Enhances pet attacks for party members within area of effect.


Optimal Job: Beastmaster
Lucky Number: 4
Unlucky Number: 8


Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 60 seconds


The pet attack bonus is percentage based, i.e. Carbuncle may get +16 while Shiva gets +20 for the same roll. The "Main Job" flat values in this table are thus incorrect and percentages need to be calculated.
Die Roll Main Job Main Job with BST Support Job
116 Exclamation41 Exclamation +3%
220 Exclamation45 Exclamation +4%
324 Exclamation49 Exclamation +5%
4 (Lucky)64 Exclamation89 Exclamation +13%
528 Exclamation53 Exclamation +5%
632 Exclamation57 Exclamation +6%
740 Exclamation65 Exclamation +8%
8 (Unlucky)8 Exclamation33 Exclamation +1%
944 Exclamation69 Exclamation +9%
1048 Exclamation73 Exclamation +9%
1180 Exclamation105 Exclamation +15%
BustNo effect! No effect! No effect!
  • Enhances Pets Melee and Ranged Attacks
  • You can call your pet after receiving the roll effect, the bonus will still apply.
  • If you Release and then summon another Avatar, your pet attack bonus transfers on that new pet.
  • Busting on Drachen Roll does not bestow a penalty on your avatar's attack, according to the /checkparam <pet> command. This is either an oversight, a bug with the /checkparam command or it's intended under the rationale that only the Corsair suffers from a Bust and no other entity.

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Dice ( )


Price: 26,600 gil
Name Location Type
Chayaya Al Zahbi J-8 Standard Merchant
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