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Guide written by

This guide contains gear choices for the aspiring Black Mage. I am aware that there are

many other choices suitable for the job at given levels. What i have picked out are the ones

that are most noteworthy only. That is, they will allow the player to do the best job possible.

Also, most BLM gear below 30 is pretty basic and there's not much special about it. So those

will have to be chosen at the player's discretion.


Equip main.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
1 Maple Wand+1.png Woodworking (6/17)
Yield: Maple Wand
HQ 1: Maple Wand +1
Wind Crystal

Low level INT boosts are great. These stat boosting wands will last you all the way to elemental staves.

9 Willow-Wand-1.jpg Woodworking (14/25)
Yield: Willow Wand
HQ: Willow Wand +1
Wind Crystal
10 Pilgrim's Wand.PNG ===Notorious Monster===

A wonderful tool for healing MP.

18 YewWandPlus1.PNG Woodworking (23/34)
Yield: Yew Wand
HQ 1: Yew Wand +1
Wind Crystal
32 Solid Wand.png Woodworking (32/43)
Yield: Chestnut Wand
HQ 1: Solid Wand
Wind Crystal
48 Rose Wand+1.png Woodworking (47/58)
Yield: Rose Wand
HQ 1: Rose Wand +1
Wind Crystal
51 Elemental Staves These are the backbone of the black mage. Macroing these in with spells of the same element can be a huge help in spell resistance. High quality staves have additional accuracy and potency that can make them very desirable. I personally, would only reccommend HQ Thunder, Ice, and Dark staves as they are the most used and most helpful in Stun, Sleep, Drain, Aspir, and of course can make the world of difference in ice and thunder magic (which is typically the most devastating).
80+ Trial Staves Trial of the Magian +5 Magic Damage Staves ==Trial of the Magians==


Equip sub.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
60 Bugard Strap Plus One.PNG Leathercraft (63/74)
Yield: Bugard Strap
HQ 1: Bugard Strap +1
Wind Crystal

The first useful grip due using INT wands till 51, and a good one at that.

60 AriesianGrip.png ===Campaign===

Just wow, Hmp on a grip. a must have

Elemental grips Just like elemental staves, grips have added accuracy to the matching element and in this case, +20 mp. Ice/Thunder/Dark and maybe Wind are going to be the most useful for bind/sleep/stun/gravity. I would just stay with those because face it, who really wants another whole set of grips to go with each staff.
70 Thunder grip.PNG ===ZNM (Tier III)===
70 Dark grip.PNG ===ZNM (Tier III)===
70 Ice Grip.jpg ===ZNM (Tier III)===
70 Wind Grip.jpg ===ZNM (Tier III)===
71 Wise strap.JPG ===Campaign Ops===

The more Prefrered Grip for Endgame BLM's


Equip ammo.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
1 Fortuneegg.jpg Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza (Obtained by turning in the 7-of-a-kind combination.)

Gotta start somewhere, eh?

25 Morion tathlum 2007.png ===Notorious Monster===
30 Sweetsachet.png ===RSE "Aroma" Notorious Monsters===

An extra 2 INT at Lv. 30 for the little ball of hate, the Tarutaru only.

66 File:Phantom Tathlum.jpg ===Notorious Monster===
75 Aureole.png ===Notorious Monster===

With +8 MACC you can concentrate more MATK in other slots elsewhere.

79 Witchstone.png ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==


Equip head.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
12 File:SagesCirclet.jpg Goldsmithing (21/32)
Yield: Poet's Circlet
HQ 1: Sage's Circlet
Fire Crystal
29 Seer's Crown.png Bonecraft (29/40) Leathercraft (20/31)
Yield: Seer's Crown
HQ 1: Seer's Crown +1
Earth Crystal

For a cheap extra boost, the +1 has 1 extra INT.

55 Cobra Unit Hat.png ===Campaign===

If you didn't buy the Seer's crown +1, this is a winner with 2 INT plus 1 Hmp.

60 Wizard's Petasos.png ===Artifact Armor Quest===

The first REAL head piece for BLM. Extra mp, extra INT and -4 enmity to boot. What more can you ask for.

72 Yigit Turban.png ===Assault===

More free Hmp gear and the +2 Magic Atk Bonus is nice for AM/AMII.

