Atmacite of Eminence

Atmacite of Eminence
The physical agglomeration of a Voidwalker's soul energies, said to be the source of its otherworldly powers.
Possible spoil from the Riftworn Pyxis left behind upon the defeat of Hahava.

Similar to an Abyssean Atma, characters possessing this Atmacite and a Periapt of Emergence can be infused with powers and abilities beyond that which is normally available to them via an Atmacite Refiner.

Can be upgraded to a maximum of level 15:

Level Upgrade Cost (Cruor) Effect
1 N/A HP+1%, STR+1, INT+1
2 30,000 HP+1%, STR+1, INT+2
3 30,000 HP+1%, STR+1, INT+3
4 40,000 HP+2%, STR+2, INT+4
5 50,000 HP+2%, STR+2, INT+5, "Double Attack"+1%
6 60,000 HP+2%, STR+2, INT+6, "Double Attack"+1%
7 70,000 HP+3%, STR+3, INT+7, "Double Attack"+1%
8 80,000 HP+3%, STR+3, INT+8, "Double Attack"+1%
9 80,000 HP+3%, STR+3, INT+9, "Double Attack"+1%
10 80,000 HP+4%, STR+4, INT+10, "Double Attack"+2%
11 90,000 HP+4%, STR+4, INT+11, "Double Attack"+2%
12 100,000 HP+4%, STR+4, INT+12, "Double Attack"+2%
13 100,000 HP+5%, STR+5, INT+13, "Double Attack"+2%
14 100,000 HP+5%, STR+5, INT+14, "Double Attack"+2%
15 100,000 HP+5%, STR+5, INT+15, "Double Attack"+3%
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