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Selecting excellent Beastmaster Equipment is not something you should do without lots and lots of thinking. Because of Beastmasters' versatility, they often times have some of the most complex selection of gear that they can wear and often change equipment during the fights. Because of that, this chart will be somewhat complex, providing charm specific gear along with general fighting gear. Also, Beastmasters excel in both Axes and Scythes. Both are listed and generally you should keep one of each (so when a new Scythe is available think about selling the old scythe, but don't sell your current axe).

Often charm failure can result in death or taking unnecessary damage. Charisma is the only statistic which aides charm success rates. For this reason Charisma is generally maximized in a charm set. A second set will focus on fighting the mobs, and will therefore generally focus on attack and accuracy. Additional sets can focus on MP to reduce downtime and aid healing, strength for weapon skill, or a defense/vitality set to help if you are taking hits from the mob. These additional gear sets will not be addressed here, but their use can be extremely helpful in certain circumstances.

The ammo slot is generally occupied by Pet Food or Jug Pets, but a Happy Egg or Fortune Egg can be swapped in at times. The ranged slot is generally filled by a Lightning Bow (level 55), Tiphia Sting (level 58) or Bibiki Seashell (level 60) depending on which boost is more helpful at the time.

Optional rare/exclusive gear will be listed here in italics. As a soloing Beastmaster there are no other players judging your gear or depending on you. If you want to use Leaping Boots or the Emperor Hairpin that is up to you, but generally many of these items are not needed. Items which are generally considered by the beastmaster community to be "must have" items are in bold and, while some are pricey, they generally last a long time. Charming-only gear will be listed in green.

Things to consider when comparing equipment:

Your Race

Races have different weaknesses which may need some shoring up with equipment. Galka for example have lower CHR than average, so if given a choice between STR+ equipment or CHR+ equipment, the CHR+ gear might be more beneficial. Similar considerations should be taken into account for every race.

Out-damaging Your Pet

It is important to not out-damage your pet and and steal your targeted mob's attention ("hate"). This becomes less and less of an issue as your level (and your pet's level) increases. Some BSTs prefer to use lower damage weapons in order to lower their damage output. Another option is to equip yourself more like a tank, eat Defense food, and accept that you're going to get hit some.

Damage Vs. Accuracy

Most BSTs opt for accuracy over pure damage because of the way BSTs solo. Usually the pet is sent against a target first to establish hate and only then will the beastmaster engage. After the 'Leave' skill is acquired, most typically a beastmaster will release his/her pet when their target is down to a small sliver of health and then look to finish off only that last bit of HP. Accuracy will ensure that the beastmaster does not miss the mob multiple times during this crucial period in the fight.
  • This is no longer completely relevant due to the Aug. 27, 2007 Version Update removing the xp penalty for having a pet charmed when defeating a foe.

Finally, this is only a guide. It is compiled from various other Beastmaster equipment guides and is by no means the only gear to use as a Beastmaster. Experiment with other (and newer) equipment and then come back and edit this page with your input!

