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Behaumuts Beastiary of Vana'Diel

I've yet to find any thread such as this floating about the BST forums so I decided to make a guide to the monsters of Vana'diel to aid any aspiring beastmasters in their leveling. This will be a compilation of Charmable mobs, dictating their Weapon Skills and the basic stats of the mob.

Now that I have been forced to quit the game I am not planning to finish this list but i do encourage BSTs to post their information on mobs, hopefully we can make a complete list. Once enough new material has been gathered I (or someone else) will compile this into a complete list of mobs.


Antlions are separated into two AI behavioral categories: Hunter and Pit.

Hunter: Found wandering Attohwa Chasm only, wander about slowly and are easily spotted from far away. Will agro depending on type.

Pit: These bad boys hide in the ground (as I found out while watching a Tiamat battle) and will spring a move on you called Pit Ambush which hits like a truck. When they are hidden in the ground underneath cracks in the ground in the west side of the Chasm. They apparently cast a shadow that you can see if your paying attention but i am unsure if they appear on wide scan while burrowed.

Battle information: Fast attacking mob with good attack, ridiculous amounts of HP and decent defense, all and all a good pet. Has some decent weapon skills.

Considered Vermin therefore is weak to lizards and is strong to plantoids. In my experience they have no real charm resistance, about the resistance of a typical bunny or tiger. Detects Sound. Has HUGE HP pool. Can hide in the cracks in Attohwa Chasm.

Weapon Skills

Pit Ambush: High damage melee attack requiring no tp to perform but is only used when a Pit type Antlion ambushes you from its hiding place. (DC Trench Antlion hit a 73 pld in full Adaman for 400dmg).

Venom Spray: Poison directional AoE attack that inflicts a 15hp/tick poison. Nice WS to pull off at beginning of battle. Most probably will be your doom if it lands on you when you're out of mp so carry about some antidotes.

Sandstorm: An AoE non damaging move that blinds everyone in its AoE. It also happens to strip shadows, since this is an AoE be careful when using sic so you don't aggro other mobs.

Sand Spit: Directional AoE blinding attack much like a leeches Sand Breath attack.

I believe these have 2 more Tp attacks that will be added in my next update.


Bats are separated into two categories as well; the smaller "Tri-bats" and the larger "Big Bat". The bats tp moves also change when in CoP areas like Uleguerand Range.

Big Bat: Big bats are the larger version of the two bat types and has a separate set of TP moves to the Tri-bats.

Tri-Bats: The tri-bats are 3 smaller big bats moving together in a unit and have separate TP moves from Big Bats.

Battle Information: Bats usually are linking(very few places like Behemoth's Dominion have non-linking bats) and Bats will link with any other mob in the Bat family. Big bats are a low attack high defense mob while tri-bats are low attack and low defense and are weak to piercing damage. Bats deal blunt damage therefore making them excel at killing undead and pots. Will aggro depending on area. Big bats are a decent pet but tri-bats can be pretty useless unless the target is weak to blunt damage.

Considered Birds therefore are weak to amorphs and are strong against aquans(keep in mind they also do very well against skeletons). Easily charmed(dark type mob therefore weak to light based attacks like charm). Detects sound and links in most areas. Do blunt damage. Weak to piercing.

Weapon Skills

Big Bat Big bats have some useful TP moves but it will AoE half of the time causing some dangerous situations for your pet.

Blood Drain: Single target, drains a small amount of hp from the targeted mob to the bat. Ineffective on Pots undead etc.(use common sense). Can be dangerous if you're finishing a mob and it drains your health.

Marrow Drain: Only used in CoP areas, this is a single target mp drain move. Can be irritating if it hits you while /whm or /rdm but it is typically a waste of a weapon skill.

Ultrasonics: AoE no damage Evasion down, great move for when your finishing the mob but the AoE causes many adds if used in the wrong situation. While beasts don't have the best EVA, BST/NIN's with an EVA focus should be wary of this.

Subsonics: Only uses in CoP, this is an AoE attack like Ultrasonics but is defense down instead of evasion down. If this move is used on your pet it will quickly turn the battle in the enemies favor because your pet will begin taking around 20 extra damage a round. Since its an AoE use caution while using sic with the CoP bats but is a very effective move when used correctly.

