Very easy solo as 99NIN/49DNC in full 119 gear. I'm sure this can be soloed with ease in 117 RoE gear by most jobs. Redenius- Valefor 2-20-15


Our party consisted of WHM, RDM/WHM, BRD/WHM, MNK/NIN, RNG, BLU/NIN. Anyone who can reraise does so at the start.

  • The idea is to have the MNK solo the Khimaira, while the RNG pulls the Moblin to the start where BLU and RNG easily take it out. The MNK made sure to tank from the side. From our run, Khimaira seemed to only use non-conal TP moves such as Tenebrous Mist, Dreadstorm, and Thunderstrike. The MNK only weaponskilled once (at the start). WHM, BRD, and RDM stay on the same side as the MNK and out of AoE. WHM focuses on curing and Regen III while RDM backup cures. RNG stays far away and does NOT use weaponskill.
  • Once the Moblin is dead, RNG continues to fire away (again NO weaponskills). BLU now comes in to do Diamonhide. The BRD's job is to stay out of range and use Pianissimo to double March the MNK. He waits for the BLU to return to the mage group before doing double ballads on the mages.
  • Around 45% HP, the BRD begins his 2hr (with Nightingale and Troubadour). He buffs MNK with Minuet (RNG runs into range if need be). Then everyone gets buffed with Lightning Carole (and Barthundra from WHM). Everyone then pulls away from the MNK and mages and BLU get Ballad II (Storm Fife recommended); RNG should be out of range of Ballad II. At this point, the WHM heads to the starting point to avoid Fulmination.
  • Once songs are in place, MNK uses Penance and Hundred Fists. RNG dumps TP and BLU spams magic. BRD and RDM spam cures even if no one's HP is low (mainly on the MNK). If Fulmination happens, the WHM quickly comes in to use Benediction (the Paralyze from Fulmination is really strong and can prevent Benediction from working if the WHM is in range). Khimaira will be slightly stunned for about 2 seconds after every Fulmination. The RDM immediately pulls out of range of Fulmination and becomes the WHM's caretaker in case of multiple Fulminations (Paraylna the WHM who then uses curaga and Divine Seal + Paralyna; this is just the backup plan as Khimaira is usually dead before a second Fulmination).

Notes: The bard's 2hr should happen well before 30% as the songs last for an incredibly long time. (My Soul Voice was still active even after we had opened the chests and started lotting the items.) Our initial attempts failed because we waited too close to 30% to do the 2hr and ended up getting caught in the Fulmination move. By tanking at the side, we did not see any of the conal TP moves (or if it did happen, no one was affected by it). Elegy is a hit/miss game (even with good gear and full merits) if fought during Lightningsday. Fulmination is not a guaranteed move. In fact, during one of our wins, Fulmination never happened even with the Moblin dead. -- Boogers on Hades

Used the following party setup successfully: BLM/WHM, RDM/WHM, PLD/NIN, PLD/WAR, WAR/NIN, BRD/WHM

All members buff up, making sure to cast Shell IV on tanks. PLD/WAR sight aggro'd the moblin and ran with it to a corner. PLD/NIN attacked the Khimaira. RDM stayed with PLD/NIN. Rest of party on the moblin.

Even with deaths, as long as 1 PLD is standing this is doable. We ran into problems where the the PLD was petrified, and with no WHM, we had to wait for it to wear off. The RDM and BRD kept up Barthundra and Lightning Carol. The RDM kept up Refresh and Phalanx II on tanks. The BLM nuked and backup cured throughout the fight, but was able to steal hate often.

When Khim starts using fulmination, it is best to have at least one mage outside of range to Paralyna to your RDM or WHM and have that mage immediately cure the tank and Paralyna. Paralyze from fulmination tends to proc often.

This is an endurance fight. It possible to beat without 2hrs, but depending upon deaths while fighting, they may have to be used. 1 PLD and our WAR 2hr'd since we were running low on time. The BLM and RDM nuked at the very end to finish it off. Good luck!!


We found our key to winning this fight easily with 15 min left on clock was keeping the Moblin alive.

Our party setup was: PLD/NIN x2, MNK/NIN, SAM/NIN, WHM/SMN, COR/NIN

1 PLD/NIN grabbed Moblin and ran him back to starting point. The PLD/NIN was very self-sufficient in keeping himself alive entire fight with no help.

The rest of party went on Khimaira while WHM kept up Barthundra and COR kept up Magus's Roll for Magic Defense and Monk's Roll for Subtle Blow for melee; Evoker's Roll and Scholar's Roll for WHM. COR can be replaced with BRD if needed.

Occasionally SAM stole hate from PLD, but it was still a very steady fight with no real scary moments. If you kill the Moblin, Khimaira will use Fulmination 100% atleast once after 30% health; in one fight we ate 5 Fulminations after 30% because of a heavy melee setup. If you keep the Moblin alive, Khimaira has many chances to fail on his AOE's; he failed 5 times during our fight. Though Khimaira has a chance to use Fulmination whenever during the fight if the Moblin is alive, it's a very small chance, and we never saw it once with this strategy. Once Khimaira hit 15% MNK and SAM 2-houred and wasted the rest within 30 seconds. There were no deaths with this setup.

We figured we take our chances with the low-percentage of Fulmination rather than eat one when he's at low health 100%. Keeping the Moblin alive is a risk, but a very low risk.


