Start NPC Koblakiq - Oldton Movalpolos (H-11)
Items Needed Demon Pen
Title Granted Apostate for Hire
Repeatable No
Reward Goblin Grenade
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For the Birds None


  • Note that the surrounding demons will all link with them, so pulling them to the side is recommended.
  • The minions are relatively weak and can be slept.
  • The Marquis Andrealphus will do an Escape special that Escapes whoever is currently tanking, sending them out of the zone into Xarcabard. This special goes off around 66% and 33% health on the Marquis. If you are Escaped, zone back in the castle before they are all defeated to get the key item, or you may have to repeat the fight.
  • After Andrealphus is defeated, the other 4 will die automatically.

See Talk Page for strategies and player tips.

Game Description

Koblakiq (Oldton Movalpolos)
Zeelozok has set out on a journey to destroy the Kindred's Divinity of Darkness. Koblakiq wants you to find her a "Demon pen" so she can learn more about their demon adversaries.
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