Start NPC Peddlestox - Yhoator Jungle (E-8)
Items Needed Pickaxe
Rancor Mantle
Rancor Globe
Rancor Tank
Rancor Handle
Repeatable Yes
Reward 4,000 to 7,000 gil
Random items (see below)


Yhoator Jungle


Note: This is a side quest and will not appear in your quest log.

  • When you bring the items back to Peddlestox, she will tell you the location of a treasure stash. The location will be different every time.
  • A ??? will appear at the location that she marks on your map.
  • The ??? will only appear if you are within a certain distance of it and will disappear if you move too far away from it. The required distance is somewhere around 1-3 yalms (very close).
  • The location that she marks on your map isn't exactly where the ??? will be found, but will be close by.
  • Use a Pickaxe on the ??? and a "strange wooden casket" will be dug up and opened in a cutscene and the rewards will be placed into your Treasure Pool.


  • 4,000 to 7,000 gil
  • 3-5 of the following:
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