Tri-Bats Like the big bats these bats will AoE half of the time but have the famous jet stream to make up for their weak attack and defense which was unfortunately nerfed(o ya i said it) in the ranger update.

Sonic Boom: AoE no damage attack down move that reduces attack by 25%. Useful to have on an enemy but it tends to miss higher level mobs and draws attention to your pet like most AoE (Ever use Acid mist while surrounded by leeches? lol). 25% attack down is irritating but not crippling to the BST receiving it but will slow down your killing in the fights while the effect remains.

Jet Stream: The notorious Jet Stream which was cruelly ripped from us during a update. Jet Stream is considered a Ranged attack so is affected much like a ranger on the distance from the mob. The attack is a 3 hit weapon skill that typically criticals and can hit for lows (8 damage on a Goblin's Leech >.<) or incredible highs that level a mob. Even though jet stream was weakened when finishing a jet stream can take a good chunk of a BST's hp in one hit making these mobs a little dangerous to exp on.


Slow floating Bees drop items used in alchemy and cooking making leveling on them slightly profitable. Tend to come in two graphical skins, the Bumblebee skin and Wasp skin but both have identical moves.

Battle Information: Bee's have a dangerous tendency to link making exping on them somewhat dangerous, and by no means should a regular party attempt to take these little buggers on. These mobs have 2 dangerous weapon skills Final Sting and Pollen which can make a fight go in your favor or end your life. I have found Bees to have high attack but low STR(large damage curve) and are weak to piercing. Pollen tends to cause extremely long fights ruining chains and Final sting ends the battle causing these guys to be very fickle prey. Final Sting tends to make people shy away from these as pets because it essentially forces you to not use sic unless you don't care about your pet dieing. *note* Bees are a mob that are often farmed, therefore you may find your pet has *disappeared* at an inconvenient time or you run short of prey. Keep in mind that the way a bee agros can change from different level ranges in specific areas, Bee's in CN will aggro on sight or sound depending upon what level they are and what type of bee they are.

Vermin Family therefore weak to Lizards and strong against plantoids. Normal charm resistance. Detects Sight or sound depending on area. Tracks by Scent. Weak to piercing.

Weapon Skills

Final Sting: Suicide single target move that does damage equal to the bees remaining health to the target. This move often prevents you from using the TP on your pet because of its self destructing nature. When prey use this on your PET its wonderful because it gives you enough time to hit leave(if u have it) and get full exp from a mob that you didn't work very hard to kill. This move basically WILL kill you if you unluckily pull hate the moment the bee uses it so be careful when battling these evil yellow fiends.

Sharp Sting: Single target low accuracy attack which has always done mediocre damage to me in the past. Nothing great, at higher levels I've never actually been hit by this move so I'm unsure the nature of the damage. I wouldn't worry too much about this move.

Pollen(OMG!!!): Most irritating move in the world... basically allows the bee to heal an ungodly amount of hp making you lose your chain. At higher levels the bees begin to heal over 800hp a shot depending on tp. When finishing a bee without your pet if you see the bee ready this just re-charm your pet or your not gonna make it out of this one alive. It's alright when your pet does it, 400 hp is nice but u have to kill quickly to chain; not outlast your enemy in a grudge match of pollination.


Beetles are found in most areas of the game and are generally the main target of exp parties which can sometimes make them rather scarce. I must stress on this that if you are exping by parties in an area like Altepa try to use beetles that partys dont exp on or your hurting their exp *note* NPC lvlers tend to kill beetles to exp their NPC's and often can be very rude about invading your leveling area and killing your pets. Be aware that when in Altepa the NPCers may not know much about BSTs so be patient with them and when they kill off your half healed pet they are just ignorant of BST's.

NOTE: You are entitled to XP. Although there are 6 people in a party, they are each spending the same amount of time, personally. If a party comes to camp on your camp, sooner or later this will happen, dont just leave without a fight just because their XP is greater as your gonna get walked all over.

