Very easy solo as 99NIN/49DNC in full 119 gear. I'm sure this can be soloed by most jobs in 117 RoE gear. Redenius- Valefor 2-20-15


Team You Can Dew Et (Cait Sith)

Party Setup

Hykiri: RDM/DRK Maehara: WHM/SMN Minipyrofart: RDM/NIN Vansu: BLM/WHM Flauross: PLD/NIN Vaelushyn: NIN/DNC

Job Roles

Hykiri [RDM]: Refreshed the WHM and BLM while keeping Composure/Refresh/Haste/Stoneskin on himself at all times. He would also cast Dia III on Black Shuck so that the melee could do more damage (Dia 3 has 3 merits into it). After refresh rotations his role was simply to wait on Stun only for GoH, during the refresh cycle the BLM was incharge of watching for GoH.

Vansu [BLM]: He would do low nukes to keep damage output steady and hate low while opening the fight with an Elemental Seal + Poison II. With the /WHM sub he would also cast Paralyna to help the WHM out.

Minipyrofart [RDM]: He was put on melee duty to keep the damage flowing while keeping haste on the NIN and Refresh on the PLD, with Phalanx II on both. Also he used En2 to keep the mobs resist to water magic down.

Flauross [PLD]: To be the uber tank and make sure it never went after the mages.

Maehara [WHM]: To keep the PLD hasted and make sure paralyna was off on the mages and melee.

Vaelushyn [NIN]: Since being /DNC her role was to keep the melee healed, helped on tanking as well. When the elementals came out she would use her stored TP to keep the melee alive while the mages killed all elementals in aggro range.


We decided against trying to move Blach Shuck from his location since it is a waste of time trying to pull. He simply does Draw-In before we could even get him to budge. All melee went into position, and made sure to keep their backs facing the north tunnel so that only 3 elementals would be in melee range.

The new WHM ability was used to keep SS on the melee from cures, as was Auspice for Subtle Blow, and the propper Bar spells for fire resist and paralyze resist with the new magic defense bonus. RDM/DRK kept the Refresh and Dia III on as needed and would then focus simply on watching for GoH, while the BLM continued damaging him.

When the elementals spawned the BLM and 2 RDM's would kill the first 3 around Black Shuck only, since those are the only 3 that would be in magic aggro range. Once the elementals were defeated everything would return as before.

When Black Shuck hit his TP spam (around 15%) mode we waited till about 7% and then we hit him with Chainspell Stun and just went nuts on him. The fight was by no means easy, but it was completed with the jobs we had, so this was the best strategy for our team.

Side Notes

We noticed that Black Shuck has modes he goes through after doing the howl animation. The modes are:

-No TP moves at all.

-Calls for Elementals to come out.

-Spams TP moves (not the same as when @ 15%).

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to Minipyrofart for the melee RDM idea and to Vansu for noticing the Howl Pattern. And I would like to dedicate this win to Aikirees to show we will become Captains for you!

Can't Touch This - Super Duper Patented Riducolous Evasion + Hate Strategy 2k9 by Liqueenas (Asura)

Cerb itself is a joke, not aggroing the elementals is what wins this fight. This strategy minimizes magic usage, and damage taken. After doing this fight several times, we noticed howl is not a certain percent and it's best to assume Gates of Hades can be used at any time (easier to explain)

Setup is:

-NIN/WAR (Maximum Evasion Setup, you will not need to worry about keeping hate)

-DRK/NIN (Stun for GoH, must keep shadows up and melee from side only)

-SAM/THF (Meditates in cave with mages, can melee ocassionally but return to cave if hit)

-BRD/BLM (Boss double attacks very fast, making it very hard to go without this)

-SCH/WHM (WHM works just fine, but since there's little curing, stoneskin is better)

-RDM/DRK (Can be pretty much any mage)

The Trick: You can tank cerb anywhere around his body without him moving at all. Tank it from behind facing his butt. While max evasion gear under any other circumstance suck for tanking bosses, this leaves you in permanent SATA position, allowing the SAM/THF to unleash a fury of SATA Weapon skills while NIN gets all the hate. NIN spams vokes, warcry, defender, hojo, and kurayami.

