Game Script

Atop the Highest Mountains 55-60- Ru'Lude Gardens
Script Video
Maat: How's it feel at the top, [sonny/kiddo]? Well, you ain't even close yet. You're just gettin' started!

Maat: You think you had a hard time with that last quest? Well, when I was your age, I had to gather twice as many items in half the time! So, stop complainin'!

Maat: Do you think you've got what it takes to take the next step? Don't think I'm forcing you, or anything!

Accept the challenge?
Of course!
--->No, not yet.

Maat: Oh? Very well. It's your life.

Accept the challenge?
--->Of course!
No, not yet.

Maat: Good answer! I'm proud to have a pupil like you! Anyway, listen close to what I have to say.

Maat: Many caverns to the north are home to fiends that can find you even when you're invisible. Bring me three samples of frigicite from deep within.

Maat: This time, it's a test of wits. Barrier-breakers need brains, after all. Well, get going!

Maat (Upon speaking with him before finishing the quest): Many caverns to the north house fiends that can see the unseen. Visit them and bring me three samples of frigicite.

Maat (Upon returning with the items): Yes, the very thing! You've crossed another great threshold today! Of course, this is merely a prologue of things to come!

Your level limit is now 60.

Maat (Upon speaking with him before being able to take on the next limit quest): The ultimate barrier is still far away. Don't worry about it. What matters is effort!