to aggro and link at the worst possible times. They move around and mingle amongst one another quite a bit, forcing you to wait for a better opportunity.

Camp #2:
At the first intersection, take a left. The room you'll see is very similar to camp #1, in that there are many gigas and bats inhabiting it.

  • Bigger than camp #1, which makes pulling slightly easier.
  • Very close to the zone.
  • If you have the means to do so on the fly (PL), it is possible to get 2 BST Gigas up in this room.


  • Like camp #1, it's very dangerous. Gigas and aggroing bats wander it constantly.

Camp #3:
Take a left at the first intersection, and go through camp #2's room, heading slightly right. Go up the winding stairs, and you'll find more gigas and bats in a room at the top of the stairs.

  • Stairs offer a safe resting spot, with a good view of the gigas and bats in the room.
  • Like camp #2, can have 2 BST Gigas up at once.


  • Like camps #1 and #2, it can be dangerous. Gigas and aggroing bats wander it constantly.

Camp #4:
At the top of the stairs, near camp #3, there will be a tunnel. The tunnel leads to a very small room with two gigas in it. If you're lucky, one of the gigas will already be a BST. Otherwise, you may want to convert one of these gigas into one. This is the best camp, so it's probably worth the time.

  • No chance for aggro or bat links, as there are only two gigas in the room, and nothing else.
  • The tunnel leading to the room is perfectly safe, and can be used as a camp until you're ready to move on.


  • Gigas BST may not be in the room, causing you to have to come back later or kill the two that are there and hope a BST pops.
  • Due to the small size of the room, you may find yourself waiting a little longer for the Gigas to turn away from his pet, since you can't maneuver around him and get to a good pulling angle.
  • Although exp may seem to lower at level 22, you may want to keep going. The mobs at the next camp may be a little tough without utsusemi. If you decked out gear, it should be no problem.

22-26 - Ranguemont Pass

Prey: Goblin's Bats (Goblin Pathfinder)
HP of Prey: ~209
Notes: It's a good idea to set your Home Point in San d'Oria (or have a way to get there quickly) to save time after you die. Sneak AND invis are required! Bring some silent oils and tonko tools.
Camp Location(s):I found only one camp, but it's a very good one.
Camp #1:
Take a chocobo to Ranguemont Pass, then head through the door that the NPC opens for you. Sneak and Invis yourself, then take a right at the next intersection, past the goblins. Make your way past the oozes, and take a left at the next intersection. You'll pass a couple seeker bats, then you'll come to a room with two goblins in it. Hopefully one of them will be a BST. (G-7)

  • Three tunnels leading to the room allow you to maneuver quite well, making pulling pretty easy.


  • Stirges live in the tunnels, they aggro. Seeker Bats link.
  • At level 22 and 23 it may be very difficult to survive here. Without Utsusemi you are going to take a true beating. Make good use of Bind, Metallic Body, Cocoon, and Pollen, and be very, very, careful.

Camp #2:
Once you have reached the Camp #1, take the West tunnel and you'll come to a huge room with 4~ Goblins and some Stirges in it.(F-7)

  • 2 Goblin Beastmaster can live simultaneously in this room which is great to get experience chains.
  • Three tunnel are leading to this room : three possible camps.


  • Stirges live in the tunnels AND the room, don't forget Sneak when you wish to cross the room.
  • This huge room allows Goblin to move a lot, so it might take long time until one BST Goblin's Pet gets in range.
  • These Pets seem to use Double Attack more often than these of camp #1(higher level?)which is very dangerous without Utsusemi. A great way to kill pets is to pull with Thunder, Bind, get out of range and cast Aeroga. Without resist they are immediatly dead.

26-29 - Yhoator Jungle

Prey: Goblin's Bee (Goblin Pathfinder)
HP of Prey: 180-200
Notes: It's a good idea to set your Home Point in Kazham to save time after you die.
Camp Location(s): I found only one camp, but it's a very good one.
Camp #1:
Take a chocobo to Yhoator Jungle through the "normal" experience points party route. At the first intersection in Yhoator, take a right. At the next intersection (the one with the big colorful plant in the middle), take a left. Now you can either stay forward or turn right, and you will bump into a Goblin Pathfinder and his pet bee!

  • No possibility of aggro or links! Your only company will be a couple of lizards and a few mandragoras.
  • Three intersections allow very good maneuverability for pulling.


  • Unfortunately, sometimes there will be EXP parties preying on goblins. Most of the time they will just kill mandragoras, but more experienced parties tend to pick on the goblins as well. If this happens, ask the leader if they would mind if you could just have this one goblin.
  • These bees can Double Attack, and they can wipe your shadows and kill you with ease if they double attack. Reraise earrings or instant scrolls help a lot in this camp.

Example of a good camp is at G-7 in Yhoator Jungle. One Goblin Pathfinder patrols there with mandragora, with lots of places to kite and rest.

-10/29/07 - Yhoator Bees will link w/ the Goblin's Bee, watch pulls and still good camp. (Sight Aggro)

29-31 - Bibiki Bay

Prey: Goblin's Rarab (Goblin Pathfinder)
HP of Prey: 220~290
Note: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Buburimu Peninsula outpost to save time after you die.
Note: Setting your HP in Mhaura is even better. If your country is not in control of Buburimu Peninsula, then setting HP at the outpost can cost a lot of gil.
Camp Location(s): Be very, very, very happy once you get to this point. This camp is so great that you may consider staying here even after the EXP gets low. I found only one camp, but it's a great one!

Camp #1:
Enter Bibiki Bay and hug the right wall. You'll eventually come upon a small incline with a rock in the center of it, and a Goblin Pathfinder finding paths around it. Two Island Rarabs and one or two Marine Dhalmels are also in the vicinity.


  • Nothing here aggros besides the goblin himself.
  • It is quite easy to zone. Much of the time, the goblin and his pet (or other Rarabs) will take awkward routes chasing you, making it very easy to get away without getting hit. Also, if you just get the goblin and his pet (Island Rarab links), amazingly enough, the goblin will sometimes turn around about 3/4 of the way to the zone, although this is not always the case, but the pet will keep chasing you! Even if you are forced to zone, the pet will not despawn. Rezone immediately then finish him off if you're strong enough.


  • Ignis Fatuus (a bomb), will spawn during foggy weather. He won't be right at the camp, but you could run into him if you have to zone. Be wary.
  • The one Island Rarab that inhabits the same territory as the goblin will link with the goblin's pet. However, it only links by sight, so keep this in mind when pulling!

- June 13th 2008 - Since I really didn't like the Yhoator camp I decided to try this camp at 26 already, turned out to work well, most pets checked as Tough and gave very nice EXP, although its easy to die if your spells get resisted. Reraise earring comes in handy here. Be careful with the -ga spells here. Thunder -> Blizzard -> Thunder usually kill the pet if not resisted.

- Dec. 2nd 2008 - It seems that this camp is lower level than the previous camp, the goblin cons between VT and IT at lv29. I recommend staying at the previous camp, as the rarab is much harder to kill than the bee.

Levels 30-39

31-34 - Attohwa Chasm

Prey: Goblin's Gallinipper (Goblin Pathfinder)
HP of Prey: 350
Camp #1 Location: L-8. A good one. After you enter from Maze of Shakhrami you'll need Silent Oil to get past the Hecteyes in the tunnel. Cross the chasm, reenter the tunnel and follow the left wall. When you enter the open ground (I-9) head north and follow the left wall around to L-8 (don't enter the other tunnel). You need Invisible (or Tonko: Ichi) to get past the Goblins and Attohwa Coeurls here.



  • There is another Gallinipper that wanders the area to the south and it may link (sound).
  • A Doom Scorpion from the south may also wander close enough to aggro (sound).
  • Watch for the Attohwa Coeurl to the west.


  • Bring a Reraise Earring because it is a long trip to get to camp.
  • A Gallinipper is weak to Ice but strong to Earth (Stone II might get resisted) I haven't noticed any higher resist rate on water II versus stone II over 3 levels. It is windy in Attohwa frequently, though, so take care of extra resists due to that. --Almacien 22:46, 29 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Rest north of the rock at the north end of camp, it is safe, but go too far north and you risk aggroing an Attohwa Coeurl.
  • Like in Bibiki Bay, the Goblin and pet may take awkward routes to reach you. Sometimes my shadows wore off (expired) before I was hit three times. Once I kited the Goblin until he lost interest by running between the trees and around the rock, I survived with 60 HP. I'm not sure if ES + Sleep + logout would have been better.

31-34 - Beaucedine Glacier

Prey: Gigas's Tiger (Rime Gigas)
HP of Prey: 320
Note: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Beaucedine Glacier outpost or Xarcabard outpost to save time after you die.
Camp Location(s): There is one decent camp and one good camp that I found here.

CAMP #1 (Decent camp):
Directly south of the Beaucedine Glacier outpost, you'll find a ramp leading downward, deeper into the glacier. At the bottom of the ramp, you'll find 2-3 Tundra Tigers, a Bat Eye, and a Gigas. Kill the Gigas and wait for a Rime Gigas to pop if you choose this camp. Pops are five minutes between.


  • Right next to the outpost. You won't have to travel far if you die.
  • The ramp offers a completely safe resting point.


  • Tigers link and aggro by sight. Bat Eyes aggro by both sound and sight. It may be difficult to pull because of this.
  • If the Gigas isn't near the ramp, or near the eastern ledge, then you will have a very hard time finding safe pulls.
  • I don't know about you but at my level (33) I couldn't get a Outpost warp (level too low), so big con for me getting to camp.

CAMP #2 (Good camp):
Head to (I-9). There is a ramp leading down into a large open area. One Gigas and one Tundra Tiger inhabit this area.
At the top of the (I-9) ramp a Goblin Trader walks for an extra pet to kill


  • Since only one tiger lives here, you probably won't get aggro'd too much.
  • The area is very large, allowing great maneuverability.
  • The ramp allows a perfectly safe place to rest.


  • Can be bothersome and expensive to get to, especially if you die. There is no faster way to get here other than to walk.
  • Be careful about resting in the tunnel that leads south of the area. A Tundra Tiger wanders back and forth along it.
  • Players who farm the Gigas might kill the Rime Gigas.
  • Gigas who spawns is not always Rime Gigas. (may require higher level to spawn)
  • Valdeaunia outpost warp is unavailable at level 31 so Xarcabard outpost may be unattainable without Teleport-Vahzl. *9/13/08 Nevyn-Bahamut

34-36 - The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah

Prey: Goblin's Leech (Goblin Trader)
HP of Prey: 370
Note: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah outpost to save time after you die. If you are about to die, try to die within view of the outpost. Then, before you HP, make sure there are no aggro'ing monsters within 10 feet of the front of the outpost. Once you hit level 35 you'll be able to use the outpost warp. You can now outpost warp at level 25 to Li'Telor
Camp Location(s): I found only one decent camp.
CAMP #1:
Everything in the vicinity of the outpost is your camp. Ogreflys and Goobbue Parasites link, but do not aggro. Goblins and Lesser Gaylas aggro and link. There is a golem north of the outpost that aggros to sight and magic. The bats start appearing around 16:00 and go away at 8:00 the next day.
- Your Home Point will be right at camp, so there will be no unnecessary travel time.
- You can rest safely behind the outpost without fear of aggro.
- Several Goblin Traders can spawn in this area. If you have extra MP after killing a pet, and another goblin is within easy access, you could pull off some pretty high chains.
- Farmers may often take care of the bats.
- The BATS! These things will be quite the nuisances. They aggro and link, sometimes stopping you from a great pull. If you find yourself getting aggro, do not try to sleep them. Bats are highly resistant to sleep, even with Elemental Seal. Instead, simply move away from the outpost if you're close to it, then Warp. You'll lose any hate/aggro you had on them, and still be right at camp.
- I had competition from Beastmasters when I first came here. While I don't know whether or not this is common, I thought I'd put it here anyway as a heads up. -If a pull goes bad, you can gain ground on the chasing mobs by running around the outpost building. This allows the goblins and flies to despawn after awhile.

- Sometimes the Goblins can wander away from the outpost, and at night the bats may prevent you from getting close to them.

36-40 - Eastern Altepa Desert

Prey: Goblin's Spider level 38-40 (Goblin Trader)
HP of Prey: 500
Camp #1 Location: F-8/9. Not so good. North of the Outpost there is a ridge running north-south. From here you can see two Goblin Traders, one to the west and one to the east. You have your choice of pulls but there are other Goblins wandering about so aggro can be a problem. Lesser Manticores (high movement speed) wander by and there are Lost Souls at night (20:00-04:00).

  • A PL, like a RDM, can kill the Lost Souls and other Goblins for safer pulls, making this camp pretty good. --VaguStae 12:12, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

Camp #2 Location: G-7/8. Good Camp. Run north from the Outpost and you will find a sand trap with a Doom Scorpion standing nearby. Northeast of this is a valley surrounded by dunes. Two Goblin Traders wander here with a Desert Dhalmel, some Lesser Manticores (sight aggro) and sometimes a Sabotender (sound aggro). Since the area is so wide open it is easy to move around and find a good pull while avoiding aggro. One or two Lost Souls appear at night but they are also easily avoided if you keep your eyes peeled. Don't go too far north or you'll meet an Antican Faber, Sabotender or Flesh Eater (all sound aggro).



