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Guide is currently a bit outdated- but I am trying to get it up to the current level cap of 99. Most of the midlevel stuff is pretty irrelevant in today's environment, but I'll keep it anyways. If you see something that's outdated, it doesn't mean I'm not aware of it; rather, it just means I've been lazy in updating this. There are a lot of other guides out now in places that more people look, so my incentive to keep this up to date has plummeted.

General Overview

So what is the Blue Mage? A melee attacker? A backline nuker? A healer? A tank? The answer is all of these, although you might not necessarily take advantage of all these functions as you level up. Blue Mages can equip a wide variety of monster-learned spells to characterize themselves into nearly any role. Knowing how to use all these abilities is integral to fully mastering the job.

Job Abilities

Azure Lore

Obtained at Level 1 Recast: 2:00:00

Blue Mage's 2 hour ability.

The ability enhances blue magic. For physical blue spells, this means that it increases the TP modifier to 350%. The stronger the TP mod, the bigger the increase. This is why for spells like bludgeon, you won't see much of an effect; on the other hand, you'll see a large damage jump for Death Scissors.

Offensive magical spells have their multiplier value increased, causing a potent boost in damage for that class of blue magic as well. You can think of this as increasing a scaled magical weaponskill's fTP, such as Primal Rend, except that it can only be increased during our 2-hour due to blue magic's functionality.

However, the most important quality that it now provides is the ability to skillchain and magic burst blue magic without the use of Chain Affinity or Burst Affinity. This enables the execution of long and complex skillchains that can do massive damage to an enemy.

Burst Affinity

Obtained at Level 25 Recast: 2:00

This job ability makes it possible for your "magical" blue spells to be used in a magic burst. At the time at which you get it, this may or may not be viable. Magical blue spells tend to run a higher MP cost than the physical ones, and are typically inefficient. Be that as it may, it does at least appear impressive when a blue mage performs a self-skillchain, followed by a self-magic burst.

Burst Affinity also doubles the modifiers for many of our magical-type spells, giving this ability a use even outside of magic bursting.

Chain Affinity

Obtained at Level 40 Recast: 2:00

A complement to burst affinity, Chain Affinity makes it possible to skillchain with your physical blue spells. At the time at which you obtain it, self-skillchaining is often the best option. However, later on when you get spells like Death Scissors, which have powerful TP mods, using the ability to simply enhance a blue magic becomes a better option.

On top of its function of enabling SCs, it also doubles the secondary mods for physical blue spells. It is for this reason that even when used with 0 TP, a CA'd spell will do more damage than it would otherwise.


Obtained at Level 83 Recast: 3:00

This provides a potent TP bonus (+100) effect to the next physical blue magic spell cast. However, it further modifies damage beyond just the in-game description: it improves the base damage granted by blue magic skill. The formula goes from floor(skill*.11)*2+3 to floor(skill*.11)*3+3.

Job Traits

One of the most unique things about blue mage is that it has no native job traits; instead, you gain them through special spell combinations.

The above link shows exactly how this is done, and gives all the possible combinations. Blue can get most of the job traits in the game, and knowing which ones to equip when can be critical.


Blue Mage is a wonderfully diverse job. As such, it is capable of taking advantage of many different subjob combinations.


The most common subjob that you will see other blue mages using. However, it is certainly not universally the best and it has continued to lose ground as the level cap has risen.

Job Traits

  • Stealth- Level 5
  • Dual Wield- Level 10
  • Resist Bind- Level 10
  • Subtle Blow- Level 15
  • Dual Wield II- Level 25
  • Subtle Blow II- Level 30
  • Resist Bind II- Level 30
  • Dual Wield III- Level 45


  • Tonko: Ichi- Level 9
  • Utsusemi: Ichi- Level 12
  • Monomi: Ichi- Level 25
  • Tonko: Ni- Level 35
  • Utsusemi: Ni- Level 37

How this subjob should be used:

Ninja is a decent subjob for maintaining decent melee damage through DWIII while saving set points. However, versus very powerful opponents, the loss of Berserk from not subbing Warrior will hurt.
Utsusemi can provide powerful protection and Tonko/Monomi are certainly nice to have.
Dual Wield gives you an extra hit from the offhand on your WS.
Subtle Blow does affect magic, so this will help reduce the TP feed that multi-hit spells cause.
  • A note about using Dual Wield- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your higher damage weapon in your mainhand. The only conceivable exceptions to this rule are the Martial Anelace, Dissector, and (of course) Tizona. I cannot tell you how many times I see people making this mistake.


Sneak Attack and Trick Attack stack with most physical blue magic, making a good subjob for boosting physical spell damage and hate control.

Job Traits

  • Evasion Bonus- Level 10
  • Treasure Hunter- Level 15
  • Resist Gravity- Level 20
  • Evasion Bonus II- Level 30
  • Resist Gravity II- Level 40
  • Treasure Hunter II- Level 45

Job Abilities

  • Steal- Level 5
  • Sneak Attack- Level 15
  • Flee- Level 25
  • Trick Attack- Level 30
  • Mug- Level 35
  • Hide- Level 45 (Note: As a subjob, you do not gain the hate dropping aspect of this abiliity)

How this subjob should be used:

This is mostly used for the TH these days. However, we can set TH1, making that benefit a bit more marginal than it once was.
Benthic Typhoon is a good spell to stack with Sneak Attack, although it probably isn't a good idea to go /THF just for this. SA Cannonball might still have a use in the future due to its ranged nature.


With berserk and double attack, this subjob does a fine job at boosting sword damage. However, it gives nothing to boost spell damage, aside from giving slightly more STR than most other subjobs.

Job Traits

  • Defense Bonus- Level 10
  • Resist Virus- Level 15
  • Double Attack- Level 25
  • Attack Bonus- Level 30
  • Resist Virus II- Level 35

Job Abilities

  • Provoke- Level 5
  • Berserk- Level 15
  • Defender- Level 25
  • Warcry- Level 35

How this subjob should be used:

It is a decent tanking sub, especially at low levels. Blue mage has Cocoon to enhance defense, and many of our spells give +VIT. We also get several healing spells. What this means is that a BLU can tank in a similar fashion to a Paladin/Warrior, using Provoke and Healing spells for hate. Head Butt also helps, reducing the number of times an enemy attacks in a given battle.
If you're interested in Ballista, Warrior is also an excellent subjob for that as well. The combination of Defender and Cocoon creates an awesome defense against other melee. While the lack of shadows does mean people can TP off you, lets face it: shadows can get stripped pretty easily anyways. This subjob enables you to take the hits of a swarm of people rather well.
In certain situations where you cannot use SA, but the target's evasion isn't too high, /WAR is a good subjob for Cannonball due to Defender's 25% defense boost.
At level 80, the ability to set Dual Wield I through spells makes /WAR the best subjob for increasing the melee side of our damage, making it one the best choices for increasing total damage when extra damage mitigation (i.e. Utsusemi) isn't necessary.

White Mage

Job Traits

  • Magic Defense Bonus- Level 10
  • Clear Mind- Level 20
  • Auto Regen- Level 25
  • Magic Defense Bonus II- Level 30
  • Clear Mind II- Level 35

Job Abilities

  • Divine Seal- Level 15


  • Cure- Level 1
  • Dia- Level 3
  • Paralyze- Level 4
  • Barstonra- Level 5
  • Poisona- Level 6
  • Barsleepra- Level 7
  • Protect- Level 7
  • Protectra- Level 7
  • Barwatera: Level 9
  • Paralyna: Level 9
  • Aquaveil: Level 10
  • Barpoisonra: Level 10
  • Cure II: Level 11
  • Barparalyzra: Level 11
  • Baraera: Level 13
  • Slow: Level 13
  • Blindna: Level 14
  • Deodorize: Level 15
  • Silence: Level 15
  • Curaga: Level 16
  • Barfira: Level 17
  • Shell: Level 17
  • Shellra: Level 17
  • Barblindra: Level 18
  • Diaga: Level 18
  • Blink: Level 19
  • Silena: Level 19
  • Sneak: Level 20
  • Barblizzara: Level 21
  • Cure III: Level 21
  • Regen: Level 21
  • Barsilencera: Level 23
  • Barthundra: Level 25
  • Invisible: Level 25
  • Raise: Level 25
  • Reraise: Level 25
  • Protect II: Level 27
  • Protectra II: Level 27
  • Stoneskin: Level 28
  • Cursna: Level 29
  • Curaga II: Level 31
  • Erase: Level 32
  • Viruna: Level 34
  • Dia II: Level 36
  • Teleport-Dem: Level 36
  • Teleport-Holla: Level 36
  • Teleport-Mea: Level 36
  • Shell II: Level 37
  • Shellra II: Level 37
  • Teleport-Altep: Level 38
  • Teleport-Yhoat: Level 38
  • Barvira: Level 39
  • Stona: Level 39
  • Haste: Level 40

Used for mainhealing. Healing skill actually affects our healing-type blue mage. It's also not a bad subjob for (low-level) spell farming when fighting weaker monsters, since you'll sometimes want the monster to gain TP from hitting you, and some monsters cause annoying status effects.

Red Mage

Job Traits

  • Resist Petrify: Level 10
  • Fast Cast: Level 15
  • Magic Attack Bonus: Level 20
  • Magic Defense Bonus: Level 25
  • Resist Petrify II: Level 30
  • Clear Mind: Level 31
  • Fast Cast II: Level 35

Job Abilties

  • Convert: Level 40


  • Dia: Level 1
  • Cure: Level 3
  • Barstone: Level 5
  • Protect: Level 7
  • Barsleep: Level 7
  • Bio: Level 10
  • Barpoison: Level 10
  • Aquaveil: Level 12
  • Barparalyze: Level 12
  • Baraero: Level 13
  • Cure II: Level 14
  • Diaga: Level 15
  • Shell: Level 17
  • Barfire: Level 17
  • Barblind: Level 18
  • Sneak: Level 20
  • Regen: Level 21
  • Barblizzard: Level 21
  • Blink: Level 23
  • Barsilence: Level 23
  • Invisible: Level 25
  • Barthunder: Level 25
  • Sleep: Level 25
  • Cure III: Level 26
  • Protect II: Level 27
  • Dia II: Level 31
  • Dispel: Level 32
  • Phalanx: Level 33
  • Bio II: Level 36
  • Shell II: Level 37
  • Raise: Level 38
One of our best nuking subjobs. It comes with a higher tier of Fast Cast, allowing more flexible point use and lowering cast and recast times for spells even further. With enough MND, the relatively low amount of skill provided is no obstacle for capping Stoneskin.
Convert can allow for more liberal MP use- potentially making this the best subjob for raw power, by casting spells at a considerably higher rate than you would be able to otherwise.
Phalanx is useful when taking consistent, but fairly low, damage. Low enhancing skill hurts, but it is still quite useful- especially when AoE burning.


