Deals dark damage that weakens an enemy's attacks and gradually reduces its HP.


Spell cost: 54 MP
Spell element: Dark
Magic skill: Dark Magic

Merit Info:

  • Lasts 30 seconds upon first unlocking.
  • Each additional Merit increases the duration by 30 seconds.


Casting Time: 1.5 seconds
Recast Time: 15 seconds

How to Obtain

Obtained Merit Points Group 2.

Other Information

April 3, 2019 Version Update
"The attack down effect of the black magic spell Bio has been adjusted. Numbers in parenthesis represent the value when affected by the Corsair ability Dark Shot.
Name Pre-adjustment → Post-adjustment
Bio 5% → 10%(13%)
Bio II 10% → 15%(18%)
Bio III 15% → 20%(23%)"

Dia / Bio Priority

Since Light and Dark are in opposition, whichever spell is higher level (requires a higher level job to use), overwrites the other.
Bio III > Dia III > Bio II > Dia II > Bio > Dia
Any "greater" magic will always overwrite the "lesser" one despite time it was cast.
Example: If Dia is cast, and Bio is cast afterwards, Dia will be overwritten. If Dia II is then cast, Bio will be overwritten. If Bio II is cast, Dia II will be overwritten. However, if Bio II is cast, followed by Dia II, both will remain in effect.Exclamation
Note: This is not necessarily the case for player characters who have been hit with both spells.
Duration is only affected by the level of Bio III's current merits.
Level 1: 30 > Level 2: 60 > Level 3: 90 > Level 4: 120 > Level 5: 150
Bio III Damage vs Skill/Number of Bio III Merits
  Dark Magic Skill ??? ~ 210 211 ~ 250 251 ~ 290 Exclamation 291 ~ ???
  Damage 7/tic 8/tic 9/tic 10/tic
  Total dmg, 1 Merit 70 80 90 100
  Total dmg, 2 Merit 140 160 180 200
  Total dmg, 3 Merit 210 240 270 300
  Total dmg, 4 Merit 280 320 360 400
  Total dmg, 5 Merit 350 400 450 500

Used By The Following Monsters

Dark Spark
Dark Elemental
Disaster Idol
Doom Warlock
Draugar Servant
Eo'ghrah (Dark)
Fallen Mage
Grenade Syrup
Hilltroll Red Mage
Hydra Red Mage
Infernal Weapon
Kindred Red Mage
Moblin Billionaire
Nix Bladedancer
Olla Media
Tomb Mage
Vanguard Enchanter
Vanguard Protector
Vanguard Vexer
Vanguard Visionary