Beastmaster Equipment Chart

Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 1 Bronze Axe and Bronze Zaghnal, Cesti, Cobra Staff, Fourth Staff, Ram Staff, Moogle Rod Marine Shield or Lauan Shield(+1) Bronze Cap(+1), Eyepatch, Moogle Cap, Nomad Cap, Guide Beret, Sprout Beret Pullus Torque Bronze Harness(+1), Fourth Tunica, Iron Ram Jack Coat, Tidal Talisman Bronze Subligar(+1) Bronze Mittens(|+1) Bronze Leggings(|+1) Cassie Earring Emperor Band, Bastokan Ring, San d'Orian Ring, Windurstian Ring
Lv 2
Lv 3 Pile Chain
Lv 4 Rabbit Mantle(+1)
Lv 5 Orcish Axe Signal Pearl, Tactics Pearl Blind Ring
Lv 6
Lv 7 Leather Bandana(+1) Wing Pendant or Leather Gorget(+1) or Justice Badge Leather Vest(+1) Leather Trousers(+1) Leather Gloves(+1) Leather Highboots(+1), Leaping Boots, or Bounding Boots Leather Belt(+1)
Lv 8 Brass Axe Maple Shield
Lv 9 Aspis Protect Earring
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 10 Brass Zaghnal or Legionnaire's Scythe and Gelong Staff Faceguard or Brass Hairpin or Royal Footman's Bandana, Sol Cap, Lunar Cap Scale Mail Scale Cuisses Scale Finger Gauntlets or Legionnaire's Mittens or Royal Footman's Gloves Scale Greaves Onyx Earring or Energy Earring, Optical Earring Multiple Ring
Lv 11 Light Axe Entrancing Ribbon Scale Gorget
Lv 12 Traveler's Mantle
Lv 13 Bone Axe
Lv 14 Plantreaper Fish Scale Shield Noble's Ribbon and Cotton Headband Van Pendant Battle Gloves Friar's Rope Silver Earrings Hope Rings and Balance Rings, Armored Ring, Mighty Ring, Vision Ring, Poisona Ring
Lv 15 Bastokan Axe or Bastokan Scythe Bastokan Cap Bird Whistle, Chocobo Stables Teleport Equipment Bastokan Harness Phlegethon's Trousers Bastokan Leggings Warrior's Belt +1 Fasting Ring
Lv 16 Bone Pick Bone Mask +1 Bone Harness +1 Bone Subligar +1 - Bone Leggings +1
Lv 17 Monster Signa
Lv 18 Garrison Tunica Power Sandals Dhalmel Mantle Barbarian's Belt
Lv 19 Lantern Shield
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 20 Battleaxe Platoon Axe or Zaghnal Decurion's Shield Trump Crown Chocobo Whistle Royal Footman's Trousers
Lv 21 Beetle Mask +1 Spike Necklace Beetle Harness +1 Beetle Subligar +1 Beetle Mittens +1 Beetle Leggings +1 Night Cape Beetle Earring +1
Lv 22
Lv 23
Lv 24 Webcutter Emperor Hairpin, Empress Hairpin, Iron Mask Beast Whistle Chainmail Chain Hose Greaves or Winged Boots Nomad's Mantle Mythril Earrings and Reraise Earring
Lv 25 Tomahawk Bastokan Targe or Republic Targe Precision Bandana, Shade Tiara, Shade Tiara +1 Shade Harness, Shade Harness +1 Republic Subligar or Kingdom Trousers or Herder's Subligar, Shade Tights, Shade Tights +1 Shade Mittens, Shade Mittens +1 Shade Leggings, Shade Leggings +1 Carect Ring
Lv 26 Tigerhunter Dodge Headband
Lv 27 Frostreaper Flower Necklace Steam Scale Mail RSE Hands
Lv 28 Military Pick Wolf Mantle
Lv 29 RSE Boots Dodge Earrings
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 30 Garde Pick Brass Grip +1, Lizard Strap +1, Healer's Shield (if subbing WHM) Centurion's Visor Ajase Beads Mercenary Captain's Doublet, Centurion's Scale Mail Centurion's Cuisses Royal Squire's Mufflers, Combat Mittens (+1) Centurion's Greaves Fidelity Mantle, Nexus Cape Sarashi Healer's Earring, Genin Earring (if subbing NIN) Rajas Ring, Tamas Ring, Sattva Ring, Divisor Ring, Shikaree Ring
Lv 31 Targe Dhalmel Whistle RSE Pants
Lv 32 Warrior's Axe Aega's Doublet
Lv 33 Peacock Amulet, Peacock Charm RSE Body Gosha Sarashi
Lv 34 Venerer Ring
Lv 35 Mannequin Pumps Drone Earrings Jaeger Ring
Lv 36 Warp Cudgel Alluring Headband Loyalty Rings and Deft Ring
Lv 37
Lv 38 Minstrel's Dagger Survival Belt
Lv 39 De Saintre's Axe Dobson Bandanna Stone Gorget Blitz Ring
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 40 Barbaroi Axe, Combat Caster's Axe, Beluga Balance Buckler, Light Buckler Spelunker's Hat Star Pendant, Haraldr's Mufflers, Republican Silver Medal Royal Squire's Chainmail Royal Squire's Breeches Earth Mantle, Resentment Cape Corsette +1, Tilt Belt, Bugbear Cest Intruder Earring Woodsman Ring, Sniper's Ring, Vilma's Ring
Lv 41 Voyager Sallet, Rain Hat
Lv 42 Mythril Zaghnal Frog Trousers Casaba Melon Tank
Lv 43 Combat Caster's Axe +2 Valkyrie's Mask, Walkure Mask Gothic Gauntlets Gothic Sabatons Swordbelt
Lv 44 Powerful Rope, Headlong Belt
Lv 45 Viking Shield Luisant Salade, Iron Ram Helm Brigandine Armor, Luisant Haubert, Iron Ram Chainmail Luisant Brayettes, Iron Ram Breeches Luisant Moufles, Iron Ram Mufflers, Engineer's Gloves Luisant Sollerets, Iron Ram Sollerets Vanguard Belt Astral Earring
Lv 46 Mandibular Sickle
Lv 47 Falcastra Jaguar Mantle
Lv 48 Viking Axe Life Belt
Lv 49 Mana Earring