Job Traits

  • Resist Silence: Level 10
  • Clear Mind: Level 20
  • Conserve MP: Level 25
  • Max MP Boost: Level 30
  • Clear Mind II: Level 35

Job Abilities

  • Light Arts: Level 10
  • Dark Arts: Level 10
  • Sublimation: Level 35



  • Penury
  • Addendum: White
  • Celerity


  • Parsimony
  • Alacrity
  • Addendum: Black


  • Protect: Level 10
  • Paralyna: Level 12
  • Blindna: Level 17
  • Regen: Level 18
  • Shell: Level 20
  • Sneak: Level 20
  • Drain: Level 21
  • Silena: Level 22
  • Invisible: Level 25
  • Sleep: Level 30
  • Protect II: Level 30
  • Dispel: Level 32
  • Cursna: Level 32
  • Raise: Level 35
  • Reraise: Level 35
  • Aspir: Level 36
  • Regen II: Level 37

How this subjob should be used:

It can be an excellent main-healing subjob. The boost to healing skill has a large effect on our healing blue magic.
Dark Arts also renders the subjob's Aspir and Drain spells completely usable, making this another good Campaign subjob, among other possible uses. Access to Reraise is another high point.

Black Mage

Job Traits

  • Magic Attack Bonus: Level 10
  • Clear Mind: Level 15
  • Conserve MP: Level 20
  • Magic Attack Bonus II: Level 30
  • Clear Mind II: Level 30

Job Abilities

  • Elemental Seal: Level 15


  • Bio: Level 10
  • Warp: Level 17
  • Poisonga: Level 24
  • Tractor: Level 25
  • Escape: Level 29
  • Bio II: Level 35
  • Warp II: Level 40

Now that /RDM provides MAB II, /BLM has lost most of its niche. However, it does still give a few useful utility spells.


Job Traits

  • Undead Killer: Level 5
  • Defense Bonus: Level 10
  • Resist Sleep: Level 20
  • Shield Mastery: Level 25
  • Defense Bonus II: Level 30
  • Auto Refresh: Level 35

Job Abilities

  • Holy Circle: Level 5
  • Shield Bash: Level 15
  • Sentinel: Level 30
  • Cover: Level 35


  • Cure: Level 5
  • Protect: Level 10
  • Cure II: Level 17
  • Shell: Level 20
  • Cure III: Level 30
  • Protect II: Level 30
  • Flash: Level 37

How to use this subjob:

Possible blood tanking applications. Flash and shield bash aid with holding hate and some damage mitigation. Auto Refresh is available without needing to set it. Sentinel and Cover are also useful tools, and it gives some healing skill for increasing healing blue magic potency.
I can see it being interesting in PvP.

Dark Knight

Job Traits

  • Attack Bonus: Level 10
  • Resist Paralyze: Level 20
  • Arcana Killer: Level 25
  • Attack Bonus II: Level 30

Job Abilities

  • Arcane Circle: Level 5
  • Last Resort: Level 15
  • Souleater: Level 30


  • Bio: Level 15
  • Aspir: Level 20
  • Poisonga: Level 26
  • Sleep: Level 30
  • Absorb-MND: Level 31
  • Tractor: Level 32
  • Absorb-CHR: Level 33
  • Stun: Level 37

How this subjob is used:

Between 20 and 30, it's a pretty decent DD subjob due to Attack Bonus. However, I wouldn't use it in exp after that.
It has possible application for zerg fights. Souleater stacks with our physical spells, and can add a lot of damage to our multi-hit spells. Better keep an eye on your HP though!
While I can't think of any applications off-hand, the spells Absorb-MND and Absorb-CHR could be used to boost some of our magical blue spells, such as Mind Blast and Eyes on Me, at places where there are too-weak monsters around and you're fighting NMs where our physical spells are ineffective. Aspir and drain are also usable in this fashion
Dark Knight's job abilities and Stun spell all cause a significant amount of enmity, making it a good tanking subjob in some situations. Once again, Jailer of Love comes to mind.


Job Traits

  • Evasion Bonus: Level 15
  • Resist Slow: Level 20
  • Subtle Blow: Level 25
  • Accuracy Bonus: Level 30

Job Abilities

  • Sambas: Level 5
Drain Samba: Level 5
Aspir Samba: Level 25
Drain Samba II: Level 35
  • Waltzes: Level 15
Curing Waltz: Level 15
Curing Waltz II: Level 30
Healing Waltz: Level 35
  • Steps: Level 20
Quick Step: Level 20
Box Step: Level 30
Stutter Step: Level 40
  • Flourishes I: Level 20
Animated Flourish: Level 20
Desperate Flourish: Level 30
  • Jigs: Level 25
Spectral Jig: Level 25
  • Flourishes II: Level 40
Reverse Flourish: Level 40


Another situationally good subjob. Possible applications include soloing in Campaign. Waltz allow you to heal yourself without using MP, allowing more MP available for other purposes. Aspir Samba allows for some MP recovery when facing targets with MP (i.e. most Campaign monsters). Steps are useful enfeebles, and will help increase exp. reward in campaign.
Its most common current use, however, is Dynamis. It provides job abilities on low timers that can be spammed in an attempt to proc.


Job Traits

  • Subtle Blow: Level 5
  • Counter: Level 10
  • Max HP Boost: Level 15
  • Subtle Blow II: Level 25
  • Max HP Boost II: Level 35

Job Abilities

  • Boost: Level 5
  • Dodge: Level 15
  • Focus: Level 25
  • Chakra: Level 35

Notes about this subjob:

It is a decent subjob for levels 10-20, due to the fact that Boost is kind of nice to use before a WS. However, I personally wouldn't choose it.
Its more important use is for Breath Spells. If you're going for maximum damage, then this subjob will boost your HP the best.


Job Traits

  • Wide Scan: Level 1
  • Accuracy Bonus: Level 10

Note: This subjob is only useful 20-30 due to the accuracy bonus. After that point, it is only useful for widescan.


Job Traits:

  • Attack Bonus: Level 10

Job Abilities

  • Jump: Level 10

Note: I would only use this subjob between 20 and 30. In fact, that's what I did- although I suspect /RNG would of been a better DD subjob. I don't have RNG leveled though, so I went with this. Honestly, I wouldn't go out of my way to level /RNG or /DRG for just this short level range.

If the enmity system is ever overhauled, it may one day be useful for reducing hate through High Jump.


When looking for blue mage equipment, Accuracy and strength, along with attack and dexterity are the most important stats. Haste, accuracy, and attack will help your normal melee the most, while strength (and very often, dexterity) will boost your spell potency. Attack does not affect blue spells. Physical spell accuracy is based off blue magic skill and melee accuracy, so you will need to maintain a good accuracy percentage or your spells will fail.

Subbing thief for sneak attack allows you to macro swap in as much strength as you can without worrying about the spell missing (provided of course that it's a single-hit spell, otherwise the subsequent hits will be eligible for missing given poor accuracy). Many spells also have DEX modifiers, so throwing some of that in where you can't get strength isn't a bad idea either.

The items are listed in order of level. Subsequent equipment on this list doesn't necessarily mean it is an upgrade. Many are either alternatives, side-grades, or have a completely different use, such as resting for MP. I mostly only list the NQ versions; this does not mean you shouldn't try to get the HQs. This section mostly focuses on items that might be useful for experience parties; for special endgame builds, refer to the next section.

Note: I am not including any augmented gear in the main section of the equipment guide, due to the variety and rarity of augments available.



Wax Sword +1: Level 1
Xiphos: Level 7
Royal Archer's Sword: Level 10
Scimitar +1: Level 13
Flame Sword: Level 18
Nadrs: Level 24
Gladiator: Level 27
Mithran Scimitar: Level 28
Centurion's Sword: Level 30
Bastokan Sword: Level 34
Immortal's Scimitar: Level 40
Combat Caster's Scimitar: Level 40
Shotel: Level 42
Combat Caster's Scimitar +1: Level 43
Immortal's Shotel: Level 50
Musketeer Commander's Falchion: Level 55
Greed Scimitar: Level 60
Ifrit's Blade: Level 65
Wing Sword: Level 69
Senior Gold Musketeer's Scimitar: Level 71
Martial Anelace: Level 72
Dissector: Level 72
Shiva's Shotel: Level 72
Koggelmander: Level 72
Demon Slayer: Level 73
Dragon Slayer: Level 73
Perdu Hanger: Level 73
Fragarach: Level 74
Beast Slayer: Level 75
Erlking's Blade: Level 75
Hofud: Level 75
Tizona: Level 75
Firmament: Level 77
Vetala Sword: Level 80
Falcata: Level 87
Isador: Level 89
Swiftwing: Level 95
Ephemeron: Level 95


Chances are, you'll never use a club while leveling BLU. However, I will include in a few that I feel are notable or somewhat interesting. It is a good idea to have a club on you for procing weaknesses in Abyssea.

Pilgrim's Wand: Level 10
Flan Smasher: Level 68
Grandeur: Level 69
Mistilteinn: Level 70
Kerykeion: Level 71
Seveneyes: Level 71
Perdu Wand: Level 73


Blue Mage has no native staff skill; however, the elemental staves are of varying importance to BLU.

Light Staff: Level 51
Dark Staff: Level 51
Fire Staff: Level 51
Earth Staff: Level 51
Ice Staff: Level 51
Thunder Staff: Level 51
Water Staff: Level 51
Wind Staff: Level 51
Mekki Shakki: Level 73

Most won't be of much while exping; however I would definitely pick up a Dark Staff and a Light Staff in the very least. The Mekke Shakki is on there for the +5 STR- the same as a Vulcan's Staff- making it useful for SA spells.

HQ staves are pretty inexpensive now, so you really should go for those. It's one of the more noticeable upgrades you can make.


Blue Mage has no native shield skill, and can equip barely any shields. However, the few that we can use are noteworthy, and quite useful.

