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Beastmasters can solo throughout their entire career, but they can also duo or trio with other Beastmasters. There are several benefits for teaming up, which include but are not limited to; an increase in kill speed, an increase in the potential level range of prey, an increase in safety due to your partner covering your back, and an increase in general enjoyment of playing. The most important aspect of team play, especially for Beastmasters, is communication with your partner, less you both end up in a bad situation. The best time to start duoing is level 35 when the Leave pet command is learned. I will leave levels 1-35 blank for now unless someone else would like to add to it.

Levels 35-75

Levels Area Pets Prey Additional Info
35-42 Eastern Altepa Desert

Giant Spider
Sand Beetle
Desert Dhalmel

Sand Beetle
Desert Dhalmel

You may have to compete with parties for mobs at the Western Altepa Desert entrance area, but if there aren't any parties there, that would be the best spot. If you happen to get that camp be prepared to move when a party shows up -_-;; .If you keep going south of the Korroloka Tunnel entrance, you can find some dhalmels and beetles that usually are free for the killing. Do spiders vs beetles until the EM beetles show up, then you can do beetles vs beetles/dhalmels. At 39, EM dhalmels will appear and you can use those to fight stronger dhalmel.

40-47 Western Altepa Desert

Desert Spider
Desert Dhalmel
Desert Beetle

Desert Dhalmel
Desert Beetle
Antica (Tier 5)

Pretty much the same concept as Eastern. Take note that the beetles on this side of the desert are stronger than the ones on the Eastern side. Beetles spawn at the large mountain near the center of the desert. The other pets spawn all over.

44-46 Yhoator Jungle

Worker Crawler

Master Coeurl

The exp here for the first few levels is great. I must say, this was one of my favorite duoing areas. I enjoyed it so much I came back to it when Level Sync came out. Just get a teleport out to the jungle and you're at camp. Charm the crawlers around and fight the coeurls. They tend to use the blaster move a lot which causes bad paralysis. I recommend that whenever a pet is paralyzed, to release it and grab another while the other bst pet tanks the coeurl. A Goblin digger will roam through the area every now and then. I recommend killing it, so that it doesn't catch you off guard.

45-48 Labyrinth of Onzozo

Labyrinth Leech

Goblins (Tier 5)

Not too far into the zone, you will see your pets in a hallway between two rooms. This will be your camp. Use the leeches to pull any of the mobs you see.
45-49 Rolanberry Fields (S)

Poison Leech

Berry Grub

Leeches spawn around the lakes at E-9, there are Scabrous Slugs that roam the same area that will aggro to sound, so take care when grabbing pets...but they're pretty easy to avoid. The Berry Grubs are just to the Northwest on the "middle" and "lower" levels of the fenced in area. Take care not to link the crawlers (they're non-aggressive), but other then one Goblin Skirmisher that paths towards the "top" of the area, the place is pretty much wide open. Bats spawn at night, also non-aggressive, checked as Easy Prey to a 48 so may or may not be a viable pet depending on when you come here. Prey are T-VT at 48.
45-51 East Ronfaure (S)



Have both BSTs sub SCH or RDM for nukes (BLM is doable, but no healing magic is risky). If you use the warp from your city, you will see ladybugs and colibri around. Most of the Djinn spawn to the South of the spot where you zone in. Use Wide Scan to find them if need be. Send both pets after the Djinn. When it gets to around 94% health, start casting nukes on it of the same day (Firesday = Fire, Watersday = Water, etc). After 2 nukes it should use a TP move and might use Nocturnal Combustion (Self-Destruct). Rinse and repeat and don't forget Sigil with Refresh. GREAT EXP~

48-54 Crawler's Nest

Soldier Crawler
Witch Hazel
Blazer Beetle

Blazer Beetle
Rumble Crawler

If not a lot of parties present, then go to the area with the Secret Room. I also think if you go down the other tunnel that leads to the majority of the coffer spawns you can also find some prey there, but I always stayed in the Secret Room area. Be careful of links and aggro here. This is a relatively easy place to exp at as long as there are not so many parties around stealing your mobs.

