Bhaflau Remnants II is an alternate enemy setup in Bhaflau Remnants. It still takes place in Bhaflau Remnants, but the monsters and progression are different.




The following maps are placeholders. They show the level 75 salvage zone. The map itself is the same but the mobs are different.

First Floor

Bhaflau Remnants 1.jpg

The Runic Lamp past the first door will contain 10 pathos unlocks. These unlocks are chosen by player individually by targeting the Lamp and selecting which unlocks they want. The unlocks are in set numbers.

The Lamp Unlocks:

  • Weapon x2
  • Magic
  • Ability
  • Subjob
  • Additional Magic OR Ability OR Subjob (equal chance of each)
  • Any combination of 2:
    • HP, MP, Body, Ranged/Ammo, OR Weapon (3rd weapon from this slot is rare)
  • Any combination of 2:
    • Head/Neck, Hands, Earring/Ring, [Back/Waist, Leg/Feet, STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, or CHR

After the Runic lamp you will notice this area has much fewer mobs than other zones. Each mob will have more HP to compensate for this. Also each mob killed will grant 10 unlocks on the next Runic Lamp so it should only be necessary to kill one mob of each type to have unlocks for everyone on the next floor. To pop NMs you may need to kill more of course.

You must choose to open the East or west door after the Runic Lamp. Opening one seals the other. Both Paths lead to the same warp pad at the end, but have different NMs in route.

West Path

East Path

  • Rooms 1 & 2 : Fly x1 : Head/Neck, Rings/Earrings, Back/Waist
  • Side rooms : Black Pudding x1 : Legs/Feet, Hands, Body
  • Rooms 3 & 4 : Moblin Armsman x1 : Weapon, Range/Ammo, Feet/Legs
    • NM : Throat Tearer Tregotroq : Pops after killing Moblin in Large room in under a set time (fairly long time). Drops Ritualistic Plans. Will use Mighty Strikes.

Both Paths

  • Large Room before Warp Pad: Dahak x1 : HP, MP
    • NM : Smouldering Dahak : Pops when door to warp pad is opened IF Dahak killed first. Drops Ritualistic Plans with a chance to also drop Tutelary Plans.
    • Since Dahaks use a TP move that does damage based on number of buffs you have active, it is advisable to drop buffs or just not apply them until after this room.

Second Floor

Bhaflau Remnants 2.jpg

This floor has 4 possible exits. Which you choose determines the NM you can pop on this floor, but will have no real effect on the mobs you fight on the next floor.

Central Area

  • SE Corner : Troll Stoneworker x1 : Sub Job, Abilities, DEX
    • Must be killed before opening east door to spawn the NM in the SE wing.
  • SW Corner : Troll Smelter x1 : Sub Job, Abilities, AGI
    • Must be killed before opening east door to spawn the NM in the SW wing.
  • NE Corner : Troll Cameist x1 : Sub Job, Magic, MND
    • Must be killed before opening west door to spawn the NM in the NE wing.
  • NW Corner : Troll Gemologist x1 : Sub Job, Magic, VIT
    • Must be killed before opening west door to spawn the NM in the NW wing.
  • NM : Troll Occultist : Pops in North Room of central area when either East or West door is opened (opening one will seal the other). Drops Ritualistic Plans with a chance to also drop Tutelary Plans. Will use Blood Weapon

East Side

West Side

Third Floor

Bhaflau Remnants 3.jpg

Where you start on this floor is a result of which warp pad you used on the previous floor. However the layout and mobs are identical for all 4 locations. It should be noted when you enter the first large room from either the east or west the other door is sealed and when you enter the central area from the north or south the other door is sealed.

Mob Distribution

Fourth Floor

Bhaflau Remnants 4.jpg

The teleporter you chose on the third floor determines where you enter this level. The east and west halves are sealed from each other, but both paths meet at the end similar to floor 1.

West Path

East Path

Central Room

Fifth Floor

Bhaflau Remnants 5.jpg

Which Boss you get depends on if you popped the Cerberus on Floor 6. If you did not, you get the Cerberus here. If you did you get Orthrus Seether here. When you enter the main room there will be a Rampart waiting. It will spawn whichever boss you have earned and then vanish.


Once the boss is defeated you may exit via the warp pad in the side room. If you defeat the Orthrus Seether, you get a new title. No title is awarded for defeating the normal Cerberus.

Area Drop Theme