Pelte: Level 8
Tortoise Shield: Level 30
Flat Shield: Level 30
Spellcaster's Ecu: Level 42
Astral Shield: Level 58
Astral Aspis: Level 68
Harpy Shield: Level 69
Legion Scutum: Level 71
Genbu's Shield: Level 74
Acheron Shield: Level 75

Note about shield useage-

Shields perform three purposes for BLU. First, and most obvious, they give an added layer of defense. While we lack shield skill, many of our subjobs give at least some to us. Even with low skill, it can still help. In addition, they give added points of defense, which brings me to my next point. The second purpose of Shields is to boost Cannonball damage, which is partly based off our DEF. For that purpose, the Acheron Shield is best. Third, many give helpful extra stats, such as MP.
In terms of pure protection, the Genbu's Shield is best. The damage reduction and evasion can be invaluable for enhancing survivability, excellent for any tanking BLU who wishes to keep a sword equiped. The defense on it is only a few points lower than the Acheron Shield, so if you had to choose one for inventory space's sake, I would pick this one.
Another note: When soloing as /NIN, you don't necessarily need to dual wield. Remember- you solo with /NIN for its shadows. If you feel that the added protection would benefit you more than the added damage from an off-hand weapon, then use this shield.


Emperor/Empress Hairpin: Level 24
Precision Bandana: Level 25
Mercenary Captain's Headgear: Level 30
Sinister Mask: Level 39
Voyager Sallet: Level 41
Valkyrie's Mask: Level 43
Storm Zucchetto: Level 50
Zeal Cap: Level 59
Magus Keffiyeh: Level 60
Shadow Mask: Level 62
Wivre Mask: Level 65
Cobra Cap: Level 68
Optical Hat: Level 70
Gnadbhod's Helm: Level 71
Enkidu's Cap: Level 72
Saurian Helm: Level 73
Walahra Turban: Level 75
Mirage Keffiyeh: Level 75


Justice Badge: Level 7
Wing Pendant: Level 7
Armiger's Lace: Level 9
Focus Collar: Level 18
Spike Necklace: Level 21
Peacock Charm/Amulet: Level 33
Chivalrous Chain: Level 60
Kubira Bead Necklace: Level 70
Fortitude Torque: Level 73
Ancient Torque: Level 74
Ziel Charm: Level 80


Scale Mail: Level 10
Lizard Jerkin: Level 17
Baron's Saio: Level 20
Mercenary Captain's Doublet: Level 30
Wonder Kaftan: Level 33, Taru only
Savage Separates: Level 33, Mithra only
Magna Jerkin/Magna Bodice: Level 33, Elvaan only
Brigandine: Level 45
Jaridah Peti: Level 55
Scorpion Harness: Level 57
Vivacity Coat: Level 57
Magus Jubbah: Level 58
Assault Jerkin: Level 67
Enkidu's Harness: Level 72
Mirage Jubbah: Level 74
Homam Corazza: Level 75
Morrigan's Robe: Level 75


Legionnaire's Mittens: Level 10
Royal Footman's Gloves: Level 10
Linen Cuffs +1: Level 12
Guerilla Gloves: Level 13
Battle Gloves: Level 14
Custom Gloves: Level 27, Hume only
Wonder Mitts: Level 27
Gigas Bracelets: Level 30
Combat Mittens: Level 30
Ogygos's Bracelets: Level 40
Enkelados's Bracelets: Level 50
Magus Bazubands: Level 56
Pallas's Bracelets: Level 60
Creek Mitts: Level 62, Taru only
Wood Gauntlets/Gloves: Level 62, Elvaan only
Finesse Gloves: Level 65
Cobra Mittens: Level 68
Alkyoneus's Bracelets: Level 70
Dusk Gloves: Level 72
Enkidu's Mittens: Level 72
Homam Manopolas: Level 75


Phlegethon's Trousers: Level 15
Mettle Leggings: Level 17
Baron's Slops: Level 20
Garrison Hose: Level 21
Bastokan Subligar: Level 25
Magna M/F Chausses: Level 31, Elvaan only
Magus Shalwar: Level 54
Cobra Unit Subligar: Level 68
Volunteer's Brais: Level 70
Vendor's Slops: Level 71
Ruby Seraweels: Level 71
Dusk Trousers: Level 72
Enkidu's Subligar: Level 72
Mirage Shalwar: Level 72
Crimson Cuisses: Level 73
Denali Kecks: Level 75
Homam Cosciales: Level 75
Galliard Trousers: Level 75
Morrigan's Slops: Level 75
Desultor Tassets: Level 75
Aurore Brais: Level 78


Leaping/Bounding Boots: Level 7
Mettle Leggings: Level 17
Savage Gaiters: Level 29, Mithra only
Wonder Clomps: Level 29, Taru only
Mountain Gaiters: Level 38
Storm Gambieras: Level 50
Tabin Boots +1: Level 59
Marine Boots: Level 61, Hume only
Creek Clomps: Level 61
Rutter Sabatons: Level 67
Cobra Leggings: Level 68
Mirage Charuqs: Level 71
Dusk Ledelsens: Level 72
Enkidu's Leggings: Level 72
Setanta's Ledelsens: Level 74
Denali Gamashes: Level 75
Homam Gambieras: Level 75
Aurore Gaiters: Level 78
Areion's Gamashes: Level 86


Friar's Rope: Level 14
Warrior's Belt: Level 15
Brave Belt: Level 18
Mohbwa Sash: Level 20
Qiqirn Sash: Level 40
Tilt Belt: Level 40
Headlong Belt: Level 44
Vanguard Belt: Level 45
Life Belt: Level 48
Swift Belt: Level 50
Virtuoso Belt: Level 54
Velocious/Speed Belt: Level 55
Potent Belt: Level 60
Warwolf Belt: Level 71
Goading Belt: Level 77


Mist Silk Cape: Level 10
Traveler's Mantle: Level 12
Besieger Mantle: Level 16
Nomad's Mantle: Level 24
Exactitude Mantle: Level 26
Jaguar Mantle: Level 47
Accura Cape: Level 51
Bellicose Mantle: Level 52
Amemet Mantle: Level 61
Smilodon Mantle +1: Level 64
Charger Mantle: Level 70
Forager's Mantle: Level 71
Cuchulain's Mantle: Level 74
Sharpeye Mantle: Level 78
Potentia Cape: Level 86


San d'Orian Ring: Level 1
Bastokan Ring: Level 1
Windurstian Ring: Level 1
Courage Ring: Level 14
Mighty Ring: Level 14
Vision Ring: Level 14
Shikaree/Archer's Ring: Level 30
Rajas Ring: Level 30
Divisor Ring: Level 30
Venerer Ring: Level 34
Puissance Ring: Level 36
Sniper's Ring: Level 40
Woodsman Ring: Level 40
Ecphoria Ring: Level 49
Kshama Ring No. 2: Level 49
Kshama Ring No. 8: Level 49
Ulthalam's Ring: Level 50
Sun Ring: Level 54
Kusha's Ring: Level 55
Lava's Ring: Level 55
Toreador's Ring: Level 57
Blood Ring: Level 70
Ruby Ring: Level 72
Flame Ring: Level 74
Omicron Ring: Level 75
Zilant Ring: Level 75
Strigoi Ring: Level 75
Mars's Ring: Level 75


Bone Earring +1: Level 16
Beetle Earring +1: Level 21
Storm Loop: Level 50
Spike Earring: Level 55
Waetoto's Earring: Level 55, Taru only
Feyuh's Earring: Level 55, Mithra only
Minuet Earring: Level 61
Diabolos's Earring: Level 65
Triumph Earring: Level 67
Suppanomimi: Level 72
Ethereal Earring: Level 72
Magnetic Earring: Level 72
Hollow Earring: Level 72
Brutal Earring: Level 75
Loquacious Earring: Level 75


Fortune Egg: Level 1
Happy Egg: Level 1
Rogetsurin: Level 15
Brio Dart: Level 30
Balm/Millefleurs Sachet: Level 30, Hume only
Olibanum/Attar Sachet: Level 30, Elvaan only
Civet Sachet: Level 30, Mithra only
Junior Musketeer's Chakram +1: Level 43
Optical Needle: Level 50
Smart Grenade: Level 54
Tiphia Sting: Level 58
Bibiki Seashell: Level 60


Rice Dumpling

-30 min attack food that also gives +5 accuracy, making it an excellent low level food

Meat Mithkabob

-Cheap 30 min attack food; good for increasing sword DPS when the situation doesn't necessarily call for maximal output

Crab Sushi

-Basically the mithkabob of sushis- for situations where you want some extra accuracy for your sword DPS and spells but are feeling cheap
-Also great for meriting at the Greater Colibri camp, due to Snatch Morsel

Sole Sushi

-The best food for increasing non-Cannonball spell damage, due to the +str combined with high +accuracy

Bream Sushi

-A bit worse than Sole, but still decent; the main selling point is that it is significantly cheaper

Coeurl Sub

-One of the better attack foods for maximizing sword DPS when accuracy is already sufficient

Yellow Curry Bun

-Similiar to Coeurl Subs

Yellow Curry Bun

-Similar to Coeurl Subs

Red Curry Bun

-Best attack food you can get- but they are rather expensive

Marinara Pizza

-A middle ground between Sushi and Meat, providing both accuracy and attack
-3 hour duration (so not really usable on Colibri)

Tavnazian Taco

-The best defense food for tanking
-Also used for increasing Cannonball damage

Endgame Gear Setups

Once again, just because I only list a NQ doesn't mean you shouldn't try for a HQ. Augmented items are not listed in this section. For the most part, items are listed left to right in terms of their ability to increase potency- you will have to use your own judgment when hybridizing for accuracy.

As the level cap rises, some of the older spells may become obsolete. However, I'll keep the builds for them on here, or just add the new spells onto the list that they are good for.

I am not including magian weapons in the build sections- but the magian swords do tend to be best for all the physical-spell builds, TPing, and weapon skills.


Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece +1, Mavi Kavuk +2, Walahra Turban
Neck: Rancor Collar, Tiercel Necklace, Ziel Charm, Ancient Torque, Peacock Charm/Amulet, Fortitude Torque, Chivalrous Chain, Kubira Bead Necklace
Body: Toci's Harness, Mavi Mintan +2, Morrigan's Robe, Mirage Jubbah, Enkidu's Harness, Aurore Doublet
Hands: Dusk Gloves +1, Homam Manopolas, Ocelot Gloves, Dusk Gloves, Aurore Gloves, Enkidu's Mittens, Tarasque Mitts, Morrigan's Cuffs, Cobra Mittens
Legs: Mavi Tayt +2, Ocelot Trousers, Aurore Brais, Homam Cosciales,
Feet: Homam Gambieras, Setanta's Ledelsens, Enkidu's Leggings, Aurore Gaiters, Dusk Ledelsens
Back: Atheling Mantle, Sharpeye Mantle, Cuchulain's Mantle, Mirage Mantle, Forager's Mantle, Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Twilight Belt, Ninurta's Sash, Tempest Belt (Latent active), Speed Belt/Velocious Belt, Goading Belt, Swift Belt, Headlong Belt,
Ring: Imperial Ring (Assault only), Rajas Ring, Epona's Ring, Zilant Ring, Toreador's Ring, Sniper's Ring +1, Divisor Ring, Ulthalam's Ring, Sniper's Ring, Woodsman Ring, Iota Ring, Ecphoria Ring
Earring: Suppanomimi, Brutal Earring, Hollow Earring, Diabolos's Earring, Aesir Ear Pendant, Merman's Earring, Ethereal Earring, Spike Earring
Ammo: Tiphia Sting, Flame Sachet, Olibanum/Attar Sachet (Elvaan only), Thunder Sachet

What TPing setup you use is dependent on your target and whether or not you wish to retain Refresh in the body slot.

