«FFXI-Movie» 0193 NIN 1 - Ayame and Kaede

«FFXI-Movie» 0193 NIN 1 - Ayame and Kaede

Game Script

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 1) - Port Bastok
Kaede: Hey, Have you heard of my sister Ayame? She's a samurai and a member of the Mythril Musketeers. She's so cool. Me? I'm nothing compared to her...

Kaede: But I was thinking. If I could use a katana, too, I could be cool and strong like her.

Kaede: But when I asked my dad about it, he got mad and said I couldn't.

Kaede: My dad's been acting strange lately. I think that he's been visiting that Kagetora from the Tenshodo.

Ensetsu: Kaede? What are you up to now? You know you shouldn't be bothering our visitors.

Kaede: I just know he's hiding something!

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 2) - Port Bastok
Kagetora: What do you want?

Kagetora: Can't even hide something from his kid. Ha! That would explain why he never was called for battle.

Kagetora: If you want to know why that old man is coming here, you ask him yourself. He's obviously having money problems. Maybe you can help him out.

Kagetora: How do I know Ensetsu? I guess you could ask the lady we bother loved for that answer. Ha ha ha!

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 3) - Port Bastok
Ensetsu: Kagetora told you that? What was he thinking? He usually isn't the type to go telling other people's secrets...

Kaede: Secrets? What secrets? I know you were hiding something, father!

Ensetsu: I'm not hiding anything! Children shold keep their noses out of their parents' business!

Kaede: Stop treating me like I'm a child! You were never like this to Ayame! I know I can learn to use a katana and be cool, just like her!

Ensetsu: Kaede...

Kaede: Father, you are buying your katana from Mr. Kagetora, aren't you? You can use one can't you?

Kaede: Ayame says she went on a journey to learn the ways of the blade, but I bet it was you who taught her!

Ensetsu: What are you talking about...?

Kaede: I hate you! Why won't you tell me the truth!?

Ensetsu: I'm sorry that you had to see that... Girls these days grow up so fast. What is a father to do?

Ensetsu: One day, I know I'll have to tell her the truth about...

Ensetsu: Excuse me. I know you must be busy, but could I ask a favor of you?

Ensetsu: I would like to buy something back that I recently sold through the Tenshodo. However, I was told by Kagetora that it was already been shipped to Norg.

Ensetsu: He told me that if I bring him some strangely shaped coral from the Korroloka Tunnel, he would return my item.

Ensetsu: However, there is no way I would survive a trip to that tunnel... I would be in your debt if you could travel there in my place.

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 4) - Port Bastok
Ensetsu: Some strangely shaped coral! I am grateful for your help...but there is one problem.

Ensetsu: Kagetora told me that if I wanted my item back, I would need to go to Norg and get it myself.

Ensetsu: As much as I would like to go, I cannot.

Ensetsu: I hate to ask you again after all the trouble you have gone through, but would it be too much to ask you to take that strangely shaped coral to Ryoma in Norg? I would be in your debt...

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 5) - Norg
Ryoma: What? Ensetsu asked you to bring me this strangely shaped coral?

Ryoma: Hasn't changed a bit, has he? Always was a weak little worm. If I saw his face. I would smack him so hard...

Ryoma: Well, at least he's finally learned the value of this blade. Yomi can now rest in peace...

Ryoma: Oh, and let me tell you. I'm not doing this for Ensetsu. I only care about Yomi's daughters...

Ayame and Kaede (Pt. 6) - Port Bastok
Ensetsu: I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel towards your kindness. I sold this to help support my family, but then I realized that my daughter needed it one more.

Kaede: What is that? You bought another sword for Ayame, didn't you? It's just not fair!

Ensetsu: Would you stop going on about that! I have never purchased a weapon for your sister. Every katana she owns was acquired without my, or anyone else's, help.

Kaede: Then what is that for?

Ensetsu: I was going to wait, but I guess you are old enough to know...

Ensetsu: This dagger was your mother's...

Kaede: You mean this old thing was...

Kaede: Mom's...?

Ensetsu: Yes. Its real name is a shinobi gatana.

Kaede: Mom was a ninja?

Ensetsu: Long ago, Yomi...your mother and I lived in Norg. Norg is a haven for the arts of the Far East.

Ensetsu: I was just a lowly crew member on a pirate ship. Your mother, on the other hand, was a master of ninjutsu--almost as strong as she was beautiful...

Ensetsu: And that's probably why she found comfort in a normal, boring man like me.

Ensetsu: When we found that your mother was carrying your sister, we left Norg and traveled here in search of a more simple life.

Ensetsu: It was at the time that your mother told me this: she was proud of the road she taken, and it was that very road that led her to her new life.

Ensetsu: The hardships that she led to endure made her into the strong mother that she was.

Ensetsu: Perhaps at that time, she realized that she did not have much longer in this world...

Ensetsu: But she fought for ten long years until she exchanged her life for the life of our second, Kaede.

Kaede: B-but...

Ensetsu: I never wanted you or your sister to take up the katana.

Ensetsu: When your sister said she wanted to travel to Norg to study the way of the samurai, of course I was against it. However, if it was to keep her from becoming a ninja...

Ensetsu: Kaede... Each day, you remind me more and more of your mother.

Kaede: I remind you of...Mom?

Ensetsu: And that's why I have been so prtective of you. But maybe I was wrong...

Ensetsu: Unlike most fighters, ninjas do not just wave their swords. They lurk in the shadows and stalk their enemies. One must have the highest level of patience and concentration to draw that blade.

Ensetsu: Your mother left this blade sheathed to remind her of that, and now this blade will be passed on to you.

Ensetsu: The road you travel is for you to decide, but do not forget the message that remins in your mother's katana.

Kaede: Mom!

Ensetsu: I thank you so much for your help in bringing the blade back to my home. I do not have much to offer you, but take this scroll detailing the secrets of the ninja as a token of my appreciation. It was my wife's.

Ensetsu: No, Kaede won't be needing it. All she really needed was her mother's strong will and spirit. If she wishes to walk the path Yomi chose, it will be her decision.

Ensetsu: But i have the feeling she will be traveling to Norg find that path.

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