  • Lost Souls at night.
  • Multiple Goblins can cover for each other and kill a chain.
  • Spiders double attack and can take down your shadows really quickly. Always recast Utsusemi after each fight.
  • might be tough at level 36


  • As of June 2007 update, you can teleport here at level 30.
  • A Spider is strong to Earth (Stone II might get resisted)
  • Rest invisible in the middle of camp to monitor the Goblins and Manticores.
  • The spider may take awkward routes to reach you, beware he doesn't bring his master. Warp to the Outpost if you catch Goblin aggro. It counts as zoning and sheds hate.
  • Works well with a duo at 34-36, you can bounce Spider hate. Once one of you hits 37 exp takes a dive.
  • At level 39, your enemies will start to become decent challenges. While this usually signals that it's time to get to a new camp, you may not want to just yet. The enemies at the next camp jump up a few levels higher than you're used to when switching camps. Level 40 along with some pies or other INT food should allow you to minimize resists, as well as use the outpost in Xarcabard.

36-40 - Yhoator Jungle

Prey: Tonberry's Elemental (Tonberry Harasser)
HP of Prey: ~500
Note: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Yhoator Jungle outpost to save time after you die. If you are about to die, try to die within view of the outpost. Then, before you HP, make sure there are no aggro'ing monsters within 10 feet of the front of the outpost.
Camp Location(s): In the immediate area of the outpost, you'll see two tonberries (sometimes a third wanders close by) and a crawler. Convert one of the tonberries into a Tonberry Harasser if necessary. The tonberries will summon only fire, light, and water elementals. Elementals do not drop clusters or crystals.
CAMP #1:
Everything in the vicinity of the outpost is your camp. Worker Crawlers and Young Opo-opos link, but do not aggro. Tonberries aggro and link to sight.
- Your Home Point will be right at camp, so there will be no unnecessary travel time.
- You can rest safely down inside the hole directly in front of the outpost without fear of aggro. You can also rest in the tunnel near the outpost.
- Several Tonberry Harassers can spawn in this area. If you have extra MP after killing a pet, and another tonberry is within easy access, you could pull off some pretty high chains.
- Elementals can be Aspired, and the Light Elementals are particularly weak to Drain.
- If you're subbing WHM or RDM, Silence may come in very handy here.
- The elementals have very high HP - most are around the 500 range. This is quite a big jump from the previous camp (you'll notice it right away), so plan on using up a lot more MP per fight than you're used to.
- Elementals can and will use -ga spells. If you get hit by one, your best bet is to sleep the elemental, recast Utsusemi: Ichi, Aspir, then nuke again. ALWAYS begin running away from the enemy as soon as you are about to cast (between 70% and 100% usually). You've probably figured this out already, but it's still a good method to remember.
- The moment your magic first hits an elemental, it will move a few inches, then cast a spell. This delay might be just enough time for its master to randomly turn around and see its pet being hurt, so plan accordingly.

NOTE: At level 39, your enemies will start to become decent challenges. While this usually signals that it's time to get to a new camp, you may not want to just yet. The enemies at the next camp jump up a few levels higher than you're used to when switching camps. Level 40 along with some pies or other INT food should allow you to minimize resists, as well as use the outpost in Xarcabard.

Levels 40-49

38-42 - Xarcabard

Prey: Gigas's Tiger (Frost Gigas)
HP of Prey: ~500
Note: It is possible to start this camp before 38. The camp is probably a good alternative to the Eastern Altepa Desert spider camps and is likely the only soloing alternative from 40-42 for Blue Mages who cannot solo elementals. The exp at level 39 is not great though, as chaining is difficult due to DC tigers. At 41 things slow down to a crawl. You're looking at several hours just to get 6900 exp. Still, if you're absolutely determined to solo then this location is the best you're going to get. Be sure to save an Empress Band charge for it.

Teleporting to Xarcabard is highly recommended. If you use the OP warp you're putting yourself in grave danger. Ahrimans, skeletons, and ghosts all like to hang out right there. They will begin killing you before you even appear on the screen. If you choose to OP warp, put up Stoneskin, Utsusemi, etc, and most importantly Reraise before warping. Though, if you do get killed the likelyhood of being able to get up without blood aggroing the surrounding undead is highly unlikely.

You may run into trouble with other players coming through and killing the Gigas in the area. In all camps high-level Hickory Lumber farmers will rush through mowing down everything in their path, usually without any concern for your exp. Also, in Camp 1 you have to deal with people killing the nearby Gigas for TP to take on the Boreal Coeurl. Fortunately, you're outside and the mobs are on 5 minute respawn timers. Still, that downtime isn't fun and you may end up with non-BST respawns.

One final note, if you link a Gigas to a tiger that you're pulling and attempt to use an AoE Sleep spell, target the Gigas, not the tiger. Although I can't speak for BLM's Sleepga, neither BLU's Sheep Song or Soporific will hit the Gigas if targeted on the tiger. The spells will, however, hit the tiger if the Gigas is the target.

If this is your first trip to these areas I suggest you do the quest for the maps of the Northlands. Her Majesty's Garden

CAMP #1: (J-6/7) at the southern end of the tunnel
From the open area to the south, there is a short, open path, then a short tunnel. The tunnel opens up into another L-shaped open path which leads into the Boreal Coeurl's cave. There are three Gigas in this area. They can roam from anywhere in the short tunnel, through the open path, and a short way into the cave. The short open path at the south end is safe to rest in. Going a little way into the cave is ok too, just don't go too far.
-Up to two Frost Gigas may spawn here, meaning faster chains.
-There are safe resting areas at both ends of the roaming range. If the Frost Gigas wanders toward the other end, just invis up and switch locations.
-If there are no favorable pulls, you can go south to the open area and often find a Frost Gigas close by to keep a chain going. In fact, this would make a nice camp if those Gigas didn't have such a large roaming area.
-You have to deal with both Hickory Lumber farmers and with people doing G2 and needing TP. You may get lucky and have two BST repop or none at all. Usually there will be at least one up, but converting the Gigas to BSTs may not be worth it because of the high traffic.
-A Dark Elemental can spawn in this area. Watch the weather. A sudden change can result in an elemental sneaking up behind you to ruin your day.

CAMP #2: (J-7) in the southern cave
The Gigas mostly roam in the open path outside the cave. It's unknown how far into the cave they may wander, but for the most part the cave is a safe resting spot.
-You don't have to deal with G2 fighters here.
-You will still run into Hickory Lumber farmers in this location.
-Another Dark Elemental can spawn in the cave.
-Only one end of the camp path is truly safe. If you get cut off from the BST by another Gigas then you have to wait it out or go to...

CAMP #3: The middle of (I-7), next to the cliff.
This is the most dangerous of the camps. You're out in the open amongst all the Gigas and Ahrimans. Ice Elementals also roam this area during snowy weather. Directly across the valley from the two other camps, at the base of the cliff, is a cluster of snow mounds and a pine tree that looks oddly like a snow fort. This is your base camp. In the short time I spent there I didn't witness any mobs entering the fort, but I'm sure they can. Still, it offers some protection. Dangerous though this camp is, you have access to about three Frost Gigas to the north, east, and south.
-More Frost Gigas means less waiting for pulls.
-Open areas are easier to pull in than caves and paths. It's much easier to get behind them out here.
-Hickory Lumber farmers are at their worst here because of the high numbers of Gigas grouped together.
-The Gigas in the open area have very large roaming areas. Some of them will move completely out of feasible pulling range. Fortunately, you have several Frost Gigas to choose from out here. If one wanders away, start targeting others.

39-42 - Castle Zvahl Baileys

Prey: Goblin's Bat (Goblin Trader)
HP of Prey:~550
Note: Be patient here, I got Chain #3's but usually hit Chain #2, and then I had a hard time finding a safe pull. The key thing here is to keep inside the trenches and/or beside the wall that goes to the upper area when killing. Remember line of sight is the issue when dealing with the Goblins so they can only attack you if they can see you (I believe I linked a Goblin twice). My main camp was at H/6 or I/7 in the lower part. If you can get a friend to come help clear out the useless Goblins for you, you could possibly hit some awesome XP. This happened once and I was able to roam the upper area freely and pull from 3 Goblins.
I stayed here till 42 so I could have Blizzard II for the Elemental Camp, although you start to slow down at 41 you can still get decent XP to 42. However, it'd be best to move on to the Elemental camp at 42.
This camp was found because I was having extreme difficulty killing the Demon's Elemental and wanted to keep soloing my way to 75. I strongly recommend attempting this if you are having issues with the elementals.
CAMP #1:
Only camp I found in here is at the point where you can drop down to the lower levels on Map #2 at H/I 6/7 area.
- Low traffic. Very likely that no one will kill your prey.
- Safe to rest in I/8 in the corridor that is covered and other areas in the trench if you are just resting for MP.
- Bats seem to have low HP for the spells you will be casting. Fire II > Water II > Blizzard usually finishes them off.
- 3 Goblin Traders that have bats.
- A lot of Goblins to keep track of.
- Only 2 levels of EXP here.
- Be ready to go through a stack of Shinobi-Tabi here per level.

40-45 - Temple of Uggalepih

Prey: Tonberry's Elemental (Tonberry Harrier)
HP of Prey:~550
Note: You can start here at Lv40, but it's highly recommended to come here 41+, because you will most likely zone more than you will kill. Blizzard II helps a lot at 42. Also, don't forget that Sleep II is available at Lv41, which will save your life countless times. Personally, I pulled the Elemental with Stone II then ran back out of his magic range. Bind him when he gets closer, nuke, sleep, Aspir, nuke, Bind, nuke, sleep. He resists a lot more than you will be used to if you come here at Lv40 as they will Con VT>IT But you may want to risk it here than go to the other camps at this lvl as this one is a LOT safer. Dont forget to aspir as much as you can which usually Drains 50-60 MP with capped Dark Magic skill. If you run out of MP, ES+Sleep and rest up, then Repeat. I was here as a BLM Galka at level 40, And usually ended the fights with little under 20-30MP and never once hit Chain #1, But if your dead set in soloing all the way this camp is a lot safer than any other at this level. Dont forget If things get messy, the zone is just behind you.
Camp Location(s): {K-3} Map#1
Camp #1:
Enter Temple of Uggalepih from the main entrance. Sneak and Invisible is Needed to get to the camp. From entrance follow the stairs down and take the first left, You'll come to a door which you need to open, So make sure the Wespe isn't looking, cancel Invis, start re-casting and THEN open the door mid-cast. Otherwise the door will close by the time you fully cast Tonko. Also, there is sometimes a Torama behind the door, so be prepared with utsusemi and reraise. Go through the room with several Tonberry's inside it, and eventually you will come to an area with stairs, Just after passing a Torama and hopefully the Tonberry Harrier. This is your camp, Zone is on the top of the stairs. If you are coming here at Level40 i highly suggest you cap a bare minimal in Enfeebling and Elemental magic skill prior to coming, Besieged is Ideal for this, Because of the level of the monsters inside besieged you will get a skill up very regularly here, And range from 0.1 ~ 0.5s nearly every spell, Spam dia for Enfeebling magic skill ups and any low costing MP Nuke for elemental skill ups.

-The pet is an elemental, which means you can Aspir them efficiently.
-The Tonberry only calls Fire, Water and Light Elementals, Light elementals are very susceptible to Sleep, Drain, and Aspir so make good use of them
-It beats Castle Zvahl camp.
-Elementals are your prey; when attacked, they will walk a few feet and then start casting. It increases the time the master can detect the pet, increasing the chances of aggroing the master. Be extra careful when pulling
-The hallway is narrow. Sometimes, it makes it harder to see around the corners and leaves the Tonberry less room to move around. You may see yourself waiting for longer periods of time because of this.
-There is a Torama that occupies the same roaming area as the Tonberry Harrier, which aggros on sight. This can turn a good pull into a waiting game every now and then.

40-44 - Castle Zvahl Baileys

Prey: Demon's Elemental (Demon Warlock)
HP of Prey: ~600
NOTE: Be aware that this is a very, very dangerous camp, and it is possible that it's not even worth your time even coming here as the chance that you are actually able to safely pull is very slim. Since you're level 40, you can freely use the outpost warp in Xarcabard. Be sure to bring both Silent Oils and Tonko: Ichi tools. Blizzard II at level 42 will help out a lot.
Camp Location(s): I found only one camp. It's right at the zone into Castle Zvahl Keep. If you don't know how to get there, here's a walkthrough:

Enter the castle and head to (G-8). Before the intersection that leads to the torches that spawn Dark Spark, you'll notice two narrow passageways on your left and right. Take the left passage and follow the path. Eventually you'll come upon some orcs. Climb the steps, then head west past the huge hole in the floor. You should arrive at the yagudo territory of the castle next. When you see their big hole, take a left, and head south past the hole. Go down the steps, and then double back to the north on the floor below. Follow the pathway and you'll meet an intersection that goes only west and north. Take the north path, remembering to re-up sneak if any ahriman are nearby. Next, take a right, and you'll see some steps that lead up to one ahriman and a bunch of demons. Now head west into the hallway past them. This is your camp for the next few excruciating levels.
CAMP #1:
There will be one ahriman and four demons patrolling the small plateau in front of the hallway. Usually one of these demons will be a SMN. I've never seen more than one SMN and I've never seen less than one SMN, but you may want to get a high level job to check beforehand anyway. The ahriman will aggro by sight AND sound. The demons aggro and link by sight. The demon will summon only lightning, dark, and ice elementals. The elementals do not drop crystals or clusters.
- The zone into Castle Zvahl Keep is right at the end of the hallway, up the stairs partway, just before the first torch in the wall.
- You can rest safely at nearly any point in the hallway without aggro. Right before the hallway turns into the plateau with the enemies on it, you'll notice a crevice in the floor. If you get too close to the crevice, the ahriman can aggro you. Use the crevice as your guidepoint for resting.
- The elementals will give quite a bit of EXP throughout your first few levels.
- Elementals can be Aspired.
- If you're subbing WHM or RDM, Silence may come in very handy here.
- The camp takes a long time to get to and Silent Oils and Tonko: Ichi tools are absolutely required - there's no way around it.
- The elementals will be high T to low IT when you first get here. This results in a LOT more resists. At level 40 you will either die or have to zone quite a few times because of this. Be prepared.
- It may be difficult to keep track of the Demon Warlock because of the hallway's walls and the ahriman threatening to aggro at any moment. Try to rest within view of the SMN while still being out of the ahriman's reach.
- The Dark Elementals are highly resistant to Drain, Aspir, and Sleep(ga).
- The Ice Elementals are highly resistant to Silence and Bind.
- All of the cons from the previous camp, except the elementals have even higher HP. Sometimes it will take three tier 2 spells and a tier 1 spell to beat one.
- Demons run faster than players.