73 Demon-helm-1.png Bonecraft (91/102)
Yield: Demon Helm
HQ 1: Demon Helm +1
Dark Crystal

Packs the most INT for the head slot.

73 Zenith Crown.png ===Notorious Monster===

For those that are desperate for mp to go with their INT, this is a good way to do it.

74 Wizard's Petasos Plus 1.png ===Artifact Armor +1 (Limbus)===


This is the best head piece u can acquire as BLM unless you have Morrigan's Coronal, only using the AFv2 hat for HNM.

74 Sorcererspetasos.png ===Dynamis===

A very nice piece for HNM. Extra elemental skill = less resists. Again, more enfeebling magic for crowd control.

75 Selenian cap.jpg ===Mission===

This can rival the Wizard's Petasos. See Selenian Cap page for augment details.

75 Morrigancoronal.jpg ===Salvage===

Items Needed:

78 Teal Chapeau.png ===Abyssea===
  • Cost: 4,000 Cruor
85 Goetia Petasos +1.png Goetia Petasos +2.png ==Trial of the Magians: Armor==


Equip neck.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
20 Black Neckerchief.png ===Quest===
40 File:Mohbwascarf-1.jpg Clothcraft (55/66)
Yield: Mohbwa Scarf
HQ 1: Mohbwa Scarf +1
Earth Crystal
60 Enlightened Chain.png ===Assault===
65 Elemental Torque.png ===BCNM===

A must have for any black mage.

70 UggalepihPendant.png ===Notorious Monster===

Magic Attack Bonus +8 activates when your MP is less than 51% aftercast; Equip Elemental Torque or a INT Neckpiece when your MP is 51% or greater.

73 Prudence Torque.png ===Notorious Monster===

Best INT u can find on neck piece.

75 Lemegeton medallion.png

Lemegeton medallion+1.png

80 Goetia Chain.jpg ===Abyssea - Konschtat===


Equip ear.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
10 Energy Earring.gif Goldsmithing (25/36)
Yield: Onyx Earring
HQ 1: Energy Earring
HQ 2: Energy Earring +1
Earth Crystal
29 Cunningearring.jpg ===Quest===
30 Morion Earring.gif Goldsmithing (78/89)
Yield: Morion Earring
HQ 1: Morion Earring +1
Earth Crystal
35 Elemental Earring.png ===ENM Reward Exchange===
47 Moldavite Earring.PNG ===Notorious Monster===
55 DesamilionsEarring.png ===ENM===

Elvaan only.

55 GayanjsEarring.png ===ENM===

Galka only.

60 Phantom Earring.gif Goldsmithing (78/89)
Yield: Phantom Earring
HQ 1: Phantom Earring +1
Earth Crystal

+1 yields an extra 1 INT.

60 Cassandra's Earring.png ===Notorious Monster===

Need to be set with Helenus's earring for a total of 5 HP, 5 MP, 5 MAB, and 5 Magic accuracy

60 Helenus's Earring.png ===Notorious Monster===

Need to be set with Cassandra's earring for a total of 5 HP, 5 MP, 5 MAB, and 5 Magic accuracy

72 Crapaud-earring.jpg ===Campaign Ops===
72 Abyssal Earring.png ===BCNM===

You must be on the ZRise of the Zilart Mission - Ark Angels to access this fight

72 Magnetic Earring.png ===BCNM===

You must have completed the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansion content to access this fight

75 Novio Earring.png ===Notorious Monster===

Definitely a game breaker item. Watch out for AV afterward when someone auto-attacks it. hehe

76 Aquilo's Earring

(Ear) 76 INT+3 Resist Vs. Ice+16 Resist Vs. Wind+16 All Jobs

90 Goetiaearring.png ==Abyssea - Altepa==
90 Hecate's earring.png ==Abyssea - Altepa==


Equip body.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
10 File:Royal Footman's Tunic.JPG ===Nation Conquest===
15 File:SandOrianTunic.jpg Clothcraft (22/33)
Yield: San d'Orian Tunic
HQ 1: Kingdom Tunic
Earth Crystal
20 Mage's Tunic Clothcraft (53/64)
Yield: Black Tunic
HQ 1: Mage's Tunic
Earth Crystal
29 Seer's Tunic.png Clothcraft (26/37), Leathercraft (20/31)
Yield: Seer's Tunic
HQ 1: Seer's Tunic +1
Earth Crystal

Even though it doesn't have any INT, this is a pretty standard Hmp piece that will last up until you can get a Shaman's Cloak.

