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Beastmaster Solo NM Guide

This is something that I have wanted to see for a long time, as a 75 BST who spends a lot of time camping and attempting NMs. This guide is not for low level NMs that just anyone can solo, and it is also not to a retread of textbook data. Please feel free to edit this page with your personal NM experiences as BST and a run-down of how you killed it.

La Vaule [S]

All-Seeing Onyx Eye- I prefer to start this off with a smilodon right off, before it can even cast Regen. It helps to cut down the length of the fight by a couple of minutes. Then just kite up and down the river, flicking Pugils at it as you go, pausing next to the next pet. Be sure to always look away from it, as it has a Gaze-Based Charm that it uses every 30 seconds. I recommend /whm on this for stoneskin, since chances are that you will get hit by an AM-ga spell, and it can keep you alive. After its at 25%, it will begin to use Cure on itself. Respond by letting pets stay on it until the last second. Good luck and happy hunting.

All Soloable as of Jan 2012