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Beastmaster Teams ~ The Idea

Since level10 I have been leveling with a friend. I find this way of leveling Beastmaster a lot funner then solo work, but it's every person to themselves.

I hope to finish this guide with full areas for leveling, tactics and ideas. Me and my friend have and will be experimenting with the areas where we fight and the way we fight aswell.

How to use this Guide

This guide was created with 2 people in mind, but can be used by more people killing at a faster rate. I wouldnt really recommend more then 4 people in any Beastmaster team. Also remember that these are just suggestions! If you want to level some where else with different monsters you can, but I hope you can take away a few of the tactics discussed here.

Formats are as follows -

Area Name

Level range(lv##-lv##)

Monster to Charm

Monster to Fight


Additional Information

Leveling Locations

Outside Bastok/San d'Oria/Windurst




As a new Beastmaster its best to experiment with charm and what monsters do what to what. I wouldn't Recommend charming anything till about lv6 or lv7. After this exp starts to slow down and you can practice taking down stronger monsters with pets.

This is basically the same thing for any jobs you level up at this level. Just take it slow and get use to the job as not to get rushed into things.

Konschtat Highlands/La Theine Plateau


Huge Wasp/Bat Trios

Mist Lizard(For Konschtat)/Akbaba(For La Theine)/Goblin Thug/Goblin Weaver/Any EM mobs

I advise these mobs for 2 person teams simply because other monsters have a wider lvl span and can potentially sound ruin for your plans. That is, if your forget to check them after fighting a few Even Match and you find out it is Very Tough. Huge Wasps make for good pets because charm will stick for along time and they spawn just about everywhere, giving you the freedom to roam about at your own pace.

Watch out for the Undead at nighttime. Ice spikes can hamper your progress and the Ghosts will often con Tough or Very Tough. In La Theine Plateau take care for the large number of Orcs that like to hang out near the paths.