33 Elders surcoat.jpg ===Quest===

Galka RSE is amazing for BLM, eh?

55 Cobra Unit Coat.png ===Campaign===

At 55, a good piece in place of the Shaman's Cloak, can let you use a head piece too.

56 ShamansCloak.png ===Notorious Monster===

An all around good cloak, but it will take out your head gear. I personally used this cloak all the way to 71, since the AF hat does not provide elemental skill, but only INT. As a solo blm from 37-75, skill was extremely important. However, if you manage to party your way up, the 3 bodies above are worth wearing a headpiece as long as your life is not dependent on resists. See Head piece section for possible choices.

58 Justaucorps+1.png Bonecraft (56/67), Clothcraft (26/37)
Yield: Justaucorps
HQ 1: Justaucorps +1
Earth Crystal
59 Black Cotehardie.png Leathercraft (70/81), Alchemy (46/57), Clothcraft (41/52)
Yield: Black Cotehardie
HQ 1: Flora Cotehardie
Earth Crystal

The HQ gives +1 INT. Also very handy for HP down gear (For activating Sorcerer's Ring)

68 Blackcloak.png Demon's Cloak.png Clothcraft (89/100)
Yield: Black Cloak
HQ 1: Demon's Cloak
Earth Crystal

Yay! Refresh This replaces the Shaman's cloak. If you're not worried about resists, at least idle in this for the refresh.

72 Errant Houppelande.png Mahatma Houppelande.png Clothcraft (96/107), Goldsmithing (50/61) Leathercraft (30/41)
Yield: Errant Houppelande
HQ 1: Mahatma Houppelande
Earth Crystal

You're Lv. 72! Bask in the massive INT of Errant / Mahatma. Pairing this with the AF hat is an awesome combo. A nuking staple for 71-72, good stoneskin macro piece, and unless you have the Oracle's, use the Houppelande for Hmp.

72 Oracle's Robe.png ===ZNM (Tier IV)===

This can effectively/debatably replace for Houpplande (except using for stoneskin macro) AND a Igqira Weskit. (There is alot of debate about Magic Acc vs. Elemental Skill.)

73 IgqiraWeskit.png Bonecraft (99/110) Leathercraft (57/68) Alchemy (44/55)
Yield: Igqira Weskit
HQ 1: Genie Weskit
Earth Crystal

The BLM standard. Rivaled by a well augmented Royal Redingote and decimated only by Oracle's Robe and Morrigan's.

73 Dalmatica.PNG ===Notorious Monster===

For BLM, a show piece with Refresh, Magic Defense Bonus, and Converts HP to MP for triggering your Sorcerer's Ring latent (however, there are easier methods to obtain this). Difficult to obtain and more work than its worth for most without an HNM shell.

74 Ixion-cloak.png ===Notorious Monster===

Get this if you want the rights to say "I took down the pony". Other than that, its a nice piece, but not the best for this slot due to you can't wear headgear with it.

74 SorcerersCoat.png ===Dynamis===

This will replace your Black Cloak as your standard refresh piece.

75 NashiraManteel.png ===Limbus (Central Temenos - 4th Floor)

Best Drain/Aspir Body

75 Morriganrobe.png ===Salvage===


Without a doubt the best BLM body in the game. Replaces your Sorcerer's Coat for Refresh.

75 Royal redingote.jpg ===Mission===

I recommend this piece if you are lacking in INT, as you can augment with +4 MAB and +4 Magic Accuracy, making it marginally better than a weskit.

78 Teal Saio.png ===Abyssea===
  • Cost: 5,000 Cruor
79 Augurbody.png ==Abyssea - La Theine==


80 File:Arcanerobe.jpg ==Revitalization Team==
80 Yhel Jacket.png


==Synthesis Recipes==

Bonecraft (Information Needed)
Clothcraft (Information Needed)
Leathercraft (Information Needed)

Yield: Yhel Jacket
HQ1: Yhel Jacket +1

If resists are a non-issue, nuke to your heart's content in this.

89 Goetia Coat +1.png

Goetia Coat +2.png

==Trial of the Magians==
90 Twilight cloak.png ==Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox==

While this is an awesome piece, it comes with the drawback of no head piece (/sigh fail SE). You'll be casting Impact with it only.


