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Welcome to Fiye's Guide to a Bard. Excuse me for some of the things that may be laying about here, but this is still a work in progress. As I continue to progress further, you shall find yourself looking at much more information that will be worthwhile to read.

Also, do note, right now I am a 53BRD/26WHM. While that may not mean much, in due time, it'll grow.

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{Please Forgive me}

I've been busy as of late. Mostly since HNM stuff took over (And I leveled an arseload of jobs to 20+). Anyways, work shall be continued as soon as I start work on finishing up AF, get Bard prepared for the last grind, and finish up everything.

Details of a Bard

Your job will be to keep everyone buffed. Whether that means making them hit the target more often often, casting refresh on them, or even making their attacks hit harder. Oh, not to mentioned the missing detail about pulling for parties as soon as you get your hands on Foe Lullaby. But, in the end, you'll find yourself at level75 very quickly, and have more merit points than you'll know what to do.

I'd recommend this job to anyone looking for a quick learning experience about the functions of a party, or to someone who would want to hit endgame quickly. So that they may have funding for more expensive jobs

Things to Note

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Skill Ups

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Exp Parties

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Sax on the Beach

A job of the Bard is to know his or her songs. What each one will do, and what benefits they'll bring. Not to mention you must know what instruments to bring to bring out the most of the song. In other words. Don't bring a flute to a rock concert.

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Song Types, their instruments, and variations

Minne Minuet
Improves Defense. Improves Attack.
Paeon Requiem
Regen DoT
Pastoral Threnody
Barpoisonra Weaken's target to a certain element.
Madrigal Mambo
Improves accuracy (Not Ranged accuracy)) Improves evasion
Lullaby Operetta
Puts an enemy to sleep. Barsilencera
Etude (Tier 1) Ballad
Enhances one of your party member's stats. Refresh
March Prelude
Haste Improve's a party member's Ranged Accuracy
Aubade Finale
  • Fowl Aubade
    • Nothing will improve the Aubade line of spells.
Carol Mazurka
Improves resistance against elemental attacks. Improves speed of character movement. (Does not work with aggro, or in dungeons)
Elegy Gavotte
Slow Increases resistance against Bind
Capriccio Fantasia
Increases resistance again Petrification Increases resistance again Blind
Elegy (Tier 2) Hymnus
Increases a party member's stat. (Decays over time) Grants the effect of Reraise on entire party.
Round Virelai
Increases resistance against Curse Charms target

What to Get

A bard's equipment focuses on two main things. An instrument that adds +<Insert Song Here> and +CHR. If you can manage to keep those two things as high as possible, you will be set for the rest of your bard career. However, there are two secondary things to keep an eye on as well. +MP and +Haste%. While the two may not be as important, more MP to help you cast Stoneskin, Blink or any Cure while you're /WHM or being able to cast songs faster can be a life saving attribute. Whatever path you decide, may you be successful with it.


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