Start NPC Ferdechiond - Abyssea - Vunkerl
Requirements Level 2 fame
Items Needed KeyItemEspionage Pearlsack
Repeatable Yes, After zoning out.
Reward 300-1500 Cruor

Zero to one of :
Orison Seal: Feet (WHM) (???%)
Ferine Seal: Feet (BST) (???%)
Raider's Seal: Feet (THF) (???%)
Unkai Seal: Feet (SAM) (???%)
No Seal (???%)


  • Talk to Ferdechiond at the Outpost (I-9, Conflux #00); he will give you his KeyItemEspionage Pearlsack and ask you to check his linkpearls at three different spots, which he marks on your map. Reward depends on your speed.
  • Go to the three points and click on the ???. They are located at (H-10, G-8, E-11).
  • Return to Ferdechiond (A) for your reward.
    • Ferdechiond: It took you a fair while, but I cannot be overly critical of a civilian volunteer.
      • ==> 700 cruor 1st completion. 300 after that. (Slowest, 10+ minutes)
    • Ferdechiond: And a fairly swift return, at that. Yeoman's work from a civilian like yourself.
      • ==> 1000 cruor 1st completion. 600 after that. (Medium. ~8-9 minutes)
    • Ferdechiond: Why, it seems barely a moment ago that you set off on your mission. Thorough and swift. That's what I like to see!
      • ==> 1500 cruor 1st completion. 800 after that. (Fastest. ~7 minutes or below.)
  • Your time begins when you accept the quest and ends after you click on the third ???, NOT when you talk to the NPC for the final time.


  • The safest, fastest route is to take Conflux #04, head NE and get the ??? at G-8. Head south to the ??? at E-11, then continue south and circle around to the ??? at H-10. There are true sight Aestutaurs to manoeuvre through, but it's easier than taking Conflux #7 and trying to manuever through the field of Clammy Imps. Sneak/invis a must. Movement speed helpful if you have it. If you avoid aggro, then you should never fail to get max Cruor reward.
  • Alternate route: Take Conflux#00=>Conflux#04 and head NE to G-8 for the first ???. Back S to Conflux#04=>Conflux#05. Head NW to second ??? at H-10 (sneak for bats, careful if NM Lord Varney is up). Walk south, past Conflux#05 then W through Devegetators to third ??? at E-11, back to Conflux#05=>Conflux#00. You will avoid Clammy Imps and Aestutaurs with this route. Done in less than 5 minutes with 12% movement speed and using flee once.
  • Fastest way to do this is as Bard with AF3 feet with movement speed+, with KeyItemAtma of the Master Crafter or another Movement Speed+ Atma on, plus Chocobo Mazurka; makes for a VERY fast roundabout run :)

Game Description

The linkpearls planted afield to gather intelligence on the Abyssean hordes are not functioning as intended, and Ferdechiond is displeased. Investigate the situation with all speed!