Equip hands.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
25 Mycophile Cuffs.jpg ===Notorious Monster===
27 Elder bracer.jpg ===Quest===

I think SE is trying to say something...

27 File:Magna gloves.jpg MagnaGauntlets.png ===Quest===

For the female and male Elvaan respectively.

29 Seer's Mitts+1.png Clothcraft (24/35), Leathercraft (20/31)
Yield: Seer's mitts
HQ 1: Seer's mitts +1
Earth Crystal

These are worth getting +1 for.

50 Sly Gauntlets.jpg ===BCNM===
54 Wizard's Gloves.png ===Artifact Armor Quest===

Just...awesome. You will never get tired of these. +15 skill is the biggest boost you can get.

Pro/Cons of Lv. 62 RSE

The Marine, Wood, and Dune pieces have huge MP boosts as well as 2-4 INT. You will be trading skill for MP/INT so if resists aren't as issue, these are great.

Race Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Elvaan RSE WoodGloves.jpg WoodGauntlets.jpg ===BCNM===
Galka RSE DuneBracers.jpg ===BCNM===
Hume RSE MarineFGloves.jpg MarineMGloves.jpg ===BCNM===
Armor Race Notes/How To Obtain
68 Cobra Unit Gloves.png Cobra Unit Crackows.png ===Campaign===

If you're not going to have Zenith Mitts, pair these with the cobra feet and you'll get a partial set bonus.

70 Vicious Mufflers.jpg ===Notorious Monster===

They are a decent alternative to Yigit and Zenith mitts due to the MAB+5.

72 Sorcerer's Gloves.png ===Dynamis===

Nice to have for Magic bursts and Drain/Aspir.

72 Yigit Gages.png ===Assault===

Another alternative if you don't have Zenith.

73 Zenith-mitts.png ===Notorious Monster===
74 Wizard's Gloves Plus 1.png ===Artifact Armor +1===


These give a bonus 3 INT in addition to the standard +15 elemental. Icing on the cake.

75 Morrigancuffs.png ===Salvage===


These would probably allow you to combine your Zenith mitts and AF hands.

75 SorcerersGlovesPlus1.png ===Relic Armor +1===


Packs an extra +2 dark magic skill for Drain/Aspir.

80 Arcane Cuffs.png ==Revitalization Team==
84 Eradico-mitts.png ==Abyssea - Attohwa==
87 Goetia Gloves +1.png

Goetia Gloves +2.png

==Trial of the Magians==


Equip ring.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
10 File:Eremites Ring.jpg Bonecraft (82/93)
Yield: Eremite's Ring
HQ 1: Eremite's Ring +1
Earth Crystal
30 TamasRing.jpg ===Mission===

The best ring you can get for BLM

36 Wisdom Ring.png Goldsmithing (55/66)
Yield: Goshenite Ring
HQ 1: Wisdom Ring
HQ 2: Wisdom Ring +1
Earth Crystal
50 Sorcerer's Ring.png ===BCNM===

The latent is a bit tricky (<=75%HP and <100% TP) but can be achieved fairly easy with the right macros to adjust hp.

54 Genius ring.jpg Goldsmithing (75/86)
Yield: Zircon Ring
HQ 1: Genius Ring
HQ 2: Genius Ring +1
Earth Crystal
72 Diamond ring.PNG Goldsmithing (95/106)
Yield: Diamond Ring
HQ 1: Omniscient Ring
HQ 2: Omniscient Ring +1
Earth Crystal

These tend to run a lot cheaper than genius rings, sell em off and buy these or shell out for the next step.

72 Omniscient Ring.gif Goldsmithing (95/106)
Yield: Diamond Ring
HQ 1: Omniscient Ring
HQ 2: Omniscient Ring +1
Earth Crystal
74 Snow-ring.png Goldsmithing (102/113)
Yield: Snow Ring
Earth Crystal
75 Omega Ring.png ===Einherjar===
75 Galdring.jpg ===Yilbegan VNM (Tier IV)===
80 Aquilo's ring.png Synergy (Craftsman)Verification Needed
Yield: Aquilo's Ring
Skills: Goldsmithing Veteran (91+) Verification Needed
Elemental Balance: Resist Vs. Fire 15 Resist Vs. Ice 60 Resist Vs. Wind 25 Resist Vs. Earth 30
1 x Shining Ring
1 x Clarite
80 ZodiacRing.png ===Mission===

3% Elemental Magic Day/Weather Bonus. Stacks with Sorc. Tonban, Elemental Obi's, and Twilight Cape.

