Mission Name: Battaru Royale
Start NPC: None
Requirements: A Shantotto Ascension Add-On
Suggested Level: None
Title: None
Items Needed: Any of the eight Sap Crystal
Repeatable: Yes
Reward Chocobo Key + 700xp

Previous Mission: Fountain of Trouble
Next Mission: Romancing the Clone
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  • Check Moon Spiral to start the fight vs 8 Fomor-type mobs: Clone of Shadows, Clone of Boulders, Clone of Gusts, Clone of Glaciers, Clone of Sparks, Clone of Light, Clone of Flame, Clone of Torrent.
  • Capped 75 BCNM, 30 minute time limit. This means buffs WILL wear. TP will also be reset.
  • Each mob is a tarutaru of a specific element. They cast T3, T4, Ga2, AM, AM2, and their elemental debuffs, including Paralyze II(Glaciers) and Slow II(Boulders).
  • Each Clone will summon their respective Avatar and use Astral Flow around 50% HP. The avatar will vanish instantly after unleashing the blood pact.
  • Clone of Shadows will use Curse which is very bad for Kite method so pulling him first is ideal.
  • They can use all the standard Fomor abilities such as Aegis Schism and Carnal Nightmare.
  • No Exp loss on death.
  • Gives 700xp
  • Gives Key Item Chocobo Key
  • Helpers who have already completed DO get a key rewarded, as long as they collect at least 1 sap. Helpers must not already have the key Item in their possession or they will not be allowed access to the BCNM...
  • You do not need to have the expansion or even be on this mission in order to help out others who are on it.
  • Two Black Mages are recommended to take turns doing ES+Sleepga II. No real need for tank just heavy DD and a good healer.
  • Pull each clone back to the hall entrance so if a wipe occurs you can all get up and try again.
  • If you lose or leave the BC, you lose all your Sap Key Items and have to get them again. And although you may have gotten the opening cs, everyone needing to complete the mission needs a sap to get the closing cs and advance to the next mission
  • For this fight, only one person needs to collect all 8 saps, and all get credit for it if they are on or past this mission.
  • Person with 8 saps must bring you in to receive fully gimped mages.
  • See Discussion page for strategies and notes.

Game Description

Mission Orders

Determined to enact her odious plot to conquer all of Vana'diel, Domina Shantotto has unleashed her army of clones upon you. Defeat them all lest you and your companions be reduced to bones!

Game Script

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