The Beastman Confederate was an alliance of the Dark Kindred, Orcish Hosts, Quadav Shieldwarriors, and Yagudo Theomilitary under the banner of the Shadow Lord. During the Crystal War, they declared war on The Kingdom of San d'Oria, The Republic of Bastok, The Federation of Windurst, and The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, whom likewise formed the Allied Forces of Altana, in a struggle over crystal resources, among other things.

In addition to the four major forces, the Beastman Confederate also recruited Tonberries, Gigas, Antica, and the reluctant Sahagin from the Outlands as auxiliary forces. Furthermore, the Shadow Lord brought in support from the underworld, as ahriman, dahaks, fomors, gargouilles, imps, and tauri have been seen in their ranks.

At the end of the war, the main beastman forces began to lose confidence and broke off as the tide turned against them, and the Shadow Lord himself was slain soon after in Castle Zvahl by champions of the allied nations, dissolving the Beastman Confederate. By present day Vana'diel, the individual forces have returned to their independent sovereignty in a tentative cease-fire with the allied nations, competing with them for control over individual regions in the The Middle Lands.

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