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This guide covers essential gear based on opinions from myself (and others). Refer to Black Mage: Guide to Playing the Job for more info on BLM and Black Mage/Equipment Guide for a complete list of gear.

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Please note that most of this gear is HQ well it is better NQ will work too.



Level 1: Ash Staff +1
Level 9: Willow Wand +1
Level 10: Pilgrim's Wand (Rest).
Level 18: Yew Wand +1
Level 32: Solid Wand
Level 48: Rose Wand +1
Level 51: Elemental Staves


Level 60: Bugard Strap +1


Level 1: Fortune Egg
Level 25: Morion Tathlum
Level 30: Sweet Sachet (Tarutaru ONLY item)
Level 66: Phantom Tathlum



Level 1: Copper Hairpin
Level 10: Sol Cap - not realistically obtainable by most players - does not mean they can't put it in their guide
Level 20: Trump Crown or Baron's Chapeau
Level 29: Seer's Crown +1
Level 55: Cobra Unit Hat (hMP+1)
Level 60: Wizard's Petasos
Level 72: Yigit Turban
Level 73: Demon Helm +1
Level 75: Morrigan's Coronal


Level 1: Pilgrim Tunica (hMP+1)
Level 10: Royal Footman's Tunic
Level 15: San d'Orian Tunic
Level 20: Baron's Saio
Level 29: Seer's Tunic (hMP+1)
Level 55: Cobra Unit Coat
Level 56: Shaman's Cloak (Rare/Ex)
Level 59: Black Cotehardie/Flora Cotehardie
Level 68: Demon's Cloak
Level 73: Igqira Weskit/Genie Weskit
Level 75: Morrigan's Robe


Level 20: Baron's Cuffs
Level 25: Mycophile Cuffs (Rare/Ex)
Level 29: Seer's Mitts +1
Level 50: Sly Gauntlets
Level 54: Wizard's Gloves
Level 62: RSE2
Level 73: Zenith Mitts Zenith Mitts +1 (Difficult to obtain HQ)
Level 75: Morrigan's Cuffs


Level 20: Mage's Slacks
Level 25: Bodb's Slops
Level 29: Seer's Slacks +1
Level 40: Magic Slacks
Level 56: Wizard's Tonban (macro these in for Drain/Aspir)
Level 64: Druid's Slops
Level 72: Errant Slops or Mahatma Slops depending on budget.
Level 75: Morrigan's Slops


Level 13: Light Soleas
Level 18: Garrison Boots
Level 20: Mage's Sandals
Level 25: Kingdom Clogs
Level 29: Custom M Boots - hume Male only, great till late levels
Level 29: Custom F Boots - hume Female only, same as above
Level 52: Wizard's Sabots
Level 62: Wood M Ledelsens - Elvaan Male only.
Level 62: Wood F Ledelsens - Elvaan Female only.
Level 62: River Gaiters - Mithra only.
Level 68: Cobra Crackows
Level 72: Yigit Crackows
Level 75: Rostrum Pumps


Level 20: Black Silk Neckerchief
Level 40: Mohbwa Scarf +1
Level 50: Beak Necklace +1 (hMP+2)
Level 57: Torque +1 - unavailable on many servers
Level 60: Enlightened Chain
Level 60: Grandiose Chain (hMP+2, hHP+2)
Level 61: Philomath Stole
Level 65: Elemental Torque
Level 70: Uggalepih Pendant


Level 7: Cape
Level 20: Variable Cape
Level 32: Black Cape +1
Level 43: Red Cape +1
Level 71: Prism Cape


Level 8: Heko Obi +1
Level 18: Magic Belt +1
Level 20: Mohbwa Sash +1 (hMP+2)
Level 28: Shaman's Belt
Level 40: Qiqirn Sash +1 (hMP+3)
Level 41: Reverend Sash
Level 60: Penitent's Rope
Level 63: Sagacious Brocade Obi (If you have gils to spend)
Level 70: Sorcerer's Belt
Level 70: RSE MP Belts (Race other than Tarutaru)
Level 71: Hierarch Belt (hMP+2, hHP+2)
Level 72: Immortal's Sash


Level 10: Energy Earring
Level 30: Morion Earring
Level 35: Elemental Earring
Level 47: Moldavite Earring
Level 72: Abyssal Earring
Level 75: Novio Earring


Level 1: Hermit's Ring
Level 10: Eremite's Ring
Level 30: Tamas Ring
Level 36: Wisdom Ring
Level 50: Balrahn's Ring
Level 50: Hale Ring
Level 54: Genius Ring
Level 74: Snow Ring