Battle Information: Beetles high defense can cause battles to be drawn out and long and generally their weapon skills have something to be desired("Spoil...yay") but they have relatively low attack making battling rather safe but have High defense which can pose some problems finishing. Beetles always link but are dumb...very dumb...and sometimes even if you make a stupid move they wont link on you keeping you safe and sound. Elementary pulling is all that is needed to avoid linking these guys. Beetles are a High STR low Attack mob so they will hit quite consistently with no surprise spikes in damage besides the odd critical. Has one AoE TP move but it doesn't come up too much so its not that big a deal.

Vermin Family therefore is weak to lizards and strong to Plantoids. Normal charm resistance. Detects Sight and pursues by scent. Weak to piercing. Has mp but no spells. High evasion and defense.

Weapon Skills

Spoil: Single target no damage STR down move reducing the targets STR by -11 which slowly recovers over time. Decreases the damage the mob does by a bit but not all that useful, helpful for when your finishing.

Hi-Frequency Field: AoE no damage Evasion down, quite useful for those pesky High Evasion mobs and makes finishing a lot safer. On the downside the AoE attracts unwanted attention to your pet causing its health to drop rather rapidly -.-'. When used on the BST finishing becomes slightly more dangerous but nothing that a good rampage to the face won't cure.

Power Attack: Generic damaging weaponskill, nothing too fancy. Not great for you, not great for the enemy, kinda a tp waster if u ask me.

Rhino Attack: "Power Attack 2000" Essentially Power Attack on steroids but those steroids only cause knock back. Same as Power Attack but will interrupt your/enemies spells, can be useful if you get lucky. Typically slightly more powerful than Power attack.

Rhino Guard: Only truly dangerous WS beetles posses. Increases the evasion of the beetle making it much harder to finish much like a goblin THF. Dangerous for enemy to use but when your pet uses it the pet will be able to hold hate better because it is taking less damage. Keep an eye out for this move but its usually not deadly.


The small red and black birds that wander Vana'diel are more dangerous then they look with weapon skills that occasionally change based upon area. Often birds names will reflect upon Ancient Egyptian religion with names such as "Ba" and "Akbaba" or humorous names like "Jubjub"(dear lord i hope that's not Egyptian).

Battle Information: The smaller birds can be somewhat more dangerous then their appearance displays but are generally a very average mob. Birds will link but not very often and have some nice TP moves. I have never experienced a small bird that agros. Birds are a sound linking monster which typically will hit a bit harder than a normal mob with average defense. I personally enjoy all the TP moves birds perform because even though many of them aren't spectacular birds will ALWAYS do a damaging weapon skill with none of them being AoE making them a safe pet that always uses a solid weapon skill.

The bird family is weak to Amorphs and is strong to Aquans. Normal charm resistance. Detects sound non-agro. Weak to peircing. Above Average Attack.

Weapon Skills

Wing Cutter: A magical AoE wind attack which does damage typically on par with helldive and Broadside Barrage. Very nice weaponskill to pull off on mobs with high defense or that have just used a defense buff.

Helldive: A quite damaging Knockback attack with slightly below average accuracy. This is the one weaponskill that will tend to end my life when fighting Birds so extra caution should be noted while finishing.

Broadside Barrage: Black mages would love you if you could somehow manage to use this skill in an exp party but i don't see many conceivable ways of that happening. This move is a single target damage move that causes MND and INT down(-11 if i recall correctly) that is recovered slowly over time. The mind down can hamper your curative capabilities while finishing but its not very crippling. This weapon skill is found ONLY in Bibiki bay, no where else so ignore this section if your encountering birds in another area.

Blindside Barrage: I have never been hit by this maneuver but i assume it is a single target damaging stat down move much like Broadside Barrage. According to mysterytour it is either a STR or VIT down move most probably giving -11 to the stat. More information will be added on this later.


Coeurl's along with funguars are the masters of status effects, catlike in appearance and will always be aggressors. Reminiscent of other FF games but have no spellcasting abilities like in some of the others(excluding NM's).

Battle Information: As i stated above Coeurl's have very nasty status effects that can make soloing them very dangerous. I personally make a policy to never attempt Coeurls solo because a badly placed paralyze or silence will spell the end of any bst. Although Coeurl's have relatively average attack and defense battles with them can be long and drawn out if you maintain a pet that is affected with their incredible paralysis. Average pet with AWESOME weapon skills especially if your fighting casters. When fighting non-casters every second sic will be a waste of tp but it is more than made up for with blaster. When battling Coeurls stagger yourself from your pets and partners to avoid collateral from gaze attacks.

