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Kinya's (Not really)Guide to BCNMs: Summoner Edition

This is basically a compilation of BCNMs, KSNMs, ISNMs, ENMs, That we Summoners can either team up on, or help out with!

Let's start out with KSNMs, My favorite!

The first KSNM that I've been able to do as a group of Summoners, is Contaminated Colosseum. This KSNM is against a Morbol named Evil Oscar. It uses 30 KSNM and the orb to use is a Atropos Orb. Although it can be done with 4 Summoners instead of the 6 member limit. The extra members might just be a Monk wanting to get the Morbolger Vine or a White Mage wanting Morgenstern. This KSNM is fairly easy if you go with a group of smart people who know what their doing.

No buffing is needed once you enter this BC as the mob will probably stay in the center the entire time. Only thing you need to watch out for is... his Bad Breath attack that causes instant death, although he can do other breath attacks like Sweet Breath and the likes. Your main avatar will want to be Garuda, as Evil Oscar is an earth type. Predator Claws is complete ownage in here. Once you get to the edge before aggro range, summon Garuda and have one summoner send Garuda after it. Then this is where the fun begins. Each summoner needs to be positioned around Evil Oscar. One at the top, bottom, right, and left. If you have 5 SMNs just tell the other SMN to pick a spot. (Same for a 6th SMN). When Evil Oscar does Extremely Bad Breath there will be a message that says "Evil Oscar starts to fill up with the air around him." Or something along those lines. Thats your chance to get out of whichever way he's facing. Extremely Bad Breath is a frontal AoE attack, as are all of Evil Oscar's TP attacks.

Drops are alright if you get what you came for, like Thyrsusstab or Morgenstern. But if you're lucky you might get a Damascene Cloth, Orichalcum Ingot, Damascus Ingot, or a Cassie Earring.

Unfortunately.. this is all I have while I am still compiling Data. >.<

Please if you SMNs have any info on other BCNMs, KSNMs, ISNMs, or ENMs that we SMNs can do together or as a group with other jobs, Email me at KinyaKiki@yahoo.com