Recommended black chuck tank gear
With this tanking setup I was evading more than half of cerb's attacks (306 evasion skill with boxer's mantle, melody earrings, torque) Terra Staff/Jelly Ring/Suzaku Boots for greatly reducing his fast attacks in case a tp move wipes shadows. Used tav taco for defense. Don't bother trying to melee, it will do more harm than good.

DRK/NIN Melees from the side of the boss, never with the tank or behind it (which can turn it to the mages). DRK should be main stun for Gates of Hades. If your DRK is bad at stunning, find another DRK.

SAM/THF Meditates in the north cave with the rest of the mages. If mp is plenty and it's safe, SAM can melee from the side with DRK (no shadows can mess SAM up)

SCH was main heal, kept stoneskin up. With Suzaku Sune-Ate and firestorm, lava spit was doing very little damage (I got hit once for 16dmg). Paralyna will be necessary but remedies also work.

BRD/BLM elemental seal troubador nightingale Elegy at start. Double march on NIN and DRK.

WHEN ELEMENTALS POP: You have 2 choices - First choice is BRD casts hymnus, then does poisonga or run casting and agro the 3 or 4 that pop on top of tank and takes them ALL THE WAY TO THE START, then reraise and do it once more once they start to come close again (elementals ONLY agro magic casters, can reraise amongst them safely). Do this until they depop (at next howl).

The alternative is simply SAM and DRK 2hour to get boss hp down until it howls next so that eles depop (they will not repop unless you wipe). SAM can avoid dying by saving sekkanoki for when eles pop and doing a weapon skill and make it a skillchain with a SATA weapon skill (Yukki>Gekko or Gekko>Kasha or Rana>Gekko). Don't go too crazy, just hit it a little harder, remember that using this method, cures will not be possible without aggroing elementals.

Once elementals depop, you're free and clear. Most of the time they spawned during the first or second howl, however they may not pop until the last howl.

With this setup we won in about 9-10 minutes and tank was only hit a couple of times after tail tp move which takes 1-3 shadows. Really easy fight once elementals are out of the way.


Possible Strategy:

  • First things first, after engaging, the mages should run into the NE tunnel past Black Shuck. This will greatly help avoiding the elementals when they eventually pop.
  • We found a good strategy using a dual ninja tanking setup. Party setup we aim for is Nin/War, Nin/War, Brd/Whm, Whm/Blm, Blm/Whm, DD (preferably Drk for an extra stun when blm is busy with elementals, but we usually had war/nin taking that spot). The main reason we use this setup is so they can stay and tank agro-free when the elementals pop. 3 fire elementals casting firaga III on the tanks and DDs is just a recipe for disaster.
  • When the elementals pop, the extra DD will need to disengage and pull the ones closest to mages (that could potentially agro) back into the NE tunnel one at a time for the Blm to quickly dispose of. We never had to kill more than 3 that were close to Black Shuck.
  • Once the close elementals are gone, the other 5 on the S end of the assault area will just float around and stay out of agro range. They'll despawn on one of Black Shuck's subsequent howls.
  • Basic role of each job:
    • Ninjas: Tank, of course. Enfeeble if you can, but they rarely seemed to land. Bouncing hate is the name of the game.
    • Bard: Haste songs, ballads, backup cure and help paralyna and barfira. Throwing out the occasional curaga II to help with constant spikes damage takes a little load off the white mage. When singing songs, try to position yourself to avoid breath moves. Don't bother with Elegy or Finale. Elegy has yet to land and those spikes can't be Finale'd.

{EDIT} (Elegy will land with a low Success rate. It is really important to get it to stick. Our tank died from Gates of Hades and our DRK/NIN was able to tank no problem with Slow and Elegy on it.) Elegy

