Start NPC Vola - Lower Jeuno (J-8)
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation 6
Monk Level 71+
Items Needed Wyrm Beard
Behemoth Tongue
Adamantoise Egg
Brown Belt
Title Granted Black Belt
Repeatable No
Reward Black Belt
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Fistful of Fury None


The three primary items required for this quest are Rare/Ex.

The Wyrm Beard

Name Order Pop Item Zone Notable Drops
Wyrm 1 Themis Orb Balga's Dais

Wyrm Beard (Rare)
Honey Wine (100%)

Fafnir 2 Honey Wine Dragon's Aery

Sweet Tea (Very Rare)
Does not drop beard

Nidhogg 3 Sweet Tea Dragon's Aery

Wyrm Beard (Semi-rare)

The Behemoth Tongue

Name Order Pop Item Zone Notable Drops
Chlevnik 1 Themis Orb Horlais Peak

Behemoth Tongue (Rare)
Beastly Shank (100%)

Behemoth 2 Beastly Shank Behemoth's Dominion

Savory Shank (Very Rare)
Does not drop tongue

King Behemoth 3 Savory Shank Behemoth's Dominion

Behemoth Tongue (Semi-rare)

The Adamantoise Egg

Name Order Pop Item Zone Notable Drops
Tartaruga Gigante 1 Themis Orb Waughroon Shrine

Adamantoise Egg (Rare)
Blue Pondweed (100%)

Adamantoise 2 Blue Pondweed Valley of Sorrows

Red Pondweed (Very Rare)
Does not drop egg

Aspidochelone 3 Red Pondweed Valley of Sorrows

Adamantoise Egg (Semi-rare)

The Black Belt

  • Finally, trade your Brown Belt to the door to complete the quest and receive your Black Belt. You do not get the Brown Belt back.

Game Description

Atori-Tutori (Tenshodo, Lower Jeuno)
If you want information on the black belt, you need to first bring back what Atori-Tutori wants.
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