Atma of the Savior

Atma of the Savior
Fabricated from cruor and the
distilled memories of your
adventures, this crystalline mass
pulsates with energy.
100% completion of all 9 zones
Atma Fabricant in Heroes of Abyssea zones for 2000 cruor
  • "Enhances all status effects"+:Superior (+30 all attributes - specifically STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, CHR. Does not boost attack, defense, or other status effects other than the natural gain from boosting the base attributes)
  • "Resistance to all status ailments"+:Superior(does not prevent aura status effects; does not work for Stun, Terror, Doom, or Amnesia)
  • Occasionally absorbs damage taken. (10% absorb rate)

To unlock: obtain ALL 99 atma from NMs, obtain ALL 65 abyssites, and complete the 87 non-Martello/Ops quests in Abyssea.

  • You must collect all cruor rewards from the Goal Tracker NPCs in each zone in order to unlock this Atma.
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