90 IcesoulRing.png Synergy (79)
Skills:Goldsmithing (Veteran Verification Needed)
Yield: Icesoul Ring
Balance: ??? Information Needed



Equip back.jpg

There really are no capes for BLM that stand out until 32.

Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
32 Black Cape +1.png Clothcraft (54/65)
Yield: Black Cape
HQ 1: Black Cape +1
Earth Crystal
43 Red Cape +1 Clothcraft (59/70)
Yield: Red Cape
HQ 1: Red Cape +1
Earth Crystal
70 GleemansCape.png ===Einherjar===
71 Rainbow Cape.png Prismcape.png Clothcraft (94/105)
Yield: Rainbow Cape
HQ 1: Prism Cape
Earth Crystal
73 Merciful Cape.png ===Notorious Monster/Quest===

Trade the Vice to Meret in the Tavnazian Safehold

74 Ixion Cape.png ===Notorious Monster===
76 Pedant cape.png ===Abyssea - Konschtat===
78 Searing Cape.png ==Abyssea - Konschtat==

Now normally i'd say no way because of Enmity +, but with all the Enmity reduction in atmas, fire this up at your will.

84 Goetia mantle.png ==Abyssea - Misareaux==
90 Twilight cape.png ==Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox==

The all in one Elemental Obi back piece.


Equip waist.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
20 Mohbwa Sash Plus One.PNG Clothcraft (59/70)
Yield: Qiqirn Sash
HQ: Qiqirn Sash +1
Earth Crystal

Hmp piece.

28 ShamansBelt.png ===Notorious Monster===
40 QiqirnSashPlus1.png Clothcraft (59/70)
Yield: Qiqirn Sash
HQ: Qiqirn Sash +1
Earth Crystal

Hmp piece.

41 Link=Reverend Sash ===ENM===
Lv 50 RSE Stones
Race Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Galka DesertStone.png ===BCNM===

Galka yet again reaping benefits of RSE.

Elvaan File:ForestStone.jpg ===BCNM===
Hume OceanStone.png ===BCNM===
Mithra JungleStone.png ===BCNM===
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
60 Penitent's-rope.png ===BCNM===

For those starting to show significant damage and hate pulling abilities, maybe some -enmity is in order. Plus a nice INT boost.

Lv. 70 RSE Ropes
Race Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Galka DesertRope.png ===BCNM===
Elvaan ForestRope.png ===BCNM===
Mithra Jungle Rope.jpg ===BCNM===
Hume OceanRope.jpg ===BCNM===
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
70 Sorcbelt.png ===Dynamis===

This has more INT than any other belt.

71 Witch Sash.png ===Campaign Ops

The best waist piece for BLM. Only surpassed by an elemental obi on the appropriate day.

71 Elemental Obis ===Quest===

These take full advantage of the cooresponding element of the Day and Weather

71 Anrin obi.PNG Needed:
71 Rairin obi.PNG Needed:
71 Hyorin obi.PNG Needed:
71 Furin obi.PNG Needed:
72 File:Immortals sash.jpg ===Notorious Monster===

Good balance of MP, INT and -enmity. if the Lv. 70 RSE belts aren't for you and u can't get Afv2 belt, this can be a cheap alternative to those as well as the Pentient's Rope.

80 Cognition belt.PNG ==Abyssea - La Theine==


Equip legs.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
20 Mage's Slacks.png Clothcraft (52/63)
Yield: Black Slacks
HQ 1: Mage's Slacks
Earth Crystal
29 Seer's Slacks.png Seer's Slacks+1.png Clothcraft (25/36), Leathercraft (20/31)
Yield: Seer's Slacks
HQ 1: Seer's Slacks +1
Earth Crystal
31 Elder braguette.jpg ===Quest===

The only RSE that is BLM worthy ...you guessed it, Galka.

40 File:MagicSlacks.JPG ===Notorious Monster===
64 DruidsSlops.png ===Notorious Monster===

A nice elemental skill and bridging piece until Mahatma/Jet Seraweels.