HINT: If a particular elemental is giving you a lot of trouble (IT dark elementals come to mind), then you can try to 'respawn' it. To do this, pull the elemental when you know the demon will see it. Then book it as fast as you can to the zone. The demon and his elemental will both despawn. When the demon respawns, he'll summon a new elemental in place of the old one. Keep repeating this to get the desired results.

  • Also, keep in mind that simply zoning the elemental itself will not cause it to despawn. No matter how far away from its master it is, it will always float all the way back to him after you zone.

Tip: It is highly suggested to bring a level 75 with you, preferably a summoner to assist. a 75 SMN can give you stoneskin which makes Dark Elementals ALOT easier, and can clear the extra mobs out of the area.

CAMP #2: Xarcabard

At the zone to Uleguerand Range, there is a Demon Warlock - he can spawn either on the lower ramp near the zone, or on the ledge right above it.
It's really two mobs which share a spawn, so if it's on the upper ledge, kill it until the one on the lower ramp pops.
The good news is the zone is very close by - you can get away from a bad pull, or zone the other demons if they're in the way.
The bad news is, it's still a pain in the neck. Even with someone helping me clear away the extra demons, I got out of there as soon as I dinged 42.

44-49 - Pso'Xja

Prey: Tonberry's Elemental (Cryptonberry Harrier)
HP of Prey: 700-725
Note: When you are able to use this camp, you should have access to the Beaucedine Glacier Outpost. If you dont have the outpost or the area is under Beastmen control, the fastest way to get there would be a Teleport-Vahzl. Area is great pull the elemental to the steps with 1st Nuke and sleep on the steps to renuke, if you get in trouble zone is a few steps behind you. Only Light Elemental, Fire Elemental, and Water Elementals will be called.
Camp Location(s): The camp is just inside the Pso'Xja tower located at (G-9) of Beaucedine Glacier. There is a hallway with two Tonberrys, a THF and a SMN.
CAMP #1:
Uncapped tower of Pso'Xja at (G-9) of Beaucedine Glacier, stairs right at zone (J-9,I-9). Pros:
- Low traffic, no one will kill your prey.
- Safe to rest past 1st column on stairs.
- Zone is close in case you need to use it.
- Not much room to maneuver.
- Sometimes hard to get to if region is lost to Beastmen. Cost is 1.2k gil
- Cryptonberry Harrier has very large wandering radius.
- 2 Tonberrys can make you wait to pull longer.
- Elementals stop to cast magic when pulled, master may see this and link.

44-49 - Cape Teriggan

Prey: Goblin's Rabbit (Goblin Shepherd)
HP of Prey: ~700
Note: It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Cape Teriggan outpost to save time after you die. If you are about to die, try to die within view of the outpost. Then, before you HP, make sure there are no aggro'ing monsters within 10 feet of the front of the outpost. Thunder II at level 46 will help out a lot.

  • You can start this camp at 42 if you go /rdm and use gravity, but, as you should always do, bring RR just in case. Resists may come here and there, but I was able to kill in 3 Tier II's without resists. Requires good gear, and EXP will probably cap at 200 at chain 0 without exp band, but it beats Castle Zvahl.
  • Great duo spot at 41+. As level 42 BLM/RDM solo, I got 200 exp chain 0 without band, duo at 42 I got 200 exp chain 0 without band still. Same EXP solo and duo! May slow down at 44, better off to solo by then.
  • I highly suggest spending level 50 here as well. Unless if you're really decked out with gear, you'd rather have the benefits from the ele staves before you head out to the 1-shot camps. --VaguStae 03:32, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

Camp Location(s): There may be a few different camps, depending on where each monster is at any given time.
CAMP #1:
This camp is in the direct vicinity of the outpost. Usually there are 3-4 goblins patrolling the area. You may or may not have to convert some of the goblins into Goblin Shepherds. Keep in mind that these goblins con EP to DC to level 75's, so take care when trying to convert them. Goblins aggro and link by sight. Beach Bunnys do not aggro, but link by sight. The lizards do not aggro, but link by sound.

  • Your Home Point will be right at camp, so there will be no unnecessary travel time.
  • You can probably rest safely behind the outpost without fear of aggro. If you have yellow HP and undead are up, then you may have a problem. Otherwise, I've never seen any enemy come directly behind the outpost before.
  • Several Goblin Shepherds can spawn in this area. If you have extra MP after killing a pet, and another goblin is within easy access, you could pull off some pretty high chains.
  • Rabbits seem to resist quite a bit less than elementals (even ITs) from what I've experienced. It may just be me though.
  • Rabbits will be VT to IT when you first get here, making for some really good EXP.
  • Because of the large area, it is usually pretty easy to maneuver around the goblin in order to make successful pulls.


  • The Cape Teriggan outpost requires a job of level 50 or higher to teleport to/from it. If you don't meet this requirement, you will have to travel through desert and Kuftal Tunnel to get here. Be sure to bring Silent Oils and Tonko: Ichi tools if you must take this route. Keep in mind that even though there is a zone from Gustav Tunnel here, you will be unable to go from Gustav > Terrigan because of the ledge near the Gustav zone.
  • Even if you have a level 50+ job to get to the cape, getting home when your BLM is finished EXPing here is going to be rough. You'll have to either ask a friend to outpost warp there and teleport you out, or journey through half of the cape and into Gustav (casting Escape in Gustav Tunnel will take you directly to Valkurm Dunes), or Kuftal Tunnel and the desert on your own. Unless, of course, you have something like a Republic Stables Medal. or a Tavnazian Ring.
  • There are tons of Beach Bunnys around the outpost. Be careful when pulling. If you get a link, you will most likely die before you can even get a Warp off. Beach Bunnies will hit you for over 200 damage a pop.

CAMP #2:
Directly northeast of the outpost you'll see a small ledge. If you go up there, you should find several lizards, an occasional Velociraptor, and hopefully one or two Goblin Shepherds. If you wander too far east or northeast you may bump into a Robber Crab or a Sand Cockatrice. The crabs aggro by sound and the cockatrice aggro by sight. Use this entire area as your camp. It's big enough so that you can usually rest safely anywhere as long as you keep an eye open for enemies. Often times I'll run to the northeast or the west of the area and rest with my back to the wall there so that I'm not open on all sides. Note that one of the Shepherds can also pop as a Goblin Bandit, so you might want to convert it to a Shepherd before you start xping.

  • Your Home Point is very close to camp, so there will be little unnecessary travel time.
  • No undead spawn here.
  • Two Goblin Shepherds can spawn in this area. If you have extra MP after killing a pet, and another goblin is within easy access, you could pull off some pretty high chains.
  • Because of the large area, it is usually pretty easy to maneuver around the goblin in order to make successful pulls.
  • There are no Beach Bunnys here, so you won't have to worry about them linking. If you're too close to the ledge, however, it is possible to get a link from a bunny below. Be careful.


  • There is no perfect place to rest. If you have to go AFK for more than a few minutes, I recommend going back down to behind the outpost first. As far as I could tell, enemies can walk on every square inch of the area of this camp. There is a small ledge near the cliff on the Western edge of this camp that is safe to aggro other than HP aggro at night from Undead, I would suggest using that location to pull to.
  • A Velociraptor or two may wander the camp. And they run faster than players.
  • Very rarely, a Fire Elemental will spawn near this area (during Fire Weather). It is easy to avoid, however. -- Boogers on Hades.

CAMP #3:
In the tunnel in on the way to the Cloister of Gales are several Goblins, of which one is a Goblin Shepherd. It wanders pretty far, between the bottom of the steep slope in (F-6) and north around the corner into (F-7). When the slope levels out onto a plateau before going lower again, you're into the Shepherd's wandering area.

  • Safe to rest on the steep slope down from the Goblin Bandit.
  • No other mobs to worry about.


  • Far from the Outpost.
  • Sometimes need to wait for the Shepherd to turn before pulling.

Camp #3 is far and away the best camp. However, you may need to do some manipulation of the Goblins to get the camp just right.
NOTE: When you first enter the tunnel, before you come to the Goblin Shepherd at F-7, there is one group of Goblins, but only two of these three will be up at a given time: 2 Goblin Bandits and 1 Goblin Mercenary. If both are Bandits, one will be close enough to interfere with the F-7 camp. Kill the Bandits until one of them repops as a Mercenary.

  • If there is one Goblin Mercenary and one Goblin Bandit and the Bandit is hovering extremely close to the F-7 slope (the safe resting area), that Bandit should be killed as well. It should respawn as the other bandit that stays away from the F-7 slope. I should also note that the Mercenary and Shepherd have large enough wandering ranges to where they can occasionally get into your resting spot, possibly aggroing you. --VaguStae 22:48, 4 November 2008 (UTC)
  • Just saw that the Merc, Bandit, and Shepherd can interfere with your resting spot. Although this is extremely unlikely, be very very sure to not forget Tonko or Powders. Aside from this, you can have a high-lv friend come with you to exterminate the goblins; it looks like end up respawning away from the slope after being defeated. Also, as some kind of little protip with a bad side to it, the Goblin Shepherd will walk back to its wandering area after killing you or being slept (be careful when you relog). --VaguStae 12:34, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

There is another group of Goblins past the Shepherd at F-7:
A Goblin Alchemist, a Goblin Mercenary, another Goblin Shepherd, and a Goblin Bandit.
Only two of these will be up at a time. The Bandit tends to be at the tunnel exit, while the Alchemist can pop close enough to interfere with the J-7 camp.
Ideally, you want both Shepherds up, especially if you stay until 50:
At 49, pets will be DC, EP, or T - Having 2 pets to work with rather than just one will make it easier to create and sustain exp chains.

==Levels 48-51 - [[West Sarabaruta {S}]] Prey: Goblin's Rarab {Goblin Patrolman} HP of Prey: ~780 - 816
Zone out of the maw from West Sarabaruta into West Sarabaruta (S) and head South along the rock wall to your right. You will come upon a Gob camp occupied by 4 Goblin's and a Goblin Skirmisher wandering around. The rock formation to the West of the camp is a prime spot to med. But really behind any of the rocks will work, as the Goblins won't wander behind them.

Levels 50-59

49-54 - Gustav Tunnel

Prey: Goblin's Leech (Goblin Shepherd)
HP of Prey: ~798 - 840
NOTE: Starting at level 50 your play style may start to change quite a bit. AM and AF, along with a few other choice pieces of equipment are going to start making you quite a bit stronger and more versatile. The AF hands (level 54) and the elemental staves are probably going to floor your resist rates. Keep this in mind when you decide to move from camp to camp now.

Camp Location(s): There is one main camp, but a few different places you may want to go in that camp.

Keep following the tunnel until you reach the area that splits off and runs into several goblins and robber crabs. You can camp directly at the bottom of the tunnel going down. You'll be accompanied by non-aggroing bats and a lizard. (This is probably the best camp.) Or:

  • Going Left and follow that around to another tunnel. Camp in this tunnel, watch out for undead at otherside of the tunnel.
  • Going Right, you'll run past a few goblins and crabs before you get to a safe landing on the other side. This will be your camp, and Goblin Shepherd, Goblin Alchemist, and Robber Crab will be your company.


  • The area just after the goblins and crab is perfectly safe to rest on. Just be careful not to go too far back, as undead are on the other side.
  • At level 50 (or 51, depending on gear/day) you can begin 1-shotting pets with Freeze, assuming the spell goes unresisted. At 51 you will have access to your elemental staves. You won't believe how much faster you'll be getting EXP then. Keep in mind that if you know you won't be resisted most of the time, you don't have to wait for the goblin to turn his back. Simply blast the leech with Freeze, then, even if the goblin is facing his pet, he won't aggro as long as the pet dies.


  • If the Shepherd is far away, you might be forced to wait a little bit to pull. Unless you can find some way to pull his pet without aggro, you've got no choice but to wait until he wanders back to you.
  • The camp has no shortcut to reach it, so you may find yourself traveling quite a bit if you don't have Reraise. The shortest (most dangerous, expensive and least convienient HP) route is to set your HP at Cape Teriggan, Sneak/Invisible yourself, then travel due northeast to zone into Gustav Tunnel. You'll be pretty near the camp when you zone in.
  • At level 49, depending on your gear and race, you may get quite a few resists here. Not to mention that it will require three to four full-strength tier 2 spells just to kill one leech. Because of this, I recommend biting the low EXP in the Cape until you hit 50+ buffer. You might thank me later.
  • Fire weather in this area may increase Freeze resist rate.
  • At 53 you can kill leeches that gages EM, which gives you only 100 xp without xp ring.

NOTE: Wyvernpoacher Drachlox is a Lottery Spawn from the Goblin Shepherds. Groups of 75s will kill them off. You can avoid this if only a few people attend by asking them not to kill your Goblin. As this NM may be lottery of the goblins. Wyvernpoacher Drachlox is a Lottery Spawn from the Goblin Mercenaries.

ALTERNATE CAMP: Ifrit's Cauldron
Prey: Goblin's Bats (Goblin Shepherd)
Enter Ifrit's Cauldron @ Yhoator Jungle G-6 (the western entrance).
Head northwest to the tunnel @ H-8. There are 2 Dodomeki here, which aggro sound, and 1 Goblin Shepherd which wanders more or less between them.
There is 1 Goblin Shepherd here, as well as Dodomeki and other Goblins which may or may not pose a problem.