Note: Rancor Collar is only good if you have capped Tonberry hate. Beware the +10% damage- I would use something else for soloing.

You may also wish to have a separate TP set that includes a Refresh body (Mavi Mintain +2 or Mirage Jubbah +2).

Vorpal Blade

Head: Aias Bonnet, Gnadbhod's Helm
Neck: Rancor Collar, Soil Gorget, Kubira Bead Necklace, Chivalrous Chain
Body: Enkidu's Harness, Morrigan's Robe, Aurore Doublet, Loki's Kaftan, Assault Jerkin, Homam Corazza, Antares Harness
Hands: Athos's Gloves, Enkidu's Mittens
Legs: Tumbler Trunks, Enkidu's Subligar
Feet: Kacura leggings +1, Setanta's Ledelsens
Back: Atheling Mantle, Cerberus Mantle +1, Forager's Mantle, Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Anguinus Belt, Warwolf Belt, Potent Belt
Ring: Strigoi Ring, Rajas Ring, Flame Ring, Mars's Ring, Zilant Ring, Divisor Ring, Toreador's Ring, Sniper's Ring +1, Ulthalam's Ring, Sniper's Ring, Woodsman Ring, Iota Ring, Ecphoria Ring
Earring: Brutal Earring, Suppanomimi, Vulcan's Earring, Hollow Earring, Aesir Ear Pendant, Triumph Earring
Ammo: Flame Sachet, Thunder Sachet

Depending on what you're fighting and what food you're eating, you may be able to go with more or less accuracy.

Since Vorpal Blade is a critical-based WS, it is also indirectly modified by DEX. Exploiting dDEX can yield a significant increase in average damage. However this does require having some knowledge of the target's AGI, so it can be hard to know exactly how effective gearing for DEX over STR/Attack will be.

Chant Du Cygne

Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece +1, Aias Bonnet
Neck: Rancor Collar, Snow Gorget, Kubira Bead Necklace
Body: Toci's Harness, Athos's Tabard, Loki's Kaftan
Hands: Athos's Gloves, Kacura Mittens +1, Alcide's Mitts +1, Enkidu's Mittens, Mirage Bazubands,Tarasque Mitts
Legs: Athos's Tights, Tumbler Trunks, Mavi Tayt +2, Mavi Tayt +1
Feet: Athos's Boots, Kacura Leggings +1, Alcide's Leggings +1, Lithe Boots, Setanta's Ledelsens,
Back: Atheling Mantle, Cerberus Mantle +1, Forager's Mantle, Amemet Mantle +1, Cuchulain's Mantle, Nifty Mantle
Waist: Wanion Belt, Cuchulain's Belt, Anguinus Belt, Warwolf Belt
Ring: Epona's Ring, Thundersoul Ring, Rajas Ring
Earring: Brutal Earring, Aesir Earring, Pixie Earring, Hollow Earring
Ammo: Thunder Sachet

Sanguine Blade

Deserving of its own section due to how differently you gear for it, Sanguine Blade is a decently strong magic WS with an added drain affect.

Head: Yigit Turban, Teal Chapeau, Magus Keffiyeh +1, Morrigan's Coronal
Neck: Artemis' Medal (depending on moon phase), Uggalepih Pendant (Latent Active), Eidolon Pendant, Solon Torque, Enlightened Chain
Body: Morrigan's Robe, Teal Saio, Crimson Scale Mail, Errant Houppelande
Hands: Mavi Bazuband +1, Morrigan's Cuffs, Yigit Gages, Teal Cuffs
Legs: Teal Slops, Wicca Subligar, Morrigan's Slops, Jet Seraweels, Errant Slops
Feet: Yigit Crackows, Theurgia Clogs, Morrigan's Pigaches
Back: Potentia Cape, Hecate's Cape, Rainbow Cape
Waist: Anrin Obi (for Darksday and Dark weather), Penitent's Rope
Ring: Galdr Ring, Tamas Ring, Spiral Ring, Omniscient Ring, Snow Ring, Diamond Ring
Earring: Novio Earring, Moldavite Earring, Heims Earring
Ammo: Ombre Tathlum, Phantom Tathlum, Balm/Millefleurs Sachet (Hume only), Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2 (Latent Active)

Note that Sanguine Blade has no SC properties, so there's no associated gorget. It follows almost the same formula as other elemental WS, i.e. its damage is independent of your weapon's base damage and is primarily based on INT, with STR and MND secondary modifiers. However, unlike older elemental weapon skills, it uses dINT instead fINT and therefore does not cap. Magic Attack Bonus is also highly effective at increasing its damage.

If for some reason you want to use Red Lotus Blade or Seraph Blade, this setup would work for those WS as well.


Sword's merit WS. As a 5-hit (6 with dual wield) 100% MND WS, it is fairly strong. However, it suffers from a significant attack penalty (-20% at 100 TP) that greatly affects its damage output on higher level enemies. Despite this shortcoming, it promises additional utility in that it deals non-elemental damage, bypassing the special resistances that some monsters possess.

Head: Teal Chapeau
Neck: Elemental Gorget
Body: Preaco Doublet
Hands: Mavi Bazuband +2
Legs: Morrigan's Slops
Feet: Morrigan's Pigaches
Back: Atheling Mantle
Waist: Elemental Belt
Ring: Aqua Ring
Earring: Neptune's Pearl
Ammo: Aqua Sachet

Note: Requiescat's initial fTP transfers across all hits, making a matching elemental gorget/belt the best items for those slots by far.

Big Three

Disseverment, Hysteric Barrage, and Frenetic Rip were once "Big Three" spells for experience/merit parties. However, these have mostly fallen out of general use and have been replaced by Goblin Rush, Delta Thrust, Amorphic Spikes, Quadratic Continuum, and Heavy Strike. Goblin Rush and Amorphic Spikes gear similarly to the old Big 3.

Head: Aias Bonnet, Maat's Cap, Gnadbhod's Helm, Voyager Sallet, Morrigan's Coronal, Mirage Keffiyeh, Enkidu's Cap, Optical Hat
Neck: Bull Necklace (in Campaign), Kubira Bead Necklace, Justice Torque, Chivalrous Chain, Ancient Torque, Peacock Charm/Amulet
Body: Magus Jubbah
Hands: Enkidu's Mittens, Custom Gloves (Hume only), Creek Mitts (Taru only), Wood Gauntlets/Gloves (Elvaan only), Alkyoneus's Bracelets, Pallas's Bracelets
Legs: Enkidu's Subligar, Mirage Shalwar, Oily Trousers, Galliard Trousers, Volunteer's Brais, Cobra Subligar, Vendor's Slops
Feet: Setanta's Ledelsens, Marine Boots (Hume only), Denali Gamashes, Rutter Sabatons, Homam Gambieras, Cobra Leggings, Tabin Boots +1
Back: Cuchulain's Mantle, Smilodon Mantle +1, Sharpeye Mantle, Mirage Mantle
Waist: Grenadier Belt (in Campaign), Bobcat Belt, Warwolf Belt, Potent Belt, Anguinus Belt, Virtuoso Belt
Ring: Rajas Ring, Strigoi Ring, Omicron Ring, Flame Ring, Ruby Ring, Zilant Ring, Adler Ring, Toreador's Ring, Sniper's Ring +1, Divisor Ring
Earring: Vulcan's Earring, Waetoto's Earring (Taru only), Triumph Earring, Hollow Earring, Minuet Earring, Melnina's Earring (Elvaan only), Suppanomimi
Ammo: Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2 (Region restricted), Olibanum/Attar Sachet (Elvaan only), Balm/Millefleurs Sachet (Hume only), Civet Sachet (Mithra only), Tiphia Sting
  • Amorphic spikes has both an INT and a DEX mod, so items that have INT in addition to DEX and STR are nice.
  • Amorphic Spikes and Disseverment are piercing.
  • Hysteric Barrage, Frenetic Rip, and Goblin Rush are blunt.

Vertical Cleave/Death Scissors

STR modified. This used to be one of our best SA spells. Due to being archaic at this point, I'm going to stop updating this section.

Head: Aias Bonnet, Maat's Cap, Gnadbhod's Helm, Mirage Keffiyeh, Morrigan's Coronal, Voyager Sallet, Wivre Mask
Neck: Ire Torque, Justice Torque, Lacono Necklace, Auditory Torque (with songs), Kubira Bead Necklace, Bull Necklace, Chivalrous Chain
Body: Magus Jubbah, Morrigan's Robe (beats Magus Jubbah if using Death Scissors)
Hands: Heafoc Mitts, Alkyoneus's Bracelets, Pallas's Bracelets, Creek Mitts (Taru only), Enkidu's Mittens
Legs: Teutates Subligar, Phlegethon's Trousers (Latent active), Enkidu's Subligar, Morrigan's Slops, Mirage Shalwar, Galliard Trousers, Ruby Seraweels, Garrison Hose
Feet: Agrona's Leggings, Creek Clomps (Taru only), Setanta's Ledelsens, Rutter Sabatons, Marine Boots (Hume only), Denali Gamashes
Back: Smilodon Mantle +1, Forager's Mantle, Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Bobcat Belt, Warwolf Belt
Ring: Strigoi Ring, Vulcan's Ring, Rajas Ring, Flame Ring, Ruby Ring
Earring: Vulcan's Earring, Waetoto's Earring (Taru only), Triumph Earring, Minuet Earring, Heims Earring
Ammo: Junior Musketeer's Chakram +1 (depending on region), Olibanum/Attar Sachet (Elvaan only), Balm/Millefleurs Sachet (Hume only)
  • If you're not building TP, Fire Staff (or something similiar and/or better) + Brave Grip will give you higher damage.
  • In situations that allow you to TP, you'll want a separate gear set. Make appropriate modifications to your TPing set, as needed.
  • Vertical Cleave is also deals fairly good damage without SA. However, while it does seem to get an accuracy boost, you need to be a little careful with items that have -accuracy on them.


