Job Ability

  • Fires multiple shots at once.
  • Obtained: Ranger Level 30
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • Barrage is upgraded at certain levels and can be enhanced by Hunter's Bracers +1, Desultor Tassets, and Phineus' Gun:
    • At Ranger level 30, this ability can launch up to four shots.
    • At Ranger level 50, this ability can launch up to five shots.
    • At Ranger level 75, this ability can launch up to six shots.
    • At Ranger level 90, this ability can launch up to seven shots.
    • At Ranger level 99, this ability can launch up to eight shots.
    • With the enhancement from Hunter's Bracers +1, at 74, this ability can launch an additional shot. They must be equipped while firing, you can use Barrage with the gloves off, as long as you shoot with them on, you can fire an additional shot.
    • Desultor Tassets with Barrage+1 augment will launch an additional shot; a total of up to 10 shots with one barrage.
  • Lasts for one ranged attack (hit or miss) or 60 seconds.
  • TP gained for each shot landed on enemy.
  • Once a shot from Barrage misses, "subsequent" shots do not fire.
  • Does not work with throwing weapons.
  • A Puppetmaster's Sharpshot Automaton can use this ability by having a Barrage Turbine equipped and one to three Wind Maneuver in place to be consumed for up to 3/4/5 hits. (A miss will end the barrage.)
    • Will not replace the normal ranged attack or weaponskill, so can fire a ranged attack, barrage and weaponskill in short succession.
    • Unlike the regular ability, the automaton version of Barrage will not yield full TP for each landed hit.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja Barrage <me>