Deals light elemental damage to an enemy.


Spell cost:
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Divine

  • Currently only usable by a Summoner's Light Spirit at level 90. It may be usable at an earlier level, but has not been confirmed yet at any level other than 90.


Casting Time: Qmark
Recast Time: Qmark

Other Information

  • For a power comparison to Holy, here are observations based on a level 90 Light Spirit's casting on Treant Saplings in Caedarva Mire, Lightsday, no weather effect:
Holy: 180 damage; Banish IV: 406 damage (Consistent; neither spell's damage varied, although few trials were conducted)


Lowers special defense (damage resistance) of Skeletons and Ghosts by Qmark% for Qmark seconds. See Damage Types for more information. Effectively allows normal damage to be dealt by types that these Undead are resistant to.
Spell damage vs undead is multiplied by Qmark (Qmark% damage)
Used By Mobs