72 Mahatmaslops.png Clothcraft (94/105) Leathercraft (26/37)
Yield: Errant Slops
HQ 1: Mahatma Slops
Earth Crystal
72 File:Jet Seraweels.jpg ===Notorious Monster===

If you don't go with HQ Errant, the Seraweels are a must-have.

73 Sorcerer's Tonban.png ===Dynamis===

Pure macro piece for nukes that match the element of the day.

75 Morriganslops.png ===Salvage===


Godly for those with lots time and a good salvage static. On my server, these are actually very affordable to make.

78 Teal Slops.png ===Abyssea===
  • Cost: 3,000 Cruor
83 Goetia Chausses +1.png Goetia Chausses +2.png ==Trial of the Magians: Armor==


Equip feet.jpg
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Garrison Boots.gif ===Garrison===

I recall these being stupid expensive because of how much Garrison sucks.

25 File:Rambler's Gaiters.JPG ===Treasure Casket===

Very nice for lv. 25.

Lv. 29 RSE
Race Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Hume Custom F boots.jpg Custom M boots.jpg ===Quest===

I used these all the way till Rostrum Pumps.

Galka Elder sandals.jpg ===Quest===

I know, right?

Elvaan File:Magna F ledelsens.jpg MagnaMledelsens.jpg ===Quest===
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
MannequinPumps.PNG ===Quest===

These are obtained by doing the quest following the Mhaura mannequin quest. If you don't already have a mannequin, this may be too much hassle.

Lv. 62 RSE Feet
Race Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Mithra RiverGaiters.jpg ===BCNM===
Elvaan Wood F Ledelsens.jpg Wood M Ledelsens.gif ===BCNM===
Galka DuneSandals.png ===BCNM===
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Cobra Unit Crackows.png ===Campaign===

(See Cobra Gloves above)

72 YigitCrackows.png ===Assault===

Best shoes for your nuking setup. Equip Goliard (if you have them) for your high resist set.

73 Zenith Pumps.png ===Notorious Monster===

A decent option post 73, but extremely hard to come by.

73 File:RostrumPumps.jpg ===Notorious Monster===

A very fun fight in Attohwa Chasm. You get to spawn one mob that spawns another mob that finally drops your junk.

74 Shrewd Pumps.jpg ===Notorious Monster===
75 Goliard clogs.jpg ===Nyzul Isle===
  • Floor 20 HNM

One of the best feet for BLM.

75 Morriganpigaches.png ===Salvage===


Great for Stoneskin, otherwise Yigit and Goliard will fare better unless you have the full Morrigan's Robe Set for the set Magic Attack Bonus.

79 Augur's gaiters.png ==Abyssea - Konschtat==
81 Goetiasabots1.png

Goetia Sabots +2.png

==Trial of the Magians: Armor==

Enfeebling Set (90)

This set is for soloing and low-man fanatics like myself. For such endeavors, enfeebling is a must. My BLM motto is the best offense is a good defense, because if u can't sleep/bind, you can and will get pwned very easily.

BLM base Enfeebling Magic Skill = 230

Skill Count Armor Notes/How To Obtain
325 Igqira-tiara.png Bonecraft (91/102), Leathercraft (38/49)
Yield: Igqira Tiara
HQ 1: Genie Tiara
Earth Crystal
332 Enfeebling Torque.png ===BCNM===

This can be very expensive, but the Spider Torque (5 skill instead of 7) is much cheaper.

342 Wizard's Coat.png ===Artifact Armor Quest===

Wizard's Coat +1 adds 2 skill

347 Oracle's Gloves.png ===ZNM (Tier III)===
357 Igqira-lappas.png Bonecraft (97/108), Leathercraft (~45)Verification Needed
Yield: Igqira Lappas
HQ 1: Genie Lappas
Earth Crystal
362 Altruistic Cape.png ===Notorious Monster/Quest===
365 Enfeebling Earring.png ===ENM===

The only earring w/ enfeebling, therefore extremely expensive.

368 Avocat Pigaches.png ===ZNM (Tier II)===
Magic Accuracy SturmsReport.png ===Campaign===

Bastok Campaign Items

371 Macero grip.png =Abyssea - Misareaux==

With fully merited Enfeebling Magic Skill, BLM has a maximum of around 375, if you purchase HQ gear. It is an insane tool to acquire and well worth it.

