Reduces the amount of damage you take.


Spell cost: 41 MP
Monster Type: Beasts
Spell Type: Magical(Earth)
Range: Self
Blue Magic Points: 3
Stat Bonus: HP+15 MP-15 VIT+3


Casting Time: 6 seconds
Recast Time: 60 seconds
Duration: 3 minutes


  • Reduces damage taken by 15%.
    • This effect is multiplicative and passes the 50% damage reduction cap.
  • Is overwritten by, but does not overwrite Phalanx.

Combines With

You can use Barrier Tusk as part of a combo to create Max HP Boost.

Can be paired with the following spell to create Max HP Boost combo:

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info


How to Obtain


Marids will only use Barrier Tusk if at least one of their tusks remain unbroken. Marid tusks can be broken with critical hits and multi-hit weapon skills. Wearing the Marid down using magical Blue Magic is advised.

Acquired From

Mob Family: Marid
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: X with Magus Jubbah equipped, X without Magus Jubbah
Name Level Zone
Marid 77-78 Bhaflau Thickets
78-79 Wajaom Woodlands
Grand Marid 78-79 Bhaflau Thickets
78-79 Wajaom Woodlands
Morose Marid Qmark Abyssea - Vunkerl
Olyphant Qmark Abyssea - Uleguerand


FFXI - Blue Magic - Barrier Tusk

FFXI - Blue Magic - Barrier Tusk