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The Ballista Royale tournament was a game-wide, cross-server Ballista competition. There were two competitions that took place, one in Japan and one in the United States. There was a preliminary competition held on each game World, the winners of which would advance to a final elimination tournament. The final round of the North American tournament was played live on a special server at the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 featuring the winning teams from the Siren ("ChannelFourNewsTeam") and Phoenix ("Chaos Theory") servers. Matches were officiated by official PlayOnline representatives and the tournament matches were broadcast on Live Vana'diel.


The Siren team won the USA tournament and was then treated to a surprise exhibition match against the winning team from Japan ("Lovehame", also from Siren), in which ChannelFourNewsTeam was shut out: 44 to 0. Despite the win from the Lovehame, the US team was given no time to plan strategy unlike Lovehame who knew about the match and studied both US finalist teams prior.

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