Considered a Beast therefore weak to Plantoids and strong to lizards. Slightly resistant to charm IMO because of their status effect oriented nature. Detects sight and always an aggressor. Fast moving. Dangerous Weapon skills.

Blaster: A powerful non-damaging gaze attack that induces a powerful paralyze on targets in a DoE in front of them that are facing them. Blaster is wasted if the target has their back to the Coeurl which is a good thing to note if u happen to pull hate. This paralyze will often even up the odds when fighting a strong mob and is very helpful to negate damage taken while finishing. Unfortunately if you get hit by this paralyze it can take several attempts to cast paralyna (i certainly hope you're /whm O.o) and will make finishing very dangerous for you(remember when your paralyzed JA's and Pet abilities can be canceled out reseting their recast timer; very bad for mischarms and links).

Chaotic Eye: A simple non-damaging silence that hits in a gaze radius much like blaster. When this hits your pet its a lovely thing but when it strikes you it can be a nuisance. Very useful for killing casters but useless against most mobs. Carry around a few echo drops when battling Coeurls just in case.


Crabs are one of the most defensive mobs in the game which are often safer to fight solo than in a larger group. Although they look like pushovers and parties consider them good prey do not underestimate them, their TP moves can end you if you attempt to finish when they are buffed.

Battle Information: Crabs are the only charmable mob in the game that is actually considered a PLD class. This causes them get defense bonus traits at 10, 30, 50 and 70 and to have above average HP. The sleep resistance traits they gain typically only effects party situations and isn't important enough for you to worry about. Crabs will always do blunt damage (I’m unsure about this) and have equal resistance to all types of weapons damage. Crabs typically don’t do much damage a hit but will outlast the opponent with superior hp and defense. The weapon skills crabs have can be some of the most dangerous in the game and can be handy in solo situations when you want your pet to tank. One of the very few pets that doesn't have double attack. Often a bad target for a beastmaster. /RDM is recommended past 64 so you can dispel the crab’s buffs.

Considered an aquan therefore weak to birds and strong to Amorphs. Low charm resistance. Paladin type mob without double attack. Detects sound. Will agro and links depending on area. Very high defense low attack. Has MP but no spells.

Scissor Guard: Probably the strongest move that a crab can do, a powerful self buff that increases the crab’s defense. This obviously makes the crab take less damage so if an enemy uses it your pet will be unable to maintain hate off you. When this occurs meleeing can be quite dangerous because of the hate problems caused by your pet doing less damage than the enemy. When your pet uses this hate is managed far better and typically will ensure victory if it’s used early enough in a battle (within reason). When finishing a buff of this type can actually cause you to do 0 damage a hit especially when fighting VT++ and IT's making it inadvisable that u leave your pet and try to finish the crab alone if it also has used metallic body recently.

Bubble Curtain: Another self buff that merely casts shell on the crab. Can be useful if your pet is fighting casters but probably won't hurt you at all if you’re soloing or parting with other BSTs. Typically a waste of TP.

Bubble Shower: An AoE STR down that causes very minor water damage. Usually causes about -11 STR which will create problems if Scissor guard is also up. The STR down will gradually reduce and is one of the less dangerous weaponskills. Unfortunately because of the AoE nature of this skill it can be an agro magnet to your pet which will force you to find a new one.

Metallic Body: A self buffing stoneskin that typically provides stoneskin to resist one or two hits. If used at a bad time while finishing it can eat up your weaponskill making finishing rather dangerous. When combined with Scissor Guard this move is very powerful but alone isn't too troubling.

Big Scissors: A single target (double hit?) weaponskill causing decent damage. One of the safer TP moves used by Crabs. Merely a basic damage attack; nothing to write home about.


The big mushy sacks of goo that can be found in most of the warmer areas of Vana'diel. One of the more "linktastic" mobs in the game, you will often find parties leveling on these things when they can making them difficult to use as pets/prey in certain areas.