  • You'll never wait for an opportunity to cast like you will in Gustav.
  • People farm Dodomeki for the Optical Hat ingredient - might make the camp that much easier.
  • Bats seem to have a little less HP than the leeches - might be easier on someone @ level 50.
  • No chance of magic aggro from Bombs, or sound aggro from bats @ night.


  • Camp is near 2 Dodomeki which aggro sound. You might be casting Freeze on the pet from a spot right next to or behind the goblin. Be quick with your invis after Freeze goes off.
  • People farming the Dodomeki may aggro/kill your Goblin.

Note: There are more spawn locations which I haven't located yet, which might yield a camp as good or better.

54-58 - Pso'Xja

Prey: Goblin's Bat (Goblin Veterinarian)
HP of Prey: ~908 - 935
NOTE: It's recommended to have Quake in order for this strategy to work. Also bring scrolls/equipment for the next level or so, as you will be getting 7000-8000 EXP an hour here if everything goes well.

  • TaruTaru, Lvl52, /nin, 65+34 INT (with cream puff), Aquilo's Staff, Moldy Earring. 978 damage consistently using Freeze with neutral weather/day, up to 1230 with double ice weather . Highly recommend this camp for any Taru. Only resist problems I had were on Firesday with Freeze dropping to 840 roughly 25% of time, was still a viable camp. Currently level 53, using no food, 67 +27 INT, still one-shotting with freeze hitting for 962 damage consistently. -CrimsonClear of Unicorn
  • I decided to jump to this camp early because I was tired of Gustav Tunnel mobs going out of range. I have an Aquilo's Staff and I am using Moldavite Earring , but NOT using INT food. I have 68+25 INT totaling to 93. I am currently hitting Goblin's Bat with a consistent 968 exactly. This is without weather or day dependence to damage output.
  • I was able to one-shot these bats ALMOST every time with Freeze with Aquilo's Staff. The double Ice weather helps out a lot, too. - This can get your nukes from 950-1150 DMG.
  • I'm currently at this camp at level 52 BLM. I have an Aquilo's Staff and I am currently using Cream Puffs which give INT +7. I have 65+32 INT totaling to 97. My Freeze without matching weather or day is doing a consistent 935 exactly to the VT bats, which is just enough to one shot them. The IT bats only get hit for 933 damage. Again, this is without weather or day attributing to damage output. The only thing I do not currently have that I believe will allow me to one-shot the IT bats is a Moldavite Earring because the NM is stingy and doesn't want to drop my earring. So, if you have the right gear and perhaps Taru INT, you can go to this camp as early as 52.
  • I was able to one-shot these bats with Freeze every time at 55 with INT 60+27, Aquilo's Staff and Moldavite Earring, doing 938 or 941 damage. With only 60+26 INT I sometimes did 934 damage, which is not enough to one-shot the toughest bats.
  • At 55 with INT60+24 I was resisted once using Quake out of 15 fights. It was a half resist and got me killed. Might be best to use Freeze during Ice Weather and take care of when you cast. Jabblets of Fenrir.
  • Avoid fighting on Firesday. Even with Aquilo's Staff and Moldavite Earring (and double ice weather), my regular Freeze dropped from a typical 965 to about 860, preventing me from getting any one-shots.
  • At 54 with INT56+26, Aquilo's Staff, Elemental Earring and Moldavite Earring I was often resisted using Freeze even with double Ice weather. I often did 924 Damage, leaving the pet with 5 HP that would kill me without Blink up to take the hits while I cast a finishing nuke. Bio II did not take that last sliver (only did 3 Damage and would kill me before DoT kill the pet). Sleep II without Elemental Seal is also very often resisted, even with Pluto's Staff.
  • At 54 with INT57+20 (no food), Terra's Staff and Moldavite Earring, ice weather and lightning's day, I one shot the bats with Quake, doing 985 damage each time.
  • At 51 with INT55+26 NQ Ice Staff no food, Freeze usually did 855ish and followed up with Blizzard for kill. Ice bonus would 1 shot kill the bat which was great, and I only got resisted once every 10 or so casts, on which I ES Slept and rested for a second Freeze (or Manafont if its up). I was getting max 350 xp from chain 4 no band. Just have to make sure 1. the goblin isn't facing you, and 2. the bat won't link the goblin.
  • Elvaan 54 /rdm with 53+21 INT using NQ Earth Staff and Moldavite Earring. I was getting resists 20-25% of the time. Even using a Cream Puff for the +7 INT and having capped Elemental Magic with 2 merits didn't seem to change the resist rate I experienced.

Camp Location(s): There is only one camp that I found, but it's awesome.
CAMP #1:
Enter the 60-cap Pso'Xja (H-10 it's the one closest to Batallia Downs). Put Sneak and Invisible on (be careful of Magic Millstone). Keep going forward, up and down the stairs, all the way, until you find a Goblin Jeweler (I-8). When you reach him, turn left and fall down the hole. You'll fall right on top of a Goblin Veterinarian and his pet bat. Just walk right into the hallway next to him. That's your camp.


  • The camp is perfectly safe, just make sure to stay in the area behind the cylindrical pillars that stick out of the walls. If you stay in this area you'll be out of sight range for all nearby goblins.
  • At level 54, you can 1-shot the goblin's pets with AM once again. I used Quake, and did 942 damage every time.
    - It is also possible to do this with Freeze.
  • There is nothing that can aggro you here.
  • There is no chance for the goblin's pet to be out of spellcasting range, as he is confined to the small room he spawns in.


  • There is only one Goblin Veterinarian that is feasible to steal a pet from. That being the case, if one other solo-er is at the camp you will be unable to level unimpeded. There are two other Goblin Veterinarian in the zone, however due to their placement and mobs around them (Pots, Elementals, Snoll, Hecteye, and other Goblins) they might not be worth the effort.
  • Bats are hard to sleep, but you should be able to do it with ES + Sleep.
  • Due to the nature of the doorway that the goblin is behind, occasionally you will be "Unable to see" the goblin's pet. Try to maneuver around this without getting aggro if you can.
    • An easy way to circumvent this is to cast Invisible on yourself so that you can get in a good position to cast without being seen by the Goblin. You can run to either side right as your spell goes off and you will be able to cast with no problems. ~~Aksannyi of Hades.
  • Because this is a level capped zone, all buffs you have when you enter will be erased. This means you can no longer use a Scroll of Reraise, then buy another one, and use it when your first one wears off. This is also true if you log off and log on in this area - your Reraise will be erased. (It appears that logging off and back on will not erase your RR anymore. I logged off at camp, came back later and it was still up.) But, fortunately, this camp is so great that it shouldn't be a big deal.
    (Bring earring if you're unsure.)
  • - CoP 5-3 required to enter? Only owning CoP expansion is needed.
  • Goblin Alchemist in the other room will aggro every now and again. The Goblin Alchemist will never aggro provided you always stay behind the two pillars on each side of the path leading to him. -- Boogers of Hades
  • This camp is usually occupied. It'd be wise to /search this area to see if anyone is using this camp before you begin to travel to Pso'Xja.

54-59 - West Sarutabaruta (S)

Prey: Yagudo's Elemental (Wind, Fire, Earth)
HP of Prey: ~897 - 935
Note: Burst in Wind/Fire, Quake on Fire, Tornado on Earth. May be able to stay here until 59/60.
Camp Location(s): West Sarutabaruta (S)
Camp #1: F-7 (closed entrance to Giddeus) There is a Yagudo Mendicant and Yagudo Piper that wander E-W in front of a group of 8 pillars. They do not walk down the pillar area, so it is safe to rest/cast within the 3 sets of southward pillars.
Camp #2 F-6 -- You will find multiple Yagudo Mendicant roaming the area on your way to Camp #1. There is a perfect camp just south of the main path at the F-6/G-6 border. Here you will notice a Mendicant. If you continue a little further south you will find another. You can camp between these two, giving the opportunity to pull from the north or the south. Also if you run into trouble you can run back to G-6 where two pixies roam and will gladly give you free raise III's. Note that Pixie Raise III's allow for no EXP loss, which was quite helpful while I camped this location -- Gumz 00:38, 5 August 2008 (UTC) (Fairy)
Camp #3: F-6 -- This camp uses the first Yagudo from camp #2 (the Yagudo Mendicant to the north). You can cast spells from around the corner near the F-6/G-6 border - as long as you don't go past the tree in the corner you'll stay out of aggro range.You can also stand to the side of the tree past the grassy area, you will know it when you stand on it, and you will never be out of range of casting on an elemental. The Elementals will be in casting range for about 90% of the time. Using this camp you'll have a easier time getting to the pixies in case you get in trouble, as there are no other Yags along the way. --Fuuneko 18:32, 19 September 2008 (UTC) (Fenrir)


  • Was able to one-shot Wind & Fire elementals almost always. A drain-able sliver of health was usually left on Earth elementals.
  • Elementals never seemed to be out of casting range and Yagudos never within aggro range (stand between the second pair of pillars from the north to cast).
  • Aspir-able of course so MP was not an issue.
  • Close to a Campaign front if you need an emergency Instant Reraise scroll.
  • Even closer to a pair of Pixies who'll give you free Raise III's that allow for no EXP loss.
  • Chain 5 easily.
    • I would definitely recommend this camp. It is extremely accessible through the use of Campaign Arbiters. Although the Pso'Xja camp is probably better exp once you get there, this camp is a great alternative and is rarely occupied! I first came to this camp as 55BLM/WHM (Hume F) with notable equipment being Moldy Earring, AF gloves and equipment giving INT+24 (without food). I did not possess any HQ elemental staves but was able to one-shot each variety of elemental pretty consistently, although as stated above, the Earth Elementals did sometimes have a small amount of health remaining. Resists seemed few and far between. Although the Yagudo occasionally turned at an inconvenient time causing it to link, the presence of the Pixies nearby dulled the blow as there was no exp loss. This was a plus in comparison to Pso'Xja which allowed only one reraise scroll per visit, as well as a trek to get there. - --Takako 16:40, 9 September 2008 (UTC)
  • I came to this camp first @ lvl 56 and I had probelem only against earth elemental (once duoed here with a 56 sch and things were easier and exp was good), but was able to one shot other with Burst. Been there for 56-57-58, at 58 had realy few spell resisted. Chain 5 is possible if MP are managed well, the only thing that can break a chain is that yagudo will take twice the time to recast their pet during campaign battle (credit to Arabian - ragnarok for making me notice that). Now at 59 pet con decent with some rare even match, so no chain available, but still some nice easy exp with band on. I definitely recommend this camp. - Mira el dito 22:07 2 october 2008 (GMT+2)


  • Sleeping might be an issue if the yags link. Even with Enfeebling merits and Pluto's Staff I was getting resists when I first got there.
  • Sometimes a sliver of health was left (Earth elementals in particular). With AM taking so long to cast, sometimes the Yag would turn at the wrong moment causing it to link.

Note: I think it is important to mention that these yag do not stand still for very long making pulling difficult, I found that pulling with Silence >> Sleep >> AM >> Sleep >> finish with either Drain or -aga spell. This however, will be very difficult with a wind elemental since they will resist silence.

  • I quite honestly cannot recommend this camp. I have slightly above average gear, Aquilo's Staff, Moldavite Earring, and at 54 I died 4 times in 4 pulls. The yagudo just does not stand still long enough sometimes even for the cast length of Silence. Came back at 56 after adding a Shaman's Cloak and still am unable to 1-shot the elementals with 61+26 INT with food, 2 deaths in 2 pulls and delevel. Save yourself a headache and avoid this camp - Mathisyn 11:42, 30 August 2008 (UTC)
  • I have had no issues at this camp, and in fact am really enjoying it. I was a bit worried switching to /rdm and not having shadows anymore, but I haven't needed them. With Aquilo's Staff, Auster's Staff, and Pluto's Staff, as well as Freeze and Tornado I've been able to one-shot just about every elemental, and have been able to drain the last bit on the few that weren't killed outright. Am currently level 53, with 59+30 INT, at the first listed camp - Aneryn 11:42, 13 September 2008 (UTC)
  • The Yagudo have 'Attention Deficeit Disorder', they do not stay standing long enough for an AM to go off. You'll get the 'too far away to cast' message a lot. Sometimes, the Yagudo Mendicant break and don't even cast elementals for 3 minutes so you'll have to move to another Yagudo Mendicant. If you do get a link, the Pixies are so far off, you'd probably be dead by the time you run to them for help. It was not hard to one-shot them with AM, it was just really annoying to actually finish casting your AM without them moving out of range or having the other Yagudo wandering with it aggro you by sight.
  • TaruTaru, 56BLM/NIN, 70INT +20gear +7puffs, 173Ele (10 off cap, 193 with gear), Jupiter/Thunder, Aquilo's, Wind, Moldy, Shaman's, Wizard's Gloves, Camp #3: Able to 1 shot every type of Elemental consistently, resists have been very rare. All data neutral day, dmg vaired slightly by mob lvl: Tornado(Earth): 936(EM) (932 on T, never failed to 1 shot unreisited, max HP of earth may be 930), Burst(Wind/Fire) NQ: 1009, HQ: 1056. Did not record data for lvl 55, but I did a few thousand XP here and did not have issue 1 shotting. Camp#3 Highly reccomended, consistant chain 4's and chain 5 when yag doesn't move.
  • Regarding the Yagudo's "agitation" where they don't seem to stay in one place for very long: This seems to occur in a predictable manner. If the Yagudo are disturbed in any way at all (aggro, link, kill and respawn) they will move around more frequently than normal mobs. They seem to reset their movement speed after the ending of a campaign battle in the zone. It is possible to silence pull them when they are moving quickly but you must have the spell ready to cast the instant the mob stops at a safe position. DarkJax 06:29, 29 December 2008 (UTC)

56-60 - Newton Movalpolos

Prey: Goblin's Bat (Goblin Foreman)
HP of Prey: ~980 - 1032
NOTE: You will need Flood in order for this strategy to work. It may be difficult to 1-shot some pets depending on what your INT is. Try to stack up as much as possible. I started with 60+24 (including 4 from Melon Pies) as a Hume, and that managed to overkill them by only a few damage. Water Staff/Neptune's Staff is required. To start at 56 and 1-shot any pet requires 85 INT, Burst, Jupiter's Staff, and Moldavite Earring. Otherwise, plan for a 2-shot, or wait untill 58, Flood, and Water Staff.

