Start NPC Khoto Rokkorah - Windurst Waters (H-10 North)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Title Granted Babban's Traveling Companion
Repeatable No
Reward 3 Tree Saplings


  • Talk to Khoto Rokkorah in Windurst Waters (present time) at (H-10), north map.
  • Travel to (H-14) in Rolanberry Fields (S) and check the Peculiar Rootprints to get a cutscene. (If using the Campaign warp, the fastest way to get there is to warp to Pashhow Marshlands (S) and zone into Rolanberry Fields (S)).
  • Travel to (E-11) in North Gustaberg (S) and click on the Peculiar Rootprints. (Right behind where you would normally appear if you used the Campaign warp to the area).
  • Travel to Meriphataud Mountains (S), and at (L-4) you'll find another set of Peculiar Rootprints. Clicking on them will give you an "Ending" CS.
    • Watch out for War Lynx in the vicinity.
    • (During some point in the CS, you get three choices to pick from to choose where you think Netherstalk really is. "Above the clouds", "In the Sea", and "In the desert". Choosing a different option does not affect the quest; you will be brought back to the menu with the same three choices, and not be able to proceed unless you choose "Above the clouds."
  • Return to Khoto Rokkorah to trigger the final CS, and to receive your reward and title.

Additional Note

  • After completing the quest and receiving the title, both Lycopodium & Tiny Lycopodium will start using a Regen move on the player they follow. It is only used as long as the player has the rewarded title. They will stop using it when the player's title changes.
  • Effect: 3hp/tick regen.
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • They will use their move once every minute after they start following you.
  • The title Babban's Traveling Companion, can be reacquired from the Title Changer NPC Burute-Sorute @ (H-10) of Windurst Walls for a fee of 200 gil.

Game Description

Khoto Rokkorah (Huntsman's Court, Windurst Waters)
Khoto Rokkorah is bemused by the plot of a story written in the time of the Great War. The tale begins to twist when a new companion joins Babban in the Rolanberry Fields...

Historical Background

Baban ny mheillea, 'the doll of the harvest,' from harvest celebration traditions on the Isle of Man (Celt/Norse derivation). The Baban ny mheillea was made from the last handful of corn collected at the end of the harvest. The corn was made into a doll figure and dressed to represent a woman (fertility). It was placed on the chimney piece at the end of the harvest and left there until next year when it would be replaced with a new one. (See, Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man)