Battle Information: Crawlers have a tendency to be a low damage high defense type of mob making them far more difficult to kill than people realize when your soloing. Their high defense tends to make hate rather sketchy and makes fights long and drawn out IMO. The weapon skills of crawlers are not the most dangerous but poison breath is irritating when it strikes pets and Cocoon makes it nearly impossible for your pet to hold hate and for you to finish in safety. Crawlers have a tendency to link a lot and will link no matter the zone your in. The higher level crawlers will aggro which can create some very deadly linking situations if your not careful. When battling Crawlers make sure you stand in a place where you will not get hit with DoE attacks and you have antidotes ready for emergencies at lower levels. *note* Crawlers are a farming mob so be prepared for someone to come allong and kill your pet's/prey.

Considered Vermin therefore weak to lizards and strong to plantoids. Above average charm resistance but not like an opo-opo or mandragora. Always linking and often will agro at higher levels. Has MP but no spells. Detects sound and pursues by Scent. High defense and low attack.

Poison Breath: A DoE (water based?) damaging poison attack. Hits for roughly 2x regular melee damage and will prevent your pets from healing for its duration making it an irritating WS. When used by your pet it typically does decent damage but the poison isn't exactly spectacular at 1hp/3sec. The DoE will hit other mobs if your not careful and you should make a point to fight opposite from your pet so you don't get hit with DoE.

Sticky Thread: A non-damaging DoE slow. This slow isn't terribly powerful and shouldn't cause you or your pet too many problems. Since it is a DoE fight on other side from your pet and make shure you use your Sics at intelligent times.

Cocoon: A powerful self buff very similar to Scissor Guard. The Crawler gets a large defense boost making hate very setchy if it is used by the enemy or hate quite solid if used by your pet. By far the most dangerous TP move used by crawlers which can force you to prematurely swap pets or make it difficult to finish.


The large Giraffe-like Dhalmels wander about Vana'diel on the Eastern continent and in Altepa. Possibly one of the best pets and an incredible support pet when used in a regular party situation (Berserk will pull hate off the tank with ease along with healing breeze. Thankfully no mp is used when curing these big mammals).

Battle Information: Dhalmels are some of the oddest mobs to fight in the game IMO, typically having your target locked on makes your vision go all screwy and makes seeing incoming links/agro difficult. Another thing to keep in mind while fighting Dhalmels is that they will either die incredibly quickly or frustrate the crap out of you. Dhalmels are quite volitile prey but typically give very nice exp, I personally enjoy exping on them. Dhalmels never agro but will always link by sight and have some very nice and frustrating TP moves. Dhalmels have low defense, a large hp pool and above average attack.

Considered a Beast therefore weak to Plantoids and strong to lizards. Little to no charm resistance. Links by sight and pursues by scent.

Healing Breeze: An AoE healing move that replenishes large amounts of HP to all members in the area of effect. This is one of the most powerful moves a pet can perform for you or against you which can make or break a battle for your pet. Enemies often will spam this move making killing dhalmels frustrating. Try to time your sics for when your and your pet is damaged and when fighting dhalmels try to avoid building too much hate encase you have to pet swap.

Berserk: A self buff that generally doubles the pets damage output but also multiplies the damage the pet takes by two. This allows for quick kills but is typically undesirable for your pet to use. Be wary of finishing when berserk is up because you can be leveled quite quickly if things don't go in your favor.

Stomping: A powerful single target attack(multi-hit?) that typically does 1 1/2 to 3 times the damage of a regular attack. While it is not the most useful weaponskill of the dhalmel it can seriously harm you if you are on the wrong end of a Stomping. Ninjas in Bibiki can tell you the problems with taking a berserked Stomping.

Sonic Wave: This gaze attack reduces the defense of its target by 50%. Since its an enfeeble it won't always land upon higher level prey but it will almost double the damage taken by the target. This attack allows faster kills and has no negative like berserk making it a wonderful move for your pet to use. When your pet takes the wrong end of the Wave you should begin looking for a replacement if you don't already have one picked out, the pet will die off rather quickly especially when fighting a VT or higher. Be wary of this move when you are finishing the mob because if you are still under the effect of the defense down a badly placed double attack or stomping will end your life in a hurry.