STR and VIT modified, as well as having defense function as attack. It is also mostly archaic at this point, but may have some niche uses.

Weapon: Firmament +1, Lyft Scimitar (full latent active), Firmament, Wing Sword +1, Koggelmander, Wing Sword, Ifrit's Blade
Sub: Acheron Shield, Genbu's Shield
Head: Aias Bonnet, Gnadbhod's Helm, Mirage Keffiyeh, Dusk Mask, Wivre Mask, Morrigan's Coronal, Voyager Sallet
Neck: Auditory Torque (with songs or rolls), Ire Torque, Justice Torque, Fortitude Torque, Kubira Bead Necklace, Bull Necklace, Chivalrous Chain
Body: Magus Jubbah
Hands: Heafoc Mitts, Alkyoneus's Bracelets, Pallas's Bracelets, Enkidu's Mittens
Legs: Teutates Subligar, Enkidu's Subligar, Galliard Trousers, Morrigan's Slops, Mirage Shalwar, Magus Shalwar
Feet: Rutter Sabatons, Marine Boots (Hume only), Creek Clomps (Taru only), Setanta's Ledelsens, Denali Gamashes
Back: Shadow Mantle (only on Darksday), Smilodon Mantle +1, Forager's Mantle, Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Ring: Spiral Ring, Strigoi Ring, Vulcan's Ring, Flame Ring, Rajas Ring, Ruby Ring
Earring: Vulcan's Earring, Waetoto's Earring (Taru only), Triumph Earring, Feyuh's Earring (Mithra only), Heims Earring, Robust Earring, Minuet Earring
Ammo: Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2 (depending on region), Bibiki Seashell, Olibanum/Attar Sachet (Elvaan only)
Food: Tavnazian Taco

  • Some also prefer to use a Fire/Vulcan Staff and Brave Grip instead of a sword and shield. While this is also a good option, you are losing your ability to gain TP and a significant amount of defense; however, very often TPing is ill-advised, due to monster AoE. If you are getting Minnes, this is almost always the better option when using Cannonball w/ 0 TP. Without songs, I would use it versus targets that I can expect high numbers on, since the Brave Grip gives a percent increase.

Vanity Dive

DEX modified.

Weapon: Thunder Staff (if using Sneak Attack)
Sub: Brave Grip (if using Sneak Attack)
Head: Aias Bonnet, Voyager Sallet, Aurore Beret, Mirage Keffiyeh
Neck: Kubira Bead Necklace, Love Torque
Body: Loki's Kaftan, Magus Jubbah
Hands: Enkidu's Mittens, Aurore Gloves
Legs: Mavi Tayt +1, Enkidu's Subligar
Feet: Lithe Boots, Aurore Gaiters
Back: Nifty Mantle, Cuchulain's Mantle, Commander's Cape
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Ring: Rajas Ring, Jupiter's Ring, Airy Ring
Earring: Jupiter's Earring, Delta Earring, Minuet Earring
Ammo: Thunder Sachet, Mavi Tathlum
Food: Ambrosia, Sole Sushi

Benthic Typhoon

AGI modified. This is currently our best SA spell, if you ever bother with /THF anymore (might have occasional niche uses for hate and TP control). It's also decent outside of Sneak Attack, but carrying around an AGI set can be troublesome.

Weapon: Striker Sword, Wind Staff (if using Sneak Attack)
Sub: Brave Grip (if using a staff)
Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece, Cuauhtli Headpiece, Nemus Khud, Aurore Beret, Mirage Keffiyeh, Emperor Hairpin
Neck: Arctier's Torque
Body: Athos's Tabard, Loki's Kaftan, Magus Jubbah
Hands: Ocelot Gloves, Wave Gages (Hume only), Aurore Gloves
Legs: Mavi Tayt +1, Magus Shalwar
Feet: Lithe Boots, Areion's Gamashes, Leaping Boots
Back: Commander's Cape
Waist: Sveltesse Gouriz, Scouter's Rope, Bobcat Belt, Warwolf Belt
Ring: Stormsoul Ring, Breeze Ring, Vulcan's Ring, Rajas Ring
Earring: Drone Earring, Suppanomimi
Ammo: Mavi Tathlum
Food: Bream Sushi

Whirl of Rage

coming soon

Head: Aias Bonnet, Mirage Keffiyeh
Neck: Justice Torque
Body: Magus Jubbah
Hands: Alkyoneus's Bracelets, Denali Wristbands, Enkidu's Mittens
Legs: Mavi Tayt +1
Feet: Denali Gamashes
Back: Smilodon Mantle +1
Waist: Bobcat Belt, Warwolf Belt
Ring: Vulcan's Ring, Rajas Ring
Earring: Vulcan's Earring, Triumph Earring, Minuet Earring
Ammo: Mavi Tathlum

Eyes on Me

A magical blue spell that deals dark damage- the only real dark-based nuke in the game. It's useful in areas such as sea and Limbus (in particular, Apolloyn NW) and on Wyrms.

Spell damage is based off CHR. Also keep in mind that it is a Demon-type attack, so it will get a correlation bonus vs. Dragons.

Weapon: Chatoyant Staff
Sub: Reign Grip, Bugard Strap +1
Head: Carline Ribbon (if using set), Ree's Headgear, Opo-opo Crown (if using Pamamas), Errant Hat, Ebon Tam
Neck: Uggalepih Pendant (if latent is active), Temperance Torque, Star Necklace, Bird Whistle, Flower Necklace
Body: Errant Houppelande, Ixion Cloak, Ebon Talar
Hands: Mavi Bazubands +1, Morrigan's Cuffs, Teal Cuffs, Ebon Gants, Marine Gloves (Hume only), Toad Mittens, Cobra Gloves, Yigit Gages
Legs: Nimue's Tights, Errant Slops
Feet: Teal Pigaches, Volunteer's Nails, Dune Sandals (Galka Only), Spagyric Nails, Cobra Crackows, Shrewd Pumps, Dance Shoes , Yigit Crackows
Back: Jester's Cape +1
Waist: Anrin Obi (for Darksday and Dark weather), Aristo Belt, Corsette +1
Ring: Veela Ring, Apollo's Ring, Airy Ring, Heavens Ring, Light Ring, Angel's Ring
Earring: Carline Earring (if using set), Novio Earring, Moldavite Earring, Epsilon Earring, Delta Earring, Sarabande Earring, Melody Earring, Heims Earring
Ammo: Imperial Egg, Hedgehog Bomb
Food: Pamamas (if using the Opo-Opo Crown), Ambrosia (>___>;), Tuna Sushi (+5 CHR), Flint Caviar (+4 CHR)

Mind Blast

A magical blue spell that deals thunder damage, with the additional effect: paralyze. It's useful in areas such as sea and Fafnir.

Spell damage is based off MND. Also keep in mind that it is a Demon-type attack, so it will get a correlation bonus vs. Dragons.

Weapon: Thunder Staff
Sub: Verse Strap +1, Reign Grip, Raptor Strap +1, Bugard Strap +1
Head: Yigit Turban, Magus Keffiyeh +1, Morrigan's Coronal
Neck: Uggalepih Pendant(latent active), Morgana's Choker, Promise Badge, Faith Torque
Body: Morrigan's Robe, Errant Houppelande
Hands: Mavi Bazuband +1, Yigit Gages, Mirage Bazubands, Devotee's Mitts
Legs: Morrigan's Slops, Arcane Slops, Mahatma Slops, Jet Seraweels, Errant Slops
Feet: Morrigan's Pigaches, Errant Pigaches, Yigit Crackows, Denali Gamashes
Back: Sunbeam Belt, Aslan Cape, Rainbow Cape
Waist: Rairin Obi (for Lightningsday and Lightning weather), Cognizant Belt, Penitent's Rope, Jungle Stone (Mithra only), Steppe Stone (Taru only), Ocean Stone (Hume only), Twinthread Obi
Ring: Karka Ring, Neptune's Ring, Tamas Ring, Pi Ring, Aqua Ring, Sapphire Ring, Star Ring, Omega Ring
Earring: Novio Earring, Moldavite Earring, Mamool Ja Earring, Ryakho's Earring (Mithra only), Communion Earring, Quantz's Earring (Hume only)
Ammo: Aqua Sachet, Quartz Tathlum, Jasper Tathlum, Aureole, Sturm's Report
Food: Goblin Mushpot (MND +10)
  • Magic Hammer uses the same gear, except with a Light Staff instead of a Thunder.

INT based spells

Regurgitation and Firespit are the ones typically used. Unless the enemy is resistant to water damage, Regurgitation tends to be the more efficient of the two, albeit lower max damage potential. The bind additional effect and longer range (~20) are both very nice aspects as well.

Weapon: Chatoyant Staff
Sub: Bugard Strap +1
Head: Morrigan's Coronal, Teal Chapeau, Magus Keffiyeh +1, Mahatma Hat, Errant Hat, Magus Keffiyeh
Neck: Uggalepih Pendant(latent active), Prudence Torque, Lemegeton Medal, Enlightened Chain, Philomath Stole, Torque +1
Body: Morrigan's Robe, Arcane Robe, Crimson Scale Mail, Errant Houppelande, Magus Jubbah (if you're having resist problems)
Hands: Yigit Gages, Morrigan's Cuffs, Marine Gloves (Hume only), Errant Cuffs, Toad Mittens
Legs: Morrigan's Slops, Mahatma Slops, Jet Seraweels, Errant Slops
Feet: Mavi Basmak +1, Morrigan's Pigaches, River Gaiters (Mithra only), Yigit Crackows, Denali Gamashes, Wood Ledelsens (Elvaan only), Mirage Charuqs, Custom Boots (Hume only)
Back: Prism Cape, Gleeman's Cape, Rainbow Cape
Waist: Suirin Obi (for Watersday and Water weather)/ Karin Obi (for Firesday/Fire weather), Penitent's Rope, Desert Rope (Galka only), Forest Rope (Elvaan only), Ocean Stone (Hume only), Jungle Stone (Mithra only)
Ring: Galdr Ring, Tamas Ring, Aquilo's Ring, Omega Ring, Snow Ring, Diamond Ring
Earring: Novio Earring, Moldavite Earring, Desamilion's Earring (Elvaan only), Morion Earring +1, Gayanj's Earring (Galka only), Crapaud Earring, Quantz's Earring (Hume only), Morion Earring, Heims Earring
Ammo: Phantom Tathlum, Sweet Sachet (Taru only), Jasper Tathlum, Morion Tathlum, Balm/Millefleurs Sachet (Hume only)
Food: Cream Puff, Brain Stew, Ambrosia

  • It is also worth noting that Regurgitation does more damage from behind, and posseses a strange low-enmity property (1 CE, 640 VE). This means that the hate from the spell itself will be completely deteriorated well before your next cast.
  • These spells (excluding Acrid Stream) also have a MND mod, so it would be beneficial to put that in slots where you don't have any +INT or +MAB.
  • Corrosive Ooze isn't a bad spell either, and also has a -5% Attack/Defense additional effect. The relatively low MP cost is highly appealing.
  • Maelstrom is potentially useful as a moderately strong AoE nuke.
  • Acrid Stream, albiet lower damage, is another worthwhile INT based spell. It also an additional effect of -10 MDB for 2 minutes. It's useful to keep this status effect on the monster if possible.
  • Range
    • Regurgitation ~21.4
    • Firespit ~21.4
    • Corrosive Ooze ~11.4
    • Maelstrom ~6.4, AoE centered on caster

Charged Whisker

Thermal Pulse

Breath Spells

Breath-type Spells are based off your current HP. The primary ones used are Heat Breath and Frost Breath, and sometimes Radiant Breath, Poison Breath, or Hecatomb Wave. Breath setups are useful versus targets such as Jailers, Omega (on four legs), and Einherjar bosses.

