The Aurastery

One of the five Minsitries of Magic in Windurst, which emphasizes teaching ("Aurastery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "aural" -- hearing. Apparently the students don't get much chance to say anything.) Located in Windurst Waters, the Aurastery acts as Windurst's School of Magic, teaching Windurstian children the basics of magic. Pechiru-Mashiru, Moreno-Toeno, Fuepepe teach here. The former minister Koru-Moru is the principal, the current minister is Sedal-Godjal . Among the notable students are Paku-Nakku, Chomoro-Kyotoro and Mashuu-Ajuu

Location: Windurst Waters K-6

Shop type: Ministry




Name Purpose
Diroku-Oroku Aurastery Student
Foi-Mui Aurastery Student
Kirarara Aurastery Student
Koko Lihzeh Aurastery Student

Involved in Quest:

Majiji Aurastery Student
Mashuu-Ajuu Aurastery Student

Starts Quests:

Pakesse-Myukesse Aurastery Student
Paku-Nakku Aurastery Student

Involved in Quest:

Rukuku Aurastery Student
Fuepepe Aurastery Worker

Starts Quests:

Involved in Quests:

Mimomo Aurastery Student
Moreno-Toeno Aurastery Worker

Starts Quests:

Involved in Missions:

Pechiru-Mashiru Aurastery Worker

Involved in Quests:

Tauwawa Aurastery Worker
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