Whistle: An AoE self buff that adds 9(?) agility to all party members and dhalmels(assuming the enemy uses it) in its AoE. I wouldn't worry too much about this move because the +9 agi while fighting T-VT doesn't hinder you or your pets Accuracy too much. I generally consider this a waste of a weapon skill, does not help you very much while under its effects unless you happen to be a bst/nin with an EVA focus.

Cold Stare: A gaze attack that does no damage but silences those in its DoE. This move can be frustrating to people who are not carrying echo drops so i suggest you carry them. While it is annoying for a BST/Mage to be silenced it is very deadly for a /NIN to be unable to recast shadows. This move can be either useless or deadly depending on how prepared you are. When your pet happens to use this move more often than not it is a waste of a weapon skill, there are a few exceptions where you will silence that antican blm you are fighting but most of the time its a wasted sic.


Efts are the newt looking lizards that are found solely in Bibiki Bay(other than the jug version) and are typically good pets but horrible prey.

Battle Information: Efts have a tendency to link like mad when fighting them so it is advisable to avoid fighting them unless you are very aware of your surroundings. Efts in my experience have had very high defense which is handy to have in a pet. While mischarms with these lizards can be a problem (links) they are one of the many great pets in Bibiki. If you decide to fight them and are /nin or /rdm remember to bring antidotes for their toxic spit. They have some AoE moves to watch out for, so make sure you time your Sics properly to avoid linking.

Considered a lizard therefore is strong against vermin and weak to beasts. Normal charm resistance. High defense. Non-agro and links to sound.

Toxic Spit: A single target 6/hp a tick poison which can make healing pets a problem if you happen to be fighting them. When used at the beginning of a battle it can cause rather large DoT but is less useful when used near the end of a battle. /RDM and /NIN beware of this move if you aren't carrying antidotes because it can finish you off if your not careful.

Nimble Snap: A powerful single target strike that causes knock back. A very decent weapons kill for the Eft to use, while finishing it can sometimes interrupt casting but typically it isn't very dangerous. A nice move for your jug to use while DDing in a party too.

Tailspin: A powerful AoE tail sweep that causes high damage to everyone in the AoE. Be cautious when using sic near other mobs or else you will have a large number of Adds on your hands. When used against you this move can add unnecessary downtime to your exp session and in rare cases finish you off while finishing.

Numbing Noise: A single target stun weapon skill that causes decent damage. The stun effect can end your life if you happen to be finishing an eft with low HP from its tailspins so be cautious around the efts. Typically good for stunning a gobbies casting or just to cost the enemy an attack round on your pet.

Geist Wall: AoE dispelling move that causes no damage. In most situations this is an absolutely useless move because many of the mobs you fight in Bibiki don't buff themselves. I think of this as an AoE add magnet useful in very few situations.


Funguars are the mushroom shaped creatures which are often found in caves and hollows around Vana'diel and are only found in moister grassy areas. Good pet and slightly dangerous prey but they have good drops which makes up for their slightly higher difficulty.

Battle Information: Funguars often are aggressive plantoids which link in most places above level 20. When in an area beware the fact that lower level funguars might not aggro but the higher level one will. Funguars greatest strengths are their status weapon skills making them have some of the most powerful weapon skills for mobs in the game. When battling funguars always carry around echo drops and antidotes(especially if your /rdm or /nin) because their status effects can be deadly. It is advisable not to fight funguars as anything other than /whm because of the huge array of status effects they can plant upon you. Funguars have a very large damage curve and moderate defense. Warning funguars have a great aptitude for linking and tend to bunch together in groups making charming them and pulling them dangerous so keep your eyes open. When fighting keep yourself out of DoE range so you arn't hit with collateral dark spore or silence gas.

Considered a plantoid(not an amorph like some people think) therefore is strong against beasts and weak to vermin. Below average charm resistance because they are dark based. Deadly weapon skills and average stats. Beware of linking and keep echo drops and antidotes handy.

Shroom attacks use up one of the 3 Caps on the funguar and are ranged single target attacks.