53-59 Garlaige Citadel

Funnel Bats
Chamber Beetle

Chamber Beetle
Fallen Mage
Fallen Major
Magic Jug

Go to the basement of the Garlaige Citadel by dropping through one of the holes in the floor (may want to sneak and invis before dropping). In the back corner of the basement is a room with some undead and a hellmine in all 4 corners. 2 BSTs w/ bats can kill the hellmines with ease. Recommended that you do NOT engage the bombs and keep a good distance from your pets due to self-destruct. The bomb EXP here is amazing as long as there aren't too many parties here taking all your pets. You can kill the other mobs listed while waiting for more pops.

55-58 Labyrinth of Onzozo

Flying Manta

Flying Manta
Goblins (Tier 6)

At around the G-7 area of the Labyrinth, you will find your pets and prey. Be careful about meleeing the mantas as they use some pretty powerful AoE TP moves. Other than that, this is a pretty nice exp area.

58-60 Quicksand Caves

Sand Lizard

Antica (Tier 7)

Enter the Quicksand Caves from the D-12 entrance in Western Altepa Desert. Not too far in, you will see your pets and prey. The lizards do not aggro, but do link. The Triarius (WAR) are the hardest ones to kill because they hit incredibly hard. When fighting PLD mobs, I would suggest that both BSTs store their TP. When the PLD gets down to about 20% life, it will start spamming Cure IV making the fights last a lot longer. When he starts casting, alternate using Smash Axe to stun it. You shouldn't have any trouble with the other Ants. Exp here is very good and easy to get.

58-62 Uleguerand Range

Variable Hare

Uleguerand Tiger
Cwn Annwn

Camp near the tunnel entry at H-11,u must convert the rabbits there, tigers link so it's better to pull them to that spot.At 60 you should camp down the ramp in E-9 or G-11,pull Buffalos to ramp and help your rabbits a bit with damage.Chain will go down a bit, but exp will be decent.

60-64 The Boyahda Tree

Death Cap
Bark Spider

Moss Eater
Knight Crawler
Robber Crab

Convert the spiders and caps in J-10 and have fun,pull mobs to the entrance of I-10 tunnel. Crawlers and rabbits link so take care; avoid Mourioches, they link so easily and have Dream Flower aswell. Decent pets at 62 though if you manage to get one.

61-64 Caedarva Mire

Treant Sapling
Caedarva Leech

Marsh Murre
Orderly Imp

Go to Nashmau either using the Azouph Isle Runic Portal or by taking the boat from Whitegate. Exit Nashmau from the left. As soon as you zone into the Mire you are in your leveling area. Convert the Saplings to EM. There are 4 saplings total. 2 are right outside of Nashmau and 2 spawn a little further in. The lowest level they spawn is 61, so at 61 it may take a few tries to get some EMs. Use the Saplings to fight the Marsh Murre. They should be able to defeat the birds extremely fast for some easy/good exp.

64-67 Wajaom Woodlands

Aht Urhgan Attercop
Worker Pephredo
Soldier Pephredo


If you go to (H-12), you will find a great camp with plenty of pets and around 4 Puks. By time you get done killing the 4th puk, the 1st one has spawned again. You can try converting the spiders to EM, but you should be able to use T's just as well for maybe a slight EXP decrease depending on how T it actually is.You can also camp at (H-11) and (G-11) aswell using decent challenge bees,you will have to help them with damage though.

64-67 Vunkerl Inlet (S)

Robber Crab
Stygian Pugil

Ignis Djinn

Camp is in the pass at (F-10). You need at least 1 /rdm, or /sch or /blm. Djinn Hunting just like in East Ronfaure (S). There are 8 Djinn to the west. You need snk/inviz for every pull, as there are orcs and treants tightly around the Ignis Djinn. You will mainly use Robber crab for pets, but Pugils can be used also if you can find an EM or lower. Pets are all to the EAST of camp. Crabs work better w/ higher defense. You can chain up to 5 rather regularly for some very nice exp. Chaining higher is possible, but challenging for duo. (only did it once, myself)For those who did not read about hunting Djinn, only pets engage. Then nuke with low level elemental magic matching the day. This gives Ignis Djinn 100% TP and enables it to use Nocturnal Combustion. Be very careful about drawing hate. Nocturnal Combustion WILL one-shot you. During the day it usually does around 2k damage; at night more like 5k. For chaining, I recommend engaging with 1 pet only until first pet is down to around 30% health. If Ignis djinn does not explode by then send in 2nd pet to build hate before the first 1 dies. If Ignis Djinn explodes first, you can pull faster. Nuke fast and low mp/damage. Be watchful of day change. I was able to duo 10k/hour here with no ring with skillful partner.

