By default, the Automaton will use the highest weapon skill it has available. Different weaponskills can be triggered, by using the maneuvers listed in the tables below.

  • If there are multiple maneuvers active, the automaton will choose a weaponskill based on whichever there are more of.
  • If there is a tie, the automaton will use the highest weaponskill, of the tied elements.

If the inhibitor is equipped, it will override maneuver commands, in an attempt to skillchain. It only does this when the master has over 90% TP. In this case, it will use the highest weaponskill that will successfully form a skillchain.

In the chart below, the weapon skills below are listed in order of priority from lowest to highest- If the automaton is forced to choose between two, it will use the one with the higher priority.

Harlequin Frame and Stormwaker Frame

Weapon Skill Maneuver Hits Damage Type Effect Skillchain Obtained
Slapstick Trans Lightning Thunder 3 Blunt Reverberation-Icon Reverberation
Impaction-Icon Impaction
0 Melee
Knockout Trans Wind Wind 1 Blunt Greatly lowers target's evasion. Scission-Icon Scission
Detonation-Icon Detonation
145 Melee
Magic Mortar Trans Light Light 1 Special Damage based on missing HP.
Completely bypasses defense/evasion.
Liquefaction-Icon Liquefaction
Fusion-Icon Fusion
225 Melee

Valoredge Frame

Weapon Skill Maneuver Hits Damage Type Effect Skillchain Obtained
Chimera Ripper Trans Fire Fire 1 Slashing Detonation-Icon Detonation
Induration-Icon Induration
0 Melee
String Clipper Trans Lightning Thunder 2 Slashing Scission-Icon Scission 0 Melee
Cannibal Blade Trans Dark Dark 1 Slashing Converts damage to HP.
Does not generate enmity.
Completely bypasses defense/evasion.
Compression-Icon Compression
Reverberation-Icon Reverberation
150 Melee
Bone Crusher Trans Light Light 3 Blunt Stuns target. Fragmentation-Icon Fragmentation 245 Melee
String Shredder Trans Lightning Thunder 2 Slashing Exclamation Delivers a twofold attack.
Critical hit rate varies with TP.
Distortion-Icon Distortion
Scission-Icon Scission
324 Melee

Sharpshot Frame

Weapon Skill Maneuver Hits Damage Type Effect Skillchain Obtained
Arcuballista Trans Fire Fire 1 Piercing Liquefaction-Icon Liquefaction
0 Ranged
Daze Trans Lightning Thunder 1 Piercing Stuns target. Impaction-Icon Impaction
150 Ranged
Armor Piercer Trans Dark Dark 1 Piercing Ignores target's defense. Gravitation-Icon Gravitation 245 Ranged
Armor Shatterer Trans Wind Wind 4 Piercing Delivers a fourfold attack.
Additional effect: Weakens defense
Additional effect duration varies with TP.
Fusion-Icon Fusion
Impaction-Icon Impaction
324 Ranged

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