Weapon: Fire Staff (if using Heat Breath), Ice Staff (if using Frost Breath), Light Staff (if using Radiant Breath), Wind Staff (if using Hecatomb Wave), Water Staff (Poison Breath)
Sub: Salubrious Grip, Axe Grip, Raptor Strap
Head: Saurian Helm, Mirage Keffiyeh, Walahra Turban, Homam Zucchetto
Neck: Ardor Pendant, Bloodbead Gorget, Cougar Pendant, Ritter Gorget, Tempered Chain, Ajase Beads, Bloodbead Amulet
Body: Dusk Jerkin, Magus Jubbah
Hands: Creek Mitts (Taru only), River Gauntlets (Mithra only), Alkyoneus's Bracelets, Pallas's Bracelets
Legs: Dusk Trousers, Homam Cosciales, Vendor's Slops, Yigit Seraweels, Magus Shalwar, Mirage Shalwar
Feet: Marine Boots (Hume only), Root Sabots, Creek Clomps (Taru only), Llwyd's Clogs, Dusk Ledelsens, Marid Leggings
Back: Aenotherus Mantle, Gigant Mantle, Lieutenant's Cape, High Breath Mantle, Behemoth Mantle, Empowering Mantle
Waist: Glassblower's Belt, Steppe Sash (Taru only), Ocean Sash (Hume only), Jungle Sash (Mithra only), Desert Sash(Galka only), Forest Sash (Elvaan only), Gold Moogle Belt
Ring: Meridian Ring, Bomb Queen Ring, Bloodbead Ring, Griffon Ring, Light Ring, Bomb Ring
Earring: Cassie Earring, Intruder Earring (depending on region), Bloodgem Earring, Morukaka's Earring (Taru only), Wrestler's Earring (if /MNK), Bloodbead Earring, Pigeon Earring, Insomnia Earring
Ammo: Mavi Tathlum, Verthandi's Gem, Fenrir's Stone (during the day), Happy Egg, White Tathlum
Food: Carbonara

Suggested Job Traits:

Max HP boost (if not /MNK)
Auto Refresh
Conserve MP

  • Special note about Breath Spells: They can get resisted in the same manner as any magical spell (1/2 damage, 1/4 damage, etc). They are based off HP and/or your own level only. Magic Attack Bonus and the extra potency from Elemental Staves will not increase damage, although the staves will help with magical accuracy. Magic Bursting only affects the resist rate.
  • Breath spells completely ignore Magic Defense Bonus (MDB). However, they are still affected by monsters with overall magic damage cuts.
  • The list above is in descending order of +HP; however, depending on your target you may very well need an item farther down the list for its magic accuracy. The body and head slots are particularly good places to get +skill/magic accuracy.
  • See the section below for a complete list of magic accuracy items.

For the sake of completeness, here's the full list of Breath-type spells:

Taking a look at their MP costs and assuming no resists or correlation bonuses, Poison Breath is by far the most efficient; Bad Breath is by far the least.

  • Each has a range of ~13.4

Special Note- In the current game environment, most enemies seem to resist breath spells- making them mostly useless for damage dealing. This is sort of a shame, given the number of items they have supplied post-75 cap that enhance breaths.

Magic Fruit

When geared for, Magic Fruit is an incredibly potent and efficient Cure spell. Amount cured is based on MND, VIT, and Healing magic skill.

Weapon: Light Staff
Sub: Verse Strap +1, Reign Grip, Raptor Strap +1, Bugard Strap +1
Head: Magus Keffiyeh +1, Yigit Turban, Denali Bonnet, Magus Keffiyeh
Neck: Morgana's Choker, Promise Badge, Faith Torque
Body: Crimson Scale Mail, Morrigan's Robe, Ixion Cloak, Errant Houppelande
Hands: Serpentes Cuffs (set), Mavi Bazuband +1, Mirage Bazubands +1, Mirage Bazubands, Devotee's Mitts, Yigit Gages, Marine Gloves (Hume only), Denali Wristbands
Legs: Morrigan's Slops, Arcane Slops, Jet Seraweels, Errant Slops
Feet: Serpentes Sabots (set), Morrigan's Pigaches, Calm Pigaches, Teal Pigaches, Errant Pigaches, Yigit Crackows, Denali Gamashes
Back: Sunbeam Belt, Aslan Cape, Rainbow Cape
Waist: Cognizant Belt, Penitent's Rope, Jungle Stone (Mithra only), Steppe Stone (Taru only), Ocean Stone (Hume only), Twinthread Obi
Ring: Karka Ring, Neptune's Ring, Pi Ring, Aqua Ring, Sapphire Ring, Star Ring, Omega Ring
Earring: Mamool Ja Earring, Neptune's Earring, Ryakho's Earring (Mithra only), Aqua Earring, Communion Earring, Quantz's Earring (Hume only), Heims Earring
Ammo: Bibiki Seashell, Jasper Tathlum
Food: Goblin Mushpot (MND +10)

White Wind

Basically a cross between a breath and a cure spell, White Wind is affected by Cure Potency and maximum HP. It is not affected by MND or VIT.

Weapon: Light Staff
Sub: Salubrious Grip, Axe Grip
Neck: Dualism Collar, Bloodbead Gorget
Hands: Serpentes Cuffs (set), Gloves (Hume only), Denali Wristbands
Legs: Homam Cosciales
Feet: Serpentes Sabots (set),
Back: Oretenia's Cape
Waist: Korin Obi (for Lightsday and Light weather)
Ring: Meridian Ring, Bomb Queen Ring
Earring: Cassie Earring, Bloodgem Earring, Bloodbead Earring
Ammo: Egoist's Tathlum, Happy Egg

Magic Accuracy

Macroing in extra magic accuracy and/or magic skill can help land your MP drainkisses, in addition to your other enfeebles. If you're having resist problems with your nukes, it can also be a good idea to sub in some magic accuracy instead of the usual potency-increasing stats. Versus high level resistant targets, you're probably going to at least need your AF body when nuking.

Weapon: Tizona, Fragarach, elemental staff
Sub: Harpy Shield, elemental grip (if using a staff)
Head: Laurel Wreath, Mirage Keffiyeh, Morrigan's Coronal, Nashira Turban, Carline Ribbon, Diana Corona, Homam Zucchetto, Ree's Headgear, Ebon Tam
Neck: Noetic Torque, Mavi Scarf, Lieutenant's Gorget
Body: Magus Jubbah
Hands: Symbios Gloves, Morrigan's Cuffs, Nashira Gages, Ebon Gants
Legs: Mavi Tayt +1, Mirage Shalwar (+1), Denali Kecks, Nashira Seraweels
Feet: Mavi Basmak +1, Sapientia Sabots, Denali Gamashes, Nashira Crackows
Back: Felicitas Cape, Hecate's Cape, Mirage Mantle, Gramary Cape
Ring: Balrahn's Ring, Omega Ring, Epsilon Ring (Salvage only), Insect Ring
Earring: Helenus's Earring+Cassandra's Earring (pair), Incubus Earring, Lycopodium Earring
Ammo: Aureole, Sturm's Report
  • Note: Elemental staves award +20 magic accuracy to magical spells matching their element. HQ staves give +30 magic accuracy.
  • Magic Accuracy is also affected by either MND, CHR, or INT (depending on the spell). "Dark Magic" blue spells and 1000 Needles are likely only affected by skill and +magic accuracy.

Resting (hMP) / Refresh

Depending on your inventory space situation you might be able to use more or less...

Weapon: Dark Staff
Sub: Ariesian Grip, Legion Scutum (if you want to keep a sword equiped to prevent TP loss)
Head: Mirror Tiara, Volunteer's Khud, Yigit Turban, Cobra Hat, Storm Turban
Neck: Eidolon Pendant, Phi Necklace, Gnole Torque, Grandiose Chain, Beak Necklace (+1)
Body: Mahatma Houppelande, Yigit Gomlek, Errant Houppelande, Ixion Cloak, Mirage Jubbah, Vermillion Cloak,
Hands: Genie Gages, Yigit Gages (if using the full set for the Refresh effect), Serpentes Cuffs (set)
Legs: Yigit Seraweels, Baron's Slops
Feet: Numerist Pumps, Arborist Nails, Yigit Crackows (if using the full set for the Refresh effect), Serpentes Sabots (set)
Back: Invigorating Cape
Waist: Austerity Belt, Qiqirn Sash (+1)
Ring: Star Ring (+1), Balrahn's Ring (if in Assault/Salvage)
Earring: Relaxing Earring, Magnetic Earring, Antivenom Earring, Rapture Earring


Versus easier targets, you could simply use your normal TP setup and use damage to keep hate. This section is more so focused on the instances where that would not work.

Haste/Fast Cast

Primarily used for casting Utsusemi when /NIN.

Head: Mavi Kavuk +2, Acubens Helm, Mavi Kavuk +1, Walahra Turban, Homam Zucchetto
Neck: Tern Necklace (set only), Tiercel Necklace
Body: Mavi Mintan +2, Nashira Manteel, Mavi Mintan +1, Ebon Talar
Hands: Dusk Gloves +1, Homam Manopolas, Dusk Gloves
Legs: Ocelot Trousers, Mavi Tayt +2, Homam Cosciales, Mavi Tayt +1, Aurore Brais
Feet: Homam Gambieras, Dusk Ledelsens, Enkidu's Leggings, Setanta's Ledelsens
Back: Tern Cape (set only)
Waist: Twilight Belt, Velocious/Speed Belt, Tern Stone (set only), Goading Belt, Swift Belt, Headlong Belt, Quick Belt
Ring: Imperial Ring (Assault only)
Earring: Loquacious Earring
  • Mavi Mintan +1 is better than the Nashira Manteel when you don't need the Nashira to cap gear haste, due to the "Blue magic spellcasting time -6%".
  • Bad Breath + Sub Zero Smash= Fast Cast
  • Casting time reductions are calculated at the start of a spell, while recast reductions are calculated at the time of execution.