  • Taru BLM56/NIN28 INT70+26 (Thunder Staff, AF hands, and legs, Shaman's Cloak, and Moldavite Earring, rest just standard INT gear)Camped at 1st camp in this guide. Could 1-shot VT Goblin's Bat with Burst for 1030-1133 without any problems on Iceday. -- Tataru on Seraph.
  • Taru BLM56/RDM28 INT71+26 (AF: hands, legs, feet; Aquilo's; Moldavite; Shaman's; Tamas Ring; Balrahn's Ring; Sweet Sachet; Merc. Capt. Belt.; Red Cape; Morion's; Black Silk Neckercheief; Cream Puff): use Invisible and pull with Freeze. Then use Bind and follow up with Blizzard (or Blizzard II). You can optionally use /WHM for Stoneskin. Don't bother with Sleep or Sleep II as you will be resisted without Elemental Seal. Bind usually only lasts long enough for a quick nuke, so I would advise against pulling with a Tier II spell and using Freeze afterward. My Elemental Skill, with the gear listed, was 209 and Enfeebling was 152 (low, but landed Bind without problems). Freeze consistently did 950-965 while Blizzard II did 300-316. -- Boogers on Hades
  • If your INT is up to snuff (I had +24, food included), you have a Moldavite Earring and a Jupiter's Staff (not Thunder), it's very possible to one-shot the pets with Burst at level 57 (Shaman's Cloak recommended). A viable alternative if you already have the staff and don't feel like shelling out the money for Flood, especially since the zone is right behind you if you get resisted. {Tormana-Shiva}
  • As a Galka BLM57/NIN With 58+28 INT (Including food) Jupiter's Staff, Shaman's Cloak and Moldavite Earring I was able to one shot these pet's every time, EXP Drops considerably at Pso'xja Camp so i highly suggest you come here at 57. {Headhunter~Valefor}
  • Hume BLM58/RDM29 (62+23 INT)- NQ Staff, Shaman's Cloak and Moldavite Earring. Able to consistently Burst for 996. If you get the spell off without aggro of the Goblin Foreman, Tier 1 Magic will take Goblin's Bat down. Go buy Flood or Jupiter's Staff!! {Stantheman - Midgard}
  • Tarutaru BLM57/WHM28 (71+22 INT) using Melon Pie, NQ staves, Shaman's Cloak, AF, Genius Ring, Tamas, Moldavite, Black Cape +1, Merc. Capt. Belt, Morion Tathlum, Cunning Earring, Black Silk Neckerchief. 1 Shot Goblin's Bat every time with Burst, consistant 1021 Damage (Siegtaru - Kujata)

Camp Location(s): I found only one camp, however there is an alternate camp nearby.
CAMP #1:
Enter Oldton Movalpolos and head to J-12 or I-12 to zone into Newton Movalpolos. Upon zoning in, follow the path a short way and you'll come upon an intersection in D-11. One path leads north, into Oldton, another leads west, also into Oldton, and the last path leads east, deeper into Newton. To the south of the intersection there is a lowered platform with a Goblin Lengthman, a Goblin Fireman, and a Bugbear Trashman. Patrolling the north leg of the intersection is a Bugbear Trashman and a Goblin Packman. Finally, on the east leg of the intersection is your prize, the Goblin Foreman and his pet. The west leg of the intersection has no enemies. That is where you can rest.
- The west leg of the intersection is perfectly safe to rest on. If you look on the floor, just before the intersection breaks into the north leg, you will notice two dull red lines. Use these as a guideline when it comes to your limitations for resting.(Note: You should sit directly on the red lines if not way past them. Otherwise you will get aggro from the Bugbear Trashman and other Goblins below.)
- At level 58, you can 1-shot the goblin's pets with Flood. Usually the higher level ones will have almost exactly 1030, so make sure you're up to snuff with INT gear.
- At Lv 58 with INT 60+26 Shaman's Cloak, and NQ Staff was able to hit for 1038 almsot every time once my Elemental Magic Skill reached 186. Before that i was getting about 20% resist. --Azaron Cerberus
- EXP is excellent at 58. (About 220 a kill + chain Xp)
- There is a zone directly behind you, greatly reducing your chances of dying.
- Burst works also. Lvl58, 62+21 INT, Magic Attack Bonus+5 and Jupiter's Staff. 1-Shot them for 1037 Damage (62+19 gives 1032 damage, just enough).
- Pulls are complicated by the fact that you will have to move to and from the Goblin for every kill. Plus there is aggro on almost every side that you must consider. The enemies on the platform to the south CAN aggro you from below. Stay at the north end of the west-east legs pathway.
- VT pets can be difficult to 1-shot without proper INT using Flood.
- Lightning weather sometimes pops in this area. This may or may not interfere with your Floods (it's more or less random), so keep an eye out for it. Elemental Seal does NOT guarantee that your spell will be unaffected by the weather. The best thing to do when this happens is either wait it out or pull with AM only when the goblin has just stopped moving, and only if his pet is behind him. Then, if you get a weather resist, simply finish the bat off with a smaller spell, such as Blizzard. I've never done less than 988 damage on a weather-resist.
- Or, for lightning weather - just go with Burst to avoid the potential weather resist, and maybe get a weather bonus instead.

CAMP #2:
This camp is located just to the east of Camp #1 by some crates and the first cave entrance to the east. This camp uses the same gob as in Camp #1, but will require the use of Invisible when resting for safety purposes.
- In my opinion, this camp is relatively safer than Camp #1, as you only need to watch for the occasional gob that may come up from the caves behind you. These gobs are usually farther in the cave and pose no threat to you.
- EXP is still excellent.
- The goblin's bat is less likely to be out of casting range with this camp, making chain 5's fairly easy to get.
- Lightning weather and Lightningdays are still your enemy, keep an eye out for weather resists.
- You are slightly farther from the zone here, but it is very easy to make with Elemental Seal + Sleep(ga) and then recasting Invisible to ensure no further aggro when running to the zone.
- The goblin can see you through the crates, therefore Invisible is almost required at this camp when resting, a minor con, but it should be mentioned for safety purposes.

-** I had an extremely difficult time at this camp @58. Even with Shaman's Cloak and 62+24 Int (Rdm SJ). I believe to ensure 1 shot you would want HQ staff --Drayco (Hades)

CAMP #3:
This Goblin Foreman is in F-11. From Camp 2, continue east to the gate. If the gate is open so you can get through to the north, do that, then head east, south and west again so you approach the gate from the east side. The Goblin mostly stays in the gate circle, but sometimes wanders east toward the tunnel. There are two other Goblins in the tunnel that usually stay back, but can get close to the tunnel mouth. If you stay on the wooden walkway, the Goblins in the tunnel will never aggro, so you only have to worry about aggro from the BST. Best to keep Invisible on in case he decides to walk your way.
The tunnel south of the gate is safe to rest in without Invisible, but farther from the Goblin.

  • Less likely to be camped than the Goblin near the zone.
  • The Goblin usually just walks back and forth in the circle, not toward you.


  • No zone nearby, need to sleep/logout to deal with aggro.
  • May need Firesand to open the gate (or camp on the south side).

Other Camps:

There are 6 other Goblin Foremen in Newton, in addition to the 2 mentioned above:

  • @ G-8 past the dropoff to the north.
  • @ J-8 on the north side of the Red/Blue gates.
  • Also @ J-8, on the west side of the Red/Blue gates.
  • @ I-7, after the drop off from the Mineshaft #2716 exit.
  • @ F-6 near the Furnace Hatch.
  • @ E-7, the south side of the Red/Blue Gates.

The first five of these camps has no real safe area to pull/rest in, and have other goblins nearby. If you can one-shot pets reliably, and you're in a hurry to level, some of them might be worth checking out.
The sixth camp, at E-7, might make a decent true alternate, but only because a zone into Oldton is nearby. Unfortunately, E-7 is past the 3-lever door in Oldton, which means you'll likely need to walk there from Mineshaft #2716.

The exit from Mineshaft #2716 should put you @ M-9.
Go west and north to K-8. You will need to go south through the Red/Blue gates to the west. (If the way is blocked, you will need to trade a Firesand to the Furnace Hatch to switch them.)
Go South from the Red/Blue gates, and follow the path West to the northern dropoff at G-8. The drop is marked by three red pylons.
Continue North, and around to the West, to another set of Red/Blue gates. The gates should still be in the proper position to allow you to go South/West past the Goblin Foreman and to the zone.
Unfortunately, if someone else switched the gates after you dropped @ G-8, there will be no way to get to the Oldton zone, and you will have to start over.


  • Only other camp near a zone.
  • The Foreman likes to roam from the gates to near the tunnel, giving good opportunities to pull.


  • Two other Goblins around at the gates. Sometimes get in the way, and need to zone them.
  • Long walk to the camp, costs gil to get there.

Note: The mobs can spawn anywhere from the gates to the tunnel near the zone. If you've recently zoned them, be cautious when you re-enter.

Vunkerl Inlet [S] has two Goblin Guerilla's, whose bat pets are roughly the same level as those in Newton Movalpolos. Unfortunately, these pets seem to have normal hitpoints for their level - 977 damage took one down to 72% life. Too bad, because it would be a sweet camp, but save yourself the trouble of going out there. Turnerbrown 03:40, 26 February 2008 (UTC) UPDATE: In a recent update, SE fixed the HP of these pets. So, they should be identical to the ones in Newton Movalpolos. There are two camps at (G-9), one in a canyon, and one up the ledge.

Note: There are also Goblin Guerillas in Pashhow Marshlands (S) with Dragonfly pets of the same level as the bats in Vunkerl. I was unable to locate more than one Goblin Guerilla however, and it may be difficult to find a safe camp in Pashhow Marshlands (S), as there are many flies in the area which link with the pets. Similarly there are Goblin Guerillas in Sauromugue Champaign (S) with Beetle pets with the same level as the bats in Vunkerl. Sauromugue Champaign (S) may be workable, I will update in the future if i find a suitable camp. Both types of pets seem to have normal pet HP. --Takako 13:12, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

56-60 - Vunkerl Inlet (S)

Prey: Goblin's Bat
HP of Prey: ~1208+
Note: Of the three Goblin Guerrilla in the area, only two are in safe areas. Being the same level as Newton Movapolos bats, they have ~50-100 more HP for some reason making them difficult to one-shot kill. Luckily the goblins usually stay idle enough for you to pull with a AM with their backs turned. Follow up with a low tier spell to finish it off. Or, you can pull with a tier two, follow up with a Bind/Gravity, then use AM. The Goblin's pet call time is around 2 minutes.

Camp Location(s):

Camp #1: (G-9) canyon/tunnel area


  • Lots of area to move around to kill pet, no aggro behind you.


  • N/A

Camp #2: (I-9) up on cliff side ledge


  • Pet seems to be easier to pull up here.
  • If you are in danger, you can drop down from the ledge.


  • Goblin may (rare) wander into your resting spot. Keep invisible up at all times.
  • No room to move around.
  • Goblin Guerrilla from camp #1 may aggro from below.

Cons: Camp #2: (I-9)or (G-9) up on cliff side ledge

  • Ok when soloing at level 56 i think the best way to do this is to always bring a partner you will still get great exp and it would be alot safer ok

Oh and at lvl 72 im still getting 75 exp a kill

56-60 - Sauromugue Champaign (S)

Prey: Goblin's Beetle
HP of Prey: ~1030 - 1078 Note: Was only able to find one safe camp. In this camp the goblin seems to move around a lot once it starts to move, and so this may interrupt chains if pulling is awkward. Due to the amount they move, i would recommend pulling with a Tier II spell, followed by Sleep II and then AM. However you should also consider Bind and perhaps even Gravity as posted above. Blizzard II > Sleep II > Freeze is definitely enough to kill them (unresisted). However the exact spells you use should be modified based on your gear and the exact amount you find is sufficient to defeat the beetle. Burst can one shot these pets, but if you find yourself unable to, the previous method works well.

  • Tarutaru BLM57/NIN28 with 72+24 INT, Jupiter's Staff, Moldavite Earring was capable of 1 shotting Beetles with Burst for 1081 damage.
  • Hume BLM57/RDM28 with 62+20 INT, Jupiter's Staff, and Moldavite Earring did 1044 Burst, which one-shotted many beetles, but left a few with a drainable sliver.
  • Mithra BLM57/NIN28 with 61+27 INT, Jupiter's Staff, Moldavite Earring did 1062 with Burst, which likewise left some beetles with a sliver of health. Leveling to 58 and increasing INT to 61+29 made Burst do 1067, which was still not enough in some cases. Level 59 and 63+29 INT produced 1074 damage, which still did not one-shot the highest leveled beetle. Level 60, 63+30 INT, and 1077 was still not enough...but 63+33 INT and 1086 damage was (don't forget your new gear). At 58 with capped staff, I could one shot the ones that checked "VT, low evasion but high defense", but not the ones that checked "VT, high defense". At 59, these checked as "VT, low evasion but high defense", and all one-shottable beetles with my stats checked as some flavor of Tough. Given this, I simply one-shotted the ones I could, and pulled the hardest ones with Blizzard II > Sleep > Aspir > Burst/Freeze.

