Start NPC Anastase - Ru'Lude Gardens G-9
Requirements Rise of the Zilart
Chains of Promathia
Items Needed KeyItemGeomagnetic Compass
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes (after zoning)
Reward 400-2000 experience/limit points

3-12 Trail Cookies
200-1000 Conquest Points

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Further Founts None


If you just completed Further Founts, you must zone before speaking to Anastase again.

  • Speak to Anastase and select the invisible chat option to begin the quest.
  • Select a difficulty level to receive an assigned zone.
    • Your target fount depends on the difficulty setting you choose (see the sections below).
  • After selecting a difficulty, you are warped to a random zone corresponding with your difficulty setting. You appear some distance away from the zone's Geomagnetic Fount. You must return to that area's Geomagnetic Fount and examine it.
  • Return to Anastase to complete the quest and receive Trail Cookies and Conquest Points that vary in amount depending on the location you were assigned.
    • If you did not return to the Geomagnetic Fount in the zone you were transported to, returning to Anastase will still complete the quest, but you will only receive a single Trail Cookie as a reward.
    • After completing this quest for the first time, the invisible option is replaced with the option "Can I give you a hand know?"

Tough as butter

Tough as nails

Tough as diamond


  • Accepting this quest will temporarily reroute the relevant Waypoint until the quest is completed. For example: if the quest took you to Jugner Forest (J-11), then teleporting there via Waypoint will take you to (J-11), rather than the usual (G-5), until you complete the quest.
    • Speaking to Anastase will end the quest, regardless of whether you checked the Geomagnetic Fount in your destination zone, but you must have checked the fount to receive full rewards from the quest.
  • Currently, it seems that the only purpose of this quest is to obtain Trail Cookies, EXP, and Conquest Points. Even though the quest dialogue mentions the founts deteriorating, it does not appear that you can ever lose access to them completely.
  • Geomagnetic Fount Waypoints differ from Proto-Waypoints in that you can only teleport to them, but not from them. Because of this, it is recommended that you bring White Mage or Black Mage as your main or subjob for quick teleportation or warp once you activate the Waypoint.

Game Description

Anastase (Ru'Lude Gardens)
Some fount data has destabilized, causing travelers to be warped to unexpected locations. Use the waypoint to travel to these locations and re-record the data. Beware -- you may not end up where you wanted to be.
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