Physical Damage Reduction/Defense

Used when shadows are down and you want to minimize damage taken and cumulative enmity lost.

Weapon: Earth Staff
Sub: Genbu's Shield (if you wish to keep a sword on)
Head: Louhi's Mask (during the day), Darksteel Cap +1, Fugacity Beret, Darksteel Cap, Dusk Mask, Mirage Keffiyeh, Homam Zucchetto
Neck: Twilight Torque, Repelling Collar, Fortitude Torque
Body: Darksteel Harness, Homam Corazza, Dusk Jerkin, Morrigan's Robe, Magus Jubbah
Hands: Denali Wristbands, Darksteel Mittens, Homam Manopolas, Dusk Gloves
Legs: Darksteel Subligar, Homam Cosciales, Dusk Trousers
Feet: Darksteel Leggings, Homam Gambieras, Dusk Ledelsens, Enkidu's Leggings
Back: Shadow Mantle, Cheviot Cape, Hexerei Cape
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Ring: Defending Ring, Jelly Ring, Succor Ring, Patronus Ring, Sattva Ring, Soil Ring
Earring: Colossus's Earring, Robust Earring, Heims Earring
Ammo: Bibiki Seashell, Happy Egg
  • Cocoon- +50% Defense

Magical Damage Reduction

Head: Louhi's Mask (during the night), Coral Visor, Storm Turban
Neck: Twilight Torque
Body: Coral Scale Mail
Hands: Denali Wristbands, Coral Finger Gauntlets
Legs: Coral Cuisses
Feet: Ataractic Solea, Coral Greaves
Back: Resentment Cape (region restrictions), Hexerei Cape, Colossus's Mantle, Lamia Mantle, Gramary Cape
Waist: Lieutenant's Sash, Resolute Belt
Ring: Shadow Ring, Defending Ring, Succor Ring, Coral Ring
Earring: Merman's Earring, Coral Earring. Static Earring
  • Saline Coat- Our ultimate defense versus magical damage.
  • Magnetite Cloud + Ice Break= Magic Defense Bonus

Remember- MDT caps at -50%. Shellra IV gives -21.9% MDT. Fully-merited (5/5) Shellra V gives 27.34% MDT. This means ideally, you only need about -23% more MDT to cap. After that point, MDB becomes superior.


Weapon: Macuahuitl +1, Storm Scimitar (if in Assault)
Sub: Macuahuitl +1, Shark Strap (if using staff)
Head: Deceit Mask, Cache-nez
Neck: Invidia Torque, Ritter Gorget, Harmonia's Torque
Hands: Homam Manopolas, Ocelot Gloves, Storm Manopolas
Legs: Ocelot Trousers
Back: High Breath Mantle (enchantment), Cerberus Mantle, Resentment Cape, Kinesis Mantle
Waist: Goading Belt, Warwolf Belt
Ring: Odium Ring, Sattva Ring, Corneus Ring, Mermaid Ring
Earring: Pluto's Earring, Eris' Earring, Incubus Earring, Dark Earring
Ammo: Aumoniere

Fire Resist

Used for tanking something such as the KSNM99 Wyrm.

Weapon: Water Staff
Head: Black Ribbon, Green Ribbon +1, Kengo Hachimaki, Rekka Hachimaki, Cactuar Ribbon, Green Ribbon
Neck: Jeweled Collar, Buburimu Gorget
Body: Bastokan Harness
Hands: Tarasque Mitts
Legs: Crimson Cuisses, Raptor Trousers
Feet: Bowman's Ledelsens, Marabout Sandals, Power Sandals
Back: Cerberus Mantle, Casaba Melon Tank, Dino Mantle, Wolf Mantle +1
Waist: Water Belt
Ring: Malflame Ring, Ruby Ring
Earring: Flame Earring, Aqua Earring, Ruby Earring, Sapphire Earring

Spell Interruption Down

100% Spell Interruption Down is possible, and potentially handy when casting Ichi. How much of it comes from gear depends on your support. This can help bridge the gap between Paladin's very powerful Shield Mastery trait, although it does require dropping some PDT, and thus would not always be worth it.

Weapon: Eremite's Wand
Sub: Eremite's Wand
Head: Nashira Turban
Neck: Willpower Torque
Legs: Magus Shalwar +1, Magus Shalwar
Feet: Karasutengu
Back: Solitaire Cape
Waist: Emphatikos Rope, Moon Sash, Star Sash, Heko Obi +1
Earring: Magnetic Earring
  • Aquaveil used to give 20%, but now simply allows for a static number of non-interruptions.
  • Choral Roll from a COR gives an unknown amount, although it is likely quite significant.
  • True 100% spell interruption occurs at -102%, due to how the game stores numbers.
  • Dark rings and Diamond rings can receive -spell interruption augments.


Please refer the Breath spell build list.

Suggested Spells:

  • Blank Gaze
  • Magic Fruit
  • Exuviation
  • Actinic Burst
  • Temporal Shift
  • Jettatura
  • Healing Breeze (if there are others within the area of effect)
  • Cocoon


I would highly suggest reading through the link at the bottom about enmity, but here's a brief overview anyways:

  • There are two types of enmity, Cumulative Enmity (CE) and Volatile Enmity (VE).
  • CE builds up overtime and only decays by taking damage.
-Losing an Utsusemi shadow also results in a (mild) CE loss (-25)
  • VE dissipates over time; it will not decrease by taking damage. The rate is -60/sec.

What this means is that over a longer fight, CE is more valuable. However, VE is still useful for quickly gaining back the monster's attention, as actions that produce VE tend to produce it in very large spikes.

  • +Enmity gear acts by increasing enmity by a percent. +1 Enmity means +1% enmity for all actions.
  • Your total enmity is equal to CE+VE (i.e. they are additive, furthering the point that VE is still useful despite its temporal nature)
  • Most actions cause a combination of both CE and VE. The link has a full listing of how much each and every action causes.
  • The following are some of the more useful tanking tools and their respective base enmity values.
CE Generation

Due to its low recast and MP cost, Fantod is now the king for CE generation, although Exuviation is still good for combining with Diffusion.

VE Generation

Caution- A major complaint is that a BLU tank requires more MP than a PLD to generate hate. While that can be partly true, it partly arises from the temptation to spam all your enmity spells. This isn't necessary, particularly once a fight is going smoothly. If you're co-tanking, this can cause further issues by causing your partner to be unable to peal hate off of you.

Other tanking tools
  • Cocoon- 1 CE 80 VE
Obviously this is mostly used for the +50% defense.
  • Saline Coat- 1 CE 480 VE
Should be saved for when you need a powerful magic defense, such as before a Citadel Buster or Gates of Hades spam. The effect deteriorates over time, so the timing can be crucial.
  • Magic Fruit
Curing enmity varies based on how much you cure.
  • CE= .727(HP cured)
  • VE= 4.36(HP cured)
  • Healing Breeze/White Wind
Same equation as above. Since it's AoE, you would add up the total HP cured for all targets.

Ex:If you cure yourself for 300 HP, (assuming no +enmity) you generate 218 CE and 1308 VE. As you can see, Cure-hate is a very powerful tool, in that it both keeps you alive and causes large amounts of enmity (albeit mostly VE).


A job needs to posses two things to tank-

1) Enmity Generation
2) Damage Mitigation

You need to be able to take and hold a monster's attention, and be able to stay alive (efficiently). Blue Mage is capable of both those things and can therefore be a fully fledged tanking job versus a variety of enemies.


The level increase has greatly increased the relevance of an evasion set. It can do quite well on older content, where our innate low-skill isn't going to be its doom.

Head: Optical Hat
Neck: Torero Torque
Body: Athos's Tabard, Aurore Doublet
Hands: Kacura Mittens +1, Ocelot Gloves
Legs: Ocelot Trousers
Feet: Athos's Boots, Kacura Leggings +1, Magus Charuqs
Back: Boxer's Mantle
Waist: Phasmida Belt
Ring: Heed Ring
Earring: Suppanomimi
Ranged: Aliyat Chakram

You may not always necessarily need a full evasion set- so hybridize for DD stats such as Haste as you see fit. This becomes much easier if you use an AGI/Evasion Magian sword (or two).

Trial of the Magians

Given the number of options available through the Trial of the Magians, I think the swords available through the Magian quests are deserving of their own section. Keep in mind that the trials will be expanded in future updates, which could change how good each option is in relation to another.

I am listing the level 90 versions.


  • Level 90 Stats- 61 DMG 224 Delay, +15 DEX, "Chant du Cygne" Aftermath: Occ. deals double damage

Almace is one of the most powerful swords (sometimes best, sometimes second best) available to BLU. It offers amazing DPS, a strong upgrade to Vorpal Blade, and some extra stats for spell modifiers. It's also on one of the easier Empyrean paths- if you have the resources available to obtain one, I would very much recommend it.


There are currently three different branches for Khanda. Each is rare, meaning you may only pick one.

  • 48 DMG 264 Delay, Occasionally attacks twice

This is a good weapon for increasing WS rate, without the large reduction in damage that the below option suffers. However, should you have an Almace I would not suggest it as an offhand, due to its relatively high delay.

  • 29 DMG 264 Delay, Occasionally attacks 2-4 times

This is the best choice in terms of increasing TP gain- however, its actual DPS is markedly inferior. This can be particularly useful if you wish to use Sanguine Blade repeatedly. However, do keep in mind that this does feed more TP to the enemy than other options.

  • 55 DMG 252 Delay, Double Attack +10

An often ignored choice, this is actually a very solid main hand weapon, as well as a conditionally good offhand to Almace. It boasts high damage and its +10 DA applies to both hands. However, do keep in mind that using Sanguine Blade, a magical WS, decreases some of its appeal, since magical WS cannot double attack and ignore weapon base damage.


Shamshirs each offer good DPS and extra bonus stats, depending on which path you take. These aren't rare, so you could theoretically get more than one of a desired path. However, do keep in mind that the fact that they all have the same name makes it difficult to macro. For example, if you were tanking with 2 PDT-type swords, you would not be able to quickly macro-swap to 2 MDB-type swords.