Won with a setup of PLD/NIN, MNK/NIN x2, WHM/BLM, RDM/WHM, COR/WHM

Would not reccomend keeping moblin alive. He causes the mob to use a TP move regardless of his TP, which can be fulmination, and can cripple your party. We had PLD grab khimaira and whm assist PLD and keep him alive. The rest of the party grabbed moblin and pulled him 30' away from Khimaira in the off chance he made mob uses Fulmination (happened in our first run and caused a wipe). Moblin should go down quickly, within a minute, two minutes tops. After moblin went down, rest of the party assisted the PLD.

COR kept evoker's/scholars on mages, and magus/monk's rolls on melees. From 100%-30% Khimaira is a pushover. We got him down to 30% very quickly and without much problem. Monks would alternate meleeing (turning their backs to Khimaira), in order to not pull significant amounts of hate from the PLD. At 35%, we pulled the monks off of Khimaira to let white mage rest to full mp, PLD soloed while RDM assisted PLD. When WHM had full MP, RDM converted and we started the Fulmination stage.

At this point, it is very important to keep monk's roll up on the melees. Even a non-lucky number would cap subtle blow for our monks, and would be close to capping it on our PLD. At 30% we had 1 monk and PLD on Khimaira, and WHM in range to cure. PLD used invincible to keep hate. 2nd MNK, RDM, and COR all stood 30' away to avoid AoE from Fulmination. After Fulmination, melees would turn around so as not to feed the mob TP. COR would paralyna WHM, WHM would cure whoever had hate, and RDM and COR would run in to paralyna mnk/pld. Then WHM and RDM would top off HP on the pld. At this point, we would switch the mnks out, so the one who was hit by fulmination would sit out, with the other one taking his place. MNK, COR, RDM would retreat to 30' again, and when HP was topped off melees would reengage. Rinse and repeat for every fulmination. This strategy allowed us to not feed the mob tons of TP, and allowed us to save MP as having one melee not attacking saved on being an MP sink. The last 30% took us about twice as long as the first 70%, but as long as you take it slow and steady Fulmination should be managable. At 10%, we sent one monk in to hundred fists. When he was done, after the next TP move, we switched the monks out and had the other one move in to hundred fists, that took him down and we were able to kill him.

From our experience, it seems unwise to use 2x hundred fists at the same time after 30%. This will feed the mob too much TP and back to back fulminations can be extremely devestating. The trick is to limit TP gain from the mob after its health is below 30%, and to turn after a fulmination until after you recover.

Won with: PLD/NIN, SAM/THF, BLM/WHM, RDM/WHM, WHM/SCH, SCH/WHM PLD went in to gain initial hate and tank Khim while SAM and BLM rid of the Moblin quickly. After Moblin is gone SAM proceeds to TA PLD and create a darkness skillchain, allowing the BLM to burst BlizIV and BlizgaIII. SCH kept stoneskin on PLD and SAM as much as possible. We were rather lucky in that he did not Fulmination much if at all that I remember, was a rather smooth fight.

Setup: PLD/NIN, SAM/THF, MNK/NIN, COR/DRK, RDM/WHM, WHM/SMN Won with ease. PLD and WHM kept Khim busy while the rest of us try to get rid of Moblin ASAP. It dice roll a Fulma right away; perhaps we got lucky but eating it didn't put us in any kind of danger. RDM was able to land Slow2, and with earth shot, and Monk's roll, it was doing TP move with atleast a minute in between, which is enough to have just 1 stunner. During our fight, our COR didn't even stun once. MNK died really early on, so the rest of the fight it was just PLD and SAM doing the DD. Both of them 2hr at the end (i think). We clear with about 8 mins on the clock. .


Our 6th (Brd) dc'ed before start, so we actually fought with 5. Our strategy was to have our PLD/NIN straight tank the big one and our RDM/NIN kite the small one. Had a bit difficulty at start because WHM got aggro from the small one and died (looked like /heal aggro) and then both DD died because noone could heal them. Changed strategy then and had our RDM/NIN just tank the small one close to PT to help with Cures, untill weakness wore. That worked really well. No problems at all after weakness wore. Clear with more than 10min left.


NIN tanks Khimaira with Mambo x2 from BRD while SAM and WAR take care of Moblin. WHM kept barthundra and auspice the whole time and main healed. Rough on MP but it went fairly smoothly. Only person who died was WAR post fulmination because healer's were stunned and paralyzed; it's a small area and fulmination has a huge radius so backline jobs need to be prepared to get hit as well (stoneskin,barparalyze, etc).

Setup: RDM99/RUN42

  • Very easy solo. Full buffs with Gain-INT, Barparalyze, and Barthunder to start. With /RUN I set Ignis and Tellus and used Pflug, just in case Paralyze or Stun landed, which they did not. Wear nuking gear. Moblin was easy with repeated casts of Stone (with a Baqil staff). Moblin rolled an 8 and Khimaira used Fulmination, which hit for 0. Once moblin was out of the way, I focused on Khimaira. Cast Slow II, Blind II, Poison II, Bio III. Khimaira is completely immune to Paralyze. He broke Stoneskin a few times, but Regen II was adequate for healing. His normal attacks hit for about 100. I cast Stone at the beginning, but Water did almost double the damage, so I stuck with that (610 compared to 315). Khimaira used Dreadstorm which terrorized me for a few seconds, and also used Tourbillion, which missed. I had Reraise just in case, but didn't need it. Good luck!