Start NPC Ferdechiond (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Outpost)
Requirements Level 2 fame
Repeatable Yes, once per game day, and zoning out.
Reward 600-1000 Cruor, Orison seal: feet, Ferine seal: feet Raider's Seal: feet Unkai Seal: feet


  • Talk to Ferdechiond (A); he will ask you to check his linkpearls and will indicate them on your map (3 in total). Reward depends on your speed.
  • Go to the three points and click on the ???. They are located at (H-10, G-8, E-11).
  • Return to Ferdechiond (A) for your reward.
    • Ferdechiond: It took you a fair while, but I cannot be overly critical of a civilian volunteer." ==> 300, 700 cruor.
    • Ferdechiond: Why, it seems barely a moment ago that you set off on your mission. Thorough and swift. That's what I like to see! ==> 800 cruor.
    • Ferdechiond: And a fairly swift return, at that. Yeoman's work from a civilian like yourself. ==> 1000 cruor.

Game Description

Ferdechiond (A)
The linkpearls planted afield to gather intelligence on the Abyssean hordes are not functioning as intended, and Ferdechiond is displeased. Investigate the situation with all speed!
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