      • If you have a WHM main, do not over write their bar-spells.
    • White Mage: Cure, Regen, Haste, Shellra IV/V, Barfira/Barblizzara, Paralyna, etc. Try to stay at max curing range in the tunnel to avoid magic agro when elementals are around. If a Gates of Hades should go unstunned, Benediction could be a good idea if you're quick enough. Ensure you use Blessed Briault, Cleric's Duckbills and Cleric's Pantaloons for barspells if you have them. WHM with capped merits, AF2 legs, AF2 feet and capped enhancing magic will do +118 barspell.
      • Only the tank should have Barfira since they are the only ones who will be hit by Lava Spit. If melee burn setup is used it can be given to the DD as well to counter the Blaze Spikes effect -- Regen III will also make up for most the damage as well. The rest of the party (at least the WHM) should have barblizzara to give them great resistance to Ululation paralyze effect. You need approx. +230 fire resistance to have a decent chance at resisting Gates of Hades but there is no need if it is stunned properly via stun magic and weapon skills.
    • Black Mage: Try to conserve MP for killing off elementals. Throw up DoTs when possible. Help backup cure and paralyna. Stun Gates whenever possible. When it comes time to kill elementals, it shouldn't be too hard to two-shot them. Thunder IV and III seemed to do the trick.
    • DD: When elementals pop, pull with a non-magic ability/method back into the NE tunnel for the Blm to slaughter. Helping voke or otherwise get elementals that may have agro'd the Whm or Brd helps alot too. When no elementals are present, poke Black Shuck obviously :D
  • This strategy has only gotten us 2/4 wins (one loss at 2%) so it is not foolproof. We actually swapped out a Nin for a Mnk/Nin in one of our wins so there are definitely variations on the actual jobs used, but the main thing to remember is avoiding any tank that will magic agro.

Chainstun Strategy

Our group consisted of RDM/DRK, BRD/WHM, WHM, MNK/NIN, RNG, and BLU/NIN. Everyone buffs up, and the BRD uses Troubadour and Nightingale to give the MNK and BLU double March and the mages double Ballads (Storm Fife recommended); Pianissimo and Fire Carol on himself. The WHM puts up protect and shell as well as Barfira, and the BLU does AoE Stoneskin. This is all done right before engaging. BRD and WHM should both already have reraises up.

  • At the start, everyone moves toward the northeast tunnel past the Black Shuck, with MNK in the lead to pull aggro. The MNK and BLU (basically two tanks) stand to the side of the Black Shuck that is closest to the northeast tunnel, where the mages are. The mages stay 20' away from the MNK. Both melees will attack from the side of the Black Shuck; this way only Ululation, Lava Spit, and GoH are used.
  • The BRD starts magic aggroing all elementals and kites all the way to the entrance (do not cast spells on them; just aggro them by running and casting a self-targeting spell). Stoneskin, Blink, Barfira, and Fire Carol should buy him enough time to tank all the elementals for a bit. Once at the starting point, the BRD does his best to stay alive, but he will likely die. Meanwhile, BLU spams spells and MNK spam weaponskills (RNG just continues to pluck away but does not draw hate) to quickly whittle down the Black Shuck's HP so that the elementals despawn. When the elementals are out of range, the BRD raises; he returns to the group after all elementals despawn. (Our strategy also included Goddess Hymnus and reaggro if the group needed more time since double weakness doesn't effect a bard much. As the bard, I never actually had to reaggro.)
  • Once the BRD is back to the main party, redo double March on the BLU and MNK, followed by Pianissimo + Ballad 2 on the BLU. The RDM/DRK starts to watch for GoH. BRD and WHM should be on curing duty; WHM focuses on keeping HP out of yellow and Barfira up, and the BRD focuses on Erases and Paralynas (even if weakened). WHM will do Erases and Paralynas only if everyone's HP is in the white; likewise for Regen III. BLU should basically pull hate off MNK when his shadows are down, and then rebuff Stoneskins. Magic Fruit might be needed.
  • At around 30% HP, RDM/DRK starts to chainstun and MNK uses Hundred Fists. BLU spams magic. RNG uses Eagle Eye Shot if need be.

NOTES: Our WHM had full barspell merits. As the bard, I never got the chance to even cast Elegy (elementals popped right away and I had to immediately kite). We were 1/1 using this strategy. The key is to tank to the side to avoid any conal TP moves and making sure the RNG does not pull hate with weapon skills. -- Boogers on Hades.

