Club weapon skill
Skill Level: 230 (Paladins, White Mages, Geomancers, Warriors, Blue Mages, Monks, Black Mages, Summoners, and Scholars only)
Quest: Orastery Woes
Sneak Attack: Will stack with Sneak Attack.
Equipment: Aligned with shadow equipment (Shadow Gorget & Shadow Belt).
Aligned with thunder equipment (Thunder Gorget & Thunder Belt).
Aligned with breeze equipment (Breeze Gorget & Breeze Belt).
  • Delivers a two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.


Element: None
Modifiers: STR:30% ; MND:70%
Damage Multipliers by TP:
1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
1.50 2.50 3.00

Skillchain Properties

Fragmentation-IconFragmentation (A)
Level 3 Skillchains
Light-squareFire-square Fusion Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation = Light-squareFire-squareLightning-squareWind-square Light
Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation Light-squareFire-square Fusion = Light-squareFire-squareLightning-squareWind-square Light
Level 2 Skillchains
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation = Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation
Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation Water-squareIce-square Distortion = Water-squareIce-square Distortion
Level 1 Skillchains
Compression-IconCompression (B)
Level 3 Skillchains
Level 2 Skillchains
Invisible-squareWind-square Detonation Invisible-squareDark-square Compression = Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation
Level 1 Skillchains
Dark-square Compression Wind-square Detonation = Wind-square Detonation
Ice-square Induration Dark-square Compression = Dark-square Compression
Light-square Transfixion Dark-square Compression = Dark-square Compression
Dark-square Compression Light-square Transfixion = Light-square Transfixion


Job Rating Level
Paladin A- 67
White Mage B+ 70
Geomancer B+ 70
Warrior B- 73
Blue Mage B- 73
Monk C+ 75
Black Mage C+ 75
Summoner C+ 75
Scholar C+ 75
Dark Knight C- 77
Rune Fencer C- 77
Bard D 80
Beastmaster D 80
Puppetmaster D 80
Red Mage D 80
Dragoon E 84
Ninja E 84
Ranger E 84
Samurai E 84
Thief E 84