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Bahamut - The Last Frontier?
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The Dreamers all gathered in Ru'Lude Gardens at Sel's request. As usual, nobody made it on time, but Sel was there to greet them all with a strange expression on his face.

The Dreamers

Selfeilliget (AKA Sel)

SMN Lv65/BLM Lv32

The leader of the Dreamers. Has some management issues.


Abalard (AKA Aba)

NIN Lv74/WAR Lv37

Fulfills his role admirably, but can occasionally be over-the-top.


Feneinei (AKA Fen)

BLM Lv66/WHM Lv33

The only reliable mage. Lifeline of the party.


Yai (AKA Yai)

BRD Lv60/WHM Lv30

Novice adventurer. Still unaccustomed to party battles.


Bernwart (AKA Bern)

DRK Lv65/BLM Lv32

Troublemaker extraordinaire.


Birp (AKA Birp)

WHM Lv60/BLM Lv30

Rookie reporter. Author of this article.

Sel: I know this is kind of sudden, but I'm going to disband the Dreamers.

Dreamers: What!?

Aba: You can't be serious!?

Fen: Seriously!

Yai: You can't be!?

Birp: How can you…?

Bern: We're starting a band?

Sel: Oh, Bern… Anyway, I was thinking that each member of the Dreamers has really grown as an adventurer, and now it's time for us to go our separate ways.

Aba: I still don't see why we need to disband...

Fen: You're making me cry!

Yai: Me too.

Birp: Me three.

The Dreamers just couldn't believe what they were hearing. Were they truly going to disband? All eyes were on Sel as confusion reigned in Ru'Lude…

Sel: Do you remember our first adventure to Promyvion?

Aba: We were so unprepared.

Bern: Hey!

Sel: What?

Bern: What's anima for?

Yai: My favorite memory is still Garrison.

Fen: I really thought we were done for at the end.

Sel: My last mighty blow saved the day!

Birp: You were someone to look up to back then.

Fen: Yeah.

Aba: I liked Ballista, myself.

Yai: Oh, when we fought 3 on 3!

Fen: Team Sel didn't put up much of a fight :)

Aba: Sel's gone strange since then.

Sel: Huh?

Fen: He used to be such a reliable leader.

Birp: I never knew how interesting PvP could be until Ballista.

Yai: I love the feeling you get when a plan comes together.

Bern: Hey!

Sel: Now what!?

Bern: What's a Rook?

Aba: Something wrong?

Sel: What do you guys mean, "back then" and "since then"?

Fen: Bwahahaha!

Aba: We're just telling it like it is.

Birp: Okay, I think you've teased him enough.

Fen: All this reminiscing is bringing a tear to my eye.

Yai: Me too.

Bern: Rooks? Anyone?

Scenes from past adventures filled the heads of the Dreamers as they contemplated the trials they had faced and overcome. What was to be the Dreamers' last great adventure?

Bern: What are we doing today, anyway?

Sel: Hold on to your subligaria, folks, 'cos the Dreamers are going up against the Wyrmking, Bahamut!

Aba: You can't be serious!

Yai: You mean THE Bahamut!?

Fen: Impossible!

Bern: Cool!

Aba: With six people!? Are you mad!?

Fen: It's supposed to be beyond difficult--even with a full alliance.

Sel: W-well, we've got...

Bern: Guts!

Yai: Right. And Bahamut will spill them all over the ground for us.

Sel: Listen! If we all do our part, nothing is beyond the Dreamers!

Birp: Even delusions of grandeur :)

Aba: Hehe.

And so the Dreamers plan their last battle against a foe of unimaginable power.

Dreamers Battle Plan

Sel: Okay, I think we're ready to whoop some wyrm behind!

The Dreamers arrive at the Cape of Riverne, and track down the mighty Bahamut. As they gaze upon the terrible magnificence of the Wyrmking, they are once again reminded of the futility of their quest.

Bern: My my, how he's grown.

Sel: How would you know!?

Fen: I can't feel my knees…

Aba: Don't let him scare you!

Sel: Right! Time to show this overgrown lizard who's boss!

Dreamers: Charge!

The Dreamers charge into battle, the very image of courage and valor...


Bahamut uses *****

Bernwart takes 1137 points of damage.

Abalard takes 948 points of damage.

Selfeilliget takes 1081 points of damage.

Feneinei takes 1060 points of damage.

Yai takes 1172 points of damage.

Birp takes 1233 points of damage.

Bernwart was defeated by Bahamut.

Abalard was defeated by Bahamut.

Selfeilliget was defeated by Bahamut.

Feneinei was defeated by Bahamut.

Yai was defeated by Bahamut.

Birp was defeated by Bahamut.

Bern: That was a quick battle.

Aba: I did try to warn you.

Sel: I honestly thought we could have done more.

Aba: Do you still think we've "grown" enough to disband?

Yai: Not even close.

Fen: I'd have to agree.

Birp: There are more adventures to be had. We should stick together!

Bern: We're not going to form a band?

Fen: Well said, Birp! We need each other!

Aba: Well, maybe Bern needs a holiday :)

Yai: There's still so much we haven't done.

Birp: What do you say?

Sel: You're right! The Dreamers are forever!

Dreamers: Forever!

As long as there are adventures, the Dreamers will continue to dream. And Bahamut awaits in his lair above the clouds, always ready for a rematch.

We hope this article will prove to be of some use to those who plan to take on the Wyrmking...

Fen: Not very likely...:)

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 16

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