  • Fire Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 STR +20 Attack

This is the best sword for increasing the power of physical spells, as well as granting fine melee stats. I would highly suggest having at least one of these. I would recommend making one of these first.

  • Thunder Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 DEX +15 Accuracy

This grants a massive increase to accuracy, should you need it. Also, be sure to keep in mind what other equipment changes you may be able to make with the extra accuracy in the weapon slot. However, generally this accuracy is unneeded, making it generally worse than a STR sword.

  • Earth Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 VIT -10% Physical Damage Taken

A useful sword to have if you're interested in tanking, as it will reduce damage taken while still enabling melee.

  • Dark- 52 DMG 230 Delay +45, +45 MP +15 Magic Accuracy

A useful sword if you plan on spamming Head Butt or Sudden Lunge, as it will help land the stun effect on somewhat resistant targets. However, in instances where Head Butt and Sudden lunge are successful, they tend to already have their magic accuracy more or less capped- so this path isn't quite as useful as it might first appear.

  • Water Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 MND +10 Magic Defense Bonus

Another useful tanking sword, this one instead focuses on reducing magic damage. Very niche.

  • Ice Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 INT +10 Magic Attack Bonus

While its focus is rather narrow, it is a good sword for increasing Sanguine Blade damage.

  • Light Path- 52 DMG 230 Delay, +9 CHR +15 Magic Evasion

Yet another potentially useful tanking sword, but one with a pretty narrow use. The +15 Magic Evasion acts as +resistance to all elements. However, keep in mind that even a NQ elemental staff has +15 resistance to a particular element. This means that in order to beat that (aside from when more trials are added), you would need to make 2 of them. That's a lot of work for something you would likely wouldn't use very often at all. Honestly, you're probably better off trying to add magic evasion/elemental resistance in other slots.


Another set of independent branches, these swords have trials that are relatively easier than other trial sets. They boast fairly good DPS, although they lack extra stats to directly boost spell damage. They're also rare, so you will have to choose.

  • 55 DMG 238 Delay, WS damage +10%

Keep in mind that +WS damage only works in the mainhand. Personally I wouldn't use this over a STR sword, but it isn't too bad.

  • 53 DMG 238 Delay, TP bonus +100

Unlike the Martial series of weapons, this actually does work in the offhand. In terms of boosting WS damage, the +% weapon will be better- unless of course you have a sword like Almace with a strong WS attached to it (in which case you would obviously be keeping that in your mainhand).

  • 55 DMG 238 Delay, Store TP +17

The Store TP+17 will tend to take a hit off of the number of attacks to 100% TP, thus increasing WS rate. However, STP isn't nearly as useful for one-handed weapon setups. I don't think I would choose this over even the +WS damage sword.


Q: What spells should I use?

A: Here are some general suggestions as to which DD spells to rotate while in an experience/merit party.

Head Butt and Bludgeon are the two you'll want to rotate. Wild Oats is a decent enfeeble.
SA Claw Cyclone and SA Screwdriver are both pretty decent. Bludgeon and Head Butt continue to be solid.
Switch to SA Jet Stream or Uppercut, continuing to throw in Bludgeon and/or Head Butt in between.
Red Lotus Blade---> Bludgeon/Jet Steam= Fusion is a solid self SC. You can try magic bursting with Bomb Toss, but I have my doubts as to its efficiency. At Level 44 I would switch to SA+Mandibular Bite, but consider continuing with that self SC for when Chain Affinity is up.

I liked Red Lotus Blade--->SA Sickle Slash= Gravitation+ MP Drainkiss MB. You mostly fight crabs and, more importantly, Colibri during this level range, which can be aspired. SA Mandibular bite is also still good, in some cases maybe even better than SA Sickle Slash.
Bludgeon is still decent. Head butt is, and always will be, one of our best utility spells.

Death Scissors produces fantastic damage. Be sure to always use it with Sneak Attack and Chain Affinity, plus a good amount of TP. If CA isn't up and/or you're low on TP, then use SA+Mandibular Bite or Spinal Cleave instead. Trick Attack+ Frenetic Rip helps with hate control- which you'll need with the amount of damage that Death Scissors will be doing.
We get the rest of our good multi-hit spells, and /NIN finally becomes a truly good subjob- partly due to the fact that /THF is a bit of a lost cause on imps (I was always either silenced or under amnesia, so picking a time when you're under neither effect can be a bit hard). Rotating Frenetic Rip, Hysteric Barrage, and Disseverment is usually your best bet.
If you are at a camp and/or party setup where /THF is usable, SA Vertical Cleave can produce very nice numbers.
Good self-SCs (although at this point it isn't always viable)
  • Savage Blade--->Disseverment= Distortion
  • Expiacion---> Vertical Cleave= Darkness (+MP Drainkiss MB)

Q: Really? Just those spells? What about all our other spells, such as the enfeebles?

A: Blue Mage does, in fact, get very nice enfeebles. Choosing which ones to use though is more on a case by case basis, so it's hard to make simple generalizations like I did for our DD spells.

If your party is lacking a Red Mage, and the tank is getting beat up, it wouldn't be a bad idea to utilize what we have. I would also highly recommend using Frightful Roar if you are able to land it frequently. Infrasonics isn't bad either if you can land it.

Q: My spells say that TP affects their damage. Does that mean I should stay at 300% TP all the time?

A: TP ONLY affects spells when using them in conjunction with Chain Affinity. How drastic the effect is depends on the spell's fTP mod.

Q: What should I merit?

A: Blue Skill first and foremost. After that, I would do either Magical Accuracy or Sword Skill. From what I hear, the Physical Potency merits don't seem to do anything. Therefore, I am going to go ahead and ignore those for now, leaving room in case SE changes them or someone figures out what they do (and that they are, in fact, helpful).

EDIT: From a recent interview at Fanfest 08, a developer said that Physical Potency merits increase physical spell accuracy. Therefore, I would endorse them as the other T1 category to cap.

Tier 2 merits are entirely up to taste. If you do a lot of tanking, Diffusion would be a good idea since Exuviation + Diffusion causes a massive amount of hate. If you use your BLU to nuke in sea, then Convergence is a good idea. If you think a few more Blue points would help you the most, then Assimilation isn't a bad idea either. Enchainment would be decent for those who do BLU/THF for a lot of NMs.

Sadly, there isn't any one obvious choice, so you're going to have to weigh what you do and decide on your own.

Q: How is the attack power determined for physical blue magic spells?

A:The equation is:

Blue magic attack= 8 + Blue magic skill + STR/2

It's actually almost the same formula as melee attack, but with melee combat skill and raw +attack from equipment, traits, and buffs ignored. This also means that blue magic has rather low attack values, which is why most physical spells are in effective against higher level enemies with a high defense. Cannonball follows different rules and can have its attack boosted through defense, which is why it is still useful against such enemies. Vertical Cleave also gains some attack power through its fTP.

Q: I'm having issues getting a party for the final ACP fight.

A: This is just due to people being ignorant. BLU is a highly effective DD for the non-zerging method- which in my opinion, is far superior.

Go BLU/WAR and use Cannonball. /THF is useless for this fight. Cannonball's range enables you to attack the crystal from a distance, and snipe off the clones if that job is also assigned to you. Have other cheap DD spells available in case you miss the Thralls the first time. If you're worried about getting drawn in and hit by Seed of Judgement past the 50% mark, you may wish to keep Saline Coat up.

Q: How much TP do Blue magic spells give to an enemy?

A: All spells that cause at least 1 damage grant an enemy 10% TP per hit. This is then modified by Subtle Blow traits and gear.

For example, lets say you cast Disseverment on a monster while /NIN. Normally you would give it 50% TP, but with the Subtle Blow II trait (+10 suble blow), you only give it 45% ( 10% x .1 x 5).

If you were also wearing a Rajas Ring (+5), Enkidu's Subligar (+5 Subtle Blow), Enkidu's Mittens (+2), and an Anwig Salade (+3), you would only give 37.5%.

Q: How should I augment my Mirke Wardecors?

A: Well that all depends. Here are some possibilities:

+10 Attack +10 Accuracy

If you lack a Mirage Jubbah or Morrigan's Robe, you could both melee and WS in this. If you do have one of the aforementioned items, it's still a great (technically the best) WS body for Vorpal Blade. However, if you have an Enkidu's Harness you may wish to consider another option.

Fast Cast+5 +5 Enmity

The tanking option. This is how Paladins augment their ACP body armor, and if you are an adamant BLU tank, you should highly consider the same.

Fast Cast+5 +10 Accuracy

The idea here is to minimize the cast/recast on both Utsusemi and Head Butt while soloing. The +Accuracy is to help ensure that Head Butt lands.

Q: How should I augment my Anwig Salade?

A: Once again, here are some ideas:

+4 STR WS Accuracy+15, +10 Accuracy +5 Attack

This option provides maximum accuracy for weaponskills. However, I think right now that accuracy isn't really all that needed, so I'll direct you to the next option...

+4 STR WS Accuracy+15, +4 DEX +2% Critical Hit Damage

This is a good piece for non-CA SA spells and WS (especially those which are critical based). However, there is a better option for WS...

+4 DEX +2% Critical Hit Damage, +4 AGI +2% Weaponskill Damage

This is the optimized option for critical based weaponskills, such as Chant du Cygne. It's also pretty good for SA (non-CA) Benthic Typhoon.

Q: Your guide doesn't list augmented items.

A: For the final mini expansion rewards, see above.

Here's a link to the mini expansion Tenshodo Key page:

Tenshedo Keys

The most interesting ones for BLU come from the Ivory Key (free Triumph Earring!) and Ebon Key(mini-Rajas Ring!).

ANNM augmentations that I find relevant:

Abyssea Augments:

Abjuration and Other Sky Gear Augments:

Abyssea Notes


The biggest boon to performance in Abyssea is using the correct Atma.

Physical-spam setup

Melee-heavy setup

AoE Burn setup

Other nuking setup


Elemental WS tend to be the best for a Primeval Brew.

  • Sanguine Blade: Best on most targets.
  • Flash Nova: Best on targets that resist Dark, but not Light.
  • Chand Du Cygne: Best on those targets which are resistant to magic.

Important Links

Here are links to a few articles that I feel give valuable information.

Calculating Blue Magic Damage

Blue Magic Hunting Grounds

Cure Calculator, works with blue magic cures!

Beast Strength Chart- something to think about when choosing spells

Kaeko's Blue Magic Enmity listings- Should be looked at should you ever seriously consider tanking

Skillchain Chart- Personally I think all DDs should try to memorize most of the chart

Skillchain Calculator- if you're bad at memorizing the SC chart