Other Experiences

  1. Beaten with NIN WAR RDM 2x BLM WHM
  2. Beaten with PLD/RDM, SAM, THF, WHM, RDM, BRD
  • Mages stayed in NE tunnel healing and enfeebling. With Slow + Elegy, SAM easily tanked while PLD back-up tanked until elementals spawned. THF would TA+WS on SAM. When elementals spawned PLD aggroed all with magic casting then ran back to beginning tunnel where he held them off long as possible and died. By the time PLD died the elementals were phasing out from Cerberus going into next phase; the elementals are really slow coming back. When Cerberus went into "Gates of Hades" mode, our RDM didn't manage to stun in time but the damage wasn't too severe. We recovered very fast from it with a Benediction then THF stealing hate from WHM. Melees had Remedy on hand to help out with Paralyze. Very steady and easy fight with 14 minutes left on clock.
  1. Beaten as SAM/NIN THF/NIN (actually engaged) BLU/NIN RDM/DRK WHM/BLM BRD/WHM (stayed in tunnel healing)
  • All the mages stayed in the tunnel healing. The idea was to have the BLU/NIN step up to the front just in case one of the front liners died (having only 2 front people GREATLY minimizes AoE damage --- also makes Ululation much more managable). Minimizing Elemental Aggro on the front line is a great bonus as well. The SAM and THF bounced hate like pros.
  • BRD/WHM kited Elementals when they appeared-- since mages wee all in the tunnel, only a total of 3 or 4 had to be aggroed. WHM got aggro on one as well and also had to kite. The BRD died, but the RDM and BLU were able to keep healing the front liners while the WHM also had to kite. The Elementals Vanished in the next howl mode and our WHM was able to return to the fray. The BRD kept up Storm Fife Ballads and Marches. RDM watched for GoH to stun.
  • Also with Double CHR Etudes, the BRD was able to land Elegy relatively well. BRD did not use Troubador or Nightingale for its duration. We won with me being the only death; our RDM/DRK Chain stunned at 20% or so, and our SAM 2 Houred to finish it off. Very clean with this set up (we went 1/1 after moving our BLU to the back to not aggro Elementals).

Another Possible Strategy:

    • It is very important that Gates of Hades is "Stunned". And to designate 1 SCH to magic aggro all elementals within the area of battle once they pop.
    • *Warning*: The SCH who is desinated to kite will most likely die, it is very important that them kite these elementals all the way to the "Start" point.
  • Have SCH's and BRD debuff with Helix's and Elegy, WHM can use Dia II, Paralyze and Slow, NM is highly resistant to most debuffs.
  • Keep all HP above yellow, keep Barfira up at all times. This is most important since the NM spams fire based TP moves.
  • Hold Melee 2hrs until NM is at 10%. Benediction as needed after NM is lower than 20%.
  • Please note that SCH can nuke during the battle ensuring that nukes discontinue once the NM Howls to start additional moves.
  • Basically you have your melee attack the NM, attempt to coordinate Skillchains for the added damage effect.
    • *Note* If you are having troubles landing debuffs waiting for a SC to commence will greatly increase the chances of landing the debuff. (e.g. waiting for a Darkness SC to land Paralyze.)
  • All times the NM Howls have it announce in party chat so stunners know to look for upcomming moves such as GoH or Elementals.
    • It should be mentioned the NM will howl again at a later time to despawn the elementals.
  • Continue to hold your ground and swap roles as needed to maintain effect MP pool (e.g. let 1 SCH cure while WHM heals for MP.)
With these simple instruction I hope that you are able to make quick work of this battle.
Battle time with this set-up too approx. 15min.

Yet One More Possible Strategy:

  • Set up: NIN/WAR, SAM/DNC, BLM/???, BLM/???, WHM/SMN, and RDM/DRK.
    • Note: We have not yet won this assault, but we have gotten Black Shuck's HP to 1% and 6% with this set up. So it is a possibility.
    • Needs RDM to have a Ranged Weapon, a Stun Order in effect, and a SAM with a TP Gain weapon and a Attack weapon.
  • At all times
    • White Mage must keep Barfira up. AFv2, +Enhancing, and Capped Enhancing [With +MND armor] = More Fire Resistance = Happier MP pool.
    • Potions are a good idea. [As the White Mage. Sitting down once let a PLD/NIN tank die when he got double attacked repeatedly and Tail Lashed.]
    • Stuns as the Ninjas asks for them. Keeping shadows up = happier White Mage.
    • Luck. Yes that bastard thing we all know and hate.
  • During Elemental Spawn
    • SAM/DNC become main healer for the NIN, using Soboro (Preferred) for quick TP gain.
    • During this time, the Red Mage will pull elementals for the Black Mages to kill. Rinse and Repeat until it is deemed safe to cast.
  • During +attack mode.
    • Stun order needs to be used to make sure the Ninja can keep shadows up at full time. If this is the last possible mode, please take care in using the stun order, so that the Ninja may not take 600+ damage in a double attack followed by a Scorching Lash.
  • During GoH mode.
    • Stun order a MUST. Going through this at the last few HP can be a pain. Use Chainspell stun when neccesary, but be careful. Our Red Mage reported increased resistance to stun.
  • During Spikes.
    • Samurai must switch to attack weapon to help mages converse MP for cures.
  • End Notes
    • We've been pondering having the SAM/DNC sit out the last 20% until we hit 10%, when the SAM jumps in as the RDM Chainspells. This keeps a blink-less Melee from getting overwhelmed from TP spamming.
  • Please note we have been pondering a SAM/NIN set up. If anyone goes with this and has better success during Ele spawn (We've only done Ele spawn as the first two), please let us know. From personal experience, I've found this is an Assault based upon luck and skills. Luck that you don't get stuck with a GoH spamming Black Shuck or a wild Double Attacking Black Shuck with Elementals recently spawned.
    • Good luck and god speed!