Numbshroom: A single target "Shroom" type damaging attack which apparently causes paralysis(Reaulands observation). This is a typical medium damage move that does 1 to 3 times a regular funguar hit in damage and causes a much weaker paralysis than Spore. A neat thing to point out is that whenever a funguar uses a "shroom" type move it looses one of its 3 little caps on its hat. I haven't tested this but i would assume once all 3 caps have been fired off the funguar would be unable to use "shroom" weapon skills and would be forced to use spore and use breath attacks. This move isn't that great and is one of the weapon skills you dont have to worry about the funguar using on you or your pet.

Queasyshroom: A single target 3hp/tick poison that does a small amount of initial damage. When used at the start of a battle this weapon skill can do large amounts of damage over time but is somewhat useless nearing the end of the battle. It is important that if you are hit with this weapon skill you quickly quaff an antidote or poisona yourself if your /whm because the faster your remove it the less damage you will take from it(duh lol). Don't worry too much about when your pet is hit by this move, if you happen to have your jackcoat a low level reward is all that is needed to quickly remove the poison. Is a "shroom" type attack outlined in the Numbshroom section.

Spore: A single target paralyze that does no damage but places one of the most powerful paralyzes in the game on the mob(more powerful than an elemental sealed paralyze from a rdm). This move is one of my favorites because it almost guarantees your pet will win the battle and it makes finishing MUCH safer. Expect the target of the paralysis to be paralyzed from 1/3 to 1/5 of its attacks. However if your pet has been hit by Spore and you don't have a jackcoat and reward available, find yourself a new pet. If you happen to be paralyzed try as hard as you can to get a paralyna off ASAP(this is why I don't suggest any /nin or /rdm fighting funguars) this paralyze makes finishing very, very dangerous and frustrating.

Danceshroom: A single target "shroom" attack that strikes for roughly the same force as numbshroom but has the status effect of virus. This virus doesn't last too long but still hampers your solo abilities if you haven't acquired viruna/are out of mp or are /rdm or /nin(yet again I don't suggest fighting fungars as /rdm or /nin). When your pet uses this move it is the equivalent to numbshroom because virus does very little to mobs(unless you're in ballista and you hit a blm or some such). This move isn't incredibly dangerous when your finishing but it can hamper your exp ability if you are unable to get yourself viruna.

Frogkick: A single target double hit(?)(if any nins could tell me how many shadows this takes it would be very helpful) attack that has somewhat low accuracy and does knockback. This move can interupt important cures or shadows while finishing but is far less dangerous than some of the other moves a funguar can use. The move does reletively high damage(its no sickle slash or dark spore however) and is nice for your pet to use if it connects.

Sleep Shroom: A single target sleep "shroom" attack that deals no damage. This move basically gives you a free hit on your opposition or a free hit on your pet. The only danger of this move is if your pet is slept and you pull hate before it can be awoken, i typically will turn and stop attacking when my pet is slept to allow it to wake and prevent me from being ravaged. When finishing this move is only mildly dangerous and there isnt much you can do about it.

Dark Spore: A DoE dark based breath attack that causes blindness and can critical for MASSIVE damage. This move, silence gas and spore all make leveling on funguars rather dangerous. This move usually does from 30-600 damage and it also makes fighting for the target(s) harder because of the blindness. If you are hit with dark spore you might be one shotted or you may die while finishing because of the blindness. This move will go through your shadows and make battles last longer because of the miss fest that can ensue. I recall a battle i had between two funguars in the 40's, both of which had been spored and dark spored. The battle lasted so long my funguar uncharmed on my once during the battle after being freshly charmed and only was able to kill the other funguar after all the status effects had worn. This move is deadly at all times so be weary of it but it is an amazing move for your pet to pull off. Just be sure nothing is in your pets DoE range when you happen to hit Sic.

Silence Gas: A DoE wind based breath attack that also causes silence. This move can do massive damage but is on a lower damage curve than dark spore and won't do extra damage if your wearing snipers(its not effected by the -darkness on snipers). This move is not as effective as dark spore when your pet uses it but it still does good damage making it a nice move for your pet to use (few areas have mobs that a funguar's silence would be worthwhile on). This move is another Beastmaster killer if your hit by it at the wrong time. Keep echo drops handy in case you get hit by this because it is deadly when finishing. In this case /whm won't help you unless your duoing.