Type: ENM
Zone: Mine Shaft #2716
          Level: 75
          Members: Recommended: 6 | Maximum: 18
          Time: 30 minutes
Key Item: Shaft 2716 Operating Lever






Bugboy x 1





3000xp with 6 party members. Less xp for > 6.


Zero to One of:
Eltoro Leather (32.6%)
Cassia Lumber (36.8%)
Dragon Bone (31.6%)
Zero to One of:
Cloud Evoker (10.5%)
Zero to One of:
Martial Knife (8.4%)
Martial Scythe (7.4%)
Gigant Mantle (0%)
Commander's Cape (6.3%)
Faerie Hairpin (11.6%)
Raise III (3.2%)
Zero to One of:
Martial Knife (8.4%)
Martial Scythe (7.4%)
Gigant Mantle (0%)
Commander's Cape (6.3%)
Faerie Hairpin (11.6%)
Raise III (3.2%)


Gaining Access

The Battle

  • Buffs are lost upon entry.
  • Bugboy is immune to Charm, but susceptible to Lullaby and Sleep; he builds resistance to Gravity and Bind.
  • Bugboy seems to build a resistance to debuffs (ex. dia, slow, grav) at an abnormally high rate Verification Needed
  • Bugboy uses Mighty Strikes throughout the fight, he uses it multiple times.
  • Noted to use his two hour exactly three times, exactly at 75%, 50%, and 25% hp.
  • Bugboy takes 1x magic damage during 1st Mighty Strikes, 1.5x magic damage during 2nd Mighty Strikes and 2x magic damage during 3rd Mighty Strikes. Applies to Atonement damage as well, doing potential 1500 during 3rd Mighty Strikes.
  • Bugboy has the odd ability to use two tp moves in immediate succession. Unknown what the circumstances are of this happening, but casting stun immediatly after his first move will prevent him from using a second.
  • Bugboy's damage output increases as his hp goes down, Heavy Whisk started out doing ~200 damage at the beginning of the fight, and upwards of 700 as he nears death.
  • Builds up a resistance to slow. (unable to land Filamented Hold after a few times, even with convergence and burst affinity).
  • Susceptible to gravity (even /dnc desperate flourish with steps up)
  • The fight may be fought with up to 18 party members, however this decreases the amount of XP earned.
  • This ENM can be done with 3 people, BRD75, RDM75, and NIN75.
  • This ENM can be done with 3 BLM75 with RDM sub-job for ES Gravity and ES Sleep, nuking this in chains with Tier4 spells, until MP is out, then ES Sleep and do the same again when your MP is good. If needed, use Manafont. For well-geared BLMs it's possible to Sleep Bugboy 3-5 times without using Elemental Seal.
  • This ENM can be done with 2 members, RDM75 and BLM75, two RDM75s, or two exceptionally geared/merited BLM75s.
  • Duoable by a very well geared 75 DRG and 75 BLU
  • Soloable by RDM75/NIN37 with good nuking gear and refresh items.
  • Killable by 2 WHM/BLM and 1 THF/NIN with difficulty.
  • Duoable by a fairly well geared PLD/NIN and WHM/SMN with little difficulty.

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