Camp Location(s): Camp #1: (J-7) There is a lone Goblin Guerrilla just south of a different group of goblins which also contains a Goblin Guerilla. The Goblin Guerilla in this group is not the target. This Goblin is right next to the wall (Gausebit Mountain) at (J-7). You can reach the camp by using the Campaign Arbiter to get to Sauromugue Champaign (S) and then running to the gate to the East of the Fort. Run through this gate and head straight on, if possible try to follow the wall (Gausebit Mountains) on the right until you reach (J-7). There is a ??? where the Goblin runs around.


  • For those of you trying this camp and cannot one-shot effectively, treating this camp like 1st Pso'Xja Camp, which is a great alternative to Newton Movalpolos Camps.


  • Refresh from Sigil.
  • There is a perfectly safe resting spot in the form of a ramp just south of the Goblin. The Goblin's pattern of movement does not seem to be close enough to the ramp to aggro. (The ramp mentioned is not safe to rest at because a Goblin Toxophilite however the corner of J-7 just over a small hill, near some shrubs, next to the cliff will be out of range of all aggro mobs.If you sit in right area on ramp lower part tight to the mountain the Goblin Toxophilite walks around you every time an doesn't see you. In addition pulling about halfway to the small trees to the SE keeps you safe as well.)
  • If a Campaign Battle is going on you can get an temporary item Instant Reraise once you have the Allied Tags, you can then use the item and then ask for your Performance Assessment, which will cancel your Allied Tags and leave your Reraise (Status Effect) up!


  • Diving Beetles will link with Goblin's Beetle (Tested by Davarin of Bahamut)
  • Goblin runs around a lot, can disrupt chains.
  • Plenty of room to maneuver around the Goblin when it does move around.
  • Occasionally a non-bst Goblin may wander through the camp. If you stay on the ramp you should be safe from aggro, however you should watch out for this Goblin. The plus side is the roamer is always a ranger type mob, so if you draw aggro from him, he will not interrupt your sleep spell.
  • Earth weather may occur, which can affect Burst if you're using it.

CAMP #2: This camp is located on the southside of Gausebit Mountains. This camp uses the same type of gob pet as in Camp #1, but will require the use of Invisible when resting for safety purposes.


  • In my opinion, this camp is relatively safer than Camp #1, as you only need to watch for the occasional elemental that may appear from weather.
  • Lots of area to move around to kill pet.
  • Refresh, Regen, Increased food duration from Sigil!
  • The Goblin stands still long enough to cast a One-shot AM (and Drain in case you don't one-shot it), making chain 5's fairly easy to get.
  • Lightning weather and Lightningdays are your friend.


  • You are slightly farther from the zone here, but it is very easy to make with Elemental Seal + Sleep(ga) and then logout safely.
  • Occassional elemental may distrubt casting but easily avoided.

Levels 60-69

59-64 - Aydeewa Subterrane

Most info from Alporhan's Post on Alla
Prey: Fossorial Flea
HP of Prey: ~1090 - 1150
Note: You might be able to one shot with Flare but I was not, I was always left with 10% HP at lvl60.
Note: I was able to one shot the fleas with Flare for as little as 1098 damage. (95 INT, +5 MAB, Fire Staff and Firesday). {Bidski of Garuda}
The method for these is to aggro them, Sleep(2) and then nuke. However, It's hard to stick sleep reliably without ES, and the remaining HP is hard to get rid of with the flea attacking you. Be sure to keep Stoneskin, Blink, and Aquaveil up to maximize chances. Thunder II or Stone III should be enough to clear the last bit of HP. EXP per kill was high with sanction, but I was unable to chain, so I can't say how good it actually is.
- Camp Location: (E-10) entrance to Aydeewa Subterrane from Wajaom Woodlands, then travel to (F-7) close to the Halvung zone line.

  • Routine:
    • Buff Protect, Blink, Aquaveil, Stoneskin, Ice Spikes (for paralyze effect)
    • Make sure you're not targetting anything!
    • Walk up and have it aggro you, once it auto-targets the flea cast Stun to give you enough time to cast Sleep II.
    • If it lands, recast buffs. If it doesn't land, consider zoneing!
    • Run to max casting range. Flare. Start running away at 69%.
    • When you can cast again, stop, Stun, and Sleep II again
    • When you can cast again, stop and Water II for the kill.
    • If Stun lasts long enough, with this strategy the Flea only gets off the one attack while you are sleeping it initially. If Stun wears fast, it will get one or two more while you cast your finishing nuke.
    • The right finishing spell will vary with gear, of course. With +5 MAB, 90 INT and NQ Fire Staff, my Flare does 981-984, and Water II is the lowest nuke that will finish them. With Vulcan's Staff or Pluto's Staff, you can probably finish with Drain.
    • I typically got Chain 2-3 unless Diseased, for about 4k/hr.

Camp #1
(F-7) near the Halvung zone, stay in the tunnel until you are ready to aggro a flea.
- Zone is close to camp.
- Sanction possibly makes XP godly here.
- Low traffic, not many people try and fight Chigoes
- Good spot for Duo if you find another BLM there.
- Unable to target prey until after they aggro you.
- Fleas hit fast, make sure Aquaveil is up.
- <Have to Sleep(2) the prey before you cast AM
- All the buffs waste a little more mp the you were before this. - Respawn is 15min, it looked like.
- Sleep is somewhat hard to stick Never resist with AF body + dark staff.
- They have additional effect: Diseased, which can make slow exp unless you bring Remedies.

60-66 - Bibiki Bay

Prey: Goblin's Rarab (Hobgoblin Animalier)
HP of Prey: ~1220 - 1232
NOTE: It may be possible to come to this camp as early as 57. I came at 60 and my resist rate was floored. Also, you may want to consider switching back to /NIN.

  • I tried here at 58 and with a Shaman's Cloak and 1 Enfeebling Merit on top of capped skill was resisted on Sleep II {Derian-Ifrit}
  • I came here as BLM57 and was NOT able to sleep the bunnies without Elemental Seal, and I had +24 INT (food included) and Pluto's Staff. At 58 and with Wizard's Coat, I was never resisted. {Tormana-Shiva}
  • The method I used for killing was Water III (Thunder II if it was Lightningsday) > Sleep II > Freeze (Quake if it was Firesday). This resulted in consistent chain 4's. EXP here is better than any you have probably gotten up to this point, with 300 base EXP on almost every kill. The highest I have ever gotten was 562 EXP, chain 5, with ring, but I've heard of people getting over 700 a pop with their ring on.
  • Originally I came as BLM58/WHM29 and was using stoneskin, blink and aquaveil before every pull. However I had a few resists when it came to sleeping the rabbit, I had 60+14 INT like this. I switched to NIN sub and picked up a Fey Wand and a Lilith's Rod and added them to my sleep macro and I stopped being resisted, not to mention +1 more base int with /nin. I also have found utsusemi to be much more usefull than stoneskin and blink. My blink took about 75% of the hits when it was up, but that other 25% would tear my stoneskin off in 1 hit potentially interrupting my initial casting of sleep. Unfortunately even like this though I still had problems with the rabbits resisting my sleep at 58. Came back at 60 and haven't been having any problems. Been able to get several chain 4's (525 exp /w ring at 60, 630 exp /w ring at 61 ) using the Water III > Sleep II > Freeze technique. {Easykiller of Ramuh}
  • As a BLM who has just recently came to this camp at 59, I have killed these little bunnies with Water III >> Sleep II >> Freeze (Flood if my Water III got resisted). It has resulted in the same effect. Also note that is is difficult to Sleepga the goblin unless you have Sleepga II or use Elemental Seal. {Cartman of Bahamut}
  • I recently tried Flare then Water II with /NIN so no need to sleep, getting chain 4 most of the time when gobs behave {Lemein of Unicorn}
  • I've been using /rdm since 60 and I find that it works much better than /nin or /whm. I pull with gravity then kite it while casting Aero3 > Water3 > Stone3. After those it's dead unless one of them gets resisted. I pulled chain 4s with this everytime. I was only getting chain 2-3 using Tier 2 > sleep > Flare Method. Best i've done with Gravity method is Chain 4 for 630 exp with ring at level 62. {Mohoss of Shiva}
  • With RDM sub, another method keeps your dark magic leveled: Gravity pull, Drain, Sleep, and an AM - found this works very well for me.
  • As soon as you got Blizzard III you can skill dark and save some mp by Gravity > Aero III > Blizzard III > Drain. If tier spell III lands you will hit about 500-600 dmg. If you see dmg near 100 hard to drain last hp. Suggested food Cream Puff. An example of chain with Empress Band active for a blm 64 is: 340 > 432 > 450 > 585 > 504.
  • At 57-58 another method if you can time it right is to AM pull with Burst or Freeze and then finish off with Water III (/nin is recommended) i was able to get chain 3-4 with this method with rare resists, if resist finish off with lower lvl spell. Never used sleep unless i was double resisted. {Mephiston of Hades}
  • Just finished leveling here from 59-66 and have to say I really wish I didn't have to leave it. I leveled here with /nin using Water III > Sleep II > Freeze until I got Stonega III. At that point I started using Fire III > Sleep II > Stonega III. Towards the end of my stay here I was using Blizzard III > Waterga III and not sleeping them inbetween. My Sleep II was never resisted in 7 levels and I do not have a Pluto's Staff, only the NQ. I also never had a problem sleeping the Animalier with Elemental Seal + Sleepga {Mathisyn of Midgardsormr}

- At level 60 your resist rates will be floored. I got resists on my spells maybe 10% of the time maximum.
- Rabbits are usually very easy to sleep. Almost any combination of spells will work well.
- EXP is insane.
- Exp tends to slow down toward level 65+
- It is no longer possible to 1-shot pets, unless you have pretty good gear. If you do, you can 1-shot them with Flare.

Sorcerer's Ring, and 101 total INT. This will overkill the pet by only a few HP, with 100 total INT you will leave the occasional pet with 1% HP.
@60 Flare requires the same amount of MAB but only 88 INT.
@60 I was unable to 1-shot pets as hume with a total of 101 INT with HQ Staves, and only Moldavite Earring as MAB gear. (Boostuning on Kujata)
@63 AeroIII > StonegaIII if you cant one shot with Flare, it is recomend'd to use this method, it work quite nice and spend less mp, up to 14kxp/hr like this till 65. Resists can be killfull, uses Bind or Sleep in that case. (/NIN is highly recommended)
@60 was able to one shot with Flare for only 1208 dmg and no Republic Circlet (not in control of area).

- There is no zone anywhere nearby. You may have to resort to Sleep(ga) + log off to save your butt sometimes.

  • Be aware that the Hobgoblin Animalier is very resistant to Sleep so you might have to target him separately with Sleep II to be able to succeed in logging off.

- Unfavorable goblin movement may interrupt chains.
- The Cacti at Camp #1 often make it difficult to see the Hobgoblin Animalier and can occasionally slow down pulling.
- The camp(s) are often occupied.
Camp Location(s): I found only one camp.
There seem to be 3 camps that work.
CAMP #1:
At F-7 in Bibiki Bay you will find a Catoblepas, a Hobgoblin Venerer, and a Hobgoblin Animalier near some cacti. Past them is a narrow passageway leading southward toward some more cacti, deeper into Bibiki Bay. Camp in the narrow passageway. Edit: On 10/01/07 There was an emergency update that got rid of the Hobgoblin Venerer that spawned in the area, now it is very safe to solo here with little need for invisible.
This Hobgoblin Venerer seems to be in place still as of 10/17/07.
The Second goblin can pop as either Venerer(in the camp) or Martialist(north of camp). If you kill the Venerer, eventually the Martialist will pop and will stay clear of the South camp.
CAMP #2:
At the Northeast corner of F-7 in Bibiki Bay, there is a passageway. Northeast of the passageway, there is a Hobgoblin Animalier that wanders near and around a large rock. I pulled primarily from the rock to the passageway, however, there are several safe places to pull to.

  • I've found that in the case of the Goblin linking , you can kite it around the rock until it deaggros which can take as little as 1 minute to 5.{Talin of Bahamut}
  • If kiting the Goblin around the rock, make sure not to aggro it again, once it deaggros. Sleeping the Goblin by the rock, and then logging out away from the rock, will prevent the Goblin from despawning, as it is still in its normal roaming area. {Docstu of Alexander}

CAMP #3:
In G-6 is another Hobgoblin Animalier. The safest camp is against the north wall, up the little ramp; the Hobgoblin Martialist won't aggro here. Be careful not to pull when the other Rarabs will link. Some times the pet will take an indirect path to get to you; usually this just gives you more time before it gets to you, but sometimes it can be a problem. Eventually you'll learn the patterns. If the BST stays looking at you too long, you can also pull from the other side into one of the pockets in the east wall; this is usually safe too, but not as reliably safe as the north wall.

64-71 - Newton Movalpolos

Prey: Goblin's Bat (Goblin Headman)
HP of Prey: ~1272-1288
NOTE: Special items may be required to reach these camps. Study up on Newton Movalpolos and its particular dungeon obstacles before proceeding.

  • Casting "Ice Spikes" or another buff of this kind can help you a lot, because sometimes Pet's HP is really really low when you end casting your spells, and only one spike blow of 8 DMG can kill it, really helps if you are not killing those with "1 shot blow", and also it can save you sometimes. However, it will prevent you from using Bind to get away from the bat to cast another spell, as spikes damage will break Bind.
  • It is still possible to 1-shot pets with Flare if you have good gear. Unfortunately I didn't, so I had to resort to Blizzard III > Waterga III, but I've personally witnessed other BLMs killing them with a single Flare for 1254 damage every time.
  • I managed to consistently 1-shot with Flare for 1256 as a mithra 65BLM. 105 total (64 + 34 + 7) INT and 15 MAB (Moldavite Earring and Sorcerer's Ring). I did not one shot when I had 102 INT, only doing 1243 damage.