Heims Earring

Ecphoria Ring, Kshama Ring No. 6
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 50 Sentinel Shield Gold Hairpin, Crow Beret, Raven Beret, Storm Zucchetto, Storm Turban Storm Gorget, Storm Muffler, Storm Torque Gaudy Harness, Crow Jupon, Raven Jupon Darksteel Codpiece, Crow Hose, Raven Hose, Ophiuchus Subligar Royal Knight's Mufflers, Crow Bracers, Raven Bracers, Storm Manopolas, Storm Gages Royal Knight's Sollerets, Crow Gaiters, Raven Gaiters, Storm Gambieras, Storm Crackows Storm Mantle Royal Knight's Belt, RSE HP Belt, Swift Belt, Storm Belt Antivenom Earring, Storm Loop, Storm Earring Tamer's Ring, Ulthalam's Ring, Balrahn's Ring, Trooper's Ring, Storm Ring, Imperial Ring
Lv 51 Apollo's Staff or Light Staff and Dark Staff, Elemental Staves Gaia Mantle Horizon Ring, Serket Ring
Lv 52 Gaia Doublet Beast Gaiters Melody Earring +1
Lv 53
Lv 54 Beast Gloves Virtuoso Belt Moon Rings
Lv 55 Royal Guard's Collar Royal Knight's Chainmail, Jaridah Peti Royal Knight's Breeches Hi-Potion Tank, Hi-Ether Tank, Republican Army Mantle, Royal Army Mantle, Federal Army Mantle Speed Belt, Velocious Belt Spike Earrings, RSE Earring
Lv 56 Wrath Tabar Beast Helm Reraise Gorget
Lv 57 Scorpion Harness
Lv 58 Beast Jackcoat Sand Gloves Grace Corset, Master Belt Assault Earring
Lv 59 Kabrakan's Axe Darksteel Buckler Abtal Turban, Zeal Cap, Zeal Cap +1 Star Necklace Haubergeon Abtal Dastanas Peiste Belt, Peiste Belt +1
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 60 Tungi, Sirocco Axe Bugard Strap +1 Reraise Hairpin, Patroclus's Helm Chivalrous Chain, Shepherd's Chain, Mercenary Major Charm Beast Trousers Trainer's Wristbands Bushido Cape, Fourth Mantle Potent Belt, Lieutenant's Sash Dominion Ring, Gold Musketeer's Ring, Grand Knight's Ring, Patriarch Protector's Ring, Royal Knight Sigil Ring
Lv 61 Amemet Mantle/Amemet Mantle +1 Pacifist Ring, Vivian Ring
Lv 62 A l'Outrance Shadow Mask Luna Subligar RSE2 RSE2
Lv 63 Fransisca, Kraken Club, Octave Club
Lv 64 Diana Corona, Frenzy Sallet Lyricist's Gonnelle
Lv 65 Darksteel Tabar Wivre Mask, Opo-opo Crown, Presidential Hairpin Republican Gold Medal, Grand Temple Knight's Collar, Windurstian Scarf, Lieutenant's Gorget Praefectus's Gloves, Master Caster's Mitts
Lv 66
Lv 67 Assault Jerkin Rutter Sabatons
Lv 68 Nadziak, Acha d'Armas Celata, Fourth Haube, Curate's Hat Fourth Division Brunne Fourth Schoss Thick Mufflers, Fourth Hentzes Thick Sollerets, Fourth Schuhs
Lv 69 Lohar, Fendoir Hauberk Thick Breeches