66-69 Bhaflau Thickets

Treant Sapling

Olden Treant

Head out into the thickets from Al Zahbi and head to F-6/F-7 area. You will find a spot with 4 saplings and a treant. Convert the saplings to EM (their lowest level is 66, so at 66 it may take a few tries). Right behind that area you will find your colibri which all con VT at 66 giving excellent Exp. You can also fight treants, but I would suggest starting a chain with them because they take a little longer to kill than birds.

66-70 Cape Teriggan
Sand Lizard, Velociraptor
Sand Cockatrice

G-7 on the map close to where WSNM for Empyreal Arrow is spawned. there is 3-4 Sand Lizards there, as well as plenty of Velociraptors. Lizzards checks as decent challenge at 66, raptors checks from even match to tough. it takes about 3 lizzards to take out a Sand Cockatrice, or 2 even match raptors. Avoid Tough raptors since they can be really hard to re charm if they un charm. There's also a Goblin Alchemist spawning in the same area as your lizzard pets, he will check as decent challenge to even match, but it can end bad if he aggro during the fight with the Sand Cockatrice. Kill him off when he spawns, and keep your eye open. At 67 more of the raptors will check as even match, and they will also be your main pet at that point. When fighting, stand behind the mob to avoid beeing petrified, if pet gets petrifies just let it go and charm a new one.

Note: Since Fields of Valor was added, this camp has become almost impossible to work due to pets being killed off by L75s.

69-72 Caedarva Mire

Wild Karakul
Oil Slick

Heraldic Imp

Your camp is as high as you can go (elevation) at J-8, Map one of Caedarva Mire. There are two Oil Slick in the swamp to the west and lots of Wild Karakul to the south for pets. Your main prey is Heraldic Imp, with the odd Jnun to keep experience chain 4 or 5 going. Do not engage the imps! Let your pet do all the work. Area is heavily camped by regular parties.

76+ Caedarva Mire

Crafty Clyvonne

Heraldic Imp

The main Caedarva Mire camp for 67 parties out side of the Mamool Ja Staging PointVerification Needed. Use any of the 76 jugs but Crafty Clyvonne seems to decimate imps and has a handy silence move Chaotic Eye . Easy chain 5 to 6 even when 1 to 2 other parties present. 10k/hour rate at a level 76 duo.

76+ Xarcabard (S)

Crafty Clyvonne

Ruly Imp

The main camp the Xarcabard (S) zone is north of the transport site. It is were the Vahzl Gate Crystal is located in the present around H-8. There is another camp located behind the Fortification at G-8. Use any of the 76 jugs but Crafty Clyvonne seems to decimate imps and has a handy silence move Chaotic Eye . Easy chain 5 to 6 even with the occasional Demon agro. When demons agro the puller, have 1 bst toss jug on demon, then on the imp. Take the imp down as fast as you can. Then the demon. Melee with the jugs. Amnesia lasts 1 min max. usually 45 seconds, sometimes 30. Not a factor unless you have a demon pounding on you. Side note: The dragon in the sky, Greater Amphiptere can be killed by two lvl 77 bst masters. Took 2 pets each, but a fun fight. 10k/hour rate at a level 76 duo. At 77 Exp rate dropped to 7.5k/hour in a duo. Still better than some of the options out there

Work in progress. Add more if you know of some good camps.

  • Level 75 BST duo or solo goobues at the top of the boyahda tree charming black mandies (this is only a dou or solo camp as there is not enough exp /hour with larger parties to add it to this list, although it looks like the darter area with the leeches may make it on here unless boyada tree is capped at 75.