  • Pets can drop coffer keys. After you get the map from the coffer, most coffers give 10-18k gil.
  • EXP will be very good your first few levels.


  • It is no longer possible to rely on sleeping the pets due to bats' high natural resistance.
  • You can only get to these camps (other than camp #2) if you meet certain prerequisites, which may be more hassle than the average player thinks they are worth. The fastest way to get to this camp is to enter Oldton Movalpolos at E-13. Shortly after entering you will find an NPC goblin named Twinkbrix. Get him to teleport you and you will be able to backtrack out of the mine and to the camps listed.
    • In order to get to these camps the easiest way, you have to talk to the goblin Twinkbrix at the E-13 entrance to Oldton Movalpolos and gamble with him. Once you win, trade him 2000 gil and he will warp you straight to Mine Shaft #2716. To gamble with the goblin, trade him between 1-10000 gil. He rolls 2 dice and the number he rolls has to be between 2 and X, where X is based off of the amount of gil you trade to him. 10000 gil gets you the best odds of 2-50, though 2716 gil works well too.
    • Tarnotik can also teleport you to the Mine Shaft.

Camp locations:
CAMP #1:
The camp itself is at G-9, just behind the two Bugbear Watchman. They will never turn around unless you attack them.
- There is a zone partway into the tunnel in front of the Bugbear Watchman. You will, however, be hard pressed for survival should they see you.
- The bugbears never turn around, making resting in this section very safe.
- Unfavorable goblin movement only occurs 80% of the time. Most of the time, they are in favorable positions. You'd only have to wait for the Goblin Headsman to be in a good spot, the Goblin Marksman is usually minding his own business. - At least 7000EXP/HR or more depending on goblin movement. Safest camp out of them all. Consistant Chain #3/#4 even when goblin took a couple walk arounds to get into a good position to pull. CONS:
- Unfavorable goblin movement may interrupt chains. In fact, this is a very big CON. Often times I would have to wait several minutes between pops just for the goblin(s) to move into a favorable position.
- You may be able to reach the bat on the platform if you stand on top of the debris near the two Bugbear Watchman. This was observed with a female Elvaan, and may work with other races. - Unsafe to pull from debris near Bugbear Watchman, bat takes weird pathing and you may find yourself dead.

CAMP #2:
This camp is for the same bat as Camp #1, but instead of resting near the bugbears, you will be below the ledge that the goblins stand on.
- You can just walk to this camp, no need to mess with teleporting Moblins.
- A coffer can pop on the exact spot where you rest.
- If 1-shotting applies to you, this camp is better due to the fact that you will never have to move. Simply stand up, Flare, then rest.
- Unfavorable goblin movement may interrupt chains. This is no worse than most other situations where you cannot one-shot pets. In fact, it's far, far better than camping on the ledge above where you have to move to pull and can be cut off from the bat entirely.
- There is no zone nearby.
- You have less room to run around due to the fact that there are goblins to the east that are quite often within aggro range should you wander too close.
- Goblins can aggro from the ledge above. The very NE corner of the platform as close to the stone pillar as you can get seems to be aggro-free. You can also hit the bat with spells almost anywhere it wanders from this position.
- This is a very unforgiving camp if you can't one-shot. You're trapped in one small spot very close to the bat. There's no casting from maximum range to give yourself extra time to get the second spell off. Often a shadow will be taken before you even start casting your second spell. If you forget to recast Utsusemi, if the bat double-attacks twice, or if a spell gets resisted you're in trouble. If this happens Stun then Bind are probably the best option. You're not likely to ever survive a goblin link.

CAMP #3:
There are two more BST in the gate circle in (J-8), one on the west side and one on the north side. Get to the Mine Shaft somehow, walk out and follow the walkway to J-8. The North bat is best camped from the Furnace Hatch to the east in (K-8).

  • No aggro at the Furnace Hatch.
  • Awesome exp. I've gotten Chain6 from west side once or twice (Boostuning - Kujata)


  • Long pull through the gate; you have to stand by the east goblin while you pull, doubling your risk of adds from unexpected goblin movement. This camp is more commonly used by BLU who can pull faster and from farther away with Ranged Attack.
  • Have to be on other side of the gates, or you will have to pull through the gate and it can be killfull since gobs are changing position really often.
  • Bats take weird paths when they go through gate and may fly in front of master. You have to wait for two goblins to move to safe positions before pull.

CAMP #4:
The West bat in the (J-8) circle (see camp 3) is camped from just outside the circle on the west side. To get there, go through the circle and out to the south, then around to approach the circle from the west. The best place to stand is just east of the west border of the red square on the ground, up against the north edge of the walkway. At this spot the Goblins to the west will rarely aggro, so you mainly have to worry about aggro from the Goblin BST. He can walk out next to you and aggro, so it's important to keep Invisible on while resting. However, most of the time he just walks back and forth in the circle.

  • Best camp compared to others 3. Chain#5 Every time, up to 15k/hr without band.
  • No need to move at all, just stand up, cast your two nukes, Utsu/Tonko, and rest.
  • Less waiting for goblin movement; it's usually safe to pull as soon as he summons the bat.


  • Aggro close on both sides. Staying the nearier of the center circle and aggro from East side shouldn't be a problem.
  • It is very dangerous to Bind and move away, try to bind a move a little back to avoid aggros from behind.
  • Takes more than two nukes and there is no room to move around. The goblins from behind can get VERY close.
  • Tonko: Ichi takes a while to cast, goblin may turn around and kill you during that time.
  • Waste of Shinobi-Tabi (Tonko tolls)

65-68 - Aydeewa Subterrane

Prey: Qiqirn Enterpriser
HP of Prey: 3500 - 4000
Note: The ranger Qiqirn will not attack you with anything but ranged attacks unless you are close enough for a them to melee, if they start to melee you then just walk away and they will range attack you (this usually only happens when you stand on top of them an cast they will melee). Even if you do get hit it will not interrupt your spell casting. Takes 7-8 tier 3 spells and a drain to kill (Blizzard, Fire, and Aero). May need to sleep and rest if soloing at lower levels make sure to save MP for sleep. If entering via the Bhaflau Thickets (I-8) entrance there is a single Qirirn Enterpriser very near the zone line, a good place to try out your skills.
Camp Location(s): Blue Mage Quest pool at (H-9). You get there by going to (I-7/8) in Bhaflau Thickets. There are 5 Qiqirn Enterprisers at this spot, 2 south of the pool, 1 close to the west, and 2 far to the northwest. There is a sixth Qiqirn (a Qiqirn Lieuter) in the vicinity.

Black Mage Guide by Lion heart

The 5 Qiqirn Enterprisers

Unlike some ppl said, there are 5 Qiqirn Enterpriser, all the time. -- Gael77 10:55, 15 october 2008 (GMT +2)
They repop on a 15-16 min 13-16min cycle (I used a stop watch to time the pop cycle, was usually 13-14min but sometimes could be up to 16min, (Takumikun of Bahamut)), which means chain #4 is the highest you can get.
There are worms in some of the passages around the room, you can Aspir them to get some MP back. Just make sure you run out of casting range afterwards unless you want to eat a Quake or Stone IV.


  • The Qiqirn Enterprisers never interrupt your casting.
  • Weak to magic, always did 450+ damage to them.
  • Almost impossible to die.
  • Sanction Bonus.
  • Easy to get to.
  • Can Deaggro links by running through water.


  • More then 2 BLM and you will run out of mobs, one duo can monopolize area.
  • Respawns are slow.
  • Waste a lot of MP, not the most efficient/fastest kills. (Solo at 65/66 often requires sleeping the mob to regain enough MP to kill it)
  • If you move the Qiqirn Enterpriser may try to run off, only problem when you 1st get there and Stun stops them from getting friends. (Note: Even if you don't move and another Qiqirn Enterpriser or the Qiqirn Lieuter is nearby, the Qiqirn Enterpriser will still try to run towards them to get a link. Be ready to use Sleep II at all times. (Scudmissile of Ramuh).)
    • It is possible to get exp chains here. You just have to have a lot of MP regen while healing + gear and some good luck with resist rate.
    • Subbing Scholar on Qiqirn camps is a good idea, Parsimony Flare is very MP efficient, I been able to use 2 Stratagems per fight, reaching Chain #2 consistently, Chain #3 after getting Thunder III. Stoneskin and Blink are not really required.
    • As Blm65 Elvaan with 80 Int and no food I was able to Fire III for 478, Blizzard III for 524, and Aero III for 434 each time. Exp was roughly 276-322 per kill. (A Blm from Ramuh server.)
    • If you memorize the cycle of which you kill the 5 qiqirns it cuts down on time looking and running around since they pop in completely different locations. This is also good if ppl are trying to steal your camp you will know the general direction that the qiqirin is going to pop so you will have a higher chance to claim. Please dont steal others camps... (Takumikun of Bahamut)
    • I came here as BLM65/WHM32 and had no trouble killing the mobs without resting, as long as there were no links. At BLM66/WHM33, you get Reraise, which means you don't need a Reraise Earring or Reraise Hairpin unless you want one. Stoneskin + Blink for my only defensive spells. At BLM65: Blizzard III + Fire III + Aero III + Bio II + Drain were the only spells I needed. Melon Pie +1 was the only food I used. At BLM65, I easily got over 300 exp per kill without Empress Band and almost 500 exp per kill with. Exp starts to slow at BLM66 and the kill speed makes this camp less favorable after BLM66, imho. (Scudmissile of Ramuh)

66-70 - Uleguerand Range

Prey: Giant Buffalo
HP of Prey: 4500~
Note: Unsure if you can solo these safely. Unable to solo safely, best in group or duo.

  • These are very fairly safe to solo. The camp is EXTREMELY dangerous, but the buffalo are very weak, and also aspirable. Gravity is necessary. Even with gravity on, these move fairly fast. Solo these much like you would a rat, spam of T3 spells.

Camp Location(s): J-10 on ramp
Camp #1:

-Buffalo are relatively weak to magic. Even with NQ staves, resists were not an issue.
-Buffalo are slow and inaccurate, so interrupt rate when casting sleep isn't much of a worry. (130 damage taken @63 when they did land a hit).
-Roaming Brontotaur and Nival Raptor at this camp can interfere with exp.
-Duo @63 was passable at best. 4x unresisted Flare/Burst sometimes left the mobs at 1% health.

66-74 - Vunkerl Inlet (S)

Prey: Gigas's Tiger (Gigas Helmsman)
HP of Prey: ~1400
Int of Prey: 54-55
Note: Due to the tiger's above average movement speed /nin is recommended.

Camp Location(s):

Camp #1: (E-12)
-Camp at the end of the tunnel past the Dire Bat. The only mob at this camp is the Gigas Helmsman.
-Highly recommend this camp.
Note: Bushes in the area sometimes causes weird pathing problems during pulls, similar to the cacti at the Bibiki Bay camps.

  • I've been at camp #1 from 66-71 so far and will be staying until 72 at least. I'm currently getting around 5-6k/hour at 71 here (Stayed at 5k/hour at 72 also so this camp is usable until 73 [Tried it tonight at level 73 and was still getting 4k/hour so this camp could be used til 74 even though 73-74 would be kinda slow. It would be worth soloing here while seeking a manaburn party-Math]). My strategy at this camp has been Thunder III > Aeroga III with no sleeping the mob unless I have a resist. I would have to say NIN sub is required here. The tiger hits on average for 180-240 damage (hume) and has very high accuracy. They also Double Attack fairly often. {Mathisyn of Midgardsormr}
  • Two black mages can duo here as early as Lvl.60; a trio works as well (all should sub NIN). For a duo setup, the BLM with more MP pulls with tier II (usually Thunder II) and follows up with Stun. The second BLM should be in the middle of casting Thundaga II as the puller comes back. The stun should save a few shadows on the puller, and the *-ga II spell will transfer hate onto the second BLM, who also uses a well-placed Stun after casting. The puller at this point should have at least one shadow left and be in the midst of casting Thundaga II to finish off the tiger. Done correctly, the two BLMs bounce hate, and should never get hit. Both BLMs should definitely be well geared --(full AF, Shaman's, HQ staves, Tamas and/or Balrahn's Ring, Penitent's Rope, etc.) The key, whether duo'ing or trio'ing, is to spam nukes and use well-timed Stuns. With a trio, you never run out of MP, and with a duo as well (provided you take turns pulling). Exp drops down into the 150-210 on chain 0 for a duo at Lvl. 69 with no exp band, 130-200 for Lvl. 72 with no exp band. You can start pulling with Drain and finish with Blizzaga III at Lvl. 72. -- Boogers on Hades

Camp #2: (D-12)
-Camp on the hillside behind the gate. There is a very narrow area here that is safe to rest without agro from the giants on top of the hill. Don't go past the top "step" and you will be fine.
-The XP at Camp #2 is just as good as first camp. Pulls are slightly dangerous, but consistent chain 5. Gigas don't roam far/long with their pets like the goblins do, making it easier to chain.

  • For camp #2, I would suggest sleeping after the first Tier 3 spell. I also went T3/Aeroga3 per suggestion and since the tigers move so fast, I typically lost at least 1 shadow pulling them back behind the gate, more often 2. Using both spells without sleeping usually got me KO'ed.

Camp #3: (J-6)
--Zidanerr 21:37, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

-I found this camp by myself after I saw that the other tow were taken. You have to go behinde the gate and then turn right. Jump town and then you will see a small way and on this way is a Gigan with his pet. You can't move much because behinde you is a Gigan too. But on the last wood stair is really safe. -The EXP at this Camp is just as good as the other to and with a group you can really easy get some Chains.


