Mission Name:   Bat Hunt
  Start NPC:   Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission: 1-1
  Orcish Mail Scales
  Suggested Level:   8
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Rank points
  Previous Mission:   Smash the Orcish Scouts
  Next Mission:   Save the Children
  Replay Cutscene   
  Bat Hunt   Goblin Footprint King Ranperre's Tomb (G-5)


King Ranperre's Tomb


  • Talk to a San d'Orian Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Head to King Ranperre's Tomb located at (H-11) in East Ronfaure
  • Examine the Tombstone at (I-10) to activate a cutscene.
  • Defeat Ding Bats in the area to obtain Orcish Mail Scales.
    • Ding Bats appear only at night during the times 18:00-6:00.
  • Examine the Tombstone again for an additional cutscene. (for the quest Grave Concerns)
  • Return to San d'Oria and trade the Orcish Mail Scales to the San d'Orian Gate Guard to complete the mission.
    • While repeating this mission, you must trade the San d'Orian Gate Guard 1 Bat Fang instead of Orcish Mail Scales.


Game Description

Mission Orders
Exterminate bats from King Ranperre's Tomb, and bring back proof of your deeds.

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