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 70 King Maker, Juggernaut, Rune Axe Storm Shield Ogre Mask, Optical Hat, Breeder Mask, Volunteer's Khud, Maat's Cap, Hydra Tiara Ritter Gorget, Morgana's Choker Hydra Harness Exorcist Hose, Tracker's Kecks, Hydra Tights Ogre Gloves, Trainer's Gloves, Beast Bazubands, Breeder Mufflers, Hydra Mittens Ogre Ledelsens, Volunteer's Nails, Hydra Spats Boxer's Mantle, Lieutenant's Cape Monster Belt, Selemnus Belt, RSE HP Sash Tamer's Earring Blood Ring
Lv 71 Tabarzin, Iron Ram Pick Bison Warbonnet, Monster Helm, Khimaira Bonnet, Gnadbhod's Helm Avalon Breastplate, Zahak's Mail, Bison Jacket, Khimaira Jacket Bison Kecks, Khimaira Kecks, Khimaira Wristbands, Bison Wristbands, Khimaira Gamashes, Bison Gamashes Forager's Mantle Warwolf Belt
Lv 72 Woodville's Axe, Leopard Axe, Retributor Tatami Shield, Pallas's Shield Panther Mask, Pahluwan Qalansuwa Soil Gorget Dusk Jerkin, Monster Jackcoat, Pahluwan Khazagand Pahluwan Seraweels Pahluwan Dastanas, Dusk Gloves(+1) Pahluwan Crackows, Dance Shoes,
Dusk Ledelsens(+1),Aurum Sabatons
Cuchulain's Belt Beastly Earring, Suppanomimi, Ethereal Earring Angel's Ring, Ruby Ring
Lv 73 Maneater, Temperance Axe, Lex Talionis Adaman Celata, Hecatomb Cap Zoolater Hat Temperance Torque Adaman Hauberk Monster Trousers Adaman Mufflers Commander's Cape
Lv 74 Suzaku's Scythe, Zoraal Ja's Axe, Lion Tamer Reign Grip Bst. Helm +1 Bst. Jackcoat +1 Bst. Trousers +1 Bst. Gloves +1 Bst. Gaiters +1, Monster Gaiters Cuchulain's Mantle, Light Ring, Flame Ring, Dark Ring
Lv 75 Guttler, Aymur, Sirius Axe, Bonebiter, Punisher, Skeggiold Walahra Turban, Wyvern Helm( +1), Askar Zucchetto, Monster Helm +1, Flawless Ribbon, Spurrer Beret, Anwig Salade Orochi Nodowa, Orochi Nodowa +1 Kirin's Osode, Askar Korazin, Mirke Wardecors, Skadi's Cuirie Byakko's Haidate, Askar Dirs, Skadi's Chausses, Desultor Tassets Monster Gloves, Seiryu's Kote, Askar Manopolas Askar Gambieras, Skadi's Jambeaux Cerberus Mantle, Cerberus Mantle +1 Ninurta's Sash Brutal Earring, Delta Earring Iota Ring, Omega Ring
Lv 76 Susurrus Sabatons Belenos' mantle
Lv 77 Glyph Axe Ost Cerveliere
Lv 78 Aurore Beret, Perle Salade, Ryoshi Hachimaki Praecis Gorget Aurore Doublet, Perle Hauberk Aurore Brais, Perle Brayettes Aurore Gloves, Perle Moufles Aurore Gaiters, Perle Sollerets
Lv 79 Tumbler Trunks
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings
Lv 80 Farsha Guichard's Axe Richardet's Axe Ferine Mantle Aristo Belt Apollo's Ring
Lv 99 Eminent Axe Aalak' Axe +1 Outrider Mail Ferine Quijotes +2 Espial Bracers Outrider Greaves