Drain/Aspir Enhancements (90)

Black Mage Dark Magic Skill Base - 354

Skill Count Armor Notes/How To Obtain
Accuracy Enhancement Pluto's Staff.png Woodworking (75/86)
Yield: Dark Staff
HQ 1: Pluto's Staff
Wind Crystal

You really do want the HQ staff here. The extra dark magic accuracy can boost your drain/aspir considerably on those tougher mobs.

Accuracy Enhancement Dark grip.PNG ===ZNM (Tier III)===
361 Dark Torque.png ===BCNM===
279 Dark Earring.png ===ENM===
364 DiabolossRing.png ===Quest===

Only use when lower than 15% from max

379 Wizard's Tonban.png ===Artifact Armor Quest===
389 Sorcerer's Gloves.png ===Dynamis===
394 Merciful Cape.png ===Notorious Monster/Quest===
409 Goetia Sabots +2.png ==Trial of the Magians (Armor)==
Weather Dependent Enhancements Exceptional for Dynamis, Limbus (Apollyon) and Einherjar
Situational Enhancement Diaboloss-pole.jpg ===Quest===
Situational Enhancement Anrin obi.PNG ===Quest===


Healing MP Set (hMP)(90)

This is my own personal hMP set. For a full list of gear with this stat click here.

hMP Count Armor Notes/How To Obtain
+10 Pluto's Staff.png Woodworking (75/86)
Yield: Dark Staff
HQ 1: Pluto's Staff
Wind Crystal
+11 AriesianGrip.png ===Campaign===
+12 Wizard's Petasos Plus 1.png ===Artifact Armor Quest===
+14 Beak Necklace+1.png Bonecraft (60/71)
Yield: Beak Necklace
HQ 1: Beak Necklace +1
Earth Crystal
+15 Magnetic Earring.png ===BCNM===

You must have completed the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansion content to access this fight

+17 Relaxingearring.png ===Quest===
+22 Errant Houppelande.png Clothcraft (96/107), Goldsmithing (50/61) Leathercraft (30/41)
Yield: Errant Houppelande
HQ 1: Mahatma Houppelande
Earth Crystal
+24 Oracle's Gloves.png ===ZNM (Tier III)===
+27 Felicitas Cape.jpg ===Walk of Echoes===
+31 Austerity Belt.png ===Walk of Echoes===
+35 File:Nisse Slacks.png ===Abyssea - Grauberg===
+38 Goliard clogs.jpg ===Nyzul Isle===
  • Floor 20 HNM
OR Avocat Pigaches.png ===ZNM (Tier II)===
+40 Clarus Stone.png ===Abyssea - Vunkerl===

Eclipstic's Personal Set

  • Staves

Kirin's Pole.png

Mainly used for stoneskin purposes due to the MND boost. Also useful for elemental debuffs (Eg. Shock, Frost) due to the damage over time effect & potency are influenced by the caster's INT. (Capping at 150INT at 8 damage/tick, -13 to applicable stat)

Trial 2590

Aquilo's Staff.png

Pluto's Staff.png

  • Grips

Bugard Strap Plus One.PNG

Dark grip.PNG

I only use this in conjunction with the Pluto's Staff and dark based magic. Sleep, Drain, Aspir, etc.

  • Ammo


  • Head

Goetia Petasos +2.png


  • Neck

Goetia Chain.jpg

Enfeebling Torque.png

Dark Torque.png

Twilight Torque.png

  • Earrings

Novio Earring.png

Hecate's earring.png

Loquacious earring.jpg

When i'm not casting nukes, i macro this in for the fast cast effect for enfeebles and sleeps.

  • Body


Goetia Coat +1.png

Wizard's Coat.png

  • Hands

Goetia Gloves +2.png

Wizard's Gloves Plus 1.png

Oracle's Gloves.png

  • Rings


Omega Ring.png

Sorcerer's Ring.png

  • Back

Goetia mantle.png

Merciful Cape.png

Altruistic Cape.png

  • Waist

Witch Sash.png

Anrin obi.PNG

Hyorin obi.PNG

Rairin obi.PNG

  • Legs

Goetia Chausses +2.png

Sorcerer's Tonban.png

Wizard's Tonban.png

Portent Pants.png

  • Feet



I use these on enfeebles/sleeps also for Fast Cast effect.

Avocat Pigaches.png

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