Low TP Strategy:

  • Our setup: NIN, WHM, WHM, SMN, BLM, MNK/WHM.
  • The name of the game is to not give Black Shuck tp. Only the NIN is engaged on the mob, and only the NIN gets hit with tp moves.
  • Nins can die pretty fast on this thing when their shadows go down. It attacks too fast to solo tank comfortably, which is why we had two healers, and the BLM could stun when the NIN couldn't get utsusemi: ichi up.
  • The MNK/WHM was in charge of rounding up and kiting elementals and chi blasted the rest of the time. This could have been done better with another job, but it's what we had. Aggro all the elementals near the south room, take them to the starting point. Have reraise up, because you'll probably die, but that's okay. You want someone who can comfortably kite elementals and be an effective low-tp damage dealer the rest of the time.
  • BLM and SMN were our primary DDs.
  • There are some varaitions, but you want a good tank, two healers, two low-tp damage dealers, and a kiter for the elementals. Black Shuck doesn't have too much HP compared to other First Lieutenant NMs, but hits a lot harder. Focus on defense and take it slow and steady.
  • We arrived at this strategy after wiping to tp moves a few times and having elementals spawn right at the beginning of the fight three times in a row. Whatever your strategy, be ready to deal with elementals as soon as you aggro Black Shuck.
  • We won this fight by the skin of our teeth the first time, with only the two white mages alive, and our NIN delivering the killing blow with Mijin Gakure. The second time we tried it, it was much more controlled. We whittled him down to 15 percent health with 6 minutes remaining and no mp issues, but a lucky triple attack took our NIN down right away, and everyone else died shortly after.
  • Extensions
  • We need to get this for one more person, and we may change it up a little. Since you generally only have to worry about two or three elementals aggroing as long as you keep your mages in the back room, we might have a BLM solo one, and switch our MNK/WHM to MNK/NIN to solo another one with Formless Strikes. Then he can use Footwork to be a low-tp melee and a backup tank in case the ninja gets in trouble.
  • With two dedicated healers, we may try a PLD tank. We expect it will cost more mp in the long run, but there will be less chance of him being nearly one shotted as in our second run.

