Bio (Status Effect) Bio is a harmful status effect that erodes the skin of its victim, making them lose focus until it wears off or is removed.
Afflicted characters experience a certain amount of Damage Over Time and suffer a reduction to their attack strength.
The amount of DoT damage Bio inflicts is determined by the afflicting ability, or the caster's Dark Magic Skill if inflicted by a spell.
Bio effects generally achieve higher levels of damage (through both base damage and DoT) than Dia spells.
As with other forms of DoT, damage dealt by the Bio effect will wake characters under the effect of sleep.

How to remove the effect

How the effect is inflicted


Blood Pacts

Monster Abilities

Other Information

  • Since Light and Dark are in opposition, whichever spell is higher level (requires a higher level job to use), overwrites the other.
  • Dia / Bio Priority: Dia -> Bio -> Dia II -> Bio II -> Dia III -> Bio III
  • Example: If Dia is cast, and Bio is cast afterwards, Dia will be overwritten and Bio will take effect. If Dia II is then cast, Bio will be overwritten and Dia II will take effect. If Bio II is then cast, Dia II will be overwritten and Bio II will take effect.
Skill vs Damage
Bio II
Dark Magic Skill 200 - 210 = 5/tic
Dark Magic Skill 211 - 268 = 6/tic
Dark Magic Skill 269 - 290 = 7/tic
Dark Magic Skill 291 - ??? = 8/tic
Dark Magic Skill ??? - 210 = 7/tic
Dark Magic Skill 211 - 250 = 8/tic
Dark Magic Skill 251 - ??? = 9/tic
April 3, 2019 Version Update
"The attack down effect of the black magic spell Bio has been adjusted. Numbers in parenthesis represent the value when affected by the Corsair ability Dark Shot.
Name Pre-adjustment → Post-adjustment
Bio 5% → 10%(13%)
Bio II 10% → 15%(18%)
Bio III 15% → 20%(23%)"
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