Start NPC Thierride - Southern San d'Oria (S) (F-8)
Items Needed Lufet Salt x2
Title Granted Seasoning Connoisseur
Repeatable Yes, once per Conquest tally
Reward Angler's Cassoulet
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Lufet's Lake Salt None


  • Talk with Thierride (S) to start the quest.
  • Obtain 2 Lufet Salts by defeating River Crabs in West Ronfaure at the Knightwell.
  • Return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and speak with Thierride (F-8, bottom/middle).
  • Trade him one Lufet Salt for a cutscene, then trade another.
  • Zone before talking to him again to get your reward. You can use Retrace to zone and run back to Thierride.

  • You may reobtain this item once per conquest tally after completing the quest once. As long as you do not have one in your possession, he will say he's "just finished making up another batch", and will give you a Angler's Cassoulet. There is no need to trade him further salts.

Game Description

Thierride - Southern San d'Oria (S) (F-8)
Grounded fisherman Thierride is in search of a seasoning that will allow him to make the most mouth-watering bean dish in Vana'diel.
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