Setup of NIN/war, MNK/ninx2, RDM/drk, RDM/whm, and WHM/??? successfully completed this assault. NIN/war tanked and fell after a few bad TP move placements, but the MNKs were there to tank and did a good job(both using Hades Sainti for extra enmity, possibly not needed, but good to have). RDM/drk stunned GoH, didn't let any get through with 29 second recast timer on stun. RDM/whm and WHM be sure to keep paralyna ready. We kept barfire on the melee, barblizzard on the mages in case they got hit by paralyze, and during the Blaze Spikes howl phase, we kept Regen on the melee to counter the spikes. During the Elemental howl phase, the RDM/whm casted Diaga to get the attention of the elementals and then ran them to the start point and kited until that phase was over. Used Blink, Stoneskin, Phalanx, Earth Staff and Umbra cape, didn't have any problem staying alive, just be sure to run away far enough when they start casting Fire 4 and Firaga 3, Burn and small spells like that don't need too much worrying. We finished the fight this way with well over 10 minutes left on the clock. --Dramis 16:09, 3 October 2008 (UTC) __________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Setup 1 3/5 PLD/Drk/Blm/Blm/Rdm/Whm.
  • Setup 2 3/5 Pld/Blm/Sam/Sam/Rdm/Whm.
  • Setup 3 3/5 Pld/drk/sam/war/rdm/whm.
Pld(Soulessknight). Excalibur/Aegis.
Blm(Odomspa/Dece). AF2.
Sam(Yukisan/Tyrese) AF2. Osode/Hauby+1/Askar/hagan.
RDM(Odomsmom) AF2.
Whm(odomitria) Noble's set. @1300MP.
Drk (Ruiko) Tarutaru Sacrifice.
  • Started fight with Pld flash. All melee at feet.
  • Bio 3. Slow 2. Paralyze 2. Refresh. Phalanx 2. Barfira.
  • Holy Potion x12. Antidote x12. remedy x12. Yag x5. Hi-potion 1~3 x10. Hi-ether 1~3 x 10.
  • Carbonara/Pescora. Marrion Glace. Reraise item x 3.
  • 100-75% it was not eventful.
  • 75%-50% Elementals popped. Drk poisonaga ran to start and died.
  • 5/5 times the end of this howl depopped elementals but it immediatly used GoH.
  • 50-25% Whm rested while Rdm/Blm took over easy healing.
  • @25% Goh phase Drk/Blm stunned. Tried Rdm/drk x 2 (why we lost 2/5).
  • CSS stun = massive hate. it builds tolerance and dropped our mages with a GoH.
  • A simple stun routine works. Paralyze is weak and easily taken off with remedy.
  • at 15% 2hours were "Always" initiated.
  • Best luck was when @100% elementals popped but GoH @75% had to use benediction.
100% = Pld sentinel no need to cure as mage healed. blm solo'd 1-2 that aggro'd whm.
Pld invincibled @75% and 50% one. This made sure he didn't get 3-5 aggro on him.
  • Make it through the Elemental phase. Stun rotation @25% for GoH only. Hard fight.


This strategy minimizes damage done to the party (only 1 person takes damage), while maximizing healing (1 main healer and 4 support healers. It also minimizes TP gain by Black Shuck. We won with about 10 mins to spare.


  • Buff upon entry, everyone with reraise. One SMN summons Leviathan, then PLD and Leviathan engage at the same time. Everyone except PLD runs to the far tunnel behind Black Shuck, safely out of AOE range.
  • SMNs will take turns summoning Leviathan --> Spinning Dive, unsummoning and resting when MP gets low. Everyone helps heal the tank.
  • When elementals appear (this can happen the moment you engage), one SMN will use Leviathan's Slowga and/or cast a spell to aggro the elementals, retreat the pet, and run as far away as he/she can and die, then reraise.
  • If there are elementals left, the next SMN will do the same thing. Furthermore, anyone who gets elemental aggro (besides the tank) should immediately try to aggro all remaining elementals and pull them away from the party.
  • While party members are weak, they can help heal tank or use Leviathan if it seems safe enough.

Strategy Pros:

  • With only PLD in range, AOE damage to party is minimized. Healing and Paralyna-ing are much easier to stay on top of.
  • Even if some people die to the elementals, they can reraise and either help heal the tank or even continue using Leviathan.
  • With Barfira and 5 healers, Gates of Hades (which should only hit the tank) is nothing to fear.
  • Even if the tank dies, SMNs can use avatars to temporarily tank.

Strategy Cons:

  • No stun in this setup, aside from Shield Bash.
  • This setup is MP-intensive; our BRD ended up using Soul Voice Ballad.

Making this Strategy Better:

  • Bring juices/ethers to the fight.
  • WHM can sub BLM for Tractor, in case of party wipe with people near Black Shuck.

Alternative Strategy:

  • If you just use Leviathan's Slowga to aggro the elementals, it might be possible to make them depop the same way mobs deaggro after an avatar uses an AOE that does not specifically target them. You'd have to take them out of their roaming area first for this to work.
  • SMN can use Astral Flow --> Tidal Wave when elementals appear to get rid of them.
  • Tanking from the side of Black Shuck may be easier than tanking from the front.

Other Strategies:

  • Substitute BRD with COR/WHM for a potentially greater Refresh effect, plus ranged attacks.
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