Start NPC Nomad Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 91+
Items Needed KeyItemSoul gem
KeyItemSoul gem clasp
Optional: Olde rarab tail
Title Granted Bushin Aspirant
Repeatable Only to help others
Reward Level Cap 99
Access to Domenic's battlefield warp service
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Prelude to Puissance Martial Mastery


The Battle

  • Alter Egos may aid you in the battle, but must be summoned after entering.
    • Reported by Square-Enix to have been implemented in February 2014: [1]
    • Current Known issue as of May 15, 2014 "In the quest “Beyond Infinity”, alter egos summoned before entering the battlefield will occasionally disappear." [2]
  • The battle is uncapped.
  • Buffs wear upon entering. Experience Points are lost upon death. Reraise status remains upon being ejected from the battlefield.
  • Upon entering, your KeyItemSoul gem clasp is lost.
  • The time limit is 10 minutes, fighting against the Tarutaru Monk, Atori-Tutori ???.
  • You must return to Nomad Moogle and finish the quest in order to reenter to help others. See Domenic for warp to BCNM.
  • You can obtain replacement KeyItemSoul gem clasps from the Nomad Moogle in exchange for one merit point or 5 High Kindred's Crests if you fail the battle.
  • Atori-Tutori ??? has around 27000 HP.Exclamation
  • See BCNM Atori-Tutori ??? Stategies for testimonials.

Game Description

Nomad Moogle, (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Atori-Tutori has deigned to present you with your final challenge -- a sparring match with the smug Taru himself. Acquire a soul gem and soul gem clasp and meet your opponent for the ultimate showdown.


FFXI Beyond Infinity (lvl99 cap bcnm)

FFXI Beyond Infinity (lvl99 cap bcnm)

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