  • Pet xp again. Chain #5's fairly common at camp #1. 10k+/hour is very attainable here.
  • Due to many people not having easy access to the area, the camps are almost never occupied.
  • Mob at camp #1 always in easy casting range.
  • A roaming sprite occasionally passes through camp #2.
  • Sigil Regen, Refresh, reduced exp loss, and increased meal duration.


  • The tigers hit hard and they attack and move fast. /nin is almost a requirement.
  • At 67, with capped enfeebling magic (217), tigers regularly resisted sleep (every other round I would have to use both sleep spells just to stick one). I rarely got resisted at 70.
  • Like many other beastmen pet camps, mob movement may interrupt chains.
  • Undead at camp #2 will cause problems if you take any damage.
  • Multiple gigas at camp #2 can slow down pulling, especially when the helmsman moves into the corner of his spawn area.
  • The pathing at camp #2 is very atypical. Tigers will often take weird paths; usually avoidable by casting while completely behind its master (just assume it has 180 degree field of vision and you'll be ok).
  • Due to the narrowness of the tunnel, along with trees and bushes in your field of view, it can be very hard to see if the Gigas has linked at camp #1. I've not yet survived a Gigas link because I've never been able to tell it was coming after me until all three of my shadows were long gone.

Levels 70-75

68-73 - Al'Taieu

Prey: Ul'hpemde and Om'hpemde
HP of Prey: ~4.5k
Note: Gravity is necessary; Sub RDM! If you're comfortable without Stoneskin, you can start earlier than 68.

  • Gravity is not necessary for this camp. I am currently camping here as BLM65/NIN32. I am able to kill them better in my eyes than I was with RDM sub because of Utsusemi vs. the lack of Stoneskin. You just need to time your nukes so that they hit a few seconds after its mouth opens. That way you minimize the amount of time that it is bound. - Dajabola: Unicorn

Camp Location(s): A lot
Camp #1: Ul'hpemde ~68-70
Camp #2: Om'hpemde ~69-73 (any teleport area or near outside jailers)

- There's lots of them!
- They do not attack until you deal damage (you can enfeeble before you nuke)
- They take double damage with their mouth open.
- There are many objects with odd shapes to kite them around.
- They drop Luminian Tissue and Hpemde Organ, which are useful for the quest In the Name of Science, as well as Crystal clusters to sell.

- They hit very hard with mouth open, and can do a stun move if they get tp.
- At lower levels, Gravity and Bind can wear off quickly, but generally worth the risk.

Pro tip!: - You can predict exactly when they will open their mouths, and if your nuke lands while it is in the action of opening its mouth, it stays open! - They open their mouths exactly 30 seconds after they take damage (unless they're slept). If you gravity + pull with drain, you can bind ~40 sec recast on drain, and nuke at ~34 sec recast on drain. Once you get the hang of this you can chain 3 easily sometimes 4, for ~5-7k/hr

69-72 - Aydeewa Subterrane

For an alternate camp choice from 65-72, try Vitriolic's guide in his "Blm easy solo xp 65-72 Aydeewa." thread.
Also can fight there as low as Lv66 with 100+Int and MAB 5+

Enter Aydeewa from E-10 in Wajoam woodlands.
Prey: Qiqirn Archaeologist
HP of Prey: 4100~
Camp Location(s):I-9 or Roam between H-8 and I-8 (see image)

Camp #1:

Spawn Locations


  • Mold Eaters around can be Aspired from, if you're brave(Sneak+Sleep+Aspir)
  • 2 camps with 4-5 Archaeologists each means 2 BLMs can camp here, unlike most other camps this level.
  • You will almost never die here as long as you can keep the Qiqirns from linking.


  • Almost need full MP to kill one, making it very hard to chain.
  • Mold Eaters around the Archaeologists
  • Will occasionally break off and run away. This can cause links to other Qiqirn in the area
  • Will melee if you get too close, which can kill you quickly
  • Bluestreak Gyugyuroon is a lottery spawn from some of the archaeologists here, and is a level 82 NM.
    • Qiqirn found at H-8, H-9, I-9 do not appear to be placeholders for the NM

TIP: Soloing in this camp can be very frustrating . When the Qiqirns run, they can sometimes run far enough to link several others. Duos are recommended due to mob control.

70-74 - Bhaflau Thickets

Prey: Mamool Ja's Wyvern
HP of Prey: ~1230
Notes: Need Remnants Permit or Captain Wildcat Badge.
Camp Location: Tandjana Islet (F-6), just outside Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

  • After you exit the Ruins heading toward the Greater Colibri camps, the first mobs you encounter are two Mamool Ja Pikeman and one Mamool Ja Infiltrator.
  • The Pikemen summon Mamool Ja's Wyvern; these will be your prey.
  • Pulling can be tricky, as the Pikemen never stand in one place for long enough to get off a Tier IV spell. I pulled with Mamoolbane to be quick (and to get a bit more range).
  • (You can Drain pull then Sleep and finish with AM.Elvaan lvl 70 Josafath,Cerberus)
  • The Pikemen need to wait for Call Wyvern to be up again before they can resummon; this seems to be longer than 20 minutes, perhaps it is two hours for them.
    • As a result, you need to make the Pikemen respawn so that they can summon again without waiting for the timer.
    • Try to pull one of them so that the other one links, then run back to Hamta-Iramta and talk to him to zone back into Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.
      • You need a Remnants Permit or Captain Wildcat Badge so that you can zone in just by talking; otherwise you would need to trade an Imperial Silver Piece.
      • If the Mamools catch up to you and attack while you're talking to Hamta-Iramta, you can get "Event skipped"; just stay calm and try to talk to him right after their attacks. It's a very short CS, so it's not hard to fit it in between their attacks.
    • Then zone back out again and rest while you wait for the Pikemen, and then their Wyverns, to respawn.


  • Pet XP!
  • Wyverns can be Aspired.
  • Good xp/hr even with frequent zoning.


  • Max chain #1 (after the first, when you can get chain #3 if nobody has been killing the Mamools).
  • Only supports one BLM.
  • Only available if no merit party is killing the Mamools.

70-73 - Halvung

Prey: Black Pudding (Monster)
HP of Prey: 5,000?
Note: Be careful they do link.
Camp Location(s): H-9, H-11

- Enough for one party or two solo.
- Can get very overcrowded.
- Puddings are mixed with Trolls, difficult to pull -
Comment I can not see these camps to work well, the trolls and only about 4 puddings per camp make this very difficult. And even the Puddings present are often close to each other, so you need to dodge the trolls and avoide links....--Gisselle 14:22, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

72-75 - Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

Prey: Qiqirn Poulterer
HP of Prey: ~4300
Possibly can start here at level 68 with 100+INT 260 Skill+ and HQ staff. or Duo At Lv65-66
Camp Location(s):
Multiple camp locations along the outside corridors.
- The zone is mirrored through the middle.
- There is 1 Poulterer at I-7 w/ with 1 Goldsmith.
- 2 Poulterer w/ 1 Goldsmith bordering H-7 to I-8.
- 1 Poulterer w/ 2 Goldsmith bordering F-7 to G-8.
- 1 Poulterer w/ 1 Goldsmith bordering E-8 to F-8.
Then you have an exact mirror of the same setup on the lower have of the zone.

-There are no real threat death even with /WHM since they don't go into melee. Ranged attacks hit for about 90hp, but by the time they get stoneskin down, they are about 50% dead.
- XP is in the 300 range, 500 with empress band.
- Double water weather means great damage for Water spells
- These do not seem to run away as the other Qiqirn do
-You can lose aggro by using the portals.

-Links with Qiqirn Goldsmith will cause you to sleep nuke sleep nuke or escape since these are Thf Mobs.
-Camps are often overcrowded.
-The repop time is fairly long. The exp is still good per kill, but you will need to roam if you want to chain.
-Lower level BLMs trying these (70-71), will most likely end the battle with very low MP, even with good gear.

73-75 - Uleguerand Range

Prey: King Buffalo
HP of Prey:
Note: Not too overly difficult to solo; either sleep/nuke or gravity/nuke strategies will work. Even with gravity, they can catch up to you due to cast-time of stronger spells, so keep Blink and Stoneskin up at all times.
Camp Location(s): Areas West and South of Jormungand.

Camp #1: the tunnel at (H-9)

  • They're Aspirable(trust me they are) and chainable. While soloing I've seen up to chain 3, but 4+ is highly possible with good gear and food.
  • There are four King Buffalo which pop here.
  • Lots of room to kite, including a large tunnel at (H-9) with no mobs.
  • Weak to elemental magic, but they have high defense.
  • Only one elemental pops here.


  • They hit hard, and are quite quick even with gravity on them.
  • Nearby Agloolik and Ice Elementals can possibly get in the way, but for the most part you'd have to try to aggro them, in order to aggro them.
  • High accuracy can be an issue if they are close to you.

73-75+ - Bhaflau Thickets

Prey: Marid
HP of Prey:7,000
Camp Location(s):
Camp #1: (G-8)

- Safe for solo using Red Mage as a subjob, very low resistance to Gravity, Sleep, Stun, Bind and Elemental magic.
- Need 6-8 Tier IV spells to finish, maybe need to sleep and rest more than once. Very difficult to make a chain.
-Will pop chigoes when it uses a weaponskill.

Note: When the mob uses Defense Boost it appears to cause Sleep II to not land. Enfeebling magic at 266 with Sleep II was resisted a few times.

73-75+ - Bhaflau Thickets

Prey: Mamool Ja's Raptor
HP of Prey: 1400~
Note: The camp is the top floor of the Nyzul Isle Bhaflau Thickets zone. This is a new camp since the 2008 - (09/09/2008) The Version Update Is Here! which lowered the HP of many pets. It is a good idea to wait to start casting until the Mamool Ja Stabler stops for a second and begins to move again. That way by the time you finish casting it will have stopped once again and you will know if it is actually safe or not. Alternatively, you can pull with Blind just after they stop moving.
Camp Location(s):
Camp #1: (F/G-6)
- Pet XP!
- Two pets to pull from.
- Mamool Ja Stablers only stand still for a few seconds, which can make its pet run out of your casting range.
- Raptors run faster than players.
- Raptors have Triple Attack.

73-75+ - Mount Zhayolm

Prey: Wamoura Prince
HP of Prey: ???
Note: Need a Cast Metal Plate to get behind Gates of Halvung. Recommend being /RDM for Gravity. Gravity, Bind, and Sleep are your friend with these. It takes 3-5 Tier 4 nukes to take these out. They have high resist rate.
Camp Location(s): Behind the Gates of Halvung
Camp #1: (J-7)
Use Halvung Staging Point to warp to Mount Zhayolm, then head south to Gates of Halvung. One you open the gate this is your camp. Just to the left of that camp is another alternative resting spot for the same set of mobs.
- Quick and easy to get to.
- Quick respawns and enough mobs to support 2-3 soloers.
- Wamoura Prince do not aggro.
- Wamoura Princes will link with other Wamoura Princes and Wamoura.
- There aren't any zones nearby if you end up messing up.
- Wamoura are True Sight/Sound and aggro Magic.

Camp #2: (G-7)
After passing through Gates of Halvung, run west to the Trolls area (I-8), then north by northwest to a place with Ebony Puddings, then into a short cave to the west. Once there you will see Wamoura Princes and Wamoura. You want to run past them and rest in a tunnel at (G-8) by the zone into Halvung(8).
- Much like the 1st camp except this time you have a zone to go to.
- Quick respawn and enough mobs to support 2 - 3 soloers.
- Wamoura Princes do not aggro.
- Wamoura Princes will link with other Wamoura Princes and Wamoura.
- Wamoura Prince seem to be slightly higher level here then at first camp.
- Wamoura are True Sight/Sound and aggro Magic.

Camp #3: (E-7) (Island)
From the camp at G7, zone into Halvung and continue west back out into Mount Zhayolm. Your camp is the tunnel you zone into (E-6/E-7 on the island).
- A zone right behind you
- Wamoura Princes do not aggro.
- At least four Wamoura Princes are within easy access, which makes this a nice camp for a duo.
- Wamoura Princes] will link with other Wamoura Princes and Wamoura.
- Wamoura Princes, right at the beginning, could make trouble if you are not killing fast enough.
- Dahak mixed with Wamoura Prince outside the tunnel, but I've never seen them come close enough to be a problem.

73-75+ - Mount Zhayolm #2

Prey: Ebony Pudding
HP of Prey: 4,500-5,500
Note: Need a Cast Metal Plate to get behind Gates of Halvung. Accessable though Alzadaal Undersea Ruins without a Cast Metal Plate. Killable with 3-5 tier IV nukes.
Camp Location(s): Behind Gates of Halvung.
Camp #1:(H-7)

- Weak to magic.
- Supports several soloers or 1 manaburn party.
- Safe resting spot.
- Can be Aspired.
- Zone is close.
- Impossible to solo efficiently when a manaburn party is here.
- Aggro by sight.
- Ebony Puddings link with each other.
- Aggro to Job Abilities (Elemental Seal, Manafont, Divine Seal).
- Camp is almost always extremely crowded.
- Puddings are very resistant to enfeebling magic. Puddings are resistant to sleep. With capped skill and +30 enfeebling from gear my Gravity is still resisted 3/10 casts and Sleep II might stick once in 10 casts. Merited enfeebling skill not required, but highly recommended.

  • Hm. From my experiences, I also have capped and (was slightly, now almost capped) meritted Enfeebling magic, +30 from gear, and Gravity stuck almost every single time, especially with a NQ staff. Sleep II, however, usually resisted until I got very close to the merit cap. Now Sleep II sticks occasionally without ES and Pluto's Staff. Aside from that, I'm also going to highly recommend that you merit enfeebling magic. --VaguStae 06:40, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

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