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Bastion Prefect

Bastion Prefects can be found near Conflux #00 in Scars of Abyssea areas. They are responsible for issuing Pennant status for participation in Bastion, dealing with all manners of Resistance Credits transactions, and giving information on the status of the Resistance and battles.


Speak to a Bastion Prefect and select the dialog option 'Learn about the current situation'. The bottom 3 options will include the 3 "Verges" (Directions) that the Monsters approach from. Selecting these will give a report that includes a percent chance of attack. The Prefect will announce a new Bastion battle when any of the Verges reach 100%.


All Areas:

Item Resistance Credits
Daybreak Soul 200
Twilight Soul 200
Magnus Stone Pouch 150

Temporary Items

All Areas:

Item Resistance Credits
Lucid Potion III 50
Lucid Ether III 50
Lucid Elixir II 75
Healing Mist 75
Mana Mist 75
Healing Salve II 75
Lucid Wings I 80
Cleric's Drink 80
Dusty Wing 100
Gnostic's Drink 100
Sprinter's Drink 100
Monarch's Drink 100
Berserker's Tonic 120
Swiftshot Tonic 120
Fanatic's Drink 150
Fool's Drink 150


Abyssea - Attohwa

Item Resistance Credits
Estoqueur's Fuseau 300
Goetia Chausses 300
Orison Pantaloons 300
Raider's Culottes 300
Ravager's Cuisses 300
Tantra Hose 300

Abyssea - Misareaux

Item Resistance Credits
Aoidos' Rhingrave 300
Bale Flanchard 300
Creed Cuisses 300
Ferine Quijotes 300
Sylvan Brague 300

Abyssea - Vunkerl

Item Resistance Credits
Caller's Spats 300
Charis Tights 300
Cirque Pantaloni 300
Iga Hakama 300
Lancer's Cuissots 300
Mavi Tayt 300
Navarch's Culottes 300
Savant's Pants 300
Unkai Haidate 300

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