Mission Name: Back to the Beginning
Start NPC: None
Suggested Level: Any
Repeatable: No
Reward: Participate in Campaign

Previous Mission: Cavernous Maws
Next Mission: Cait Sith (Mission)
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Crawler's Nest (Windurst Campaign)

---> West Sarutabaruta (S) (J-8) ---> Windurst Waters (S).

Garlaige Citadel (San d'Oria Campaign)

---> Jugner Forest (S) (F-5) ---> East Ronfaure (S) ---> Southern San d'Oria (S).

The Eldieme Necropolis (Bastok Campaign)

---> Grauberg (S) (C-14/15) ---> North Gustaberg (S) (J-9) ---> Bastok Markets (S).


  • If you wish to sever ties with one nation to ally with another, simply talk to the NPC in the respective nation you wish to join (such as Adelbrecht in Bastok Markets (S)). They will allow you to join after completing the first nation quest. {You can't complete the quest for a different nation if you have allied with a nation. (If you have allied with San'dOria, then you can't get the Blue Recommendation Letter or Green Recommendation Letter. Aldelbrecht will not allow you to complete the quest for Bastok.)}
  • You do not have to sever ties with one nation in order to complete the quests of another. As long as you complete the first quest and join one nation's respective military, you can start the 2nd and 3rd quests of another nation.
  • Once you complete all the quests from each nation, you can still switch allegiance afterwards if you like. Simply talk to the NPC in the nation you want to rejoin (Adelbrecht For Bastok, Mainchelite For San d'Oria, or Mhoti Pyiahrs For Windurst) and they'll tell you what to do. For instance, you complete San d'Oria's quests, then Windurst's, then you complete Bastok last and stay allied with Bastok. Then, if you want to rejoin San d'Oria (as an example), just talk to Mainchelite. Keep in mind that switching allegiances will cost you 300 Allied Notes and your top two Campaign Medals (if you have any). (I can't be sure of the 300 note loss, but I personally did not lose 2 medals. ~Icharis of Ifrit)
  • For the San d'Oria Campaign after entering back into Jugner Forest (S) from Vunkerl Inlet (S) if you happen to cross the river to the east, you can still follow the path North, and cross back at Lake Mechieume to get to East Ronfaure (S). You do not have to go back through Vunkerl Inlet (S).
  • You do not have to complete the quests for the nation that you are allied to. As long as you complete all three quests for one nation you can receive the cut scene for the next mission. Ex: One allied with Windurst may complete all the quests in San D'Oria and move to the next mission.
  • After the september update you don't lose medals for changing nations, but it does reset your evaulation process. Not sure about allied notes.
    • This is wrong. Go read the Sept. Update on SE's site. the ONLY thing it says is it's been made easier to retain the medals u HAVE w/o having to do as much or something like that. The one specific thing they DID do was THIS, in the JUNE update: "It is now possible to exchange Allied Notes for wares with nations other than player character's own. There will, however, be a slight markup in price in this case". In other words you don't have to change nations AND lose two medals (or 4 if u go back right after) to go buy the PLD armor from Sandy if you're from Bastok (S) for instance.
  • You only have to finish the first quest to get the reward to be able to participate in Campaign.

Game Description

Hideous statues. Monstrous beasts. The otherworld that lies in between. Could this war-torn land you have been thrust into truly be the outskirts of Jeuno?
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