Job Ability

  • Channels the avatar's power towards a beneficial status effect for party members within range. Increases perpetuation cost while active.
  • Obtained: Summoner Level 55
  • Recast Time: 0:05:00
  • Duration: 2:00:00


  • Generates an aura effect around the avatar that enhances nearby party members, but not the avatar itself.
  • Favor effect increases in effectiveness up to every 3 ticks.
    • Max Favor achieved after avatar has been out for 00:01:15.
    • The Range on Favor's Effect is 10' from the Avatar. If someone steps too far away, Favor will return at full effect when back within range.
  • No longer penalizes avatars' Attack, Magic Attack, and Defense stats.
  • Avatar Perpetuation Cost is increased by 3Verification Needed for the summoned avatar as long as the effect is active.
  • Does not affect Elemental Spirits in any way.
  • Avatar's Favor is a stance that remains active, regardless of whether an Avatar is summoned.
  • Stance is removed when changing areas.
  • You may have as many favor effects as there are summoners; however, identical favor effects do not stack.
  • Favor auras will affect all party members who remain within range. However, they do not affect the avatar or other pets, campaign NPCs, or alliance members.
  • Favor auras affect your Adventuring Fellow and Alter Egos.

The effects gradually increase over time peaking at a level similar to that of a Corsair rolling a lucky number without the job bonus for each type of buff, shown below. These effects stack with existing effects, including Phantom Rolls, Refresh, Regen, etc. The highest possible values will require a certain amount of summon skill, detailed below the chart.

Favor status granted Effect Initial Increase Maximum Increase (<317 Skill) Maximum Increase (317+ Skill) Maximum Increase (382+ Skill) Maximum Increase (447+ Skill and Caller's Horn +2)
Carbuncle's Favor Regen 1 HP/tick 12 HP/tick 14 HP/tick 18 HP/tick 22 HP/tick
Cait Sith's Favor Magic Defense Boost
Ifrit's Favor Increases Double Attack rate +12% DA +24% DA
Shiva's Favor Magic Attack Boost +10 MAB +11 MAB +12 MAB
Garuda's Favor Evasion Boost +3 Evasion +22 Evasion
Titan's Favor Defense Boost +25 Def +57 Def +62 Def +72 Def +82 Def
Ramuh's Favor Potency 12%
Leviathan's Favor Increases Magic Accuracy
Fenrir's Favor Increases Magic Evasion
Diabolos's Favor Refresh 1 MP/tick 3 MP/tick 4 MP/tick 5 MP/tick 6 MP/tick
Siren's Favor Subtle Blow

Avatar's Favor Potency

  • The bonus is dependent on two factors: The time since the last Favor reset, and Summoning Magic skill.
    • Determining the time that Favor has been active is based upon the lowest time of the following three conditions:
    • 1) Activating Avatar's Favor
    • 2) Summoning an Avatar
    • 3) Any Blood Pact.
  • Summoning Magic affects the potency of favors.
    • One example is for a level 75 Summoner there is a +1 Refresh potency with Diabolos's Favor when surpassing 317 Summoning Magic Skill.
    • Summoning magic skill used to break tiers of Favor must be constantly worn. With the above example, if you obtain a +4 MP refresh with Diabolos, and then switch into 316 summoning skill, it will reduce the potency down to +3, until you replace your gear to have 317+ skill.
    • In general, achieving the higher tier appears to improve the maximum effects of favor abilities by 25% (12HP to 15, 3MP to 4, 12% DA may become 15% (unconfirmed), etc)
    • Switching the potency of the Favor will cause it to flicker on your screen, and reset the duration it has been active if using a mod to record times.
      • After the favor 'flickers' off for a few seconds it does not reset to base amount. It reset to half and then resumes climb again. This is why it appears to take less time to re-cap. Tested with Titan and Diabolos. Base Def of 269 constantly resumed at 300 after 'flicker'. Cap (>317 skill tier) was 326, roughly half.
    • No testing has shown additional potency increases beyond the maximum effect attained at 317 skill.
    • See Talk page for more information.
    • The 317-Skill tier is not the only tier, but is commonly the most studied due to the Diabolos's Favor ability.

Equipment that Enhances this Job Ability

Item Level Jobs
Caller's Horn +1 85 SMN
Caller's Horn +2 85 SMN

Macro Syntax

  • /Pet "Avatar's Favor" <me>
Note: /ja "Avatar's Favor" <me> also works.