Mission Name Balamor's Ruse
Number 4-6
Title Granted Shedder of Harlequin Tears
Items Needed KeyItemConsummate simulacrum
Repeatable No
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Arciela's Resolve The Charlatan


The Battle

  • The battlefield is named after the next mission, The Charlatan, and takes place in Rala Waterways (U).
  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • Alter Egos can be used, but must be summoned after entering.
  • Targets:
  • Arciela assists you and must be kept alive.
  • When entering aggro range of the enemies, Arciela will have initial hate from Balamor, and by extension Balamor's Sycophant as well, thus all the enemies will initally attack her, although upon engaging Balamor himself, players, trusts, and pets can draw hate, and will in-turn draw aggro away from Arciela. Regicidal Dullahan however, will always attack Arciela, regardless.
  • Balamor has approximately 62,000 HP (Dealing approximately 54,000 damage left him at 13%), meaning he will quit after taking 46,500 damage.
  • A suggested general strategy is to focus Balamor out of range of Arciela. Balamor will reign constant AoE damage on whomever is focusing either him or either Balamor's Sycophant. The Balamor's Sycophant have a lot of HP, probably near as much as Balamor, and aren't a huge threat until you focus them and build their TP.
  • After your victory, a cutscene plays, this mission ends, and The Charlatan is flagged.
    • If you fail, you must farm another KeyItemConsummate simulacrum in order to retry. Only Party Leader loses the KI.
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